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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday March 7th 2015 this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here tonight I'm going to be giving live on the air this evening my presentation that I originally gave back in on February 10th of this year called the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment and I will be breaking down the Second Amendment into its constituent elements and then reassembling it to explain what the founders who wrote this particular guarantee a protection of an inalienable inherent human right actually meant by it and what the actual purpose of that guarantee was you know why wasn't in effect why was this put into effect why was this enshrined in the bill of rights to the Constitution of the United States so that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening and this is going to be part of a small series that I'm going to be doing on gun ownership rights and also on the fear of rebellion because this is something that is huge in the so-called truth and freedom community people thinking that there is no such thing as lawful physical rebellion or that somehow it couldn't work earth it somehow it couldn't be successful or somehow there's no right to that and I'm gonna be trying trying over the next few weeks to completely and utterly bury and dispel that myth which is what it is it's a lie it's a myth and it's quite frankly new-age bullcrap ok is what that is so this series hopefully will put people on the right side of this equation when it comes to gun rights and there is a right side to it 100% black and white there is a right a correct immoral side to this issue and quite frankly you know another part of the issue that I'm going to be picking just as a brief aside before we jump into the presentation for tonight there's people in other countries they're completely on the wrong side of this equation and there's a lot of Americans who are on the wrong side of this equation but I'll tell you why there are people in other countries like England Australia you know the places that are allegedly part of the quote-unquote free world part of the quote-unquote civilized countries of the world and their complete and utter prankster jokesters when it comes to this issue I'm coming out with both barrels blazing night I'm swinging for the fences okay because I'm so tired of hearing people who have absolutely no idea what is going on when it comes to human enslavement because their people have already been disarmed these are little naive Punk boys that have no idea what's going on in this world they're not real men and they have no idea what its gonna take to protect freedom there are a bunch of jokes so right off the bat I'm coming out with that kind of energy how about that folks all right because there's too many damn people in this world who don't understand gun rights they don't get it and there's a huge amount of women on that side of the equation too and they're a big gigantic part of the problem especially in this country when it comes to the anti-gun Lobby because there are cowards they're cowards you want to know what it all comes down to folks right there how about we get this all out on the table right out in the open before I even start because I'll be going into this in depth in coming weeks these people are cowards they just have absolutely no courage and they wouldn't stand up to tyrants well you know what I'll place myself in the company of the people who waged the first American Revolution instead of in the company of people who are total cowards and won't stand up for their rights they think they're going to talk their way out of slavery your little children is what you are if you think that way let me tell you let me just say it right out in the open before I even begin the presentation at night anybody who is anti-gun is pro-slavery the end that's all it really comes down to how about that good night everybody that's all I really need to come out and say if you're anti-gun you're pro-slavery the problem is these are little naive Punk children who don't even understand that so let me give the call and number because if there's time following the presentation night I will be taking phone calls I'm not going to guarantee that there will be but we'll see the calling number to join us later probably in the third hour of the show this evening is 800 three one three nine four four three once again the callin number if you want to get in the queue and bring up anything you want to talk about regarding the Second Amendment and gun ownership rights the toll-free number to join us here on what on earth is happening 831 390 443 and folks you could tell them fired up tonight because this is an issue that too few people in the modern world fully understand because all the mind-control propaganda that they have been barrage with since the moment they fell out of the womb non-stop being hammered into the brain of these people and they've bought it wholesale because they don't want to take any personal responsibility for their own freedom for the preservation of freedom for the acquisition of it and then it's preservation that's why they don't have it that's why most countries in the world have not even a modicum of freedom and are openly enslaved because they've been disarmed and they let themselves become that way and they think it's so great that there's no guns in their country they're a bunch of naive childish clowns you've been clowned you've been had if there's no guns in your country that means slavery was perfected there it's what that means boys and girls people sell you're talking down to people yet you're damn right I am talking down at you because if you've let yourself been be disarmed you've allowed yourself to be enslaved and you deserve to be talked down to till you grow the courage to remedy that situation and let me tell you something you ain't the powers that should not be in this role but currently are let me tell you something you're never gonna get that done in the United States you Bank on it boys you're never getting it done here know it like you know the sun's coming up tomorrow morning it ain't ever gonna happen I'll tell you what not without unimaginable bloodshed do you think people aren't sick and tired of what's going on in this country please absolutely raping the rights of people an open police state being forged another homeless man shot murdered in Los Angeles this past week hardly anybody even talking about it for being homeless this is eugenics pure and simple no resistance on the part of the people for a murder that took place in broad daylight a murder and then they won't release the footage they won't release the body cam footage from the police because they know it shows a murder pure and simple shooting an unarmed homeless man you got to be kidding these police are scumbag animals scumbag animals and anybody who supports them as a Nazi lover a damn Nazi lover you're not sick of what's going on in this country you should be embarrassed for yourself you should be embarrassed if you're not angry and sick of it if you're not talking about it to everybody you know before I start the presentation for this evening let me give a couple of quick announcements the free your mind 3 conference of course coming Addison you know my presentation is probably going to be just as hard-hitting is what you just heard here tonight at the for your mind 3 conference because I'm going to be talking about these cowardly animals called order followers that are the bane of the whole world they're they're the absolute bane of human freedom there are people who are keeping people enslaved my presentation if for your mind 3 is going to be called the cult of ultimate evil order followers and the destruction of the Sacred Feminine these are the ditch the absolute destroyers of care in the world and people think that they're doing something to help people I mean you have to be completely and utterly stupid not just asleep but stupid if that's what you believe you can't see that order following is the purest form of evil and that's all these people do go and get this person out of here go and stop this person from selling cigarettes you know go and collect this tax money go and rip this person out of their home go and you know stop this person from you know holding a substance of we deem is absolutely illegal is off-limits for human consumption all this stuff when none of these people have harmed one damn person not committed one wrongdoing by causing harm to anybody and these people are willing to just go yeah I'll follow those orders like a unthinking robot because that's what they are they're piece of trash whose mothers and fathers didn't raise them one bit and their parents were trash so this is what I'm going to talk about at the free your mind conference and trust me you know I know Larkin Rose likes to joke around and say when he goes to conferences he wants to make everybody else's presentation look tame by comparison well I'm gonna make everybody's put together look tame by comparison I'll get up there and say the things nobody else wants to say publicly out in the open I'll put a target on myself because I don't care what the powers that be are going to do I'm telling them out in the open out in the open what I think of them and I'm gonna tell the truth openly because that's what I'm here to do that's it now I'm standing in the power of truth and righteousness and I harm none that's it and as long as I know that I'm speaking the truth out openly with 100% courage I don't care what happens to me in the physical body but I guarantee you you're not coming at me with violence and you're not and and it's don't expect to have absolutely no physical resistance I know what my rights are and I know self-defense is one of the inherent rights of humanity the end and all y'all listening out there need to get that through your damn thick skulls especially the women out there listening and you need to become gun ownership rights activists and understand this is something that can never be taken away from a people who intend to remain free if you don't already know that your clowned out you're already under deepmind control and you need you need to get your brain out of it your brains addled if if you think that the gun ownership isn't a good thing or isn't a right a human right you don't understand self-defense and that means you've got at best half the equation at best you probably don't even have that much the free your mind free conference April 10th 11th and 12th 2015 at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel 400 North Oxford Valley Road in Langhorne Pennsylvania just outside the city limits of Philadelphia the speaker's lined up for this great event coming up in April Bob Tuscan Clint Richardson kertus davis Dennis McKenna Derek Bros Ed fortune freighter X Freeman Fritz spring Myer Jay Parker Janis barceló John Bush John vibes Josie the outlaw whales Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor luke rudkowski mark Devlin myself Mark passio Ross Ben Stuart Swerdlow and the anti media panel there will also be a panel discussion with the speakers of this great event there will also be open mic sessions at the end of each night with you know anybody that wants to get up and talk about it a topic of interest on all weekend pass for free you're mine three one hundred and fifty dollars tickets are available at the conference website free your mind french.com ladies and gentlemen the biggest conference of its kind certainly on the East Coast probably in the whole United States or possibly even in the world in 2015 free your mind 3 be there support this great event get your tickets now free your mind conference calm this is one you do not want to miss it is only five weeks away there are still a very limited number of what on earth is happening promotional t-shirts available I only have a few left so if you want one click the email link that's listed in the article at the top of the new section they're available in return for a voluntary donation also there is a donation button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening comm website if you feel you've received value from the information I presented on the airwaves and on my website then please feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I can continue into the future with that having been said I just want to point everybody to the radio show page of the what on earth is happening calm website underneath the player for tonight's broadcast if you're listening live you will see images for tonight's show there the free your mind conference that posters and then under that you'll see second amendment presentation slides that's the slide show those numerical links you can click those I'll try to be cognizant of providing the number of the slide that I am on at any given time before I move in the