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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic broadcasting org today is Saturday January 17 2015 this show is of course live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time tonight on what on earth is happening we're going to do an all call-in show and the topic is going to be on order followers I know I said I was going to jump in with some new material starting this week unfortunately life kind of intervened and I really haven't had time to pack that information out and organize it so I'm going to start that next week definitely but I figured tonight would be a good opportunity to open up the phone lines and let people give their take on the series that I just concluded on order followers ask any questions that they may have for clarification on this topic and just put out their own you know ideas or insights regarding what we can do to reverse the trend of people following orders for a paycheck or for a petty sense of power or whatever they feel is the need for them to do it the psychological abandonment issues that underlie this condition and you know we'll we'll do an entire show on that to let people put their viewpoints out there so the calling number to join us tonight is eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the calling number all Colin show I specifically want your take on the information I just covered on order followers any questions that you may have on that topic and any comments that you want to make regarding order followers or how we can turn the situation regarding order followers around in this world once again the callin number to join us eight hundred three one three ninety four forty three I have several event announcements that I want to make tonight the free your mind 3 conference of course is coming at us very rapidly it's going to be taking place here just outside of Philadelphia on April 10th 11th and 12th of 2015 at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania the speakers confirmed bob Tuscan Clint Richardson Curtis the illuminated Juan Davis Dennis McKenna Derek Bros the New Jersey Weed Man Edie fortune freighter X Freeman Fritz spring Myer Jay Parker John vibes Josie the outlaw Wells Lennon honour luke rudkowski Mark Devlin myself Mark passio and Stuart Swerdlow there will also be a panel discussion group and there will be open mic sessions at the end of the evenings for the conference five to ten minute segments will be given to people from you know the attendees that just want to get up and speak on any given topic an all weekend pass for the free or mind three conference the biggest conference of its kind on the East Coast certainly coming up in 2015 an all weekend pass for this great event only one hundred fifty dollars you can go and get your tickets immediately it's the best way to support the efforts of the organizers of this conference is getting your tickets in advance because it helps to pay for the speaker travel expenses it helps to pay for the venue it helps to pay for the speaker lodging expenses and all the other ancillary things that need to be paid for as part of a conference of this size and scope so get your tickets at free your mind conference calm I just learned that the organizers are extending the promo code that I had been giving on this show exclusively for listeners of what on earth is happening you can put in at for your mind conference calm when you go to buy an all weekend pass the promo code 93 just the number 93 at checkout and you will receive $20 a $20 discount off an all weekend pass for the conference that will be ongoing until Sunday evening at midnight okay so into Monday you know Sunday night into Monday morning at midnight that is when that code is no longer going to be valid or working at all so if you're listening now and you want to discount on the all weekend pass which is the best way to support this event enter coupon code 93 at checkout at free your mind conference calm I will be speaking at a monthly meetup group here in Philadelphia called Philadelphia Liberty on the rocks I just confirmed this this Tuesday I'm going to be giving a special presentation on the true meaning and purpose of the second amendment this will be taking place on Tuesday February 10th 2015 from 6 o'clock p.m. to 9 o'clock p.m. now I will not be speaking that entire time as a matter of fact this is going to be sort of a short presentation for me the presentation itself will be approximately half an hour maybe a little bit longer but we're shooting for about a half an hour and then followed by a discussion question and answer session and discussion on the topic which is the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment I will be extensively breaking down all of the language contained in the Second Amendment and attempting to convey to people what the authors of the Second Amendment truly intended by putting this provision into the Bill of Rights Tuesday February 10th 2015 6 to 9 p.m. at the cafe that's the name of the venue it's a 2011 Walnut Street 20th and walnut just off the corner 2011 Walnut Street Philadelphia PA 19154 gand if you're local to the Philadelphia area and you want to come and have some lively discussions with a great group of libertarian activists some of them even anarchists you could check out their meetup group Philadelphia Liberty on the rocks I was the proud recipient of a Tesla Spirit Award this took place on last weekend last Saturday January 10th in New York City this is the reason I was not on the air live last weekend but we played a replay instead a rebroadcast I went to attend the Tesla Science Foundation's third annual Tesla memorial conference at The New Yorker Hotel in New York City it was a great event lots of awesome speakers got to meet a lot of great people and interact with them and I got a very very pleasant surprise actually as I was heading up to the conference I got a call from the Tesla Science Foundation's president Nicola long char and he told me that I would be receiving a Tesla Spirit Award at the conference which was very very again pleasantly surprising to me so the Tesla spirit President's Award for continuous dedication to Tesla's legacy is the award that I received it's pretty much the highest most prestigious award that the Tesla Science Foundation gives to individuals at the Tesla memorial conference and and spirit Awards each year I'll tell you a little bit more about this on the other side of this break remember folks your calls coming up all show on this edition of what on earth is happening stay with us we'll be right back [Applause] the clean side that we don't dare speak [Applause] so while between ups there's nothing wrong it's cold of sides welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on our VN I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I was just telling people in the last segment about me being the recipient of the Tesla Science Foundation's most prestigious award that is given to individuals at the third annual Tesla memorial conference at The New Yorker Hotel in New York City this year you could check out the photos of this it's in the photo section for this show you could go to the radio show page tab of what on earth is happening if you're listening live right now if not this is podcast 182 and you could check that out on the podcast section the photos show me receiving the award at the podium and then taking a picture with mano de vino' who was one of the other recipients and Barb who received Michael falsettos award Michael falseta was instrumental in helping to organize and basically raised funds for some of the first Tesla conferences that were hosted by the Tesla Science Foundation so he was another recipient unfortunately he was ill on that day and was unable to attend the conference so a barb received the award in in his honor there's a picture of the bust of Tesla which I received it's image number six the the other images of course on on the site right now are the free ermine conference posters a poster for my liberty on the rocks presentation coming up on February 10th and then the last three photos on line four five and six show me receiving the award and the award itself which is image number six the Tesla spirit President's Award so I was very very honored and privileged to receive this great award I want to thank Nikola launch our and the entire Tesla Science Foundation for offering this award to me and it was really a great honor to receive it live at the Tesla conference so if people want to check out more about this great group of people who are trying to bring Tesla's name and legacy to the prominence that so rightfully deserves please check out their website at Tesla Science Foundation org there is currently a pledge drive a donation pledge drive going on here at rbn the network is looking to raise some funds and in order to keep great content on the air occasionally from time to time they do need the the help of listeners so if you are in a position to do so to make a donation to the network you can go to their homepage and click on the donations tab and do it there or you can call into the network at a 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happening comm website if you feel that you've received value from the information that I've shared here on the water on earth is happening radio show and on my website please feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I can continue it long into the future so with that having been said the phone lines are already full they're lit up and I really appreciate that so let's go right to the phones it's your the the callers are going to make the show today and I figure this is a good way to end a entire series that I've been doing over the last several weeks here on the show by just opening up the phones and just getting your reaction to it getting your questions your feedback and any comments that you want to make on the order follower series that I just conducted here on the show because we're going to change gears a little bit and go in some new directions on future shows and what we could talk about that a little bit too so let's hear from sadani in Connecticut is Adani you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hey Mark well third column calling to show us and topic is a big topic we're talking last week I was talking to you adding to the show regarding of the German influences I was Project Paperclip and all that kind of piggybacking off the UFO issue and a lot of high science we have around here actually we're going to go is it employs the question to you before you even put the topic out there to round it up that way where is this one we know what the solutions are I mean obviously a ton of your work is geared toward that you know I mean what you know just bouncing real quickly off you before it comes back like what do you how do you see the simple end of solution besides just education besides education and becoming aware of the tactics and techniques and everything going on what do you see a creative solution well the solution is for enough people a critical mass of people to become so enlightened regarding truth and morality that they step into the true courage of what is known as the great work and the great work is actually reaching out once you have transformed yourself and your worldview and most importantly your behaviors and then teaching other people and influencing other people to help to transform themselves that's what alchemy is really about the it's the vehicle for the great work is alchemy it's actually the influence for being the influence for other people to step into their own courage and their own transformative capabilities you know that's what the great work actually is you know it's it's a yeah it's it's first changing your