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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] you've got the groove on freedom [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and right here on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time welcome to the show today is Sunday April 7th 2019 this is episode number 205 of what on earth is happening we have a great show planned for you here today I'm going to be getting into another controversial topic that is sure to simultaneously enlighten and offend the very entitled socialist attitudes of millenials and Europeans I'm going to be talking about today the show is called gimme gimme gimme and as harsh as that may sound folks what I'm gonna try to do today in the first part is to try to really tread a balance between being harsh enough to explain to people that the behaviors that they are exhibiting are very socially unacceptable because of what they are demanding from other people that they don't have the right to demand but I also want to you know try to balance where I'm trying to not be so harsh that I don't inspire people to want to do better you know that's my goal here for today so you know I'm not trying to just drive away part of my listening audience I'm trying to make them aware of what habits have become culturally ingrained into their very way of existence and I'm going to include some other groups of people in there as well but you know another thing before I get into the main material for today I'm going to do is I'm going to do an addendum to last week's show toward the end of the show today I'm going to show people something that I neglected a couple of people brought to my attention when I was talking about how to get occulted information how to download find and download occulted information on the Internet in the age of Internet censorship I neglected and there it was a big oversight on my part I really should have shown people right up front how to download videos from the Internet this is something that most people don't know how to do they don't know how to grab a YouTube video you know to reshare it or to just save an offline to prevent it from being censored okay and this is something I'm going to show people on today's show after I get into the main topic of gimme-gimme-gimme the socialist and entitled attitudes of Millennials and Europeans another thing that you know people have been bringing to my attention they say that the shows that I've been doing have been have been very divisive okay I don't see it that way okay I'm not lending more to the divide I'm trying to heal the divide by showing people where the wrong behavior is at so that they can make corrections this is what real spirituality is ultimately all about it's about looking at the dark side it's about looking at the shadow side and doing that shadow work of looking at the aspects of one's personality and one's makeup that you do not like the in yourself you know it's it's looking in the mirror it's it's it's stopping pointing the finger outward and turning it around this way and saying what work do I have to do spiritually upon myself even in the the absolute muck of the soul in in in the the dark night of the soul in the the horrible aspects of the individual personality that people don't want to look at and often want to run in the other direction from this is part of what this is all about it's about exposing that it's about confronting that and looking at it head-on not you know beating around the bush and dancing around these types of topics but addressing them and looking at them you know right on point you know so that they can be dealt with and they can be worked with and you know purified these are aspects of the personality that we have to work on to actually purify and become better so that's what this is all about looking at all these things that are seemingly divisive but it's really about how we can do better that's ultimately what it's really about and as I said we don't need to compete with anybody but ourselves from you tonight you know that's who we should be competing with so with that being said I'm gonna jump into the topic for today it's gonna be like a dual show and it'll take as long as it takes again I may not finish the material today it may take that long or I make you know finish early and take calls early so if we finish early you know whatever time we have left we'll take calls till the end of the show in any event this is the graphic that Brett made for today's show always doing a great job with the title cards it's all the the the title for the show today is gimme gimme gimme the entitled socialist attitudes of Millennials and Europeans we're going to talk about what all this means what is entitlement what is socialism you know who are the Millennials you know why do they behave I do they behave this way you know what what has been culturally inculcated into them and why do Europeans take up this socialist attitude we're going to talk about that as well and it's part of what inspired this show I want to say right up front is dealing with people regarding the Ark Drive now for those who may know the Ark driver may or may not know the Ark Drive is a one terabyte hard drive with all of the research data that I have put together over the years that have helped to influence my work and have like the this is all the data that I downloaded from the internet earlier that helped to awaken me and enlighten me as to what is going on in the world I put the best of that research data on a one terabyte hard drive and I offer it to people not charging anything for the data that's free you just provide the hard drive you know and I do ask for a personal donation for my time for assembling it and you know basically putting the doing the copy of the data and then taking the data to the local carry or taking dead boxes to the local carrier office to ship them back you know and I feel that's an equitable trade for you know all the research data that I've put together over the years now in dealing with people to take me up on this offer I am making an offer for information that I have put together and done the work to assemble as an aggregator obviously it's not work that is created by me okay but I've I've assembled it I've gone out and found it found the pertinent relevant data and then assembled it and then in making the offer I have certain caveats