next slide and you can bring that up in a slideshow on online if also if you're listening with the podcast you could do that there as well this is podcast 188 rapidly making our way to number 200 probably the easiest way to get the slides is just download the zip archive it's a thirteen point seven megabyte file that's also available under the player for the show on the web ladies and gentlemen we'll begin the second amendment presentation and the other side of this break we're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] people better start waking up real fast folks you know I mean because they're losing their souls is what's going on because they're so completely undermined control I mean they actually believe that there is legitimacy to human Authority they actually believe these police and politicians are God and that all their commands must be obeyed without question they actually believe there's no such thing as lawful and righteous rebellion against these absolute criminals well there were people who really deeply understood inherent human rights they understood the absolute necessity of firearms ownership in the defense against tyranny and people want to insist oh this is just for somehow personal defense like on the street or something or it's for hunting rights you know just utter nonsense the things these revisionists explanations about what the Second Amendment was put in place for hopefully after understanding this presentation that I'm gonna be giving on the airwaves today you know you'll grasp that the writers of the Second Amendment the authors of it themselves and the other founders of this country firmly finally put the Second Amendment in place because they understood it was the last hedge of protection against all-out enslavement which is where the entire majority of the world already is I'll tell you what I'll tell you one place that isn't even close to that as much of a police state is in place they know they're they have to psychologically do that to try to make us think they're all-powerful because they know that there's still at least a hundred million gun owners in the United States and that number is growing it's growing and it's a beautiful thing armed people are free disarmed people are slaves that's all it alternately comes down to that's the equation that you need to get through your head so I originally gave this presentation on February 10th of this year we're already into the third month of the year I mean this year is already flying by it's amazing it's March already passed we're into the fully almost past the first week of March spring is right around the corner I gave this at a meeting of Philadelphia Liberty on the rocks it's a great activist group that is working here in Philadelphia I attend their meetings on a monthly basis and there's great discussions that take place it's a good group of people who understand freedom and you know I basically had talked with him and said you know I give presentations would you like me to do one maybe I could bring in some numbers and try to you know because the meetings were like you know six seven people ten people sometimes but sometimes smaller than that so I say you know we need to build some numbers let's uh let me do a presentation let me try to get some people in here and then maybe some of them will stick around him you know retain membership in the group and start coming out on a monthly basis so you know the organizer John said well you know what do you want to talk about and I said I want to talk about gun ownership rights said I want to talk about the Second Amendment this is something that's near and dear to my heart and I think too few people understand what its original intent and purpose was so I want to clarify that for them and he said okay great sounds like a great idea start putting it together we'll announce it and we'll do it so I put the presentation together and it happened and it was great it was a packed house really great response great people showed up all very very knowledgeable in the right and really got seemed to have got a lot out of the presentation so this is a topic that I want to revisit for a number of reasons and again I talked about them in that little hot rant that I did at the beginning of the show because there's still too many too few people worldwide who deeply understand gun ownership rights and they're adamant about it they think they're right they think they're correct they think they're so spiritual because they're anti-gun harvan New Agers when all the guns done away with these naive children in the New Age movement we're going to talk our way out of slavery folks yeah that's how it's always been done it's how it's always worked they there's never a thought in any of these morons minds that maybe maybe folks maybe the actual spiritual lesson here is don't let yourself be pushed over by a bully maybe the spiritual lesson is that you have to physically stand up to the bully because you know your rights and you know the bully isn't within his no they never think of that that never occurs to them never once ladies and gentlemen before I actually officially start the presentation I think coming up in the next segment is rbn owner and founder johnstad Miller he wants to come on and talk about a fundraiser for the network so that'll be coming up on the other side stay with us [Music] [Applause] [Music] the cool signs that we don't dare speak it's a while between ups little rip so we keep there let there's nothing wrong this code of sides welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Public Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm this segment we're going to be joined by our BN owner and founder johnstad Miller he's coming on right now to tell our listeners a little bit about network fundraising efforts that are going on John are you with us Pasi oh I'm just sitting here and I was just marveling commenting to Mike that's in the mothership in Round Rock running everything your position on firearms and I'm so glad to hear you talk about that a little I got a little excited there tonight because I go on some sites and some forums and I hear people really talking out their rear end when it comes to this issue and they've really been completely emasculated and they've been domesticated quite frankly when it comes to this issue and I really am trying to do my best to try to reverse that that very disturbing trend so I get a little bit passionate sometimes but John I want to let you get to your very important issue which is about our being needing some assistance on the part of the listenership well that is correct I don't know people don't really pay attention to everything that revolves around radio or networks or anything else mark they know what they know they know they want to dial in they know they want to hear mark Cassio's show they know they want to hear the network there's other programs on not worked in a very very important instructive programs for them to tune into information is the name of the game knowledge is power and this is one of the few places that you can get that years ago I was just thinking here if I can steal a couple of minutes you know you're talking about John the floor is absolutely yours I know this is a very important issue and without support like this there is no broadcast so you take the time that you need well I appreciate that mark I really do and you were talking about people's attitudes about guns and they're bringing just their there they're being led to the slaughter people that can't defend themselves what are you gonna use harsh words there's no piece of paper you can hold up to stop it that's not bulletproof it's it's a sad state of affairs when we've got to start thinking in terms of using a firearm to protect your person that's not the world we should live in but the only thing that keeps you and death the only the only saving grace in between is not a guarantee but at least a chance that's right that you can protect yourself and as you were as you were talking mark I'm getting ready to sell a personal firearm off because I got to pay personal bills here at the house and I'm pulling out a 50 caliber Navy SEAL backpack weapon and enoy measures 31 and a half inches and I found a case of ammo that happens to be 50 Cal steel core and that ammunition will go directly through an engine block you know a firearm is a firearm and years ago we noticed that there were the gun grabbers out there you know and it's a very very strange mix but most people don't realize that it's already been written supposedly on the wall that we'd be disarmed and that's through the United Nations and you know and everything else so years ago when we saw Clinton starting to mess around with firearms and wanting to limit them and we saw the Barbara boxer's and everybody else coming out anti-gun what we started to do in this country is for militias the unorganized militia that is constitutional is legal these people we traveled to 37 out of the 50 states and it didn't matter if it was in the hills of Pennsylvania or the deserts of Arizona we didn't care we went up to each individual state to set up militias to let people know how to structure them the equipment they linked firearms everything else and since that time and the militia is still out there that's final you don't hear a lot of talk about it obviously because good old Uncle Sam me and there he's dropping they're hanging on your every word and if your every email your cell phone it doesn't matter Samsung come out a couple of weeks ago and said yeah our TVs sitting in your living room can listen to your conversations this is not a safe or secure world anymore and the only thing that's going to keep you from personal demise is going to be that personal personal firearm but here's the difference I realized years ago as we were setting up these militias and again folks they are out there they're not vocal they haven't gone away they haven't gotten rid of their firearms they haven't got rid of their backpacks or the desire to keep this country free it is still in place because it's not been vocal and don't fool yourself it's still there so what do we do in the meantime to lessen the damage that might be done to this country to our lives our freedom our families everything that we are familiar with at least this lifetime what do we do about it well it's called knowledge and I started to snot work it looks gonna have its 11th anniversary on June 4th of this year and once I did my bits for God family and country helping to start those militias out there I decided it was time that to start educating people a trained monkey can pull the trigger a human being has to know why and what I decided to do was to start a network and I started a network years ago twenty-one years ago well that operated for several years and that was sold off that became Genesis communications not worked at Anderson bought it one thing or another wasn't quite a good fit me being grandfathered into that network and I was I was asked to leave the network that I filed it and that's how RBM came into being that was up and running after I did a show on GCM that was up and running in 30 days and it's been running continually ever since why for the knowledge for the information you can't hear programming like this on any other radio outlet aside from the dwindling what is called quote unquote alternative media well I always thought of it as being the alternative to the propaganda channels we're being pounded with it every single day I mean it's uncomfortably numb with it I see it going on all around me Marc but I have a tendency to tune it out and I do that because I want to stay focused on what we're doing so to have to have a country such as ours and to have people really understand the way things are supposed to operate the way things were set up aside from some of the deep issues you talk about which are absolutely fascinating I call it the fine tuning for the brain he's somebody you give some of the some of the best talks I've ever heard and by the way I know you're a working guy you're working stuff but I need to get you on my show here pretty soon before you go to this conference for your mind conference by the way folks I've freed my mind many years ago free your mind and guess what else follows your keister so here your whole and your on down the road look mark I appreciate you being on this network I just love the simplicity and the love even though that you're talking about firearms which is to some people's way of thinking that's conduct three - a loving envelope relationship with you know everything around you most people don't get that and I do what I hear you talk I just it just makes me smile I find myself when I hear you talking it just makes me smile he's down a lot John well not too many things this life does that to me Hey look I'm not gonna chew up your show here even though I doesn't love being on air with you we are