own mind and behaviors and then helping other people to do that same process to go through that same transformative process the problem is is that we not only don't have enough people who are willing to step into that level of courage mostly because they don't have that knowledge developed enough within them themselves but you have a lot of people who are so attached to the current completely amoral Western civilization paradigm that they would fight to the death to protect it because they don't know anything else and they're so trapped in a fear-based mindset and they're so trapped in a satanic mindset the one of the biggest problems is that we have a propagation of Satanism throughout society and the vast overwhelmingly vast majority of human beings do not even understand not only what Satanism is but they do not understand that they are living Satanism they are actual Satanists at a low level and do not understand that that is the ideology that they have already signed on to and subscribe to in their daily choices in their daily living in their daily behaviors they don't understand they already are Satanists by every definition no so you're talking about a tipping point no I don't know if I agree to numbers Adani hold right there we're coming up to a break I'll hold you want to let you get to this part of your question on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] [Applause] [Music] everyone listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're taking your calls throughout the show tonight call a number to join us 831 394 43 we were talking to sadani in Connecticut sadani you were talking about the critical mass point or the amount of people that you thought was necessary to create a cascading change throughout society regarding order followers you want to continue with that line of thought yeah thanks Bart I mean obviously to further you know any tipping point obviously you got to get over 50% the question is what what generates that you know if it's worth spending time on a large scale you know audience for classic philosophical type of question but I believe it's far more that there's that people are not equal that people are not at all created equal that through lifetimes some of us have accumulated far more interior power and as I said maybe the first three years ago the three shows and two shows ago that it's not with greater superiority comes greater responsibility at the inverse of the the mayor dominant male dominated world that we perceive now created the created and superior areas of being the greater the responsibility it's the collective you know some of that in that idea of the collective I want to come back around to but you know we I believe there's a core yeah group let's say of individuals that have the power to be toes catalyst to sort of be something like Michael to Syrians you know well Illustrated and elucidated version of Once Upon a Time culture that existed the Iranian culture the great giants who you know the beings that could harmonize the rest of society around them so you know that gets into the alchemy of the great work helped me right down to what foods were eating and how we're balancing our bodies and what's going through each of our souls really our psyches and and how that's you know a lot discovered in the nature of your work those great referencing back to say a type of battle with its brought out by Morpheus you know that most people are so addicted to this system that has been infrastructure around them that they're going to fight or the very thing that's tearing apart their soul absolutely and you know there's a big difference between what I'm talking about regarding a critical mass of people doing the great work to push more people toward the the transformative change that I'm talking about versus the actual numbers of people that do need to transform their behaviors for a solution to be affected in our world that is a very large number I think the people who need to do the great work in order to get us there is not quite as large but in order for society really to change for the better truly in a sustainable long-term way certainly over half of people would need to change from the current you know mindset and worldview and behaviors that they're enacting in the world right now nothing we would we would be an agreement there'd be tears in on that Russian doll sort of core like what's emanating those rings are at the very core of the movers and shakers here and it can take that out but obviously there are a tipping point up and you need fifty percent is what we're joining that now then the question would be I'd ask you what happens if that doesn't what do you see as you know maybe we're going a little higher minded and say the the well-grounded were covers but if that doesn't happen what are the large-scale consequences if we do not make the cocoon if we do not make the repair that required in the universe slavery than what we're already experiencing now because there are degrees to the severity of slavery you know from 100% totally physical hot slavery to the type of mental slavery that people find themselves and now which arguably could be perceived as more intolerable especially to people who are not under those mental chains I mean I'll just be honest with people and you know come out and give you a little bit of personal information regarding where where my emotional makeup is at these days I mean I feel depressed regarding the state of the world and where people's minds are at I oh I just have to lay my head in my hands and almost weep on a daily basis for how completely and utterly destroyed the minds of most people of humanity are it's almost incalculably unfathomable to me now the things people believe that the sick world views that they are in people are so mentally ill that they have absolutely no idea how mentally ill that they actually are none whatsoever you know and I feel depressed about that on an ongoing basis that's not to say that I'm not continuously doing the great work to attempt to change that condition yeah I feel that despondency as well you know the thing is though mark I mean I hear what you're saying and it seems a little on the ground you know because with the infrastructure to say these high German and otherwise the dark occult and scientists have laid out it would seem that it would go a little bit beyond just being more terrible slavery I mean obviously I would yield sort of more towards being like the matrix literally because that's because we have the trans human aspects right that is you know the Psychopaths have laid out in our world to affect and they're obviously working with even higher entities which is a lot more the material is you know you begin to you know stick your foot into you with the cosmic abandonment that we there are things that are much bigger than we see and the consequences are much larger we have Technotronic weaponry it's leading people's minds in these states where they can't process the damn thing where we you know you said the last show you you have the one weapon that comes out the scalar weapon television that's you know crippled people's organs crippled their brains and their processing ability across the globe creating a Faraday cage to leave them incapacitated you know you had crap food to that and you just have a recipe for disaster of where you can treat the society is existing has a battery to fuel these other entities with Lewis or whatever you want to call what this this field that they're giving off so it's far more than just really has a bunch of people back to the Middle Ages and they're serfs it's it's gonna be converted to hell on earth literally yeah health planet a literal health hell world so what cooking hell unless unless there's something and I mean it goes deeper and deeper know if you're familiar with Nigel Khurana I'm not he does a really nice job I mean he's a little bit of an eccentric British side like yes he actually was acquainted with arthur c clarke and then some of that cabal insider group he's alive now and he really does a nice job running out what the ones and zeros was a silicon entity are tracing it back to Newton you know it's pretty amazing i've never heard anybody really put it all together like that so we know where it comes down to that for me mark is expanding the principles of natural law maybe even getting beyond a little bit of what's rigidly laid out by the beings that so to speak in my opinion control physics is what i've labeled and had other capitalistic teachers of mine called the jacobian principles of Jacob you know father Yaakov that you know when he looked at the situation with if you know the the the the story of the archetypal story of Laban or the the wicked Laban who he went to that when you're playing with Luciferians at a certain point you can't play nice and you can't just play by what would be simple integrity you have to know their game and play their game their game you know that you know it's not always stay within the lines because if we stay within the lines we could it's too easy to lose and there too and it's too predictable but there's a certain risk absorption factor you know you might connect to the Buddhist concept of the Bodhisattva of eating some risk to step into their karma and absolve of that because you know their game is gonna continue on as their game and you know when you're dealing with that you need to help game their game I don't know you would respond to that if you see see the laws you know that you've laid out as to fundamentalistic well sadani i want to thank you for the very interesting insights that you've brought up regarding that and i want to say you know I just think that's why it's all the more important to help people to understand that the techniques of manipulation that these so-called sorcerers dark occultists are using for the absolute degradation of the human mind and soul when we understand those things and we could teach those clearly to other people we're helping to create a defensive shield mentally it's a form of psychic self-defense that we need to really erect within the population and part of the problem is that there's this eugenics psychological warfare going on in society I I'm going to term in coming weeks I'm going to coin the phrase epigenetic eugenics okay many people will never have heard that worded like that but really this is what we're actually talking about we're talking about eugenics operations that are being conducted psychologically not even having to be done chemically not certainly not having to be done physically anymore in Jette energetic ritual to get into the whole nature of Kaiser built home back to the castles of the bath and going back to Babylon and beyond what the baths but not not even just that by getting people to do these things to themselves by getting people to actually call the population themselves in ways that they don't even understand that they're doing so that's that'll be coming up on future shows but it's a Donnie thanks so much for the call great points and insights that you brought up we'll continue with more of your calls on the other side stay right there [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening we're taking your calls throughout the entire show this evening the topic is order followers any comments or questions that you want to pose regarding my recent series on order followers toll-free number to join us eight hundred three one three nine four four three let's go back to the phone lines and hear from Tom in Toronto you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark I want to start off with some green language today sure so on the word believe made up of the word Ally which means to be in contradiction with or to falsely represent and the word II which means life so to put it together you get