and prerequisites that I want people to strictly abide by because I'm the one making the offer and the other person is the one taking me up on the offer and in taking someone up on an offer if the offer is actually done out of kindness and respect for another person which this offer of the art drive is I don't have to do this you know there's nothing there's nothing compelling me to do this other than my recognition that it's my moral responsibility to help teach and enlighten other people okay but there's nothing that is other than that that is binding me to have to do this for other people I want to do it because I know it's the right thing to do to help enlighten them so I am the one making the offer out of my generosity and kindness and then I find other people making demands on me that I must do it according to their likenesses and their preferences their their likes and whims and preferences okay and I see this largely amongst younger people taking me up on the offer and amongst Europeans and Canadians I have to say taking me up on the offer I'm going to include you know our neighbors to the north here in North America now in this segment I didn't put that into the title but they are almost as guilty as our European brothers and sisters okay and again I can get as offended as they want about what I'm going to say here today about the people I'm talking about in this show but it doesn't make it any less true okay and part of it is that people don't deal with a lot of people in from many different parts of the world very few people are constantly on an everyday basis dealing with people from just about every country on this planet as am i okay people write to me from all over people send arcs to me from just about every country okay so I deal with a wide variety of personality types so I have a good frame of reference a database of personalities if you will to extrapolate what I'm talking about today that is a generality it's it's a generally true thing and of course not everyone is like what I'm going to talk about today ok this is not a blanket statement that's another thing that should be understood I'm talking about the majority of the people in the Millennial Generation and the people from Europe and Canada that take attempt to take me up on the art drive offer now in in saying that I do have to say since explaining my reasoning for doing the Ark offer the way that I do it's gotten somewhat better ok so you know if there's an improvement here when people get more information when they understand what you're going through the art drive video is one of the best things that I've ever done that episode on the ark I believe it was episode 199 ok since that has happened hardly anybody has messed up any of the instructions on the ark and all of the Ark's have arrived all of the hard drives have arrived in perfect shape not one of them has been damaged and I don't believe any of been damaged going back everybody has gotten their data ok which is what I want to see that's the whole purpose of being strict with the instructions because I've seen it a million times done a million ways wrongly and then people have had their hard drives damaged right and we don't want that because that cost you time that costs you money then you don't get the data and then you have to do it all over again if you really want the data ok so that's where this show was inspired from I just wanted to say that as beginning ok so let's jump into the material for today this is all about the great work it's about doing the great work ok and you know what I'm trying to explain to people today is if we're going to do the great work we have to be ready for some of the consequences ok how hard it is to do this ok and this is what a lot of people don't see or understand ok because they're not doing it see they're watching ok so the great work is about dragging people kicking and screaming into freed that's really what it is as sad as that is to say is sad as that sounds to say out loud most people don't want the state of freedom okay they want to remain cosmic eternal children with no personal responsibility one of the things that you can say to somebody to make them hate you more than anything else is you are 100 percent totally responsible for what goes on in your own life that that will make people murderously enraged toward you murderously enraged okay okay because that's the truth and people hate that truth more than they hate anything else they hate personal responsibility being put squarely down upon their own shoulders and they want to shirk it they want anything but that okay so when I tell people the state of the world is our doing it's not being done to us we are the ones who are doing this to ourselves we are the ones who have put ourselves in the state of slavery okay the great work is to get ourselves out of the state of slavery okay and that is often to have to hammer on people's minds okay see the whole idea the whole adage that George Orwell said okay Eric Blair author of 1984 he said if freedom means anything at all it means telling people what they don't want to hear that's what real freedom of speech is things that make people uncomfortable because it it confronts them with themselves and the ugly shadow side of themselves that they don't want to see that's what this that's what a cult psychology is all about ladies and gentlemen okay it's about owning even the dark elements of the self that you don't want to acknowledge as being part of who you are okay and being responsible for that so the real work is to try to explain to people what the true philosophy of freedom is all about and the true philosophy of personal responsibility and natural law so the true great work is the arduous task of influencing others to awaken to the truth it is to help others to realize that in supporting and condoning the legitimacy of quote Authority and God or man's law that they have actually been supporting and condoning the legitimacy of slavery and that they were therefore amoral for having done so and this is the thing no one wants to confront and realize this is why we can tell this to our best friends and family members and they want nothing to do with it for us in many cases after we come out as being anarchists true anarchists and people who abide by natural law and think the truth and know the truth that man's law is nothing but coercion violence and