doing a pledge drive for the network I talked to you a little bit before the show and corporate America doesn't really want to let me go I'm locked into long distance contracts that's going to be ending this June thank God our cost just for long-distance calls people calling into the network mark is about $1,800 a month better than 25,000 minutes a month people calling in to the network to talk to the host talk to the guests you know that live interaction that is to me that is where it's at and to get out of this contract I told you that yeah they said they'd let me out I asked last June they said yeah we'll let you out of the contract for $2,000 a month which was $200 more than the actual service that I was receiving so they were no help I'll be out of that contract this June and our bill will go from $1,800 a month down to about 300 we have been cutting cost all over the place we've gotten rid of half of our office space III could no more go on air and ask for donations from the listenership if I wasn't doing my part to make sure we were as skinny and as fine-tuned and honed is we could possibly be and has come in from the standpoint of operating cost so having said all of that I've got to clean up back bills with this with this phone company I've got a I've got to pay another month's full rent because I was a bad guy and I turned the electricity off and the recently vacated half of the building so they're gonna make me pay a four months boat on this absolutely crazy people are doing weird stuff mark they're gripping the harder they try to grip for that dollar that's slipping out of their hands the more frustrated they're getting and we understand how tight things are when we started this network back in O 4 of 2004 June of 2004 our operating costs were about $31,000 we kept trimming we got down reduced it by 10 grand got down to 21 thousand and then Oh 8 hit the banking collapse that hit we have been trimming and trimming and trimming we're now the operating cost of about $13,000 a month and with these savings that I'm gonna do we're gonna be able to shave another 2,000 maybe 2500 off of that my goal is to run this entire network with actual live board ops that are up there at least 16 18 hours a day 7 days a week we need to do a little pledge drive here ask for a little bit of support from our listeners out there and I know a lot of people aren't flush with cash right now but don't worry about it that will run out fast enough if you've prepared yourself you've got your your beans and your bullets and all the essentials that's on the ready and that's to go what we do in the meantime is most important and this is what people miss mark that they are part of the solution themselves with the knowledge that they absorb they're able to talk to other people get them interested in and being a common sense American again thinking correctly you know what is this about what's going on well that's why we're here there are going to be many more people and many people have come through our doors many mark many many people I still get this to to this day I still get it my god John you switched my life around I used to listen to you I listened to you 20 years ago when you're on the air and you changed my life knowledge has a way of doing that we mark I'll tell you what it grieves me and I we for all the chaos and the death and the absolute crap corruption and everything else I see around me it almost wants to make you just give up the business of life but we were a strong country once and we can be again I look at this as kind of being a restoration process so how do we do this you bring people into the tent you talk with them you you get them to talk to other people that will lessen the damage when the time comes when we hit the reset button in this country and folks revolution sounds like a good tough word I personally mark I like the idea of a restoration like you would restore an old model T it was what it was in its prime many many many many years ago and it gets a little tattered and a little worn out a little threadbare but you can bring that back to life and that's the same way I look at this country it's it's not that we were wannabes it's not that we're has bins we can be again and the only way that that's gonna take place is by continuing to do programming to send out that beacon of truth out there to the people in this country I love this country it's my government I fear and I'll tell you what we need to continue this so I'm gonna ask people to consider donating to this network and and I I could throw a dollar amount out to you there have been people mark that have donated thousands of dollars at a clip one donation oh I've got a guy god bless a man he he sends $1,500 to the network every single month and he is not a rich man he's been doing it for two years so I'm not suggesting that folks do that but what I am saying is it will not hurt you're making an investment in something that we're trying to help other people and we are trying to preserve what we know to be good so if you would consider it with your heart open up your wallets open up your purses your checkbooks whatever there's guys sitting up the network right now that'll take don't Asians on the phone at 877 1:9 or if you'd like to go to the website Republic Broadcasting org hit the donate button it's that blue strip right underneath the header because you can't handle the truth hit the donate button go up there and PayPal make a donation or if you would like to continually to support programs like Mark Paseos or other programs on this network please do or you can send us a check money order fr ends wrapped in foil we don't care you can send that to our be and two to five one double Creek two words double Creek Drive number 302 Round Rock Texas 78664 and mark I'll get out of your I'll get out of your hair here and I'm gonna sit back and I'm gonna listen to your program and I'm gonna continue to smile I thank you so much for what you've done I thank you for who you are and I and I especially like your involvement and going out there and moving among people and getting them involved that's what this is all about absolutely and John thanks so much for coming on and informing people about what's going on with the network and this really important fundraiser drive that's going on thanks so much for for coming on and telling people about that John and our folks yeah absolutely folks this is really important you know people don't understand what's involved in running a network like this it takes an enormous amount of dedication and it takes an enormous amount of money and if you are in a position where you can help out you know please do so like John said you can call the 800 number and pledge to make a donation on the air I mean or to a producer that's eight hundred seven two four two seven one nine or click the donation tab on Republic broadcasting org there's a PayPal link right there that you can make a PayPal donation and the mailing address address is right there on that page everyone please get involved if you can help out that's what it's all about we all come together and we make things happen you stay with us everyone we'll be right back mark is this Mike life welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com just to reiterate for a moment folks RB n could really use your donations John was on in the past segment just want to give the toll-free number to make a donation to a producer you could pledge a donation at eight hundred seven to four to seven one nine you can go to Republic Broadcasting org and click the donations tab on the right hand side of the page and you can get the mailing address if you want to mail in a personal check or money order right there and also there is a PayPal link at that location as well if you'd prefer to donate via PayPal so please be generous if you can and help the network out it needs your help right now with that being said I'm gonna go back to the 2nd amendment presentation I was talking about where I had originally given it at Philadelphia Liberty on the rocks it's a great group of activists if you want to check out them in their work you can visit Philadelphia dot Liberty on the rocks org and there's also a link there to their meetup group they have chapters all over the place but that page in particular is the Philadelphia and Liberty on the rocks group you can learn more about Liberty on the rocks in general there so slide one is the title card and of course the background that I use for this presentation was the coiled rattlesnake from the Gadsden flag the Gadsden flag of course was a militia flag during the American Revolution created by the militiamen Christopher Gadsden of Georgia and it represented the concept that the people wanted to be left alone but they were dangerous if you refused to leave them alone and that's all this comes down to comes down to the one overarching natural law right what I would consider the first and foremost right of every human being of every being of every sentient being period the right to be left alone not to be accosted by others that's the number one right as the old saying goes folks there's only two kinds of people those who want to be left alone and those who refuse to leave them alone you know and then there's those who advocate that other people shouldn't be allowed to be left alone and that other people should not leave them alone you know they're called statist s-- but Gadsden designed the Gadsden flag to represent the concept of you know the rattlesnake is just existing living in nature living his life you know it doesn't want to be bothered by human beings it's content to leave other human beings alone but if you and encroach upon its territory its rights etc it's going to strike it's not harmless its Fang its venom eyes and it will give you a warning as well it will warn you that it's ready to strike so that's why I chose that as the background of this in title of this entire presentation you know it's very appropriate because this is about both the non-aggression principle and the self-defense principle as all true enlightenment is about now it's about understanding that we have no right to encroach upon others rights but when others approach upon ours with violence we maintain the inherent right to defend ourselves from an attack like that folks were coming up to the top of the hour we'll be right back I'll see you on the other side freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone well listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm into the second hour of the broadcast tonight I'm gonna be giving the extended version of my second amendment presentation entitled the true meaning and purpose of the second amendment that I gave it Philadelphia Liberty on the rocks On February 10th so I'm moving on to slide number 2 which begins the presentation with 27 words worth fighting for of course all of these images are available with the podcast this is podcast 188 or you can get them if you're listening live right now at the radio show page underneath the player for tonight's broadcast so the 27 words that are worth fighting for as they have been called that comprised the Second Amendment I give in slide number three slide three shows the second amendments wording along with images of its two authors George Mason and James Madison the Second Amendment was ratified into the Bill of Rights with many but the other nine amendments of the bill of rights on December 15 1791 and the Second Amendment states a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed it's about a self explanatory and as powerful and as simple and as unambiguous as it could possibly be written yet there are still complete idiots in this world who want to make all kinds of revisionist interpretations and say this is not a right this is not about a right they want to say that the militia is a body of government that want to say that you know gun laws are just fine and or you know not infringement upon the right of people to keep and bear arms in short what people want to do is change the definitions of words that's what they want to do they want to make up their own meanings for words forget conventionally agreed-upon definitions what do we need dictionaries for we don't need anything like that I can make up what words mean you know why not I just say it means something then and then it does right that's what that's what people really want because they just think they're God it's all this look folks that's all this all comes down to people who say I'm God I'm going to determine what truth is and then it'll be that way not for me to actually look into anything and try to understand what actually is present no I'll make it up as I go along that's what government is that's what the police are that's what status are they're people who ultimately believe that authority is vested in man and that means man is God that's all that's all this whole thing is about folks you