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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday January 24th 2015 this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a very enlightening show planned for you here tonight we're going to be talking about what I consider to be one of the elephants in the room so to speak mind control that is specifically designed for and targeted against women which has fomented the war between the sexes that is raging in our society and I'm going to specifically over the next many weeks be getting into this topic and I'm going to be exposing the Neo feminist agenda as a eugenics operation a phrase that I began to coin last week which I'm actually going to give a a new phrase coining this week for I I said last week that I was going to call this operation epigenetic eugenics meaning eugenics that is waged epigenetically through mind control against an entire population well I'm going to shorten this I'm going to truncate it a little bit and I'm going to come up with a new phrase for this a new catchphrase word I'm gonna call this operation epi' eugenics many people will never have heard that term before because I think I've just coined it and that's what the whole neo feminist agenda really is it is an operation of epic eugenics something that goes beyond eugenics because it is not eugenics that is being waged directly against the population but it is actually mind controlling the population and socially manipulating a population that that population actually wages a eugenics war against itself and it is going to take a lot of explaining to help people to understand how this operation actually works and how deeply it's entrenched in our society and we'll get to that in this show and in future shows I may or may not have time tonight to get two phone calls hopefully we can take a few in the later part of the show but for people who want to call in and get in the caller queue I'll give the call-in number right here at the top of the of the show the call-in number to join us eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the calling number 800 three one three ninety four forty three I have few event announcements so bear with me before we get into the material the free your mind three conference is going to be the biggest conference of its type coming up on the East Coast in 2015 for your mind three is going to take place April 10th 11th and 12th 2015 at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in Langhorne Pennsylvania just outside the city limits of Philadelphia the speakers lined up for the free ermine three conference Bob Tuscan Clint Richardson Curtis the illuminated one Davis Dennis McKenna Derek Bros the New Jersey Weed Man Edie fortune freighter X Freeman Fritz spring Myer Jay Parker Janis barceló John Bush John vibes Josie the outlaw whales Laura Eisenhower just added Lennon honor luke rudkowski Mark Devlin myself Mark passio and Stewart Swerdlow there will also be a panel of anti-media personnel and activists there will also be a panel discussion group with many of the speakers from the conference there will also be open mic night sessions at the end of the evening for five to ten minute sessions from attendees of the conference who 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conference of this size and scope and magnitude go into okay you have to bring all these people in you got to fly them out there their travel expenses are expensive they're coming in from all over the country they have to be lodged all of them have to be lodged for four days at the hotel I mean think about how much money that is you know this is not something that it just happens easily so the best way to support a conference like this don't think about it folks get your tickets and events get the all weekend pass you know people are so worried about the schedule of speakers all the time with conferences like this first of all the schedule isn't made until the whole roster of speakers is completely confirmed and it's set in stone so don't expect that way in advance get your all weekend pass that's what you could do to help support organizers who are shelling out tons of personal money to host an event of this kind you know so get the all weekend pass put in the coupon code get your fifteen dollars off the you know with that coupon code and go there for the whole time or even if you can't go there for the whole time I still encourage people to get though the all weekend pass okay so you can get your tickets right now at free your mind conference calm visit the website check out the speakers it's going to be the biggest event of its kind on the East Coast and 2015 I will be speaking right here in Philadelphia for the first time in over a year at Philadelphia and Liberty on the rocks there a local activist meetup group that meets monthly here in Philadelphia I'll be giving a special presentation called the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment this will be taking place on Tuesday February 10th 2015 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. my presentation will start shortly after 6:00 p.m. it won't be maybe around a half an hour or so it's gonna be a condensed presentation I'm gonna be breaking down the Second Amendment all the words in the Second Amendment okay breaking them down I call this the field-stripping okay I'm gonna field strip the Second Amendment and then we're gonna reassemble it at the end to explain to people its exact meaning and purpose so this is going to be taking place at the cafe the cafe is located at 2011 Walnut Street xx and Walnut Street in Philadelphia it's free to attend check out more about it at Philadelphia dot Liberty on the rocks org stay where there's folks we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm couple more quick event announcements well not even just event but just happenings that are going on with me I was on the Infowars Nightly News this past week it was a really great opportunity extended to me by LeeAnn McAdoo and I accepted it and I went on the nightly news on Tuesday evening it was a pre-recorded interview I did a Tuesday late afternoon and then it was aired Tuesday night January 20th at about 7:00 p.m. Eastern time I think the interview went really really well I condensed a lot of information into the short amount of time that I had to be interviewed and the interview was essentially on the occult it was on my background in dark occultism specifically in Satanism it was on what Satanism really is what the tenets of this dark religion really are all about and how our society is completely reflective of the Satanic mindset we also got into what occult knowledge really is versus what people erroneously believe it to be because of what religion tells them that it is and I want to say something about that after I you know finished explaining about the interview we talked about occult symbolism and I gave a case example being the the Betty Crocker egg incident that I broke down in my demystifying the occult seminar and then we talked a little bit about solutions namely the understanding of natural law as the ultimate solution to the current human condition of slavery and how we have to understand the law of freedom that as morality increases in the aggregate in any given society the freedom of that society also increases proportionately and as morality decreases in any given society the freedom of that society decreases proportionately that's the law of freedom that's what natural law is ultimately all about if people haven't understood that that's why we're in the situation that we are in we that they have learned nothing as far as I'm concerned you know if you haven't made the connection between morality and freedom yet you don't know what's going on on this planet and you don't know why we're in slavery the causal factors that have led to this condition so for people interested check out that great interview I thought it really went well I think it probably opened up my work to a whole new audience of listeners and I was invited back soon so I'll probably go into a part too in the coming months and who knows where that may lead so I want to thank the Infowars team for inviting me there and you could check out that interview on my website in the news section it's also linked it's the third item right now under latest news so I was also on deadline live with Jack blood this week just yesterday Friday the 23rd Jack blood brought me on and interviewed me it was also a really good interview and that will be probably posted live on my site within the next couple of days just as soon as Jack edits it and gets that up on his website so look for that in the next couple days on the what on earth is happening comm news section there are still what on earth is happening promotional t-shirts available as a free gift in return for a voluntary donation you can click the email link that's listed in the article at the top of the new section about the promotional t-shirts on the water on earth is happening comm website if you're interested in getting a t-shirt there's also a donation button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening comm website if you feel that you've received value from the information that I have shared on both this radio show and on my website feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I can continue this work into the future that being said there's also a fundraiser effort going on here on rbn right now rbn needs support from its listeners so that it can keep funding the work that it's doing and hosting all of these great hosts here on this network if you are in a position to be able to contribute to our BN to help continue the network going please call 800 tall free eight hundred seven two four two seven one nine and you can make a pledge to make a donation to help out the rbn radio network so images for today's show are always listed with the podcast and they're also listed on the radio show tab of the website if you go to the radio show tab underneath the player for the broadcast you'll see images for tonight's show when the show is live only three images up there tonight they're all basically flyers for events the free your mind 3 conference I have 2 Flyers out for that feel free to share them on social media websites or wherever else you might want to post them and print them and post them in your area and also the if your local to Philadelphia the third image is a flyer for my presentation coming up on February 10th at the Liberty on the rocks meetup group on the Second Amendment so those are the only images I don't have any images for the material that I'm going to be presenting tonight because I really I'm where I'm so busy working on other projects right now I haven't prepared a slideshow for this material I may do that at some point in the future when if if and when I forum formally present this material in the form of a condensed presentation right now I'm working on a book and two presentations so I'm working on the second amendment presentation and I'm working on my presentation for the freer mind three conference which is going to be called the cult of ultimate evil order followers and the destruction of the Sacred Feminine that's my presentation title for the free your mind free conference and so those efforts have really been taking the bulk of my time therefore I do not have slides for this material as of yet again there may be in the future but right now what I'm going to do is slow the unpack