slavery okay so we often you know take the attitude or take the idea the the analogy I should say of being this individual here on this slide on the right-hand side of the slide he's in the room with all the other people who were asleep and he has his head in his hands because he can't believe you know he can't wake them up and that you know that they don't want to know that they don't want to see but you know what folks some of the people okay who are sleeping are people who think that they're awake and I'm talking to a large part of my viewing audience right now a lot of the people who think that they're that guy with his head in his hands trying to wake other people up are actually the people who are asleep because they're not really doing anything okay they think they're doing a whole lot okay but they're not really getting the word out in any kind of a wide way okay talking to a few friends and family members you know we're trying to wake up your spouse or trying to you know talk to a old old auntie who you know is in a nursing home or something is not doing the great work in any kind of a wide way and I've been very harsh and critical to people because let me tell you something folks in all honesty naively of me I'm gonna use the word naive which is the word I hate the most applied to me but naively I'll say it to myself okay I was naive in thinking that there would be something of the order of about a hundred thousand teachers that were teaching natural law to my level by this point in time minimum maybe more I thought okay and here's here's the problem it hasn't manifested it hasn't manifested cause people aren't really awake and aren't really listening they they put on the air that they're awake and listening but you know what they're doing they're sitting doing what I was doing when I was still asleep they're amassing more and more information and they're watching it play out and they're not getting involved in the spiritual battlefield in some capacity okay so people who think they're that individual who's trying to wake other people up are actually the people who are sleeping in that room in that image right there in that analogy okay so moving on to the next slide no the next part of this slide in short to do the true great work means to help people to abandon their false religions their false religious beliefs and again we talked about religion on last week's show it is not just the cultural religions that we identify as religious beliefs like Christianity Judaism Islam Hinduism Buddhism etc those are not the only religions we are talking about we are talking about false axiomatic beliefs that lead people away from higher consciousness and hold them back from an understanding of natural law all false belief systems do this whether it be the belief in authority whether it be the belief in government whether it be even the the you know complete belief in the necessity of the monetary system for life on Earth okay whether it be a belief in that only truth can come from science or that only health can come from pharmaceuticals or or doctors okay these are all religious belief system these are all religions okay false religions okay these are the erroneous and dogmatic beliefs which hold back the progress of consciousness specifically by impeding the reception of truth and natural law this is what it is to do the great work to do the great work is to chip away at false belief systems all day long okay and why don't most people want to do it that's the hardest work in the world that there is to do the hardest work in the world there is to do is to tell people something that they fervently believe in and have believed in their entire life is a total crock of bullshit and is doing nothing but harming not only themselves but just about everybody else in humanity and it's destroying human freedom that's why it's so difficult to do most people don't want to hear that they want to kill the messenger they're not interested in just saying oh yeah I was wrong and I have to change now I have to change not only my thoughts but my behaviors too hardly anybody wants to do that I didn't want to do that when I was learning what the world was coming out of a satanic mindset I was so depressed about how wrong I was i sat and soaked listening to doom metal in my bedroom all day for the better part of two years okay you know that's how hard it was for me to tell myself I was wrong and how wrong I was but I still did it you know if we're because that's that the whole caveat here is if we're being honest with ourselves right you know you could tell yourself all kinds of Lies to say no I'm okay you know I don't need to do any of that I'm good you know and you just can lie to yourself all day long 24 hours a day seven days a week but if we're being honest with ourselves okay we have to be make an honest assessment am I really doing the work upon myself and I'm am I really influencing others to do that same work upon themselves and to abandon their false belief systems and I would say most people are asleep in the room and they're those people on the right-hand side who are completely unconscious especially if they know and aren't doing anything I'm talking to them more than I am that this the asleep or the dead okay I'm talking to the potential teachers out there who haven't said a word okay you're in a much more deep trance and coma than the people you think are asleep trust me okay and this is the problem the problem is that there's really stolen we one and only mark and that's a problem that's a big problem okay oh I want a hundred thousand people doing the work of teaching natural law to my level or beyond minimum maybe more and I'll tell you what if I can name five off the top of my head that are doing a great job we're doing well all right so what we have to understand is that there are two there's really three basic mentalities of what we can be doing in the world how we can be basically approaching life on earth in general we could be engaging in service to self service to others or a third form of service which I'll talk about in a later slide but let's look at the dynamic of the two mentalities are the two worldviews of service to self versus service to others this is a big part of what inspired this episode and what I see in the dynamics of dealing with people with the ark drive when you're making an offer of service to others and all