to contradict or falsely represent light on the word believe pretty accurate yep and the second one I forgot two weeks ago I was going to say that government is the material manifestation of the ego especially with what what's-his-name who wrote The Satanic Bible and their Anton LaVey right said about the number-9 anything you add or multiplied by the number nine get more nine right anything you do to the government they just asked for more money in order to deal with it so whether it's war thickness or peace you also they present a great deal of official they appear very official dude I mean yeah I mean and you know still far too many people still believe in this concept of government as being legitimate you know and actually having a place in the world in any capacity in any you know level whatsoever you know men are kiss or still have a belief system have a religion that's all it is it's it's it's the religion of authority it's a belief in the legitimacy of something that has never and never is not now and never can ever be legitimate the right to rule over other people it's a total fraud and people still believe that we should in any way interact with this complete fraud you know and you know until people understand that there's no legitimacy to the violent things that they conduct on a day to day basis and you know ultimately developed the resolve to exercise their right to defend themselves against that violence ultimately nothing is going to change yeah they well I which is why the presentation I'm going to do on the second amendment is so important and you still have so many absolute milk-toast people let me just put it that way is as least offensive as I could say it on the air okay because if you talk to me personally I'd have a lot you know more explicit choice words for what I really think of people that are unwilling to defend themselves and don't believe in gun ownership you know I have posted a recent video on my Facebook page of me shooting a sniper rifle and in the video I have a shirt on that says free people have guns slaves don't anybody that still doesn't understand and only a slave a perceived slave by their master is prevented and prohibited from owning the ability to defend themselves from violence in the means of a firearm okay their slaves themselves if you know people don't understand that you are already in the mentality of a slave which is why some of the founders of this country tried so hard and made such an effort to try to convey the importance of never ever giving up the right to keep and bear arms and it's something that I feel so strongly about and too many people absolutely don't understand it whatsoever it's a topic I'm going to revisit on this show even after I do the presentation hopefully hopefully get a video out you know from that but I'm going to revisit the concept of gun ownership on the show probably after the next series that I go through yes and as a side statement to that in China with the martial arts you actually have the sickle and the nunchuck as martial arts weapon because it was so bad for the Chinese people that if they were actually caught owning any sort of weapon their government would kill them on the spot so he basically had to turn their hand into it you have to use your hands eat your head your body right the weapon and your farming tool nunchucks were actually farming too right they would use them to the grain out of the rice and you know it actually came to that like soldiers would just come to their house you know I thought well I need to watch you know the video innocence betrayed because it's a really great documentary on the importance of firearms and why never to give them up you know too many people especially in you know in countries other than the United States really I mean most countries other than the United States the people there have been turned into subservient slaves that actually believe that there's no proper role for the ownership of firearms and they are literally mentally ill they're mentally ill by taking that position because but I can think of no better definition for mental illness than a slave who loves being a slave that's what somebody who stands against firearms is also one well that's a question charm or an alcohol question but Aleister Crowley made a statement once that the demons at the go Asia are actually parts of the brain you know anything about that very very very interesting they're interesting concept there and I would have to say that I completely concur you know the these entities dwell within us and they control many parts of our behavior and personality until we understand how to free ourselves from those influences from those negative quote unquote demonic influences I think it's a profound understanding personally not everybody will agree with that point of view but the the types of ideas and concepts and personalities and influences and energies that are contained within go Asia for people who have looked into this topic and studied it I also feel our different aspects of the the human mind and psyche you know the personality the deeper aspects of the self and we can either choose to work with those forces and master them or we can be mastered and owned by them it's it's a choice it's an it's an exercise of will and it's about self-knowledge another individual other than Crowley that you can look into to check out things on that is lawn Milo Duquette who does some great work with go Asia as interpersonal in dwelling forces I would recommend some of his work on that as well so I definitely agree with that take on the quote demons of the go Asia okay thank you yes you got it great call so thanks for that call Tom and let's go but let's continue and go on to Kevin in Pennsylvania Kevin you're live on what on earth is happening welcome the show hey Mark it's cousin I just what to say hi but I'm actually here just let you know that this is another crank call and my son wanted to equip here oh sure absolutely I'd be glad to hear from him what is his name what is his name Maximilian oh that's right max hey max are you there you're taking my call mark sure hey what do you have for us today well before before I don't want anyone to think go ahead are you there alright um don't be nervous just go right ahead like you're talking to me like if we were hanging out question look I think you should end the Federal Reserve because it pays for the wars absolutely no slavery we like we pay it get warm sure and debt is a huge part of the whole slavery system that has been erected all around us you know that's how they keep these order followers in line you know by constantly having them appeal to what would happen if I didn't do this job what would happen if I didn't uphold these laws and get that paycheck and return hey Kevin and Max they stay with me through this break I'll let you continue on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening don't go anywhere [Music] 95 today tried to run try to hide [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening we're into the second hour of the show for this evening it's an all Colin show on the topics that I covered in the order followers series that I just completed call toll free number to join us eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the calling number 800 three one three ninety four forty three looks like we lost Kevin and Max during the break there but if you guys want to call back in I'll bump you back up to the top of the call queue so let's continue to take some other callers and let's hear from Brandon in Boston Brandon you're live on what on earth is happening welcome I'm ready first of all congratulations on the Tesla Spirit Award oh you so much no one that I know I mean I talk about that a lot I always bring up your name and justice Foundation Science Foundation in Philadelphia they have a little place here in Boston too so it's very cool and really congratulations almost no change has to get ahead oh it was great yeah I had a good time I to the point here disorder falling it's uh it's really pretty heavy because um oh man because what we have essentially is that and it's really interesting because I love how you put it is intelligence eugenics or whatever whatever was epigenetic eugenics it's a way of people to be mind controlled into calling the population themselves without anybody having to do it externally yeah and you know how that's done I think in this was gonna bring I think so what the greedy of order followers yeah I would say I would say it's even you know about diminishing the the whole socio-sexual cohesion between sexes in general and that's what I'm going to be talking about in the in the future is the wedge that's being driven through social engineering in between male males and females and most people are totally unconscious of how this manipulation is being done and it's actually resulting in declining birth rates in all the civilized countries of the world basically all the you know the Western civilization countries and you know some people would say oh that's a good thing because we're the ones who are completely messing up the world I mean at the same time they want a population reduction they want a eugenics agenda because the more manageable the population is the easier it is to control you know that the smaller it is the easier it's it's manageable and they certainly don't want real men rising up in society they don't they want the emasculated man that will lay down to the state and then they want the only masculinized men they want in positions of quote-unquote authority within the police forces and the military forces that's where they want to channel any testosterone or any traditional male you know role roles they want that channeled into the state and you know they're doing this epigenetically by the female support of the entire system the targeting of females for mind control the targeting of females in marketing you know I mean the latest you know not to jump ahead of myself but you know the latest thumb figures are that almost 80 85 percent of the entire US economy is is basically pushed forward by females in our in our culture they're the ones who are actually doing the buying because all of the mass marketing is largely geared toward them I mean you don't have to take my word for it or believe me or even think it's my opinion just go out into the street look at what the marketing targets it clearly targets the female mind and it's a it's an unpopular thing to say and get into and when I start talking about neo feminism as compared and contrasted with what I would term classical feminism it's their 100% complete opposites of each other and neo feminism is a eugenics agenda without any question in my mind and I can also tell you that it comes out of Satanism and it's things I'm going to be talking about in future shows actually I'm going to start this next week I can almost promise that I will start it next week because I will have some time this week to really organize some of these ideas and put them in a coherent format of some kind not sure whether I'm going to actually go full-bore and make a full presentation with slides or not but it's something that really has to be discussed and I can no longer stay silent on it it is something that I feel I have an absolute moral obligation to tell what I understand about this agenda and you know again I talked about in the order followers section and in the part on you know just the non supportive dominators in the solution section year a couple of years back how females could really step into a very empowering role in position in society by not supporting people who uphold the immorality of this system they could step into real personal power by doing that because in many ways in in all ways really they are the most oppressed by this