this material over probably many weeks there is so much to understanding this tapestry of mind control and how it works and again I call it an epic eugenics operation a eugenics op that is being waged epigenetically it's being waged through the subversive subversion of consciousness to actually weaned and call the population it's getting the population to wean and call itself so that the controller's of this world and their order following dogs don't even need to do that themselves and it's it's working brilliantly actually it's going to take look there's so many things I want to say about this that I'm just going to gently ease into this topic because first of all like I said it is the elephant in the room that most people don't even know is there because they've been living with it for so long okay they see this as something that is somehow normal okay they see this as just the way things are and that's because of the incremental ISM associated with it okay you know um one of the other things I wanted to mention before we even get into the topic of the mind control that is specifically targeted against women you know the the war between the sexes neo feminism as a eugenics operation I want to say a few things and this fits really hand-in-hand nicely with the concept of the divide and conquer agenda okay related to that Infowars interview that I did you see how many people come out and say absolutely ridiculous asinine things I mean you know from people who don't agree with Alex Jones on a particular topic or think that you know he doesn't cover things that they think should be covered said of them going out and becoming the alternative media that they should be you know they want to say people are shells you know I've been accused of this you read the complete asininity going on in YouTube comments which I don't even understand why people who host alternative information even allow YouTube comments on their stuff and give idiots a platform to voice their total dribble you know but we'll get back to this after the break folks and I'll continue with that line of thought stay with us [Music] [Applause] the cool side that we don't dare speak as wild between us it'll rip so we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong there's a cold of sighs welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm and I was talking about the clown's out there that you know because somebody doesn't cover something the way they want it covered or doesn't talk about a topic they feel as important or should be covered oh then they must automatically be some kind of a show or a disinformation agent or somebody trying to hold back the truth from other people I mean just grow up people I mean it's just such utter nonsense garbage you know first of all go do something yourself how about that okay how about that now no no then everybody shuts up right quick you know cuz they can't be bothered to get involved in the great work now they just want to complain about somebody else who they don't know you know people talking about me like they know me trust me you don't know me you don't know who I am you don't know what I do on a daily basis you don't know what goes through my mind you don't know what I go through at all and people should stop trying to pretend like they do because I'm quite frankly tired of it I don't really care who's offended by that statement you know I'm not here to be liked I said it since day one I'm not your friend I'm not your leader I'm not your guru do your own research do your own due diligence and then go put the word out yourself now because that might take some time and effort in your life to do that you want somebody else to do that for you then you want to complain that they don't do it like you would do it well please by all means set the example and show me how it's done there are people like this or a bunch of morons I just I almost slipped and like let let loose with something that you know I with bad language that would have gotten me probably in trouble with the network because that I'm on the brink of like just totally going off you know when I hear some of this garbage out there you know I have to really try to restrain myself because you know at some point I'm gonna let slip and let people know what I really think and it's gonna come out in South Philadelphia Street language okay because I'm on the edge but folks I'm tired I've had enough quite frankly you know and some of the biggest idiots out there are people who are absolute fake-ass Christians and will claim that they're Christians and they don't know the first ab they know not one iota of the meaning of the word you could wrap it in quotes Christian you know Christian in name only in name only okay they're nothing of the kind at all and they're a bunch of Know Nothings who know nothing about what's going on in this world because they know absolutely nothing about the occult manipulation that is working on their minds and then they want to have something to say about somebody who's actually trying to tell them about it from firsthand experience that has the game plan of their owners that has all the manipulation tactics of their owners and is laid it out for in the understand and they still don't want to understand how their minds are being owned and ruled now you're you're selling your children to slavery and you're a bunch of immoral people who Christ would have looked at at whether you want to look at that as an archetype we'll figure I don't care about what people want to say about Astro theology whether the person is real or not it's not the point okay whether the the actual man talked about in the New Testament is real okay that concept the Christ the Christ consciousness whatever the being the teacher the group of teachers okay the astra theological allegorical mythos of the christ whatever you however you want to look at it i don't care saying that energy would look at somebody like these complete fake christians and it would spit at them it would spit on them okay because they are doing nothing nothing to try to actually wage a war against tyranny nothing because they don't understand any causal factors and they've bought into this salvation it's ocultism which is where it comes out of salvation ISM comes directly out of satanic occultism all right and anybody that thinks that you're supposed to sit here let all the tearing and evil completely run amok and take over this world and all you need to do is believe on something and believe in a concept or an idea or a person that some externalized power or externalize Savior and you're not gonna actually take any real world action in this world you are part of the tyranny you are part of it and that makes you evil these Christians are Satanists and think that they're Christians salvation isn't a me out of the dark occult folks directly out of the dark occult and all the so-called Christian morons out there who think that that's Christianity you're a bunch of children and more over than that you're evil tire you're even evil tyrant supporters you are the people who are supporting the tyranny in the world and they want to say God has ordained this government and it's it's trying to mning the authority to the government to try to reel in all the evil of the world I mean you know what you are you're Nazi supporters that's what these stupid right-wing so-called Christians that are just nothing but absolute fake fake Christians and believe in salvation ISM you know I mean that they don't even understand how own their minds and souls are and they would have the nerve to put a label of Christian on themselves your garbage is what you are garbage okay and I'm like I said I'm coming out no-holds-barred cuz I'm done with people I'm done I'm done even talking about it nicely if people can't see how completely mind-controlled and ignorant this race of Gollum's called humanity is in the modern world you're sick if you can't see it and you don't understand how religion is played into that and the New Age movement is no different all of them out there teaching submission teaching submission because of some absolute crazy what you know false notion of what karma is and they'll say oh well all this tyranny might be going on because of stuff we did in past lives as if there's somehow excuses all the evil that's going in in the world I mean yeah you have to be kidding me these people are children they've bought into utter nonsense complete false pseudo spiritual teachings and I told you where that came out of when I did the New Age BS seminar and all that material it comes out of the dark occult it comes out of Satanism dark occultists put out the whole salvations belief system they put out all this nonsense about waiting for extraterrestrial races that are gonna swoop in here and save us and there's gonna be some big ascension you know they're gonna come down in their crafts and save us they've given us this completely false New Age garbage spirituality that has nothing to do with real spirituality they put that out through the loosest trust publishing house and other fake publishing houses to spread pseudo spiritual garbage into the population of absolutely ignorant naive slaves that are willing to buy that crap and then spit it back out for other people I'm just tired of it people I'm just tired of it man I'm tired of how ignorant this world is if it feels like it's an avalanche of ignorance that's out there it's an avalanche of ignorance and it's just drowning the people who have any semblance of what's really going on in the world so I just wanted to give that rant real quick before I move into the actual material for tonight because you know III pop my head into the YouTube page where my interview was that just to check out how many views it's getting and you just see the absolute drivel nonsense that is going on in the comments to a point where you know I course I don't go back and keep reading this garbage I mean seeing it once is too much you know you know you just want to say say let me just check in real here real quick and see how humanity is progressing and the answer is we're not progressing we're degrading further and further and further degrading and religion is one of the biggest problems with it you know and they can't understand that that's all you're believing in and a belief system that was invented by your enslavers dunce it was invented by your enslavers especially the Salvation assertion of it you know the other version is all Astro theop theology about the UH the in conquerable Sun Sol Invictus you know from the Roman Empire written by the Flavian dynasty and the Pizzo family you know the last Flavian emperors you know but they don't want to research any of that history you know no because that might involve knowledge we don't need knowledge let's burn all the books in the world you know all we need is this one you know just like the good Nazis that they are you know they're no different than the Nazis were let's burn all the books we only eat our ideology you're a bunch of clowns your clowned by your owners [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone they're listening to what on earth is happening here on our DN I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm just gonna wrap up you know might take on these religious followers these empty-headed religionists you know essentially commenting on something that they don't understand when somebody's trying to explain how a cult manipulation is accomplished in society and they