can't understand what this entire thing is about earth is being turned into hell because people think they're God that's it you haven't figured that out yet you're not paying attention whatsoever so those are the 27 words simple 27 words that comprise amendment 2 of the Bill of Rights the Constitution of the United States but what does it mean I think it's pretty self-explanatory but there's people who apparently need in-depth explanation of what this means and it's mostly because they really don't understand the word militia which is the heart and soul of the Second Amendment the heart and soul of the Second Amendment is the term militia if you don't understand the word militia you don't understand the Second Amendment and this is part of the problem especially with the foreign people okay the people who are not from the United States who don't have this rich tradition they unfortunately haven't inherited this rich tradition about gun rights owner gun ownership rights which are is a human right see it's like being born with no arms pun intended it's like literally being born without physical arms I'm not talking about firearms I mean arms that end with your hand okay and and somebody trying to explain to somebody how to manipulate an object with their fingers and that person was born with no arms or hands they're not gonna even be able to comprehend or perceive at all they're they won't be able to conceive what you're talking about because they don't have the equipment they don't actually have it present it's not there and this is what people born in other countries are like when it comes to gun rights ownership gun ownership rights I'm sorry it's it's literally like they can't conceive of it because they were born in an amputated state they were already disarmed born into a nation that was disarmed enslaved because it was disarmed you know people could say Oh mark you can't fault them because of that it's all they've ever known sure I can sure I absolutely can fault them for that because it's called knowledge that's present and is actively being ignored sure I can fault people for that they're not nation' people what they are is they have their head up their rear end and they think they're so awake and so spiritual because their country doesn't have firearms oh look at look at these look at these you know barbarians over here all they have gun deaths yeah you have more violent crime in your countries people from England and Austria you have more violent crime overall just because there's more gun violence in the United States doesn't mean there's more overall violent crime maybe if you count in all the crime being conducted by the police yeah I bet we have more violent crime than the whole rest of the world put together you know look at how much assault robbery good knife violence violence with blunt objects goes on in England your people are just as violent as anybody at any elsewhere around the world get over yourselves okay the thing is you're more enslaved because you don't have the ability to resist your government so when they come with guns you know what you're gonna do you're gonna crap your pants like little boys that's what you're gonna do because you let yourself be disarmed your forefathers let yourselves be disarmed like the clowns that they were and sorry to say it that way just that harshly but you know what it's their fault and now the sins of the fathers are visited on the sons and it's your fault that it continues it's your fault that it continues boys so we got to say at that Harmon if harsh and if feelings get hurt they get hurt I'm here to be your friend not your friend get that through your head I'm not your friend I'm a teacher of truth not interested in your friendship I'm interested in freedom I don't I don't care if you like me hate me all you want I'm going to speak the truth that's what uncharged to do spiritually in this world and that's what I'm going to do so what I intend to do in this presentation ladies and gentlemen is to completely break down every word and every phrase in the second amendment so it could be very readily understood by people who are still a little slow on the uptake if you know if you take my meaning you know they're a little bit slowed down so we have to explain what every phrase means and to do that we're going to be doing something that they call in gun parlance field-stripping field-stripping means you're breaking down the firearm essentially to its constituent components that are required for its continued proper operation and more likely than not you're doing this to clean it to check it to make sure it's to ensure its proper function this is known as field stripping so this is slide number four field stripping or breaking it all down that's what we're going to be doing with the twenty seven words of the Second Amendment so let's begin with the first phrase of those twenty seven words in slide number five I'm moving on to now a well-regulated militia so now we have to define every part of this okay now of course articles I think we all know you know aa is an article okay though we won't be doing that okay you don't know what articles are in language you know you have more mental problems than we can get into but let's start with the phrase well-regulated okay and then we'll get to the all-important word militia which I said is the heart and soul of Amendment - but what did the founders mean what did the authors of the Second Amendment George Mason and James Madison along with other founding fathers mean by the term well-regulated when it was applied to the word militia well many revisionists insist this means all this meant government regulation it meant right it had to be overseen by government when we say oh this this part of the the economy or this part of the world or this part of society is regulated now in in 2015 a we're referring to government regulation the government's involved in that it has its hand in it it's checking to see oh this has to be done the way we say and this has to be done the way we say that's what government regulation and over site is right so that must have been what the founders meant by well-regulated when they wrote that into the Bill of Rights insect in the Second Amendment right wrong wrong absolutely incorrect see this is where these revisionist interpretations come in and people want to confuse modern parlance with the parlance of the founding fathers and they're not the same at all the founders had ABS absolutely not referring to government in any respect when they used the phrase a well-regulated militia so to under so that this slide is the title of this slide in slide number six is what does quote well-regulated really mean as it is spoken as it is written in the Second Amendment so let's look at the word regulate the word regulate the dictionary definition of the word regulate is to maintain according to a set of standards so that something operates or functions properly such as with a machine or a process or a mechanical process so let's read this again slowly and take it apart okay to maintain according to a set of standards now just what we were talking about before taking apart a firearm ensure its proper operation all the components are in good shape they're not worn down they're working correctly their oil properly so that they're sliding correctly if they need to be up against each other and sliding they're clean there's not grime and grit and therefore you're going to ensure that that firearm is working properly and safely for the operator and those that he does not wish to hit with any discharge from that firearm maintained according to a set of standards so that something operates or functions properly such as with a machine like a firearm or Kanaka process the process of loading the firearm discharging the firearm properly that is what regulated referred to in the Second Amendment the term quote well-regulated unquote in the Second Amendment had nothing to do with government regulation it literally referred to the regularization and maintenance of equipment being used and the proper training for tactics being employed so I'll explain this okay we already explained well-regulated to maintain according to a set of standards so that something operates properly this is what it meant when it came to regular regularization and maintenance of equipment of the firearm itself so as I put in this slide you see a rack of shotguns perhaps 12-gauge shotguns okay the pump-action they are there and they are well-regulated they are all in the same condition you have the same basic firearm if you wanted to train a tactical squad on the 12-gauge pump-action shotgun this would be a well regulated condition you're keeping them together they're all cleaned they're all work functioning properly and then you're going to train tactics on them okay that was the other part of well-regulated the first part was the physical machinery is operating and functioning properly the second part of well-regulated meant that the team that is going to be using that equipment understands the operation of this equipment knows how to use it and knows tactics with it they know tactical operations with that piece of equipment and that is simply what route well-regulated meant in the second amendment you use similar equipment and back then it was muskets with ball shot ammunition and black powder they had to understand well that the ammunition had to be regulated to the size of the musket barrel the powder had to be made properly you had it then understand how to use that powder so that you didn't blow yourself up or blow the firearm up people had to be trained on the operation of those muskets that was part of well-regulated part of a militia that was well regulated they all knew how the equipment functioned and they knew how to use it they knew how to clean it they understood battle tactics with it very simple concept except for the status the brainwashed status --tz-- out there who insist that the word regulated comes from government it's ordained by our God and master government had nothing to do with it whatsoever so now that that's how the question that that question of what well regulated in the Second Amendment meant let is laid to rest let's move the slide number seven and get to the very heart and soul of the Second Amendment right off the bat and that is what is the militia so a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed what did the founders mean by the militia capital M the English word militia is derived from the latin term militia for gharam militia means of or like the military similar to the military and the term the word vogue Arum means present everywhere like vulgar latin the cut kind of language that was common to the people of Rome of the Roman Empire vulgar latin spoken everywhere everybody knows is why the word vulgar became term that meant oh it's it's kind of base because it's all about the commoners the common folk so if it's popular among them it's it was vulgar to the aristocracy to wear the word vulgar came from so the term the term that militia comes from that it is a truncated English form of militiaman gharam which literally means like the military everywhere present we'll pick up that very important concept on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Public Broadcasting on their host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break we were defining the militia from the term miletti imbolg arm which literally means like the military present everywhere or in other words capability that is commensurate to a military which is present everywhere or distributed throughout a population the militia is distributed capability of force the distributed capability of the usage of force that is what the militia is in a nutshell and the word distributed is very important distributed throughout meaning it's not concentrated in one location which could easily be destroyed or you could you know do something to remove that from that one location it's everywhere it's omnipresent it's a swarm ok this is a term I didn't really use in the presentation when I first gave it but you're gonna hear me use it a lot it's like a swarm of bees is what the militia is that it wouldn't make a difference if you took one bee out there's still a swarm of thousands and good luck what's one super strong even a giant being gonna do against thousands and thousands and thousands and millions of bee stings you know what you're gonna do you're gonna drop to the ground you're not gonna do much against that that's why they fear the militia they fear the proper understanding of militia they don't even want you to understand properly what a militia is how it is constituted how it forms how it works they don't want any understanding of that and you know when they don't want you to understand something they fear it the powers that should not be fear the militia people say oh what what are all small arms going to do against