you hear back from them is service to self gimmi gimmi gimmi me me me you're not doing enough you're not catering enough to my preferences okay when I'm dealing with hundreds of people and they're dealing with nobody but me okay and and my instructions for for packaging and shipping the offer in a way that can be accommodated to my schedule my busy schedule okay who a person who is doing a whole lot and has been doing an incredible amount of work okay and I always want to say thank you to the people who assist me people on the staff and the production crew and the setup crew people who have donated you guys make my work easier okay and in many cases I couldn't do it without those people all right but the whole point is in most cases if not the vast majority like almost all of them the people who are receiving this knowledge aren't really doing anything themselves some of them are I'm not saying none of them no blanket statement there okay some of them are doing their own work but most of them are still in the learning phase and like and they're really not even really at the very beginning of the learning phase you know they're very green when it comes to this many of the people who have requested the arc from me okay and this is a whole new thing trying to oh they're trying to open up whole new vistas of understanding and unlock you know previously locked doors in the mind okay which I commend them on doing they're to be commended just for wanting that knowledge okay however when you deal with many of them you see they're still in this service to self mentality almost like a form of mini-me Satanism as I call it the Satanist have done a brilliant job the social engineer Satanists have done a brilliant job folks in bringing people into a lower form of their own mentality in a in a I call it mini-me Satanism it's it's not the big boys Satanism you know of the world control class yet they have to give their acolytes they have to give their lower-level initiates the people that they really want to rule over a watered-down variant of their ideology and the watered down very enough their ideology is only care about yourself get whatever you can and get as much of it as you can and whatever you have to do do it to get what you want okay and take as much as you can if you're given a quarter of an inch takes six and a half thousand miles okay so and this is what I see there is there's no attitude of gratitude or gratefulness in many cases and now look I want to make it very clear folks some people are so grateful to receive the information okay and they know what they've just been given then there are other people who they want to constantly it's not even bargaining they just want it on their terms that's it because they don't understand how to operate with anybody any other way they don't know manners in since okay well what I'm really talking about here are social manners something that's largely lost on society people don't know how to engage socially with manners okay with basic mutual respect okay if someone makes an offer to you you don't start barking terms to them you know they're making an offer out of their own gratitude they're not charging you for it they're not saying you have to do favors for me to get this okay they're just saying I am dealing with a lot of people and I'm dealing with a lot of other work that I do simultaneously okay you're not the only one that is of import right and if I'm making an offer that involves my time my technological horsepower that I have to give up time on computers to do copies on drives and resources on computers okay not only my time the unpack boxes hook up the drives copy the data breach act the boxes take them to the shipping office I do this folks me I do this I don't have teams doing this for me some people occasionally help me copy a couple art drives but largely I do almost all of it myself okay in addition to all the other work that I do during the course of the week here on what on earth is happening it's literally a full-time job okay so what I see is that many people not all don't have an attitude going in of be great farm willing to do this okay and look I see this again I'm going to tell you the people I see it in and I don't see it I'm very very happy to say I don't see it that attitude of you know gimme more you know do this for me I don't care about what's involved in your schedule I don't see it with a lot of Americans I'm happy to report that okay you would think it'd be the other way around you really would you'd think with the European contingency they're very cultured people in many cases and that they wouldn't have this you know level of disrespectful attitude and again I'm not saying it's all of them okay and it's gotten better I let people know since I brought this to people's attention it's gotten better that's why we have to talk about stuff like this and bring it to people's attention because if you don't they think what they've been doing has been as it'd been acceptable and will continue to be acceptable and then it doesn't improve see this is part of why the world is in the shit state that it's in okay that's why we're in the state of slavery people won't call other people on their bad behavior and things just keep snowballing and getting worse because of that dynamic because they don't want to rock the boat and they don't want to cause discomfort okay so going back to this dynamic of service to self versus service to others this is an image that I found online that I think just perfectly depicts the service to self mentality I'm gonna get all I can I'm gonna consume all I can screw the other guy his problem isn't my problem I don't care what suffering he goes through I'm gonna take take take take take me me me me me gimme gimme gimme that service to self you know what if we're being honest with ourselves ladies and gentlemen if we're being honest with ourselves the most important word in that statement is not honest it's not ourselves it's if if we're being honest with ourselves most people are in this state okay most people in the world are in this state of consciousness and you want to know what that's why the world is enslaved that's the very reason that's the very causal factor that the world is enslaved because this is the attitude of human beings that it's a satanic mindset from the religion called Satanism which is the main first tenet is self-preservation