want to say asinine things you know like you know I couldn't have gotten out of the dark occult you know there's there's no such thing as reforming once you're that way you're that way forever you know it's show it just shows their sick worldview it shows their view of quote-unquote human nature which is a big segue of what I'm going to start talking about tonight and into the coming weeks you know how people are convinced that human nature is a certain way they don't understand the human nature is programmable and therefore changeable they they show they're completely sick twisted poisoned worldview about people's ability to change and that's why they're part of the slavery system because their mind is wholly owned by those worldview dynamics and as long as that worldview doesn't change they're they are absolutely incapable of creating any positive change in the world certainly not by the sick twisted religious dogma that was given to them by their enslavers because that's where that came from okay that's where those elements of biblical teachings came from certainly the elements of the Neo Christian salvation which is absolute Satanism and if they don't understand that look - I don't need to say anything else I was a priest in the Church of Satan I know who's putting out these agendas they don't period I was there from firsthand experience I'm trying to explain to you things that told me that they were doing and one of the things that I have remained silent about all too long but I'm done with even trying to maintain any um niceties anymore because where this world is going is to utter hell we're already in hell folks if you don't understand you're in Hell now okay you don't know what's really going on you're not on earth you're in hell I should I should call this show what in hell is happening instead of what on earth is happening cuz there is no more earth anymore it's a hell world it's a hell planet okay and it's just people are too stupid to understand that we've put ourselves into a hell world we've created hell you know hell is something that doesn't need to exist we're building it we've built it past tense I should say it's these idiots don't understand they've been given a cage a mental cage and they're all happily living in it happily living in it saying um my religious mental cage programming head cage programming is the best and it's better than all the other head cage programs that are out there you know it sit there joke there children there are children who the joke is played on them like I said they're clowned completely clowned by their owners their owners are dying laughing at them it's just that they can't get the belly laughs out you know they're it's they're just choking themselves from laughter like I said I consider this show a comedy show because the the Satanists who run the world the dark cultists who run this world they're laughing at my efforts to try to get any modicum of understanding out to the Golem population these people are brain dead they're incapable of understanding it's like trying to teach mathematics to a dog you're never going to be able to do it the capacity isn't there I mean that's really what I'm beginning to think you know that this that the effort is entirely wasted because we have a population of absolute down animals that are beyond animals most animals have more intelligence than most humans you know and I just think they don't have the capacity to grasp it that's how completely golem eyes they have become turned into an absolute flesh robot a golem this segues nicely into what I am going to be talking about as a dynamic of dialectics specifically the Hegelian dialectic which I've been trying to explain over the past many weeks that you do not need two sides to both buy into the lie the Hegelian dialectic at 6:00 is successful as long as only one side that you are trying to divide within the population takes the bait and buys into the lie then you can get that side to attack the other side and wage an ideological war even if the other side didn't buy into the nonsense and doesn't want a war I gave the example of the modern police state are the people who understand the police are mind controlled zombies you know robot zombie dunces who never read books who are just people who who have absolute mommy and daddy issues in their lives weren't paid enough attention to by their parents were given garbage parenting by garbage parents grew up with absolutely no moral upraising no moral upbringing don't care about right or wrong don't care about truth are empty-headed just sewage filled brains just empty heads you know it's eight inch thick bone behind the forehead there's no prefrontal cortex okay these are absolute cavemen idiots wearing a uniform you know because we understand how brainwashed and mind-control these morons are does that mean we just sit back and say oh well they don't understand what they're doing oh well oh god forgive them they know not what they do we should just let them run roughshod all over the population take all of our rights and kill us of course not so if one side buys the dialectic and they're going to see that people as an as an enemy that they're going to go to war with what are we supposed to do lay down lay down in the street and die hardly and trust me that won't be happening least not it not here I'll tell you that much not in this not not in this population they think they're going to make that be able to happen and get that done and I'm telling you there's still enough real men in this world they're gonna physically fight back and I'm telling you they're gonna be unprepared for what they face when it starts they're gonna be unprepared for it they think they can do all your calculations and their actuarial studies but what they're not counting on is what happens when an animal gets backed into a corner and has nothing to lose they're not counting on that and they're gonna find out when that rattlesnake strikes so let's get into the actual topic of what I am intending to talk on for the next many weeks and that is the dialectic of the mind control that has been specifically targeted toward women in our society the first thing I want to say about this this war between the sexes that has been fomented by the Neo feminist agenda which is a eugenics operation is that I am in no way trying to further create a divide I am trying to bring awareness of how this tactical social engineering manipulation has gone to work against a significant segment of our population in order to attempt to heal the divide that has grown between the sexes not to try to further divide it that's number one number two if I didn't know a significant amount of the truth of this entire agenda from actually first-hand experience by being told that the was actively being done when I was involved in the dark occult not really understanding it then and as they say hindsight is 20/20 folks I was told so many things about what would be coming and I did not even understand what I was being told at the time because I wasn't really awake then I was in a sleep idiot like most of these other people you know it took me years of deprogramming myself to come out of that satanic mindset to even understand what they meant by certain things when they told when they use words like the Dead Eye I looked at them and just nod nodded like yeah okay as if I knew what it meant because I I didn't want to say hey could you explain what you mean by that term that you're using why are you calling people that dead you know until I understand that was their name for completely unconscious human beings that they owned in control you know because they don't have any aspect of their consciousness developed not their thoughts not their emotions not their actions and therefore for all intents and purposes they don't have consciousness so they're dead they call people that dead the average human dumb human being I didn't understand what they meant by that till years after I left the dark occult just like I didn't understand how they were telling me that they were in charge of so many of these agendas that they're running now until the hindsight of deep study and wisdom that I gained later showed that to me and pick this up on the other side of the break folks stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening we're in the second hour of tonight's broadcast the topic for tonight is the elephant in the room as I like to call it the mind control techniques that have been specifically targeted toward women in our society fomenting the war between the sexes and the neo feminists fau genex operation that is waged against both men and women again as I was saying in the last segment I am NOT attempting to further divide people this is not a divide and conquer strategy it is being this knowledge is being put out there on the table which I can no longer ignore or stay silent on because I want to try to heal the divide and conquer aspect that has happened in our society and it's probably you know going to be a paltry effort in that because so many people are infected by this virus but I have to try you know I wouldn't be willing to alienate or alienate a large portion portion of my own listening audience by talking about this very topic if it were not real if I didn't understand a significant amount of how this agenda works and exactly why it's put into effect and what they're looking to try to do as a result of it and if I didn't think it was critically important to understand how society in the aggregate aggregate is being completely manipulated and controlled this has to do with human freedom and that's what this show talks about you know trying to become more free and to destroy slavery of all kinds and let me tell you something the Neo feminism agenda is slavery plain and simple now I'm gonna talk about a lot of the think-tank groups and a lot of the occult organizations that it comes out of so I wanted to give that as a caveat I also want to say I'm not going to make this whole show meaning the whole one on earth is happening radio show not just this particular show about this topic anybody that expects that I'm going to make my whole radio show about one given topic any given topic in particular you're holding your breath and good luck with that okay this show is about eclectic topics you know a lot of people say oh I want I want them to talk about this more and more and more you know only focus on the natural law stuff only focus on that mind control stuff only focus on you know the religion as a deception no I'm gonna cover everything you know I'm not gonna make one thing the sticking point issue that that's all I talk about because then I'd be ignoring a whole lot of other important things I'm going to be covering a whole lot of topics coming up on future shows not only the Neo feminist agenda but God I'm gonna go back into and go over gun rights ownership and the importance of I'm sorry gun ownership rights and the importance of gun ownership rights how so many other absolute milk-toast morons in other countries don't understand the importance of gun ownership how many new-age dupes don't understand gun ownership you know just because they've gotten you to accept your slavery and servitude and disarmed you slave boys doesn't mean you're gonna get that done here in the United States punks you're not gonna get that done you're not gonna get that done without the enormity of blood that has never been seen on the earth before and I'll personally personally swear on my