governments with nuclear weapons and tanks and you know bombers a whole lot is the answer and you know what they know it they know it because they know the power that's inherent in the militia and they fear it and they don't want anybody else to understand the power of the militia that's why they have to demonize it that's why they have to tell people oh it's ineffectual or it's something that's outdated it doesn't apply to to to today or they have to demonize it and say oh those are all bad people somehow get people to believe that through repetition through propaganda on the on the nightly brainwashing media a militia is a decentralized meaning it is not controlled from a centralized location no one can just say oh you're gonna fall you are gonna follow this one dictator order it's not hierarchically organized it is a decentralized distributed force of armed individuals who maintain weapons and tactics similar to a military force but unlike a standing army or standing military a traditional military force a militia is not centrally controlled or directed by a government if the members of the militia so agree they could be directed by a government in the event that the government needed to repel an insurrection or to fight a foreign invasion and then a militia members could in their own conscience decide whether they were going to fight according to that cause the militia is not the military people who equivalent Rai to say that they're the same thing are either wrong or lying to you deliberately to try to obfuscate what the militia is the militia is not the military of the United States is not any branch of the military it is not the National Guard the militia is not a standing army it is a distributed fighting force that is present everywhere throughout the country and as John said when he came on the show earlier the militia is still very much present and active make no mistake about it when you understand exactly who the militia is you'll understand why that statement is very true and we'll pick that point up on the other side of this breaker ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment and presented here tonight we'll be right back [Music] you know today this ties the night 95 today tried to run [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn giving an extended version of my presentation called the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment and I'm going to move on to slide number eight in slide seven we were explaining what the militia actually is and that the militia is not the military and it is not a standing army it is in fact a decentralized distributed fighting force of individuals who are armed and maintain weapons and tactics similar to a military force but unlike a standing army they are not centrally controlled or directed by a government so who constitutes the militia who is the militia is the question posed on slide number eight when they were asked the question who constitutes the militia what do you mean by the militia the authors of the second amendment and other American founders and Patriots were consistently clear and unambiguous in their explanation of who the militia is the militia spoken of in the second amendment is comprised of the entire body of the people who are capable of employing arms for the purpose of repelling an organized foreign or domestic threat to their lives or freedom the entire body of people capable of using arms for the purpose of repelling a foreign threat to love their lives afar and threat to their freedom or a domestic threat to their lives or a domestic threat to their freedom that is who constitutes the militia which means the militia and the people are one in the same it is the body of people who are capable of using any form of arms in the service of self-defense the defence of their lives their freedom and their property so the answer to the question who is the militia posed on slide number eight is answered on slide number nine you are the militia surprise now you know I hope most people at lea look I hope that at least the American men and women who are listening to the broadcast tonight already knew this but I'd be you know maybe I give people too much credit and maybe most of them don't don't even know that they are militia members already you know I've known that I've been a member of the militia since the first time I even tried to understand what the Second Amendment was and I did a little bit of research and understood wow the militia is the people it's everyone that is capable of defending their life and freedom with it with any arms but you got so many idiots out there and still don't understand that that's who is the militia they don't understand this concept of a militia they hear the word militia they think all bad people evil people trying to take over do you know impose their will militia is a defensive organ organization of people that's it it remains actually in a unorganized state until it is required to use it because it is almost always used as a last resort we want to use our reason and our intellect and our intelligence and our nurturing and our creativity and our wisdom first but when people reject all of that and there is no recourse self-defense is required you're not just going to sit there and allow your rights to be taken or your lives to be taken I mean folks this is what happened to the Jews and Nazi Germany you know they didn't offer resistance there was only a few pockets of resistance namely in some of the worst places like the Warsaw Ghetto so there were some resistance there and you know what statistically they survived more than all the rest of the Jews who were exterminated because they resisted physically now another thing look whenever I may cry I want to make references to Nazis all I like okay because if I'm gonna bring up something that historically took place and I want to use it as an example that's my right to do so so I don't I'm tired of people writing me and saying don't talk about the Nazis or the you know German Workers Party and the German people how they let all this evil happen why because it's true you're the one who's gonna revise history and say oh it didn't happen like this because you don't agree with numbers or because you have German ancestry and you and you want your your ancestors to look better than they were when the people living in Germany during World War two are totally a mall trash to let what happen happen in that country and I'll say it right to somebody's face just like the American people the vast majority of them are totally a moral trash to allow what's happening in this country right now and I'll say it right to these peoples face out on the street all this garbage revisionism about Hitler being some kind of a saint or something going around I mean please please one more person sends me this junk on my facebook or my email I mean you people belong in mental institutions and you want to say I don't have it right I don't know what happened let me tell you something the evidence that it that it happened and is still happening is all around us Nazis never lost they went underground they took this country from the inside and the clowns living here still don't understand what happened people don't want to acknowledge this they don't want to acknowledge the evil that was done by the Nazis because well because you don't agree with the numbers and you're so anti-semitic you have to make up stuff about how the numbers are all inflated I don't care if it was five people okay how about how about the Holocaust that's happening in the United States called the police murdering citizenry how about that Holocaust it's happening at a rate of over a thousand people a year you know we got what we got a little mini Holocaust going on right here in the United States right now folks so you know what all the trash out there that thinks the Nazis were so wonderful and Hitler was so wonderful just forget my email even exists I don't want to hear from you when I get any garbage like that your name goes into block lists and you know you could try to write to me from another email address but that's gonna go in the block list and it take I have a script I hit a button and it does it it's like no sweat off my brow folks you you're never even gonna know that your email is never getting to me never looking at it I'm never reading it you're wasting your time I'm not interested in your garbage revisionism of human history I get the whole second world war was fomented by international bankers it's always done like that wars are always manipulated like that by the super rich elitist who want a profit from all the weapons I get it it doesn't take away from Nazism being an occult religion that almost took over the whole world and that by the way that's why the next topic of the next series I'm going to do is going to be the occult roots of Nazism on this show because too many people don't understand the dark occult roots of Nazism they don't understand how entrenched that religion still is in the United States today and throughout the world for that matter going back to the presentation slide number nine you are the militia from the mouth of George Mason the actual co-author along with James Madison of the Second Amendment don't take my word for it don't take anybody else's word for go back to the original source and source material George Mason who wrote the Second Amendment said what is the militia it is the whole people that's it right from his mouth it is the people the people and the militia are one in the same the people become the militia when they have to deal with a threat to their lives freedom and property and therefore they have to organize with arms you are the militia like it or not doesn't make a difference whether you agree with it or not it's the case not because he said it either it's a conceptual idea that in nature when a threat comes that is too big for single parties or just small groups of people to handle people have to come together and organize against that threat with arms it is something that actually exists in nature a distributed fighting force that is capable of repelling a foreign or domestic attack against its life or freedom against the people's lives and freedom that is what a militia is and militias should exist everywhere on the surface of the earth everywhere unfortunately we've let that right slack because of brainwashing and propaganda slide number 10 James Madison the other author of the second amendment along with George Mason said quote a well-regulated militia composed of the body of the people trained to Arms is the best and most natural offense of a free country I mean all the people who are against guns all the people who are against firearms all the anti Gunners the anti-gun Lobby all the bleeding-heart liberals out there the leftists the Marxists oh we want guns only in the hands of the state oh you're so you're so much wiser than the founders of this country aren't you all they were just rich white men who had slaves all this all this neo-marxist you know garbage socialism propaganda yeah you know so much better than the founders you're so much more well educated you have such a better mind they did don't you these pieces of trash today putting down putting down the greatest men who ever walked in this land you could you couldn't carry their coattails for them and let me tell you something if these men came back today they'd crap on this country for what we've allowed it to become and rightfully so slide number eleven Richard Henry Lee the Second Continental Congress delegate from Virginia who actually tabled the motion for American independence he was actually asked to table it because those from Massachusetts who wished to table it like Samuel Adams and John Adams etc and who had some support that they needed support to show that at least another state was interested in American independence from the crown and so Richard Henry Lee was actually asked I believe it was by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin to table the motion and he did I mean you know this man's name is practically unknown even in American history and yet he put the Declaration of Independence forward you know he put the motion for American independence forward and he stated quote a militia when properly formed are in fact the people themselves and include all men capable of bearing arms I mean there it is right there folks I mean how many more examples do people need the militia is the people the people themselves in including all men capable of bearing arms and I would go so far there again in in his day women would not have been included in the militia because it would have been unheard of for them to actually fight women are part of the militia as well they bear the responsibility for self-defense as much as men do you want equal rights you want to be treated with equality under natural law then you need to understand the same conceptual ideas