Dominator system in culture and yet in their support they don't even of that culture they don't even understand how they're driving their own enslavement and ultimately their own eugenics population reduction they don't understand that the Neo feminist agenda is actually a war not only on men but certainly a war on women as well and when I bring up these topics one of the caveats I want to give for you know when I'm going to explain this and it's going to tie into the you know support of dominators the support of Order followers as well I will tie it all back into that when I do get into this I want to be very very clear that I am NOT doing this to try to further divide or further play into the dialectic I am trying to do this to bring attention and heal the divide that has so obviously been manifested in our society throughout the last you know I would say at least 30 to 40 years and rapidly growing worse and worse and worse even as we speak so that's a little preview for what may be coming up but I'll let you get back to your your questions was awesome but like I my point is I guess is that like you have these red blood lines like th Huxley now those obviously have these the book sinister forces the trilogy sinister forces like a lemon yeah great books which is about my camera is nine are too young my last name is young that's my family Rubio maintained that's like that's SM right act so them that way it's weird so we've had like my own family um goes back to kicking hands like it what long time if they've been following or say any orders okay like how do i where I'm surrounded and I'm people are from carrying out epigenetically more for genetically probably through memories like Rupert Sheldrake proposes right now the same service to the elites of whatever you want they're not so-called you know look whatever you want to call you know like that's enough that's a nice season like you know in that like that I think like certain globones that are bred for a certain purpose and that it's funny that these mine me and guess what the other oh ho you know you're just like you just my friend right and then oh look who is your grandfather we happen to be the founder of the OSS you know I mean like you know I mean you know regarding your question of what you can personally do this is also a topic that I think I want to get into on future shows because when talking about solutions a lot of people don't ever formulate some sort of a strategy for dealing with the quote-unquote unconscious you know their content in many ways to let them live there that unconsciousness and you know let me just say this I think a big part of the solution is that educate children whose minds aren't so totally taken and so totally calcified and like as if held in a concrete block they're a little bit more malleable and you know there's this you know this concept in general that it's easier to educate a child than to try to fix someone who's already broken and already mentally enslaved that may be true but I think we there's still something to be said for working on people who simply don't have the knowledge that they need to understand the dynamics that are playing out in front of them so continue with my answer on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we were talking we were talking to Brandon in Boston and I was giving my take on you know what we can do to help kind of decondition and heat program some of these people who have basically been raised their entire lives in the dynamic of believing that order following is some kind of a virtue and that we need this dynamic in our lives to somehow maintain order in society it's something I'm gonna probably get into in a big way in future shows and it's something that I want to formulate ideas on a little bit more you know in a you know kind of formal manner to try to put out a strategy out there for people because I think we have to organize truth seekers and truth speakers among us and identify those truth seekers and speakers in our local communities and then work together literally like tactical teams I mean literally like a tactical team I'm going to in the future lay out this strategy and I'll tell you what I'm going to call it I call this maven targeting okay it's a new concept I'm going to coin a few new things in the future regarding my work and you know certain strategies that I want to put out there for people a maven ma ven is a person within any type of a social structure that is perceived to be the go-to person the expert on a particular topic or the person that people listen to for advice and direction a maven does not have to be per se a knowledgeable individual they only have to be perceived as a knowledgeable individual so I'll just give an example here and like to give personal examples I am NOT a maven okay people would say oh yes you are yes you are people come to you for this that and the other thing one advice on this want knowledge on this you know one you know to know what resources to go to okay what I'm talking about is in my interpersonal social circles in my everyday life I am NOT a maven okay in my family there is a maven there's probably a couple I'm certainly not ed I'm not that dynamic I'm not that person I'm not that individual in my family my mother is the maven of the family therefore if I wanted to try to change the dynamic of the family thoughts that the direction the advice that they take who they listen to the person that would need to be worked on the heaviest would be my own mother because she's seen as the quote matriarch of the family if you will okay so this is why in giving information to anybody else in my family I have focused on that person the most now I'm not in that person's physical presence very much so it really doesn't make a difference you know what I would you know speak because I don't really spend a lot of time on the phone or and since we're not really in each other's physical presence or company you know I don't really engage in that when I was in her presence a lot earlier on years ago I would heavily try to give this information even if it wasn't well received or the person said I really don't care I don't want it I would speak it anyway in their presence and do nothing else you know this is the kind of result people will say well this is almost like just being a you know an annoying person to somebody else somebody else it's like saying you're not really having respect for that person because you're doing what you want regardless of what they want yes in many ways that's exactly what it's doing it's because this isn't about babying people this isn't about listening to an immature unconscious person saying I don't want to know that's not your right tough tough if it affects my freedom that's not your right how about that this is what people who are too and again I'll use that term milquetoast you're just too passive you're not aggressive enough you lay down when somebody else says no I don't want to know about that you're you back off immediately and I'm telling you that's what's killing the world that's what has killed the world because we're almost dead as it stands right now you know and I'm not in any way saying that the the caller who brought this topic up is like that by any means I'm just saying most people you know who do know the truth are loath to speak it because it creates uncomfortableness it creates discomfort among the dynamic that you're involved in well I don't care whether my family will hate me because I said I want to speak the truth and tell them it's not acceptable that you're not moral enough it's not acceptable that you accept things that are immoral okay you need to get up in people's face and say it directly to them in plain language sugarcoating it is not going to help anybody folks it's a New Age deception to say it always has to be worded in the positive and the affirmative you know taking such special care to people's delicate sensibilities and never talking about the negative and never telling them they're inadequate in any way absolute bunk New Age nonsense garbage okay anybody that buys into that is has bought into the New Age religion okay this is about finding the person who is the most influential within any social dynamic group okay if there's you could just think about this on your own there's a friend that you know who holds more sway with the rest of your friends there's the person whose mind you have to change and if what you need to do is get many truth seekers to team up on that person if possible you know I've offered to people my time energy information and effort to say if you have somebody you want to awaken take me into their presence and we'll work on them together you know but plan a day out and we'll just totally you know while we're out with that person we will completely do nothing but speak truth in their presence to a point where they have no choice to listen to us or just absolutely literally leave the dynamic walk actually have to walk away you know that's how you really need to do it and people will say oh no this won't work it's never been tried the problem is we've never done this you know people who know what's really going on they back off and they don't say anything to anybody else and therein lies that the bulk of the problem when it comes to order followers these people are sequestered they are sequestered they are walled off from the rest of society and if you could identify people that are the mavens within that their groups we might be making headway in helping to somewhat transform their behaviors I call this maven targeting okay and I'll be expanding on it a lot more in the future in future shows and presentations okay so you know I mean you look at order followers as a brief aside here before we get back to the calls they constitute a cult they are people who are completely sequestered from the rest of society cops for example only hang out with other cops I know of no person who knows a cop that hangs out with average people with a normal everyday person none zero never met anybody that hangs out with a cop ever cops hang out with other cops people who do jobs like being a meter person you know like get writing tickets all right at you know so-called illegally parked cars they hang out with their kind because no one else wants to be with them nobody else wants to hang around with them and they know it so many of these people ever even admit what they do and they lie about what they do now how many people you've probably asked you know what's your profession what do you do for a living and they've been cops and they've lied to you about what they've done in your life that you've encountered personally if you knew the number you'd be shocked and appalled because it's so way beyond what you think it is I'll pick up this dynamic on the other side and we'll get back to your call stay with us [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone listening to one owner is happening here on our PN on your host mark passio my web site what on earth is happening calm so in the last segment I was talking about how police generally constitute a cult all order followers really do and they hang out with only their own kind they congregate with their own kind and they are completely sequestered from the rest of society and that is why until we can infiltrate that wall get past that wall that they have used to sequester themselves and basically not hang out with anybody that doesn't think like them and you need to do that by identifying people within your family dynamic who act as the Maven again this is the concept I call maven targeting and it's it's really answering you know the the question that was posed by the call or Brandon in Boston you know that this this concept of you have to get into the minds of people who are influential in a family