grave and on the grave of all my ancestors that I'll do everything in my living power to stop anybody from taking any guns away from American citizens you're not going to get it done okay so that's coming up on future shows I'm gonna do whole shows on the occult history of Nazism where Nazism came from and how deeply infected the United States is with both communism and Nazism these ideologies did not were not defeated they did not go away they they they rule the United States they shook hands behind the curtain and they said we can't conquer this land individually so let's work together and we'll sort out the spoils on the other side of the conquering let me tell you something folks if you don't understand that Nazism came directly out of dark occult ik belief systems and came out of directly from dark occultists themselves you have no idea what that you think that that's a political ideology you're a baby child if that's what you think a naive child thinks like that because Nazism came directly out of dark occultism and that's gonna be a huge topic that I'm going to cover in depth in the future we're gonna get into all the people and the groups that were responsible for that the the rising of some of those ancient occultic belief systems in the modern world I'm also going to put out a solution tactic that I call maven targeting I think this is also a phrase or a word that I've coined going after the influential members of a social dynamic or a familial dynamic directly teaming up on them to try to change their mindset and then they're the people who hold sway and influence with other people of that social dynamic you know that's what needs to be done so I'm not gonna make this whole neo feminism agenda the bulk of my work this isn't gonna become a show that this is all I talk about or all I take calls about it's gonna be a series on this of the next many shows that I do and how long will it take the answer is it will take as long as it takes that's it I will unpack it in my time it's going to be like a stream of consciousness unpacking because again I don't have I have a general outline but I don't have a formal presentation that I am following as I was when unpacking the what on earth is happening information or let's say the you know a cult mockery of police or cosmic abandonment you know these are full full-length formal presentations that I worked on and and gave publicly and had slides for this is still in its formative stages of being outlined and you know this is something that I'm fully waking up to myself over the last probably four years of my life because again hindsight is 20/20 you become more and more aware and you understand how a lot of these agendas are working and there's many people who are doing good work talking about this this particular topic you know so the first thing so those are the caveats that I wanted to get out of the way before we really jump into things okay so again this material is gonna take as long as it takes I will take as long as I need to to get through the material that I want to cover on this topic and you know we'll take calls on it as well and questions and let people you know bring up their their comments on this topic and you know they could even flesh things out with me and you know ask me my take on certain things ask questions about it to clarify okay so the first thing to understand when it comes to this as I've said already and I will repeat because it's worth repeating in any dialectical manipulation only one of the sides needs to truly buy into the lies that are being propagated to try to bring about the outcome that's desired that's what the head Galleon dialectic is you're going to polarize two sides to try to bring out a predetermined pre wanted outcome when if you didn't create divisions and fighting you would not be able to get that agenda through and it's often done through incrementalism and this is what what I'm calling neo feminism has worked through now that one of the first things I think that we should do when opening up this area of discussion is helping to people understand what I mean by neo feminism okay as opposed to classical feminism so when we say the word feminism we're not talking about one thing that's the first thing okay many people want to say my view of what that means is courage the correct one you know that's like saying what you think Christianity is or what you think the occult is is the correct definition many people have varied perceptions of that so we need to be clear about our definitions first we'll pick this up on the other side of the break stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we are talking about the neo feminist agenda and how it is a an epic eugenics operation this is a new term that I am coining I believe for the first time it is eugenics that is based on epigenetics epigenetic eugenics okay in other words eugenics waged through mind-control getting a population to call itself by buying into dialectical belief systems and doing it through epigenetically pressuring the species through things like food media the destruction of moral values you know radionics pollution of the water supply you name it I mean so many different ways and we'll be talking about all of those methodologies when we get into this deeper but before the break caught me I was talking about the definition of feminism in most people's minds and many people have different definitions for it so what I wanted to do is to try to clearly delineate what I am going to be talking about which is called neo feminism or what it's just what I'm calling it what I'm labeling it that's what I am choosing to label it okay you could call it socially engineered feminism alright you can call it really whatever you want as long as you understand what it what I mean by it okay so I'm calling this eugenics operation neo feminism and I'm delineating that clearly from what I would personally call classical feminism classical feminism would be simply women wanting equality under natural law okay being treated with fairness I have no problem with women being paid the same amount for the same job that a man would do okay that's not what we're talking about all right all right being treated as an equal when it comes to rights is what I would call classical feminism and I have no issue with that at all neo feminism is something altogether different and we're going to be getting into what it entails okay so we're it's like we would delineate between classical conservatism conservativism or classical liberalism versus what we have in the world in the form of neoconservatism conservativism and neoliberalism the neo cons the Neo lips okay well this is that those divides are just as large as the divide between what I would term classical feminism and neo feminism I would say this divide between the two forms of feminism we're talking about is even bigger okay - they're worlds apart absolute worlds apart so what the Neo feminist agenda has done is it has sparked off a war between men and women in society it has created androgen II within our society to a large extent and it has led to the direct manipulation of both the female mind and the male mind it has wed women to the state in a very big way it has destroyed the moral fabric of our society it has destroyed the value system of our society it has largely put P will toward a value system of only thinking that money is of any actual value it has destroyed the family familial dynamic the family dynamic the familial dynamic whatever you want to call however you want to word it it has demolished education it has demolished true parenting you know we didn't even have great parenting as it was but it was better before this agenda even came in and it has destroyed all the more it has led to the enormous rise in moral relativism in our society and let me tell you something folks the Neo feminist agenda has come directly out of Satanism directly from the dark occult and Satanism if people do not think that this is a satanic agenda they're fooling themselves they're kidding themselves now I'm telling you directly from working with the Satanists not only did they say that they were going to be waging ideological warfare against the public through putting out all kinds of nonsense spirituality pseudo spiritual belief systems that were going to be wrapped under the banner of the New Age movement because they own these publishing houses that put all out all that work they also said we are going to foment through androgyny an upcoming war between men and women the war between the sexes that isn't going to be a shooting war it's going to be an ideological war that's going to put pressure and and press society in certain ways that they're going to become more easily manipulated and they've done it they've done a masterful job of it because when these occultists say that they are going to do something they follow through with their will and they get it done because they're on the same page they are united in dark care as I've talked about many times they care about getting their agenda in place and they actually put their will behind it put their mind behind it and then they get it done unlike us who sit there debating on whether this person who were gonna sit and listen to instead of actually become involved in doing something in the world and helping to change other people's minds is genuine or not or whether he's a shill or whether you know because he runs some advertising oh you know he's owned by corporate Overlord masters or whether because I have a couple of skulls in a case in my in my you know work area here by my computer to remind me what should I be spending my time doing because life is the time of life that we have this pen is limited and the skull simply acts as a reminder that you are mortal and you will pass from this mortal world at some point so you know when I feel like getting up from this computer computer doing the work that I know I need to be doing I take a glance over there and I say you know maybe I need to get back to work you know because I've given up my life to actually do the great work instead of that the Complete Idiot's that are out there looking to somebody else to do their work for them and saying oh he might be a show cuz he doesn't talk about this and not just shut up morons because you're the shells that's what it really is you are the shells if that's what you do okay you don't have to be paid by anybody you're just a useful idiot doop it doesn't understand what the great work is because you're not doing it you're not doing it and people want to make stupid asinine comments about oh he's wearing some kind of a satanic emblem it's called the seed of life dunce you know it's sacred geometry that represents the generative principles of creation in other words how we actually create reality through what we believe and then put into effect through our actions you know what we've accepted into our minds now not shouldn't even use the word belief through what we know through the knowledge we've come to understand but you know again it just betrays people's worldview and you know this is a bit part of the reaction to the Neo feminist agenda that I'm going to get into which you know a lot of people have seen how manipulatable women have become in society they've seen that you know their value systems have just plummeted and into an abyss and then they want to react by thinking that that's just the nature of women and all just women are just evil you know and that there