regarding freedom and regarding self-defense and you need to actually employ them and you know what with firearms there is no reason a woman should not be properly trained and should not be in that mental attitude without any doubt you know and a gun in the hands of a woman is a the great equalizer and more importantly it is the power to say no with teeth when you're being accosted by someone who is physically more domineering and powerful than you which is why I have no idea why women would not be 100% pro-gun it's all brainwashing that they listen to in the media they're sitting there watching that television too damn much and therefore they're getting all of this propaganda seeping into the mind and they're taking on the same opinions and they think they're thinking their own thoughts shut the television off and open a book slide number 12 here's another quote about the people being the militia tench Cox Pennsylvania delegate to the First Continental Congress who are the militia are they not ourselves Congress shall have no power to disarm the militia their swords and every other terrible implement of the soldier are the birthright of an American the unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments but where I trust in God it will ever remain in the hands of the people now know that these weren't great men these weren't men of extraordinary minds no no we got to reduce them to just rich on caring white landowners who had slaves I mean please with this absolute garbage social Marxism cultural Marxism I mean you know it's just it's just running like a viral disease to this country cultural Marxism trying to discredit the the great men who put their lives on the line against the greatest military power in the history of the world at that time Britain under the control of some six psychopathic inbred boy king who thinks he was God and fought and died and gave their blood to secure the small modicum of freedom that Americans secured for themselves but now all the cultural Marxists out there they know better than the founders of this country these Marxist social Marxist idiots are pure trash and they're destroying this country welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm giving my second amendment presentation live on the air tonight and we've been breaking down the concept of the well-regulated militia in part one let's move on to the next section the next words in the Second Amendment are being necessary to the security of a free State I'm moving on to slide number 13 now and this follows a well-regulated militia a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State so let's break down all of the phrases in here well we know what the word being means it's in existence it's it's you know when they're saying being necessary it means it is required okay well we'll talk about the meaning of the word necessary but we're gonna have to break down the word necessary we're gonna have to break down the word security and they're gonna we're gonna have to break down the word the phrase the term free State in this section so let's look at the word necessary in slide number 14 so we can understand what it means what being necessary to the security of a free State means slide 14 I call this slide necessarily strong language the founders were very specific about the language that they chose in the documents that they put forward for posterity the word necessary the dictionary definition of the word necessary is required to be done achieved or present needed essential something that you cannot do without that must be there that if you take it away what you're trying to do cannot be done so if a well-regulated militia is necessary what is it necessary for we're gonna find that out the word necessary actually appears in the whole Constitution of the United States only six times and it appears in the Bill of Rights only one time in the Second Amendment the only place the word necessary was used by the founders in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to refer to a thing group or entity is in the second amendment where it refers to a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State the only thing which the authors of the Constitution and Bill of Rights enshrined as necessary was the militia of the people not even the three branches of government the executive the legislative and the judicial or in other words the president the executive branch the Congress formed of the House of Representatives and the Senate and me being the legislative branch and the supreme court being the Judis judiciary judiciary branch the judicial branch of the government were referred to using the word necessary in the Constitution not even the three branches of government had the term necessary tacked on to them to emphasize there absolute importance and that you could not do without them the question then necessarily pun intended becomes to what ultimate purpose did the founders understand that the militia comprised of the people was in fact necessary required essential to the security of a free state which we're going to explain on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] No [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm giving my second ammendment presentation the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment live on the air this evening continuing with it we were talking about the word necessary and how it was only ever applied to the militia in the Second Amendment the founders in writing the foundational documents for America absolutely thought that the militia was the one entity that could not be done without if a free existence was going to be maintained as we will see moving on to slide number 15 this is called a means for security the dictionary definition of the word security is the state of being free from danger or threat and to secure something is Prout to protect it against threats to its physical well-being to it from being stolen or taken away if freedom is a birthright and we want to protect it from threats we want to protect it from being taken away from us and tyranny being put in its place founding father Thomas Jefferson author of the Declaration of Independence and the third President of the United States said quote for a people who are free and who mean to remain so a well organized and armed militia is their best security just think about this for a minute ladies and gentlemen this is a quote from the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence for a people who are free and who mean to remain so a well organized and armed militia is their best security now I would say an understanding of natural law principles as the very first and best means of security but I put a well organized militia right up there along with that I would probably make it the very second thing the second best I would say a deep understanding of natural law principles and the law freedom that as morality increases freedom increases and as morality in the aggregate declines then freedom in the aggregate declines I really should tack on in the aggregate to that because people think that if that people think that applies to an individual they're missing it they're not getting to the point in the aggregate sense in a population as the aggregate morality increases the aggregate freedom of that population increases meaning in the totality as the aggregate morality of a population declines then the aggregate freedom of that population declines and they go into tyranny and bondage which is all the more reason why gun ownership is of paramount importance to the moral people because if you know that the society is degrading in to moral relativism and moral decay and there's there is no rule of law there is no natural law being accepted and acknowledged and lived by and therefore people don't care about what they're doing to other people they're not enlightened they're violent people and they don't care it's all the more reason that if you're a moral person you need to arm yourself and be ready to defend yourself because you are going to want to stay alive to teach moral principles down to the next generation I intend to survive this ordeal you know I had a opposite attitude to this in the past all things get so bad I just go down with the ship and out know I've totally revised that attitude in the last maybe six seven eight years of my life really since I've been publicly speaking I intend to survive this absolute hurricane of violence ignorant decay whatever you want to call what's going on in this world I don't intend for it to just take me and just go out quietly into the night I intend to survive through to the other side of it if it will happen within my lifetime if it will pass within my lifetime who knows because I feel my information and message is too important therefore survival is going to be a part of what I do in my daily life it's not going to be all the eggs in the basket but there will be some of them the first thing I'm going to put my energy to is helping people to understand natural law to understand the laws of morality to understand the difference between right and wrong behavior without that there's no foundation for it for any understanding you need that first but let me tell you something folks not everybody is on the same page when it comes to that this is the problem that the New Agers fall into oh we want to be enlightened and we we don't want to have any uh you know aggression well you think everybody's on that page with you surprised naive boy and gore girl not everybody's on that page and there's violent animals out there and you better come back down from whatever cosmic you know cloud you're floating on and come back down to earth and realize you're in the physical world with the rest of us and what happens here does matter now maybe I should give my streetwise spirituality seminar on-air one day we're over a period of weeks which is probably how long it would take now because people really need to understand that material you have a watch that go back it's I think one of my best seminars that I've ever given streetwise spirituality from st. Louis Missouri I mean you know that is about feet on the ground spirituality you can have your head up in the cosmos but keep your feet on the earth spirit in the flesh work to be done here on earth go into all the shamanic realms you want bring that cosmic information back to where it's needed to be employed right here in this world now and then be here now and do that work by spreading that information then maybe we can put people on that all on that same page and it won't have to come to a horrific outcome which is where it's rapidly headed folks I'm telling you that right now people you're gonna see civil war and bloodshed like you've never seen in this country and everybody knows America is a powder keg everybody knows it I'm telling you common everyday people on the street know it's come and they don't think they could do anything about it because they're still ignorant they still don't know the causal factors of the problems we face you need to start going back and listen to this podcast from square one from show number one you start to get the big picture the tapestry but what Jefferson saying here is profound you think that you're free and you want to remain that way well then you have to be armed armed people are free disarmed people are slaves the end it's all comes down to folks you haven't gotten that you are not awake you are a sleep on a sleep being you are still in the matrix you are still in the prison you are your mind is still owned by someone else there is a truth regarding this that is not no shades of gray it is 100% black and white aand people are free dis on people are slaves it is will be like that it has been like that forever for all eternity and it will be like that for all eternity that is an eternal truth get over yourself if you think that's a false statement you're never gonna make it untrue doesn't matter how much you firmly wish to believe that were otherwise it will never be slide number 16 what was meant by the phrase a free state very very important because it doesn't mean Burt Maryland Virginia Georgia or New Hampshire okay people think the word state in the Second Amendment refers to the geographic region you know that was supposed to be a nation state there were the original colonies so let's look at a dictionary definition of the words first free the word free means not under the control or domination of another which is what it's all about folks and supposed to all be about freedom no one ruling over anybody else not under the control domination or rulership of another sovereignty meaning not a slave the dictionary definition of the word state is the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time the state of something so the phrase a free state when we put these together okay a state the particular condition that someone or something is in us at