unit because these are the people who are ultimately holding some kind of mental influence with the people who are acting as order followers and I'm going to tell you it's these mavens usually are the matriarchs of the family okay you know when when you look at who people go to for advice within a family unit you'll usually see it's you know the female who is the mature influential type within the family okay it may be you know the grandmother of the family or you know just the strong female influence in general and you know in some families it's it's a male as well but in general why I'm going to emphasize the mind control that's perpetuated against women so much in future shows is because for us to break down the dynamic that we see playing out with order followers the strong-minded and you know traditional type women are going to have to come out of their mental conditioning that they've been placed under to see you know order following as some kind of a virtue and influence and nurture the men in these families in in the family dynamic that they're a part of in order to make them understand it's not okay what you're doing or from a very early age never get involved in following anybody else's orders because it's immoral from the get-go and the problem with that is the family dynamic is under attack because of the mind control that women are under so you know it's a it's like a catch-22 you know until we can repair that family dynamic by breaking them out of that mind control they're not going to come out of that mind control you know it's a very complicated set of factors that people have to understand is going on and again the Neo feminist agenda which is a eugenics agenda is a huge part of that mass mind control targeting particularly of the female mind because what they want is an emasculated Society of men that can't ever rise up against the state physically and you know they want women basically Wed to the evils of the state without even understanding that that unholy wedding has been performed has been accomplished so I'll bring Brandon back on and just wrap up his thoughts and then I'll move on to some other callers but Brandon are you if you're still holding with us I don't know that addresses some of the dynamic that you were talking about about how we may eventually break down this whole you know a mindset of the the quote respect or admiration or seeing order following as a virtue within family dynamic that's right that's why they go after the women and children first not the men that's right you beautifully illustrated that two weeks ago when you brought the Hobbit three and what a woman of Laketown take arms over the coward who just stays there and it's the perfectly shown dynamic was a wonderful allegory I highly recommend people to check out you know that whole series but particularly the third one I found not only visually striking because I saw I saw in HD 3d but and the 3d effects were just outstanding I thought and but not only that the allegory that it brought up with you know what how a real woman will back you know the strong men in a society you know and you know turn their backs on the emasculated man men who are really cowards and stand up against domination you know and let me tell you something folks then what I am calling the Neo feminist agenda is 180 degrees in the opposite direction that agenda will have women running into the arms of their very oppressors if the truth is told and understood about how that dynamic works there's a lot of people were putting out a lot of good information on this topic there's a lot of people who are putting out some disinformation or imbalanced information on it I hope to be somebody who can come in talk about this topic when it comes to the mind control methodologies that have been and are continuing to be directed at women to get them to support order followers dominators and the state and bring some balance to that bring some healing to that and I'm going to say things that are going to be very unpopular are going to be very difficult for people to accept and in many cases because this dynamic is complicated it's going to be very difficult for some people to understand how it works and and fits together as a tapestry of this agenda but I again cannot remain silent on it because I feel that I have a moral obligation to try to help people understand it and I think I may be able to do it in a way that people really understand not only how this has been done but why it was done for the ultimate purpose and agenda that it's serving which is eugenics I make no think about it that is the ultimate end goal when it comes to what's going on with the the mind control of women in society and healing that dichotomy and healing this wedge this divide that's been driven between the sexes is a huge part of the solution and a huge part of really manifesting true freedom on this planet because again as I've been saying and that you know I'm gonna lead in with this dynamic next week when I start getting into this in a big way only one side of a dialectic needs to buy the lie in order for the dialectic to work only one side of a population being targeted by a dialectical manipulation I should say needs to buy those lies in order for the dialectic to work and be accomplished both sides don't have to buy into it only one side does so it's a very important concept to understand and you know when I go into this in depth I know it's gonna be controversial for some people but again the intent is not to further drive a wedge between men and women it's to heal the divide that has been driven in there by this communist fascist Marxist you know absolute satanic agenda that has really waged the war on really both sexes not just men but women as well because they're ultimately the targets of this as well just as much as men are so Brandon I want to thank you for your call and I absolutely absolutely thanks so much for calling in and a really great point that you raised that allow me to go into that little tangent there and give a little preview for what's to come on this show so let's let's hear from Arthur in Indiana now Arthur you're live on what on earth is happening welcome Wow can you hear me good absolutely you're coming through loud and clear all right first of all I do want to congratulate you and on top of that man I just want to thank you for all the work you've done and for all the insight you've offered for everyone and I'd have to say you don't believe you called it here for Horsemen of the Apocalypse you would definitely be one of mine so uh first time I ever called in any radio show and sort of thinking well I appreciate that so much Arthur thank you all right well you know we're talking about order following and I really wanted to get into some solutions for the order following sure go right ahead yeah I've recently had an experience at work where I got fired for that exact reason and you know I was called into my supervisors office and I'd put into another position to be on first shift so I could start pursuing other things you know outside of work that were more actually in this kind of area that you don't want of things to do to you know to help people learn there's some you know stuff like that and she started talking to me very disrespectful you know he had he had started to put words my mouth you know he called me a victim I spoke of I said a hopeless you know oh man you know and he told me to shut up and I I you know said you're not gonna tell me to shut up and then uh you know long story short man um he got physical and you know I want to pay each other and unfortunately there's no witnesses so I ended up losing my job or what I've learned really that I think of everything uh is that I learned that so stay with us we're coming up to a break I'll let you continue on the other side [Music] [Applause] you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening comm we were talking to Arthur in Indian Indiana before the break got to us and Arthur you were describing your encounter with a order follower slash Dominator of some type now you want to continue with that yes basically the essence of my experience was that you know work for a molding injection company a factory type work being myself and following my heart and and you know following that middle path not being abused but not being abuser it basically led to me being terminated because they don't value an intelligent individual with heart what they value there is somebody with the who keeps their head down and this is what I found my experience there and I you know you introduced me personally to natural law and I've really been expanding upon that and I really learned you know the law of attraction the energy you emit the energy you attract I realized that you know just recently this is happening I put myself in a very challenging situation so I could learn some of this psychological you know like distorted expressions of this type of dynamic to get me out of there and into something else and I've had just some amazing things start happening here and it's been kind of very synchronistic and leading to something and so that's that's the whole thing of of you know of the balance because what I really learned is of the really a lot of what's happening in the world around us that we see is a degradation of of gender and it really is about keeping people on a lower vibration through you know the food we you know you cover car carnal ism you know eating beautiful food pretty much and the workers are treated and you know very for matter themselves and then the heavy metals in the air and things in our water to keep us on a denser you know a consciousness level because something else I've learned through meditation or been feeling for this information you know there's nothing new Under the Sun it's always been around is that your mind is not the totality of everything we are you know we have like you know your guts in your heart and and what's really happening is that we've been disconnected from these organs from these parts of ourselves that actually have intelligent you know like a communication if we would only tuned into it so you know that's why people's compassion or the Sacred Feminine has been targeted you know so much to keep people where you know well I don't care what can I do and what I wanted to provide tonight on the whole order following dynamic and everything is you know it all has to come back internal you can't yell at someone and tell them how fucked up the world excuse me I could say that online yeah we have to talk to our language because we're going out as I am and FM affiliates also I will not do that again but basically you can't force something to change I mean you you definitely have to have your voice because just as you said you know why is propagated 24/7 you know truth has to have the defender but you know I'm seeing people try to drop very head and stuff on people and it just kind of scares them and it's good you know I'd rather hear the truth so I know you know where things stand so I know what what work to put into but it all starts you know the individual you know or you call you know the Mazen to spread the sea and a tool that I've used that has really helped me has been just a simple one to three discipline honesty and productive imagination so on discipline you know it really is like you know through like if you have a one-night stand with a woman then what you're really doing is you're kind of degrading your Sacred Feminine because you're telling your mind that that kind of interaction is okay that's just kind of one example but just disciplining your mind to disciplining your body you know developing your willpower so that way you have more that you know internal monarchy dominion over yourself and then the honesty is a huge one because that's