goes the poison worldview you know oh there's this is just the nature of people and they never want to talk about social engineering you know they never want to talk about the wider societal engineering through mind control that's going on in this culture now it's just that's their nature we'll pick this up on the other side stay right there [Music] [Laughter] welcome back everyone listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm you know we're talking about in the unfolding of the explanation of how this neo feminist agenda works what it is and how it has really driven a wedge in society between men and women a lot of people will react and say well that it's just this is women's nature you'll hear this a ton in people who are discussing this and I would say that this is a complete lack of understanding this is absolutely incorrect wrong reactionary and immature and naive and it shows how little some people have actually studied the causal factors of what's going on they have very little historical knowledge you know they're just reacting from a visceral point of view and there's nothing wrong with you know getting angry there's nothing wrong with being vitriolic about what's going on but get your grammar right first you know and understand causal factors first you know before just spitting vitriol out there and you don't even have knowledge to back it up you know that's a belief system this whole thing about human nature as soon as I hear someone use the words human nature I become immediately suspect of their knowledge level let's put it that way soon as I hear somebody say that's human nature almost immediately I start thinking of them like here's a person who hasn't done their homework fully they might have bits and pieces of the picture but they haven't figured out what human nature really is because if they did they'd never blame behavior - human nature behavior is largely socially engineered except for the few people who have come out of the mind control of that social engineering and their behavior is not owned and directed by that manipulation the vast majority of the human species mind is however and I would make the argument that many many more of a percentage of women's mind is still in that dialectical manipulation and I would say the young women of our society are taken all the more and it's becoming more and more blatant and apparent to anyone who's paying even a modicum of attention and again many people will be offended by these statements I don't care I'm not interested in whether you're offended or not I'm interested in telling the truth about what's going on as I understand it and I do understand it very well ladies and gentlemen you can get as offended about that as you like I understand it from a perspective that most people will never experience in their lives from the people who are actually putting this into effect so you can ignore my words and think that you understand what's going on and that's fine I don't tell anybody they have to accept what I'm saying but I'm going to speak it and no one's gonna stop me from speaking it short and put a bullet in me and like I said before that won't even get it done because you think I haven't vowed to come back here until slavery's ended on this world then you really don't know who I am then trust me nothing's stopping me because I have a will that isn't owned by any earthly intent or any earthly you know faculties it is preternatural is directed by the Creator it's not directed by any three-dimensional elements so good luck trying to defeat that that's what directs my will you know and believe me every day is a battle to crawl out of the bed in this dark world surrounded by total sickness and ignorance everywhere you turn and look and I'll continue to do it anyway because you're dealing with a will that is not of this planet and that's what other people have to develop and allow to guide them most of them aren't there yet because they're too afraid to die and they want to be comfortable you know they're too worried about what other people think of them they're too worried about their creature comforts you've got to be willing to give it all up you want to make any change happen in this world so the fundamental problem that I think people have to look at first when looking at this dynamic of the mind control of women is to recognize I'm putting this out there day one okay this is not the nature of people that we're seeing folks if you believe that you're part of the problem you've bought into the poison worldview that the Satanists and dark occultist and mind controllers and social engineers want you to believe in because you're not doing anything to heal that dynamic if that's just what you think that's just like saying oh this is they're just all primarily psychopathic you know absolutely not the case they're dealing with unimaginable amounts of programming that have been specifically directed at them since the minute of their birth now does that absolve somebody from the bad behaviors that they're conducting no I'm not an apologist for humanity being so spiritually weak that they've accepted all forms of mind control I said that from day one of this radio show that I am NOT nor will I ever be an apologist for humanity's bad behavior it's an influence you still have free will it all begins and ends choice you're putting the effects of natural law into place consequences don't just happen they are caused the underlying causes is what we think that leads to our behavior in the world then natural law works upon that and brings us the consequence consequences of those actions and people still don't understand how that simple dynamic of consequentialism or natural law works they still have a problem understanding it they can't understand it because of the language you know that they think natural means that Darwinian natural order you know we'll think of it as spiritual law then then they have a problem with that because half these morons are atheists you know and they're stuck in the scientism religion they don't want to understand there's a higher power that's directing what happens based upon the behavioral decisions you make and you're not in control of those consequences you're in control with the choices that's what free will is that was the gift the creator gave all the beings the the beings with the capacity for holistic intelligence in this universe and you know what we're doing with it we're totally squandering it and stepping on it and spitting on it and throwing it on the ground and trampling it that's what we're doing with freewill because we want to give over our personal responsibility to somebody else to do our thinking for us you know we want to do what's comfortable instead of what's right is most people have become garbage that's not our nature but that's what we've chosen to become just like the manipulated mindset that the vast majority of women in our culture are in isn't their nature it's what they've chosen in the level of spiritual weakness that they've been raised in and manner this is a very same way I'm not absolving them by any stretch of the imagination and they fall for tons of manipulation and you know what one of the things I want to say besides helping people to understand isn't the nature of the female it's not human nature it's mind control it's social engineering it's the current conditions that have come about as a result of the social engineering that's been done to humanity they've made this like our nature that's why so few people can understand that this perpetuation of these social engineering dynamics through countless generations has slowly worked our nature to be like this it doesn't mean it can't change you know what's really inherent nature isn't changeable that's why I don't want to call it human nature it's the current human condition there's a difference between the current condition and human nature we've talked about that and I've talked about it in my natural law seminar as well I recommend people go back and check out my explanation of that with slides there it's a fact of the matter ladies and gentlemen an absolute fact of the matter that most of the order followers who are in fact the creators of the dark new world order the creators of the slavery system here on earth are men the vast overwhelming majority and here's another thing that you're going to hear a lot of in this series over the next many weeks and once again get us offended about this as you like you know crying your milk beat your fists against the desk banging your head against the wall I don't care I am going to use and make generalizations in the explanations that I intend to help people to understand generalizations must be used if you can't handle the concept of most or almost every or the overwhelming majority shut the show off right now we'll pick this up on the other side of the break stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm in the last segment I was saying how the vast overwhelming majority not you're gonna hear me use that probably about 10,000 times that phrase when I go through this series okay and it's because there's no other way of saying almost all the vast overwhelming majority meaning that the only ones who are not affected like this are a tiny percentage okay so the vast overwhelming majority of order followers who indeed are the creators of the dark new world order as I call the slavery system that we're already in it's not being built it's already here it's already built it's just a matter of how much are they going to tighten the thumbscrews you know that's all it really is you're already in it the vast overwhelming majority of the order followers who are responsible for the building of this immoral slavery system that we are living in are men vast overwhelming majority I would say probably well over ninety five percent if not more of the order followers who have basically done this to our society our men however okay in what we talked when we talked about this in the non-supportive dominators and in the order followers series how many women interface and interact with these men on a daily basis throughout their lives just think about that for a minute and instead of being in the role of moral nurturer which women traditionally played throughout human history they have grown up without being raised with moral values and therefore they're sitting there and thinking it's totally fine what all of these men are doing following orders for a paycheck you know how many of them just love what they're doing think it's so necessary and just like all the other supporters of statism and slavery which is slavery you know know you know that you'll ask them for the reasons why do you think it's necessary that they do a work they're protecting us there would be chaos without them doing what they do advocating for violence and coercion all the time no imagination and there we have the influence of the school system the indoctrination system and you look at how the school system has been taken by these think tanks that I'm going to talk about and you study how that was done and how Nazis and communists came together on that plan and took the schools of America first of all even putting schooling in the hands of the government through public education funded by tax dollars it was a huge mistake in the first place and people you know will say oh we should be spending the government should be spending more money on education government should be involved in education at