a specific time being not under the control or domination of another free state your condition is not under control or domination of another meaning you are free it did not refer to a geographic region such as Pennsylvania New Jersey New York Delaware etc it referred to a free condition of existence in other words a free way of life so now the second amendment should start the first part which is always ignored a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State should start to make a lot more sense to people now if they've been listening and really hearing what's being said in this presentation this is why that gets lopped off whenever revisionists are talking about it they want to go right to the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed they don't want to tackle the first part of the second Amendment because the heart of the Second Amendment is in the first part of it the first half a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State that's where the heart of the entire meaning of the Second Amendment lies which is why it always gets lopped off by revisionists a well-regulated militia a distributed decentralized fighting force of people with arms to repel attacks against their freedom or lives is required must be in place it is essential and cannot be done without if we are to maintain the condition of not being ruled or dominated in other words remaining free and not being enslaved but no they they don't want people to understand that they want that part left out moving on to slide number 17 once again George Mason right from the horse's mouth as the saying goes right from the author the co-author of the Second Amendment himself George Mason this slide is about what was the threat right if if security means to be free from a threat to make sure that something is not under a threat but what was the threat to that security to this to securing freedom the threat that they were talking about what was it what threatens the security of a free State if the militia is the answer to secure the free state of existence what was the threat to the free existence and the founders were again unanimously unambiguously clear about what the threat to the security of a free state of existence was and it was standing armies it was agents of the state organized with weapons let me very clearly say that again the founders were unanimously unambiguous about what they considered the threat to the security of a free way of life it was agents of the state that were organized with arms standing military standing police forces the founders would have been aboard and enraged and let me tell you something I shouldn't say they would have been I should use the phrase they are abhorred and enraged because folks let me tell you something their spirit is here I'm gonna say that as a factual statement not as a belief but as a factual statement I'm claiming that I know this and I don't care who thinks that's bizarre or weird my experiences thus far have proven to me the spirits of these beings are still among us and I'm telling you they're enraged and let me just leave it at that instead of going in any more personal experiences I'm just going to say as a fact the spirit of the founders are with us and they're not happy at all they are disturbed they're not at rest they feel that what they have done and the sacrifices that they have that they made were done in vain for what those who came after them allowed now I'm telling you I've just absolutely wept and shed tears over it and it's not a trivial matter and it's nothing to take lightly or scoff at because these people gave everything their lives in many many many cases the revolutionaries the people who actually fought the battles like I said folks the last time I passed through Valley Forge the energy was so heavy I had to pull practically felt like I had to pull my car over to the side of the road I was almost sick I don't even want to go into that area anymore they were very clear about what they considered the threat to freedom if they would see the types of standing armies that exists now with all the branches of the military the National Guard all the police forces constituting small standing armies in major metropolitan centers of the United States the founders would they would just vomit on us George Mason said quote once a standing army is established in any country the people lose their Liberty I mean just look just read that first sentence once a standing army is established in any country the people lose their Liberty it can it get any more clear and unambiguous than that that's why in the Constitution a standing army is owned only appropriated by funds for for a period of two years after which it should dissolved constitutionally if there is a large enough threat that warrants the raising of a standing army continuing with Mason's quote he says recollect the history of most nations of the world what havoc desolation and destruction have been perfect perpetuated I'm sorry perpetrated by standing armies very clearly talking about what they considered the threat to the security of a free State standing armies will continue with that concept on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Applause] the cool science that we don't dare speak Wow let's lead up so there's nothing it's cold asides the walk welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm giving my true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment presentation live on the air tonight we were on slide number 17 talking about how the founders saw standing armies as the main threat to the security of a free way of life let's move on to slide number 18 here's another quote from Elbridge Gerry the fifth vice president of the United States talking about the threats of standing armies and gary said quote what is the use of a militia so what is a militia for it is to prevent the establishment of a standing army the bane of Liberty whenever governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people they always attempt to destroy the militia in order to raise an army upon their ruins and this is exactly what has happened in the United States militias have been completely de-emphasized and they're not people are not taught about the importance of them and we have a completely out-of-control military force that is acting as the policemen of the world they're an imperial force absolutely imperialistic and they're made of a bunch of brainwashed little boys with abandonment issues I don't care who was offended by that I don't care who you are how close to me you are whether you're a relative a friend a friend of a friend if you're in the military you're a brainwashed little boy with abandonment issues and you need to get your head out from up your ass and start realizing you're not fighting for freedom you're fighting for your imperialist overlords that don't give a damn about you and who call you their dog you're their pet their animal and that's really what you are you are that you are that I totally agree with their assessment of you house that you are that you deserve to be treated like that for as long as you remain in your brainwash completely unconscious dumb condition because you're dumb you don't read and half of them have these people you think you're well educated you think you're educating you think you're well-read because all you're a military historian or I know a little bit about world history you're a joke boy a joke main thing you don't get is what freedom really is you're brainwashed by somebody who's telling you with their definition of what it is and then sending you to go kill people for it you're a slave Punk you're a slave Punk and you're too stupid to understand it you want to prove you're not a slave get out get out don't stay in to do anything you think you're gonna change things from inside it's not how it works you need to quit you need to quit evil that's the lesson of this world even as an evil isn't bargained with it isn't negotiated with you don't play games with it you gotta quit it that's what most people haven't figured out yet Elbridge Gerry telling people the militia I'm sorry the standing army is the bane of Liberty no but but again we know better modern people know better these are just all old outdated men though they couldn't see into the future about how things were gonna be no they didn't know anything the total ass clowns who are out there who think that way are the people who don't know anything these men were trying to tell us something vitally important about our freedom and we would didn't want to listen because we know so much better than them in slides 19 and 20 which I'm going to move on to right now I want to try to hammer home what a militia really is and how it protects against the threat against freedom which is the standing army slide number 19 shows what is what three standing armies might look like and again we have many more standing armies in the United States that are called the police forces and they're also called the quartering of all the other troops and soldiers that are here and can actually be activated at any given time by the government which is why the founders didn't want standing armies at all and there's people out there to say oh so many of these people will refuse their orders when they're given them let me tell you something folks you're very naive if that's what you think very very naive you have no bearing on reality about how brainwashed these people really are they're cult members they are cult members you will follow the bidding of their masters unto their deaths and that's what they're gonna have we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone you listening to what on earth is happening here on RBM i'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm continuing with the Second Amendment presentation slides number 19 and 20 explain the difference between standing armies and militias in slide 19 you see what might what an invasion of the United States with three standing armies might look like in slide number 20 you see what militias constituted from the body of the people trained to arms would look like geographically throughout the United States properly constituted militias meaning the population owning and maintaining firearms and tactics would be able to swarm any invasions by standing armies at a given notice they would be much more mobile the key is well regulating them meaning putting people on the same page when it comes to the use of those firearms when it comes to the tactics the tactical usage of them this is where the organized militia comes in when a militia has to be called up and disciplined or trained to arms as a whole group as a unit not as the unorganized militia now I consider myself a member of the unorganized militia I maintain firearms I know how to use them I know some tactics with them the thing is when the time comes the militia is going to have to be called up called to arms trained and disciplined and if people don't think that that that time is coming I don't I don't know where what planet they live on you know somebody's got to just start the discussion about that because what's going on in this country is completely and utterly unacceptable and I don't see it getting done I don't see getting reversed by talking about it personally I know there's a lot of other people who feel that way too that doesn't mean I'm going to stop talking about morality and the difference between right and wrong and how telling people there are actions that you should not be taking because they are wrong and they violate other people's rights but at some point should these people not wish to learn and continue to refuse to live according to natural law they are gonna have to be engaged at some point I mean you you have to look at reality the way it is not as you want it to be and people have to stop thinking of this as something that is completely unthinkable you know how many times throughout history has it already happened there have been rebellions in just about every geographic region of the world this would be no different it's something that may be required if we're going to get to the next phase in human evolutionary progress because we've let this one stagnate so bad and again that's why it's called a revolution you go around once again because you got to get the lesson it's like being left back in class you know you're gonna go back and do it again because you missed the learning process and I'm telling you I don't want it to come to that but at the same time if that's what it has to come to that's what it has to come to you can't shirk from that I mean what do you think the founders took it lightly going to war raising a Continental Army they knew what they were up against they knew they were up against the most well-trained fighting force in the history of the world at that time and they did it anyway those people gave everything anyway because they were