that's honesty itself and if you have an experience and in the moment you may you know act one way but if you do some introspective work you know that respect thing and you're really looking at yourself that's how you can develop your intuitive faculties you know really gaining knowledge about yourself going into your own thoughts and judging your own thoughts before you judge externally because when you're judging externally you know that's what's that external so you need to bring it back in and then really look at yourself and do that work and then the productive imagination I mean you know all is everything you know there's only two all so before any problem ever exists or there's the solution right you know there and now I've heard you touched on this before if you cannot imagine or see the solution then you know we're stuck we're tracked so you know a productive imagination if you have a negative thought and think about what you can do to solve it I mean you know on the simple on a simple level because before we go out there and really you know have this collective huge you know shit and I want to say this too I really appreciate that you do have such a you're staying so strongly and how much work needs to be done because there is a lot of people propagating that you know that there's this ascension everything can happen but we have to do the physical work we have to you know express our spirits through the body and really do some physical work to get things done but you know the you have any comments last year I mean absolutely I mean I think one of the most uh you know critical things in this entire dynamic to understand is that once we do this introspective work and we have worked upon ourselves to such an extent that we've brought our behaviors into alignment with natural law that's the beginning of the process people think that that's the end you know a lot of times the New Age movement will teach that you know just getting yourself in some kind of a blissful state or a state where you understand what your what you've wanted to understand and become comfortable with grasping is the be-all and end-all of it that's the end of the process it's this concept that enlightenment is only about the self is only about changing one's self that's where the great work begins no one is suggesting that before you've worked out a lot of the issues and the mind control that you yourself have been under that you go out and just try to completely you know push something off on onto somebody else because if you don't have your own mind freed what is the point of you know going and propagating that knowledge and information now I'm not saying wait forever either but you know you have to get yourself to a point where you know you're in a healthy balanced state and you're not acting as an integral part of the problem dynamic okay once you can do that and you could propagate that information in a way that is coherent and makes sense to somebody else I feel that you have a moral obligation to engage other people and like you said you you you you don't have to worry about sugarcoating it but you don't have to do it you know you know a vicious way there's a way that you could do it that is forceful yet accurate and yet is done in a way that is unapologetic yeah well just on that level to what I've kind of learned is because I've been I've been looking up the conspiracy stuff for you know a long time but then I've really gotten into the spiritual side if you will but not the new you know head and cloud spirituality but really you know okay this is what I need to do to myself to bring the solution into the world but what I've kind of learned too is that when communicating with people you can definitely drop some heavy truths but you know you don't just go in on on that because then you might scare someone and that creates like a fear so they're honoring that fear you know but to provide some of the genuine heart connection to connect with someone on a heart-to-heart level and be kind of inspirational and maybe in some manner and then say you know imply the you know bring these darker aspects up in a tactful way you know you have to try to find a common point of interest that you could work your way into that person's mind and even into their confidence and you know people will say what are you talking about manipulation are you talking about you know getting things in through the back door of their mind I would say absolutely you know I think that you know you have to use whatever methods are at your at your disposal so your influence over somebody else you know you it's like helping a child ride a bicycle with training wheels or with supporting them from behind by holding their shoulders so that they don't fall over I mean you can do that until they get up the you know muscle memory and ability and dexterity to ride the bike for themselves and then you have to know when to let off you know it's not about controlling them indefinitely it's about basically helping them to see and understand and then you know then you you can back off and then that per 20 will to do it for themselves we'll pick this up on the other side folks stay with us you're listening to water on earth is happening we'll be right back welcome back to the show you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're taking your calls we're into the third hour of the show for tonight's broadcast the toll-free number to join us 800 three one three nine four four three once again the toll-free number to join us 800 three one three ninety four forty three the topic is order followers your comments on the recent series that I just did on order followers any questions that you might have any clarifications that you want me to speak on or just the you know any anything that you want to get into regarding that entire topic wrapping up this series on order followers so let's go back to Kevin in Philadelphia who we lost on the line earlier Kevin are you with us yes yeah my comeback Max was still hoping to be able to speak refused sure go right ahead here hang on a second hey Mark hey max good to have you about great point that you brought up about the Federal Reserve System it definitely needs to go we're in full agreement with that mm-hmm here here's a future end the Fed guy folks you know nothing better than that I mean that this is what we need to be teaching our children without any doubt go ahead and max can continue that person you say they got to quit their job right max back to walk you're horrible and like clearly walk away in like what there it is you know from from the mouth of of children ladies and gentlemen you know children can understand this with clarity and simplicity and yet full-grown adults have such difficult time with it walk away I mean there's words of wisdom yes you know I ain't really blow I am blown away by how I am on this podcast yeah it's my it's my pleasure to have you here max my pleasure to meet you definitely well you you keep learning and reading and you know you got a good teacher there with your dad so keep it up and you know then you'll be doing what I'm doing in the future all right all right all right you take good care of there max hey keep up the great work thank you bye bye see there that's what it's all about folks teaching the next generation of people the truth you know I mean what can you say about that you know there there's a child who already gets what's going on in the world you know and I'm sure he'll learn and grow in his knowledge and you know do incredible amounts of reading and you know he'll be an influence with other people as he gets older and that's what it's all about so Kevin and Max thanks so much for that call it's definitely an inspiration that's absolutely a Kevin you're still there if you have anything else do you have anything else for us do we still have them yeah okay the Kevin is going great so Kevin and Max thanks so much again so let's hear from a Derek in Pennsylvania Derek you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hey Mark hey McCall how are you tonight I'm doing well great to hear from you as always no I knew you don't do this for the recognition and you know it's kind of me you getting that award is kind of the universe saying its own way thank you yeah I don't know I was blown away by and you know III thank the Tesla Foundation from the bottom of my heart for the recognition that the award represented it was very nice thing you know because I have put a lot of work in to try to help people to understand what Tesla tried to do and I think more people need to do that as well and I I applaud the efforts of the Tesla Foundation I mean they had a lot of people out there at that award ceremony they did some good promotion for the conference there was great speakers there overall I think it was a very well done event and you know I hope that they continue the work that they're doing well into the future and I'll be glad to be a part of it into the future for sure and like I said I just think the universe is thanking you with with kind of that outward sign regarding order followers your presentation as always is pristine employment and impact the knockout punch and what I wanted to know was the movie American sniper I didn't see it I don't know that much about it I know that it's getting a lot of olicity and pressure and stuff like that but I came across an article a short article that I read about the author Chris Kyle and how he advocated a story about knocking out Jesse Ventura and it actually went to court and was actually prove in court that Jesse Ventura one and this guy made up the story now the crazy part is the so kind of piqued my interest so I looked more into it and today I saw a showing and I believe I don't want to ruin anything but I just want to kind of tell basic beings of that the author Chris Kyle they had mowing I guess it was in March or or I just let's say with the spring of 2012 and you know they had callers in on the show and they asked him you know would you recommend your children be in the military and he said he kind of didn't take any stance what he said was I wouldn't recommend doing it but I wouldn't recommend them not doing it and he said it's a total volunteer status she also one of the things he touched upon was that you didn't understand the public's protesting of wars you said you're protesting you should not be protesting against the military you should be protesting against the president and the Congress yeah now targeting the order giver you know as they're the ones who are actually doing the actual harm and you know these are just some of the things that kind of kind of just really resonated with me that's what order followers always want to do they want to pass on the responsibility to the people who were given the orders you know no you're not the it's like a video I put I linked on one of the former podcasts I did on on dominators it was a cop basically saying he was posed the question if he was ordered to you know follow racist laws to enforce racist laws you know like you know secretary if said you know racial segregation came back in through law would he obey those dictates by by the politicians and the state and enforce you know racial segregation and he said as a black man as a black cop he said that he would enforce it because that would be the law and his job would require that he enforce it now that's evil incarnate evil incarnate with no apology that person is evil period anybody that doesn't understand that that's what evil is you don't know what evil is you have no clue what evil is and that's exactly what it is right there that's embodied the embodiment of evil is doing what you know to be wrong and taking those actions anyway even though you know you need to be basically spinning in the tree space that's it