all first of all there should be no government let alone having government is ban of enough idea then you want to give it control over what children learn I mean god help us folks I mean what a what a brilliant idea that is let's let these totalitarians in the form of Communists and fascists and Nazis teach the minds of our children I mean just absolutely great great plan yeah it's called it comes right out of the Frankfurt School of Marxism and and the plan of the fascist the Italian fascist Antonio Gramsci you never even heard of these people or or these think tanks half the people out there because you don't read books you know study the Fabian Society in its incremental ISM you know Graham she's plan of a long march through the cultural institutions to bring in socialism and eventually communism and fascism into you know all of Western culture and people are helping them do it all these absolute amoral trash teachers that are running the education system purposely indoctrinating the children because you want a paycheck teaching them outcome based education became write of the Prussian educational model that that brought the the Nazi regime into manifestation through how they indoctrinated their children in their school system and then taught the future generations of what would have been the future fascists of Europe in the form of the Hitler Eugen in the Third Reich all outcome based education the same schooling system was taught by the Soviet communists all comes out of a perversion of the Trivium of the ancient world you know people don't even understand that was all imported over here to take the minds of our children to start with waging a war between boys and girls so that would continue later in life indoctrinating them mentally breaking the boys when they're real young teaching the girls to worship the state teaching the girls the only work worried about you know appearances are only worry about money as a value system and teaching men to go along with that corporate fascist rule you know we got to groom these people for being more role model citizens and good corporate slaves teaching them training and obedience that's where it starts folks that's why so many people are so retarded in our society there absolutely retarded because their minds were molded by a fascist and communist plan of subversive indoctrination from the minute they pop out of the womb waged incessantly in the school system that's why they call it a school a big gaggle of fish going along with each other you know follow the leader pack mentality herd mentality like one getting them to school so it's like one entity that you could easily control as Michael - sorry on says one neck in one noose you know that's that's how they're looking to collectivise us how many women in society support order followers they think it's so wonderful hey like I said folks I don't need to go any further than home okay let's talk about my own family I'll tell you an anecdotal story hey cuz I'd like to make it personal and I like to target people and talk about people who I know I'll give you plenty of examples but here's just one my own mother okay a old friend of mine you know who I hadn't seen in a while comes to visit me one day and my mother stopped by my place as well she didn't know he was even gonna be there I won't mention names and um you know me and him were talking and catching up and you know she comes in and you know says oh hi good to see you haven't seen you in a long time you know and he has a son and she says to him you know how's her son doing how's he been he's a a single a separated parent you know divorced parent divorced from the birth mother of his son and she says how's your son been and he says well he's not at home anymore he joined the Air Force okay so became an order follower and the first words out of my mother's mouth is isn't that wonderful you know I mean I just want wanted to like you know go over into the corner of the room sit down in the chair put my head in my hands and weep for a few hours because that's wonderful it's absolutely wonderful that you turn the child over to the state for further cult indoctrination and order following what awesome and this is what I mean and that's part of what I'm talking about and don't get me wrong a lot of guys will think the same thing I'm just saying it's overwhelming in the female population the support of order followers they think it's so great at least hey 99% of the women I'm around on a daily basis do I mean so few women who I know have their minds out of the matrix so few women you could just think about how many women are involved in the truth movement speaking the truth we'll talk about that on the other side stay with us folks we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] there's a cool side let me don't dare speak as wild with lead-ups it'll rip so we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong it's a cold of sighs welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening we're into the third hour of the broadcast for tonight I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm tonight on the show we're talking about the neo feminist agenda as a eugenics operation the type of mind control that is launched as part of this agenda that specifically targets women in our society and foments the war the ever increasingly belligerent war of division between the sexes and I was talking about how many women in our society support order followers because they've been taught somehow that that's an epitome of masculinity and that's how men should be behaving you know they should be authority figures you know and that government is good government's looking out for our interests it cares about you you know as an entity as an institution the people in it they're all good-hearted caring people the police all have great intentions oh oh they're they're just good people you know I just completed an entire series of shows on order followers and how there has never been an order follower in the history of the universe that has been a moral human being offended about that as you want blanket statement 100% eternally they are antithesis of each other they are polar diametrically opposed polar opposites for someone to be a truly moral being they cannot follow orders they must exercise conscience the definitive knowledge of the difference between right and wrong behavior and exercising conscious is taking willful action to choose right action over wrong action once the definitive difference between right and wrong behaviors is fully understood an order follower never engages in that judgment process ever that judgment process is wiped out its abdicated they say to someone else oh you tell me what's right and wrong and then I'll perform the behavior and by definition if you are acting in that capacity you are engaging in immorality now you won't hear Christians talking about that though these fake-ass Christians you won't hear them talking about that you did they're pieces of garbage is what they are Christians and name only you want to talk about I have to believe in Jesus salvation ISM garbage that was given to you by your satanic masters but you'll never talk about the immorality of order following no cuz you order following as a virtue just like your garbage religion you know just like all the other garbage religions out there like Islam and Judaism and Hinduism and Buddhism and all the religions it's all garbage it's all there to hold you back from truth for all the dunces that haven't figured it out yet the New Age movements one of them modern science is one of them so-called science which is nothing but government backed grant money funded scientists gonna find the results that Big Daddy government who gives the grant money to do that so-called science once out there money's the biggest religion in the world folks the New Age movement is right up there with all the other religions just another called ACK so Christians and named only Jews and named only Muslims and name only Buddhists and name only 99.99999 percent of them are actual garbage human beings that wouldn't know one thing about morals if it ran over them like a freight train and these are all the people in society that would be some of the first to tell you following orders as some kind of a virtue and people wouldn't be raised like that if they had any kind of decent parenting and where parenting used to have a nurturing influence was in the feminine influence within the family not anymore women want to be men now you know they said one of the big pillars and tenets of neo feminism is women are men there's no difference between the sexes we need to blur all the difference between the sexes and cut out any kind of traditional classical roles that women or men played in society women as nurturers men as protectors we can't have that we have to blur all of those you know natural tendencies bring everybody into an androgynous glop because they're easier to control that way that's the reason it's done let me tell you something folks I was involved in an organization firsthand as a member of the Whitehall Church of Satan in Whitehall Pennsylvania and I'm telling you one of their main agendas in that satanic organization was the propagation of androgyny masculinization of women feminization of men emasculation of men and hyper-masculine of women to bring into to bring people into an androgynous pool from which they could be morally more easily directed and manipulated and if you don't think think-tank mind-control is behind that and the occultist that work through these think tanks and these satanic organizations you don't know what's going on on this planet at all and all the people who want to cling to their religious go dogmatic belief lies systems okay buying in all those dogmatic lies about you know what religion is telling you is morality they have no idea about the occult and they're some of the most asleep people in the world they don't understand how Satanism is run and works and operates in every institution in this society and I'm telling you that's what's also behind this neo feminist agenda you got to look into the involvement of all these think tank mind-control organizations the Tavistock Institute of human relations in London is one of the biggest ones to research and look into and understand the agenda that they're pumping out there and why they want this neo feminist agenda broadcast everywhere they need to break down of the familial dynamic they need the destruction of the strong man in society people want to whine and complain about patriarchy the Neo feminist agenda wants the destruction of the ability of men rising up together to stand up against the tyranny of the state that's one of its biggest overarching agendas and most women are too mind control to be able to see that because all they hear the things that they're being promised it's like all the idiots that voted this clown actor Obama into office oh he's gonna give us a phone well hey let's give up all of our freedoms to get that phone that's it's so great what he's done with stolen money he's given everybody free phones with stolen money taken by coercion and violence isn't that so wonderful he's such a wonderful man he's a great actor I'll tell you that much great actor he pumps out the N L pity the neuro linguistic programming pretty well he doesn't design any of that stuff you know he can act it out pretty well he could speak it pretty well I'll give him that let's look at the dynamic of