fighting for something that was bigger and they knew they were on the side of right they knew that they had morality they had the moral high ground and so do the people who understand real freedom today not the little punk boys brainwashed little boys who who think they're out there fighting for freedom you're a bunch of clowns and your owners called you they're dogs you know get as mad about it as you want from hearing it from my mouth they're the ones who are calling it calling you it I just happened to agree with the assessment because a well-trained dog never bites the hand of his master he attacks when he's asked to attack he sits when he's asked to sit you know and he know he'll go and die when he's asked to die all for just the whims of the master that's that's what they are it's what these people are it's what the military and police of today are they're not men their clowned out brainwashed little punk boys you know hardly anybody will say it like that I don't know of anybody else that just comes right out and says it like that I'll be the person to say it then you need to grow up you need to realize order followings not a virtue you're a little boy who's looking for a surrogate parent because you're wrestling with abandonment issues period so this is all about folks this whole thing is about bad parenting the whole thing that's going on folks is about abandonment issues this all ties in to everything else we've been talking about on this podcast the all of these people go into these institutions because they're all screwed up from their parents and they're looking for an authority figure to teach them what's real and what's right and what's required and Big Daddy is all too happy to step right in there and provide the role fulfill the role and that's moving to slide 21 you see these people just look and look into their eyes and faces I mean you can if you are looking into the eyes of these people just in photographs let alone in person I mean forget about it they're destroyed these are destroyed minds destroyed people destroyed hearts destroyed Souls I mean they're sick these are sick cult members they don't even understand they're in a satanic cult they don't get it this is the standing army the founders warned us about not only the military part of it but especially the police forces the founders would have been sickened if they saw the kinds of police forces that we have and what they're doing and again I shouldn't even use the word would be they are they are sickened by what the police are doing in this country over a thousand people murdered by police just summarily executed no trial we're going to execute you on the street that's the precedent that was set in Nazi Germany it's the precedent that was set in Soviet Russia and it's the precedent that's being set in the United States now because the same forces control this country as set up those oppressive regimes and if you don't think that you don't know what's going on if you think we defeated Nazism if you think we defeated Soviet Communism you are absolutely out of your mind naive and you don't understand how insidious these forces are and how they've taken over they took over in the late 20th and early 21st centuries and they're more entrenched here than they've ever been especially in the United States which is becoming the next great vile evil imperialistic power of the world and the people are just letting them do it because they're all drugged up they're all worried about what reiden whatever's on their social media you know they're all sitting there watching the idiot box being entertained watching the game having a beer you know never doing any with reality about what's really going on in this life moving to slide number 22 Richard Henry Lee a quote again Second Continental Congress Virginia delegate the man who tabled the motion for American independence he said to preserve Liberty it is essential again necessary required that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike especially when young how to use them again this is about proper parenting folks this is about the communication of proper real world values to your children which was not done which has not been done let me tell you something folks I've to in the per and parental abandonment issues when I gave the cosmic abandonment presentation I talked about my own first and foremost I had no real parenting okay you know there's there's family members who would go nuts hearing me say that why why because my physical creature comforts were what well taken care of I was sent to school I was given meals three times a day I had clothing you think that's what parenting is that's the very slim slim slim foundation of parenting is providing for physical creature comfort needs you think that's all parenting is you have no business being one at all no proper moral education no historical will view of the world no long view of history provided now we'll send you to some school to do that well who cares you know it's it's just to go get some piece of paper so you can go out and earn money and get a job and I talked about this yeah that's what my whole family's like I don't care about what's going on in this world they don't care about freedom and that's what makes people like that bad people that's not a good person you're not a good person if you're like that you a bad person this is what has to be understood most people's parents are bad people I don't care how well-intentioned they are okay how much they say they love you you're not teaching any real moral values you'll love anybody anybody lis is expressing here that these are values that are communicated through the generations from parents to children and why are they so weak today in the world why is this under such attack the Second Amendment in gun rights because we have bad parenting we have parents who are know-nothings and then they're teaching their children squat that's why they don't care about the actual knowledge of their children growing up oh no as long as they have a paycheck coming in I think they care about the spiritual well-being your emotional well-being no not a bit that's what 99% of parents out there like and I might be being generous if people have conscious parents you are the luckiest individuals on the face of the earth and I mean really conscious parenting if P if you're being taught real morality what real freedom is real values care for truth what true care is about that's what a parent teaches their children or should be teaching their children now how few ever get those lessons to say you can count them on one hand is is being too generous anybody that has parents like that you should consider yourself some of the luckiest Souls who've ever lived moving on to slide number 23 Alexander Hamilton founding father and first secretary of the Treasury talking about the necessity of the militia once again if quote if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens little if at all inferior to them in discipline and use of arms who stand ready to defend their rights he's it's exactly explaining what the militia is a large body of people of citizens hardly inferior in discipline and training in the use of arms to an actual military who stand ready to defend their rights that's the definition of a militia how much is giving the definition of a militia without actually using the word here because everybody knew it inherently they just knew it it was like it was like knowing like what a cell phone is the word the phrase cell phone is just it's ubiquitous it is absolute it is in the vulgar language okay it's everywhere present everybody knows what a cell phone is today you wouldn't have to explain to somebody Synnex you know cell phones are communications devices which you know work with satellites and send data Wireless you want to have to sit there and explain that to a human being in 2015 you just know what a cell phone is these people just knew what a militia was because it was common in their colloquial language today they don't want to ever say the word militia it is a forbidden word it is a forbidden word in mainstream media the word militia is forbidden unless it's some crime that's been committed and the member who committed this horrific crime was a militia member then you'll hear the word used as much as I don't like Hamilton for how he was connected to bringing in central bank's certainly an agent of foreign powers to bring in monetary financial domination into this country at least from my analysis of you know his his uh involvement you know he could speak the truth on certain things therefore this quote is absolutely valid regardless of who it's coming from don't fall into logical fallacies because some people did certain things that were deplorable during their lives that they can't say anything that's true next section and again we're probably not going to get to taking any calls today on the error I'm going to continue to give this presentation and I'm going to continue it next week and like I said it'll take as long as it gets as it takes to go through I'm under no rush here I'm trying to get these concepts out in ways that make sense and are unpacked and explored fully so just like the last section on neo feminism this will take as long as it takes to get through and but we will of course take calls on this issue I'll probably do a whole call-in show on it now I I really I you know after I finished the presentation I'm gonna take a whole show just to rail on people especially from other english-speaking nations like England and Australia about the loss of your gun ownership rights and I am going to be merciless and I want to hear from people from those countries what they think of this issue that'll be maybe some calls like that will be coming up in a couple weeks on this show let's hear your logic and reason when it comes to this issue which I personally don't feel like many of people from those countries even understand at all I'll do one more section on this presentation on the other side stay with us everyone welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening last segment continuing with the second amendment presentation the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment we're on slide 24 the next section is the next phrase and the Second Amendment the right of the people to keep and bear arms so we saw the very first half of the Second Amendment unpacked a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State and now we fully understand what that means now we're going to deal with the second half of it the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed so let's take the first part of that second half and that is the right of the people to keep and bear arms well we know who the people are that's all the individuals the individuated units of consciousness as I would say living in a particular geographic region in this case the United States of America okay that's the people but you know we need to know what is meant by the right we talked about this odd infinitum what a right is on this show any listener normal list and a regular listener of this show already should know what a right is to keep and bear will define those terms and will define what arms are of which of course firearms is a subset so let's start with that what are arms slide number 25 asks that question and the dictionary definition of arms are weapons and ammunition of any kind anything that you can use as a weapon or ammunition is considered arms so a hammer is arms a club a knife a hatchet bow and arrow handgun semi autos full auto hand grenade tank missile you name it if you could do damage to somebody with it its arms Hey you could pick up a screen a computer screen and hit somebody with it I could hit somebody with a microphone stand you know there's lots of things that you can use as arms things that are specifically designed to be arms or things like you know a bow and arrow a handgun a shotgun a semi-auto rifle etc that's what we traditionally look at as arms or firearms firearms are you know projectile weaponry they use bullets of course so the word arms literally in in the Second Amendment literally meant the dictionary definition of weapons and ammunition of any kind it was not limited to firearms that means you shall not limit my ability to procure a hammer in my self-defense if I so wish to use a hammer or a club or a hatchet or a knife or a bus set of bow and arrows we're gonna pick up breaking down field-stripping the Second Amendment next week and then we'll get into it's reassembly put it all back together understood in its full capacity what its total meaning and purpose really was as intended by the people who wrote it ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening remember there are only two mistakes you can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way thanks for listening everyone will see right here next week good night [Music] [Music]