and you saying if you wanted would want to take that up with somebody take it up with the politicians who pass the law not with me wrong pal we're taking it up with you because you're the one who's putting that harm into manifestation by following that order not the person who scribbled down some nonsensical crap on a piece of paper and called it a law Derick stay with us I'll let you wrap up your thoughts on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back with more of your calls [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to one on earth is happening here on our PN I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we were talking to Derek in Pennsylvania Derek you were highlighting the concept in the previous order follower series I just wrapped up that the order follower most definitely bears the overwhelming majority of the moral culpability for the harm that results by them following the orders of the order giver the order giver of course is morally culpable but certainly not as much morally culpable as the person who carries out those immoral harmful behaviors I'll let you wrap up your thoughts yeah like just piggybacking on that it would never been a broader basis just now there are this [Music] one treatment and then get your let me just briefly comment on that before you go into your last statement um that's why I would say that all order followers are cowards all order followers deep down inside are cowards because if an order follower had any real courage they would say no I will not follow any orders the actions that I'm going to take are going to be of my own freewill accord once I have decided whether that behavior is in compliance with rights under natural law first then I'll do the action because I know it's right not because someone told me to and that is why I would say that blanket statement ladies and gentlemen you let get is offended about it as you like because the ego hates blanket statements and those who are completely trapped in ego can't hear a blanket statement and understand that it's true when a blanket statement is true you know because the ego hates absolutes 100% of order followers are cowards everyone that has ever existed in the history of the universe get as offended as you want to get by that if you're in order follower you're a coward period okay go ahead darkened in the other thing that I was kind of taking back it was you know kind of just through the point of being on this journey is that the guys in in the military were that are seeking to join the military right um Chris Kyle said that he goes anyone who joins or is in the military now he goes I guess this was one of those like there he goes you will be going to war so it's like these guys want to have perpetual war on this earth trying to earlier which is a human sacrifice it's a it's a for their agenda it's a beautiful ritual of human sacrifice keep giving blood to their dark solar deity that they worship and believe in you know keep calling the population you know keep our surplus resources down you know keep throwing that people's money and resources into a total black hole that's a beautiful thing if you're a dark occult industrial military industrial complex keep on going but work real quick and you get another color if you could share your insight happens to put on quote a police officer or lawmen mm-hmm they unleash like you just say a crime happens because I'm whether they were beat up you know whatever you know killed or in the line of duty and all that right they unleash everyone in their resource to go find a perpetrator or area when yep a commoner has a like someone perpetrates their natural low price marshal and murders and rapes them it's like oh good a good friend of mine was shot they they've never even bothered trying to catch the guy you know well clearly the police or God men Derek I mean don't you know that I mean that they have way more rights than you they're more important than you they're gods among normal mortals so they're if they are under the controllers thumbs and they're viewed as kind of like you know our dogs so to speak why why do they do that you know what I'm saying it is it more to try to is it a recruiting mechanism is it tried to you know people that are insecure to say look someone cares for you we all care for you is it kind of long nosed line no it's basically trying to get the population to accept that these people are literally godlike and they are just you know the regular population are on nearly myrtles you know and and there were infinitely more important than us their lives matter more than us you know because they are the upholders of the agenda of the state you know so therefore of course they're more they're they're more valuable as beings you know their lives are much more valuable and it's just to reinforce that in the idea of the absolute idiots that watch mainstream media and pay attention all that pomp and circumstance nonsense that goes on when one of these people one of these cowardly order following Nazi trash something happens to them karmically you know yeah and it's just like I have no sympathy for that ever I'm absolutely zero sympathy for them because they're not real human beings get as offended about that as you want a real human being doesn't follow orders period that's an artificial being they're trapped in mind control I don't make any excuses for people who are trapped in mind control I'm not an apologist for immoral people you know are they they deserve what they have coming to them and they're going to get every bit of it well thanks so much mark for all your work and I just want another shout out all your listeners I'm learning just as much from from you as then with their questions and the dialogue back and forth so you your callers I mean I salute your kind of depressed but tonight I'm kind of like energetic and like pumped up because I'm like wow a lot of people like are bringing more to the table there's great dialogue and I'm kind of happy without a doubt the caller's bring up great insights and I have the best callers in all talk radio anywhere on the earth as far as I'm concerned you know the callers never cease to amaze me Derek I wholeheartedly agree I want to thank you for your call on the points that you brought up you got it yeah you know definitely never ceases to amaze me the quality of calls I've stated that many times on the show and that trend continues and I'm glad to see it continuing so and I think it's because the people who are actively seeking the truth and listening to a lot of the things that I've put out here on this show and on my website you know they're thinkers they are readers they don't just absorb nonsense information in the mainstream media and don't question it and challenge it they do critical thinking for themselves and you can hear that in their thoughts that they you know elucidate on the air I mean it's just it's it is an encouraging sign that more and more people are coming on to this understanding and you know talking about it so clearly you know we get more people doing the great work we're gonna be making a lot more headway toward effecting a real solution so that's ultimately what it's all about so Derek thanks for the call let's hear from Swami shivananda Giri in Illinois agape Swami my very self well you know of Mark Paseos oh well thank you welcome my friend how are you doing very very well and you know mark you okay it started when I was invited into your home and then sitting around your kitchen table you invited me to speak at the freer mind - conference and then I was allowed to leave meditation sessions at free your mind - I remember it like it was yesterday Swami but just hate that thought for a moment until the other side of this break and then I'll let you pick up from right there okay my friend great ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on our BM o RB n stay with us we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm we were talking to Swami shivananda Giri before the break ettus swami if you're still with us I'll let you continue with your story that you were telling well you know I was describing our introduction and our interaction and our association anyone who's been listening and following the podcast perhaps as heard this Swami's name pop up a couple times but what I wanted to ask you mark as a friend would you allow this Swami your airwaves to make a public confession regarding or the following absolutely without any doubt before is yours in the year 1984 this Swami was a member of the United States Air Force and in that year this Swami was discharged for acting why too many times and received a general under honorable conditions discharge for a pattern of conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline I would take top of the order following society because your tendency to ask why before performing an action was against their version of order and discipline yeah yeah yeah amazing it's called having a conscience people with with a deeply developed conscience don't to do too well in those capacities Swami now I wanted to ask you if you would care to make any comment regarding the Kalika water party um no I'm not really very familiar so go ahead and explain oh okay well it seems that John lamb lash oh I am familiar yes okay okay yeah I mean he is talking about you know this concept of standing up to the psychopath and in a physical capacity is is I mean is this part of what is contained within this well it would seem that Walker what he is attempting to do with the formation of the collegiate Wartburg is to get hold of warriors who are willing to utilize subtle strengths against those who would use subtle straight against oh and this is about in an energetic capacity right not a physical capacity but in a subtle energy capacity right right you're not not difficult right but utilizing ritual utilizing various subtle psychic attack we're talking about so we're talking about psychic attack yeah yeah it's an interesting concept I mean I could definitely tell you that many dark occultists believe in the direction manipulation and transference of energy psychically and practice it as well ritualistically so it's it's certainly something that I know for a fact goes on within dark occultism it would be interesting to see what type of results you know could be brought about as a result of something like that I will tend to reserve judgment one way or another but I would say it's kind of an interesting concept and I'd like to see where you know he takes it yeah exactly that's that's right we're on sitting I'm sitting in the skybox going oh let's see the game you know because I am neither an attacker nor defenders I'm all right I'm in the cert but and then and you know it's my Dharma to assist others to raise from wherever there's did to wherever they can reach you no it's not there is no it's just about assisting that's all you can really do you know you do it in your way this Swami does it in this way many others so many in in your chat room tonight are involved in in in things that are physical things that are spiritual Kevin leading that young man to truth I mean how old I mean is that great or what you know I would love I would love to be in the room watching young Mac smile when he listens to the podcast you know but I mean that's what it's all about is teaching the next generation so they don't follow you know the mistakes that the previous generations have made well very much looking forward to the next for your mind this Swami will be leading meditations once again this year and if called upon to speak will speak on the topic of freeing yourself from the mind ye the next so we'll see what happens I think it's gonna be a great event and really looking forward to you know having you be part of it once again yep yep