how many women truth speakers are out there and folks look I am NOT on the attack I am NOT trying to set and once again I said this from day one I said this from a few weeks ago all right I'm gonna be labeled a misogynist because of what I'm talking about here on the air over the next few weeks I already get it I get that and I don't give one damn how anyone perceives me I don't care about how I am perceived my job is not to be a good PR person for myself my job is to get up here on the airwaves and speak the truth stay where those folks will continue this analysis on the other side of the break [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting under host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I'll decide depending on how this segment goes whether I want to go to the phones or whether I want to continue to delve into topic material so in the last segment I was you know talking about some of the think tanks that have been involved in the propagation of the Neo feminist agenda for purposes really of eugenics when it all comes down to it this is what this is really leading to and you know I mean if we're going to look at like birth rates that are dropping and just about every you know civilized country on Earth you know we'll look at socio sexual dynamics going on in both Western countries and the Far East this is all coming up on future episodes I mean you have to understand how prevalent these think tanks influences throughout the world people who haven't studied the Tavistock Institute of human relations and its mind control techniques don't even know what's going on at all and most people have never heard of it Chatham House and Wellington House out of England you know their connection with the British crown and the Royal Institute for International Affairs which is directly underneath the crown you know that most people will have never heard of these organizations you know you look at the social engineers who were directly tied in with those groups like Edward Bernays and Horace Mann and John Reese you know and walter Lippmann and the Huxley brothers Julian Huxley Aldous Huxley carroll quigley you know what about the behaviorist that worked with all of these people john b watson BF Skinner ivan pavlov how about a huge behaviorist in the field of mind control through indoctrination wilhelm vaunt you know look up look up votes vert work when it comes to when it came to bring in the Prussian model into the United States the outcome based education system in the US his connection with dark occult orders like the order of death Skull and Bones how about the rockefellers foundation involvement in all of this the Rothschild dynasty's involvement with it through their ownership of publishing houses all over the world the Council on Foreign Relations as a think-tank propagating it and then you get to what I would say it might be the high the top of the hierarchy when it really comes to the propagation of eugenics period and namely the Neo feminist agenda of how the Neo feminist agenda is propagating this what I call epi eugenics operation and that thing tank is known as the Club of Rome that's directly works directly with the Vatican and I mean you're connected in with some of the highest levels of Satanism and the dark occult right there first of all let me tell you something folks when I was involved in Satanism the organization that they continuously said that they wanted that they looked at me as ideal for was the Club of Rome and that if I were to be worked up into higher levels of the the hierarchical network of dark occultism the Club of Rome is probably what I would have been groomed for and I'll be very open and honest about it folks back then I was a eugenicist when I was a Satanist my ideology was that the people who rise to the top of the pecking order in human society should rule humanity and call the population I wasn't about like I say I wasn't about slavery meaning I don't want to see direct human slavery but I thought undesirables needed to go in order to improve society and that's eugenics that's saying we as a more enlightened group of people get to decide who lives and who dies that's what eugenics is so I was a eugenicist the idea that it's a tough decision but somebody's got to make it and these eugenicist sir who own and control the governments of the world own and control the police departments own and control the military own and control the banking system own and control the education systems so-called education systems now you look at their ties to other orders like the Fabian Society incremental socialism bringing the idea of the Marxist revolution through the long cult March through the cultural institutions put forward by the Frankfurt School as well Graham she's plan study read about him they've recognized the the idea of the the workers rebellion you know where workers of the world unite wasn't wasn't going to bring in communism into the world it had been tried and it didn't work the way they had originally envisioned it so they said well we need to take over political institutions we need to take over educational institutions we need to take over the media we need to take over you know Hollywood and moviemaking we need to take over you know military and police forces everything we need to especially get our point people into educational institutions like universities now go on the Fabian society's website they have a whole section for women to propagate the Neo feminist nonsense now there's no link for men to do it you know because they're trying to sell this to women they're out in the open about it folks it's it's so blatant they're out in the open with it because they know that the way to destroy a society is to get the minds of women you get their their mind first the men and children follow Hitler understood this perfectly he set it out in the open women don't even understand the power that they have to influence the minds of the next generations and there is all the example that you really need to understand how is the world right now well it's a very good chance that largely through who they decided to breed with and the value system they decided to teach to bring to their children instead of a true nurturing value system that is based on the non-aggression principle it's an inescapable conclusion that women have largely made the world the way that it is you know like it said in the movie Fight Club we're a generation of men raised by women almost all single parents in the world are women I'd say 98 to 99 percent of them are very very few single fathers raising children except in the examples where women pass early earlier than the man these think tanks influence cannot be overstated and most people know nothing about any of them how many people have studied the club of Club of Rome or the Fabian Society or the Tavistock Institute of human relations or social engineering in general or behaviorism in general a paltry handful because they don't understand mind control and they don't understand how mind control is directed by dark occultism it's ancient dark occult exciting and most people just want their comfort level and they want to say I don't want to know about that I want to look the other way because they're stuck in a satanic mindset folks that's where this ultimately comes from it caught it grows directly out of Satanism The Satanic mimimi mindset the mentality of what am I gonna do for me today all day every day I'm not gonna look at any wider dynamics going on in the world I don't care about any of that mimimi all day every day stay with us we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio continuing with what we were talking about in the last segment you know I often ask the question where are the numbers of women coming forward and speaking out against the immoral system there are several but if you look at the totality when it comes to how many people are really truth movement activists and teachers and how many women are involved in the truth movement in general it is probably a minimum of a ten to one ratio maybe even bigger maybe twenty to one it's between ten and twenty to one easily maybe larger than that I don't know and I mean what does that say about the value system that most women are embracing the vast majority I don't want to make a blanket statement there it shows you how deep the mind control and fear propaganda goes when it comes to the entire feminine portion of our society clearly they are being targeted to love the state to insist upon the state's protection to think that the state is necessary and this all comes about as a result of getting the children away from the family this is that this is what even classical feminism did very effectively they didn't want women in the workforce decades ago to put them on equal playing ground with men they wanted that so that there would be no one at home in a family dynamic so that the family would be forced to turn the children over to state-run education and there would be no nurturing influence in the home the teach values to the child the state would teach its values to the child in doing that you you're also going to diminish work value by doubling work force you know that that was another thing so you know that they could pay people less and you're creating more competition within society further pitting men and women against each other and you're creating a lot more corporate consumers at the same time but it had the effect it it worked on multiple fronts for the corporate masters and that's all they're about doing they're about creating the inauthentic man and the inauthentic woman whose value system is the dollar and that's all they think about all day long from the minute they get up til they go to sleep I'm talking about men and women here now but I mean you just think about look folks just do this as a social experiment hi here's my challenge in my homework for the week go and try to talk to any young woman like a teenage girl and just even try to see what type of a mindset that they are in how they have been culturally conditioned the the type of pop culture that they are involved in exposed to their entire mindset of how they they talk to each other what they talk about just try to put yourself around that for a day if you can and just absorb the mentality because most people won't won't do that or don't have access to do that but you do it and you tell me you're not her if eclis appalled I'll call you a liar right to your face I challenge people to just try to do it and you'll see what families so-called families are pumping out there because they're just as asleep the parents of these people if you want to call them matter just as asleep I want to know why people think there aren't more women in the truth-telling world you know I mean I I tried to make a list one day of you know women who are really on the right track when it comes to understanding things holistically it's a handful many of them are afraid to speak to they're afraid to come out and speak because something put in their notion that people aren't gonna be willing to listen to them because they're women I mean it's that's of nonsense it's a ridiculous notion anybody with a mindset to understand partially understand what's going on in this world would be welcome to hear more women speak up on this on these issues not only that but get in the face of men who are ignoring these issues or who are supporting this garbage immoral system of slavery that's the whole problem is that women aren't up in the men's faces in their lives and saying don't partake in this evil I don't care what it would cost you in the way of a paycheck you know I don't care about whether there's going to be food on the table if you're doing something that's immoral and it's the whole concept of a mob wife you know that stands by her man and dull doesn't ask questions don't ask questions about the heads that I bust every day honey you know it brings food it brings a paycheck home so we could put food on the table and clothe our children yeah Rudolph has said the same thing running the Auschwitz camp he was a wonderful moral man who loved this family don't you know these people are all garbage who think like that garbage you're garbage if you're doing those immoral actions and you're garbage if you're supporting those immoral actions and get us offended about that statement as you like it'll never make it untrue the problem is they got the children out of the parents guidance they taught the parents only to value the monetary system and that was the total annihilation of moral values destroying familial dynamics destroying proper parenting so-called parents who are actually just garbage amoral human beings raising so called quote unquote raising they didn't raise anything raising children with absolutely no moral values teaching them money's the only value system to be valued let me tell you something folks again I don't need to go any farther than my own family this is how my family thinks they're not exempt from it I was raised by immoral people with who had really no value system I became the person that I am in spite of that in spite of that not because of it my family didn't raise me strangers raised me from the dead strangers in many cases people have never met who took the time effort and care and willpower to preserve their wisdom through words in some format in some media and put it out there into the world because they cared about making the world better not one member of my family was responsible for raising me from a state of immorality to a state of morality not a one zero strangers helped me to do that my willpower and the will of strangers did that who I shouldn't call strangers they're my real family they're my brothers and sisters in truth up - I'll tell folks you know let's make it real personal let me tell folks I don't know if I ever mentioned this on the air before so I may have but if not here goes my own mother said to me one day you know the same person who said isn't it so wonderful it's well what's so such a wonderful thing my buddy some went into the Air Force and became an order for dropping bombs on people for corporate overlords and and dark occultist overlords it's so wonderful this person says the same thing to me in the past when I think about what you could have become versus what you did choose to do with your life I'm disgusted and appalled my own mother looked in my face and said that to me one day once again I don't harbor any ill will will or resentment you know I could just say that truthfully as a statement that happened you know because I understand how totally unconscious and dead a person like that is whatever you know but you know mene mene jay park are often joke around and say you know she'd probably been real happy and would have said isn't that wonderful if you stayed with the dark occult Satanist that I was with I could have been a senator by now maybe you know I could have been a senator getting a lot of eugenics legislation passed through you know I'm stealing from the American public and I would have padded a nice you know bird's nest for myself and you know I would have been it would have been so wonderful don't you know you know but again you have to look at the level of consciousness that other people are at honestly I could let that go we'll pick this up on the other side folks you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn stay with us we'll be right back for the final segment [Music] you know today this tonight today folks we have to break on through to an accurate understanding of the labyrinthine agenda that is neo feminism that has grown directly out of globalist think tanks mind control institutions and ultimately from Satanism and dark occultism itself it has led to the emasculation of men in society I mean there's barely a man out on the street that I see with hardly any bass in his voice anymore you know who God forbid if it does come down to a physical shootout you know these are gonna be the men they're gonna be out there I mean particularly in cities it's very very bad because they're very well behaved emasculated animals you know they are well-trained and broken pets of the state who think that obedience to authority is a virtue they love being part of the whole corporate structure they think that somehow representative of responsibilities in life you know when nothing could be further from the truth what you're really doing is compromising your values by taking part in that system constantly and most people won't sit and most men won't say no to that lifestyle because most women want that lifestyle let's just call face it and call it exactly as it is folks because they've been groomed since the time that they were out of the womb to think of money as the main value system and look once again let's bring it right back to my own family there's not one woman in my entire family that I could speak of that doesn't think that money is the most important thing in the world that's what most women are groomed to one that's their value system how many people care about truth we did it we did it experiment where I think it was like I can't remember the exact number but it was like 2% of people or 3% put down that they cared about truth in life out of you know what things do you actually care about give me three things three words that represent something you care about and hardly anybody ever puts down truth well what they want in life knowledge forget that you know wisdom knowledge forget that you know I want success me me me I I should bring into this two slides from the natural law homework results the natural law seminar homework results because they were highly enlightening and we should go back to that for the mindset you know I should do it exclusively with women and then exclusively with men and see what the breakdown is what the difference is most people are conditioned from childhood to be the inauthentic being the corporate variation of a human being which is a golem that's all too flesh robot the Yerba to be inserted in the cog in the machine as a cog in the machine of the corporate world and you know be productive for your master and sadly that's what most women want men to be what's going on as a result of this the Neo feminist movement going into hyperdrive is there are more men who were waking up and saying I'm not going to be part of this anymore you know I've had that mentality since I was 15 years old you know so I stepped into the at workforce for a very brief amount of time and as soon as I'm was shown any level of disrespect as a man I quit on the spot because you know the the people who showed me that level of disrespect are very lucky that you know they didn't suffer extreme physical harm through some of the things that came out of their mouths toward me I I'm I have self-control so I was able to restrain myself but if they thought and from that moment forward I would be doing anything else to help them they're out of their minds you know I mean I can put in an honest good hard day's work I'm not a lazy person I'm extraordinarily driven I have willpower I have focus you know but when somebody starts treating you like a slave you got to be gone and it doesn't make a difference whether you have anything else when you start becoming involved in something that's immoral and is conducive the slavery you got to get gone from that situation you got to extract yourself from it no matter what's going on otherwise consider yourself broken and consider yourself no such thing as a real man and that's the problem we have too many little boys out there with no guts they're too afraid people will say oh you have a situation right now where you're you're you're living in a house and and you're comfortable enough folks let me tell you something I don't care what my situation would be I would be dying homeless starving in the street before I went into any avenue of work that uses my body as a gear in the apparatus of slavery you want to test that assumption let's put it to the test trust me what it wouldn't matter what happened to my body so you know another part of this entire agenda is wedding women to the state and the only way you can really do this is by making the state essentially favor them in many many areas of society and you see this through family courts you see this through you know divorce you see this through all kinds of legislation that is being put into effect and you know a lot of women like that because they think it's increasing their social power when in fact this is being done to completely eliminate the authentic man the man that is strong and capable of standing up to the state so by proxy what ends up happening is women end up in bed by proxy with the state I call this the unholy wedding or the unholy union of modern women to the state you know this comes about as a result of the mentality of people who are in a socialist mentality that somehow the state should provide for this or that or the other thing that it should act as a nurturer or provider those are the kind of women with mommy issues the kind of women with daddy issues are the ones who want to be with the controllers the dominators because they think they're gonna get protection in that respect they're the kind of women who gravitate toward you know the Dominator type of male the so-called alpha male they're not the real alpha male of society the real alpha male of any society the real alpha woman of any society is the one who is fully conscious conscious and aware of what's going on that's the alpha male and female nothing else determines that it isn't that the biggest the strongest the the most attractive looking these are all misnomers you know that's that's the concept of what people want you to think as the quote alpha being it's if there's only two divides when it comes to the men and women in society it's the authentic and the inauthentic the real article the real item and then the proxy of the real thing the image of the real thing the husk of the real thing it's an imitation and when I'm talking about the vast overwhelming majority of women please understand what I mean is the authentic woman the inauthentic woman I'm sorry the inauthentic woman and the inauthentic woman 99.9 percent of the time is attracted to and gravitates to the inauthentic corporate man the vast majority of inauthentic women in the world who have been culturally conditioned and mind control since birth to value money as the only value in society are going to gravitate toward the type of men who want to prop up this slavery system we're going to talk about many more controversial topics along these lines in coming weeks folks folks the war between the sexes waged through the mind-control deliberately targeted against women that's all the time we have for this edition folks remember there's only two mistakes you can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see right here next week thanks for listening good night everyone [Music] [Music]