and well for those I'm so happy I get a crash on marks couch we'll have a blast all right be alerted Swami thanks so much always a pleasure to hear from you all right let's hear from Brandon in California Brandon you're live on what on earth is happening welcome Martha pleasure to speak with it thank you the beginning I'm on October of 2014 at this point and your podcast has really changed my life but I taped the better but for some for the Friends of family probably your yeah I can understand that and you know it's tough dealing with people who are still in the matrix so Oh totally and it's funny you're mentioned you're talking about the Maven sort of a deal and some families and that's my family is totally as amazing it's a very matriarchal family a lot of women in my we were always very tight-knit bring us and the Maven of my family has actually an ex homicide detective she was a cop for many years and although she's a very liberal and a lot of reviews she is also homeless blindly pro pro authority and pro cock especially uh yeah there's a lot of heated discussions at family gatherings over this last holiday is about the whole Ferguson and all these things because it just boggles my mind how liberal she could be and she's a lesbian she has a you know she's married so she enjoys you know the benefits of a lot of liberal views and and legislation that has been passed recently but at the same time she can't prior self boy away from the mindset that the people in Ferguson that are that we're doing this unrest we're doing it because of reasons that weren't necessarily unjust you know it's just a blows my mind how house set in her waist you can be despite being so or thinking in other areas well what you're understanding there in that dynamic is that this person has a religion and they are vehemently attached to those religious beliefs we have to start trying to explain that the belief and authority is religion it is a religious belief system and most people will not see it as such and they will not say that person is a religious extremist that's what they are there are religious extremists and that's what how that it has to be explained to them as such that you are a member of not only really a religion but a cult they're there it's a cult following they are following a cult and when i what i mean by that is they are giving over their belief to something in an unchallenged unwavering way and the thing that they're giving their belief over isn't true it's an illusion that does not exist in nature or reality at all and the belief in something that does not exist in nature or reality constitutes religious belief and that's what that they have they have religion and it really needs to be deeply explained to people more how the belief in authority constitutes a religion because most people don't see it as such or understand that as that even when it's explained to them we need to get these people to understand that they have fallen for a false religion right and yeah it's just really blows my mind and I guess to add to that uh I've been curious for a while what your views are on a organization of Alcoholics Anonymous I guess I can be loosely tied into this topic because there are a lot of order followers in there I mean there is a lot of agency in there as well same time a lot of people follow this blindly to to the letter is a supposed to the spirit of the organization and it's interesting the founder Bill Wilson experimented with the NGO genes and LSD specifically towards the end of his life and advocated for it but if you were to tell a lot of members of AAA that LSD could have positive effects they would you'd be laughed at basically by the majority of people in most meetings so I don't know I guess those periods while you're if you have any views on Alcoholics Anonymous program absolutely that's a great question and I will answer on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone final segment of this edition of what on earth is happening this evening we're taking your calls and the previous caller asked me a question about Alcoholics Anonymous before the break caught us and my take on this and in general most quote-unquote 12-step organizations to deal with addiction is while they may provide some some decent methodologies for dealing with addictions and working in group therapy when it comes to addiction I do agree with what the caller said that you know many of them could be somewhat cult-like in their rigid belief system according to the letter of how they do things instead of the spirit of what the organization was originally intended to be I find that my biggest problem with these organizations is that they externalize power and say that you are powerless over the addiction when in fact the exact opposite is true the only one who could defeat an addiction is the person who is suffering from it through the use of their own personal willpower and no one wants to hear that because they want to pass on personal responsibility that's what people who are stuck who are in a religious mindset who are you know basically still operating as children want to hear that they're powerless that somebody else has to do it for them and so they bring up this concept of you know look externally to a higher source of power they never word it as higher aspects of the self but you know it's always something external to the self well while there is higher power than the self and it's called natural law and I'm you know I have make no bones about the fact that I'm comfortable with the use of the word God you know I believe in a creator of the universe I wouldn't even use the word belief I know that there is a creator of the universe a creative intelligence that underlies everything I don't look at that as the way any other religion looks at God I think it's transcends all of those you know childish viewpoints that religion portrays God as but to say that God's going to somehow be in control of whether you have an addiction or not is you know certainly passing the buck and it's not standing in your own personal responsibility and it's external izing your own power I think the very first thing that should be done with any person suffering from addiction is to tell them you and only you are 100% in control of whether you continue to suffer from this addiction or not or heal it you and only you you know and that's the truth you know that's not my belief that's the actual reality over who's capable breaking an addiction the person suffering from it that doesn't mean they have to do it by themselves you know they can absolutely have help from people but that isn't coming from anything external okay that they will make the freewill decision as to whether to accept that help and whether to follow with follow in the footsteps of knowledge okay and for anybody that disagrees with that you absolutely don't know what you're talking about okay you have no idea what you're talking about all right now I've and I don't care who that offends get as offended as you like bang your head against the desk crying your milk okay there these people are lying to people when they tell them that they don't have any power over their addiction okay they're clueless clueless anybody who buys into that has a religion you have a religion and that's your religion there you go you know continue to believe in it all you want believe in it you know and I know so much about addictions that I mean I could write books on the topic I can write books on the topic okay I could totally help people with addictions if they want help this is something I've studied so in-depth that I consider myself a what I concern myself somebody that knows more than just about anybody on the earth on this topic quite frankly okay because one of the things that I had to wrestle with was addiction to thought-forms you know to break out of my mind set the previous mindset and worldview that I was under that's the most difficult addiction of all and you know what folks nothing external to myself except my own willpower got that accomplished it was called hard work it was called the desire to no it was called the desire to transcend my weakness which most people don't have and they want to blame it on something external and say that's in control it's all a religion as far as the techniques that some of these organizations use I have no problem okay there there there are some techniques that are effective and again as the caller pointed out even the the founder you use the therapeutic psychedelics in helping to break addictions and you know one of the best ones and one of the you know heaviest ones is in boga you know which you know then extracted to create a bo gain which is a drug that has been used therapeutically when treating addictions of course that's illegal here in the United States we can't have that you know you know we might cut into the pharmaceutical cartels profits you know no I should say pharmaceutical mafias profits but you know addiction is maybe a topic that I'll cover in the future as well it seems like a good thing to talk about I'm going to be tackling in the future the Neo feminist agenda I'm going back into you know deep philosophy when it comes to the right of all people to own firearms gun ownership rights will be discussed in the future the concept of a solution that I want to talk about maven targeting you know and maybe I'll break into this you know more on addictions and how to wrestle with them and and ultimately defeat those quote-unquote demons that are all indwelling aspects of the psyche and the only way you could do that is through knowledge gnosis making a diagnosis of the underlying causal factors that lead somebody to want to hurt themselves like that because it's all about self loathing and that self loathing invariably if you do psychoanalysis on the underlying causal factors just like order followers and that's why they drink and and and drug so much to trying to numb out the care and the remainder of conscience that is left within them so that they could just work robotic lis like the good order following house slave that they are you know you know it ultimately stems from deep-seated abandonment issues and you trace any of these people I guarantee it like I guarantee the Sun is gonna come up on the eastern horizon tomorrow morning ladies and gentlemen I guarantee you trace the causal factors of addictive tendencies and order followers back to their source to their causal factors you to find a lost little boy and a lost little girl whose mommy and daddy did not pay enough attention to them childhood abandonment issues parental abandonment issues whether physical what meaning the parent was not present or whether emotional abandonment mental abandonment spiritual abandonment psycho-spiritual abandonment issues lie at the heart of that so you know people who want to say that you know these groups hold all the answers they don't talk about a lot of this stuff they don't get into those causal dynamics and causal factors in many instances I'm really very glad that the caller asked me this question because it is actually something I do feel strongly about and should get into talking about more and more because the ultimate addiction that's going on in society is the addiction to completely erroneous belief systems religion in other words religion is the causal factor of the entire problem ladies and gentlemen and I pretty much said it since day one the great work is about breaking people and their mind out of religious belief systems that do not serve who we are and I'll leave this episode right there thank you to all the callers who made a fantastic show remember folks there's only two mistakes you could ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you right here next week thanks for listening goodnight [Music] [Music] [Music]