above everything else including morality that's the very first tenet of the Satanic ideology and the Satanic religion and so they gave to all the people of the world they inculcated them into a lower-level variant of their very own mindset mini-me Satanism that's what the world is in okay so if we want to transform that and change it and by changing ourselves thus change the reality that we live in the strange the manifested world okay we have to change the causal factor which is the level of consciousness that we are operating at so service to others mentality puts us in a position where we understand see what service to self mentality does I'm just gonna step back briefly what service to self mentality does okay is it is the question what can I do for me that's the question it asks each one of these mentalities or forms of consciousness has a question that it asks this one says what can I do for me I wake up at the beginning of the day and I immediately start thinking what can I do for me as the day goes on the question continues what can I do for me when I go to bed I'm thinking about what can I do for me tomorrow and that's it and you wake up and wash rinse and repeat the cycle and do it over and over again in an endless loop that's Satanism that's what Satanism is see this is the whole problem ladies and gentlemen I have almost never in all of my studies and all of my watching and listening and learning I have almost never heard anybody explain to other people that that's what Satanism is and that's the problem is that nobody knows that that's what Satanism is and the problem is that hardly anybody is telling and teaching other people that that's what Satanism is but that's what it is it's it's spending the entire day asking the question what can I do for me okay never asking the question how can I help someone else okay because that's service to others mentality how can this mentality this worldview this way of being in the world way of living asks the question what can I do to help someone else okay how can I alleviate some suffering for another individual or group of people okay how can I bring someone up to my level that's why I like the image that I found for for this dynamic okay it's people trying to help people up a rocky you know incline alright which is what the world is like you know and those who have made it up to the top they're trying to help others get up there and encourage encouraging them that they can do it alright this is service to others mentality it's not necessarily doing any the work for them okay but it's in us being an assistant see in in in the work of alchemy in the work of a cult alchemy you can never be the alchemist for someone else okay you can help to influence them to become the alchemist for themselves to do their own personal inner transformative work okay but no one can do alchemical or shamanic work for someone else we can be wayshowers we can show the methods and we can show them the path that they have to walk down but they have to walk down at themselves there is no substitute for personal experience in the great work okay so that's service to others mentality it's it's it's taking a step outside of yourself and you know it's it's not to say that you lose self-interest okay but the self-interest becomes enlightened self-interest because you're saying in helping others I'm also helping myself by bettering the world you know I still have that dynamic of ego as we all should you know one should become so 100% of altruistic that in the loose sense of self because then your your health will start suffering you you know and I get into this dynamic where I get so over the top sometimes that it's like it will start affecting my health and nervous system and you don't want that you know there has to be this balanced read right where you're doing enough to maintain yourself and keep yourself healthy and in good shape and energetic enough to keep going and keep doing it but you also have to be helping other strong enough to help others on the way that means you got to be strong enough for yourself and strong enough for others and let me tell you something folks it gets draining it becomes very draining at times even for someone like myself who's been doing this this long because then you start getting burnout especially when you see other people aren't making the effort nowhere near in any kind of a capacity that is required and you know they're still doing something like hinging on my every word when they should be becoming teachers themselves you know you should only need me as a teacher up to the point where you start to become a teacher yourself you know this is what we need not everybody in the world is gonna learn from Mark passio trust me most people will never hear a word I say this is why I have to explain other people you the idea is not to just send people to me the idea is to become a teacher yourself I'm not trying to have followers for Mark passio I'm trying to help people to understand natural law and encourage them to teach it that's what I want to see all right I'm not going for you know my goal here is not popularity notoriety YouTube views money anything like that okay look if people do learn from me great it's an added you know benefit you know if I can support myself doing this wonderful that's an added benefit but that's not my motivation my motive motivation is to put the truth out in the world and help to inspire other people to teach it alright so that's the whole mentality of service to others and in doing service to others you'll benefit as well okay because the world will improve and you will reap the benefit of that improvement now there's a third mentality okay and this is the mentality that I want people who I'm talking about to really get not just the service to others mentality and getting out of the service to self all day mentality okay but to go further than service to self mentality which is great it's wonderful it's needed but that this asks the question up to to yourself what can I do to help someone else what can I do to help others right that's the question well the next mentality is service to truth mentality okay this is the one that's left out by almost all other spiritual teachers because this goes beyond human beings this goes right outside of the physical domain this goes into the pure spiritual domain service to truth you could call this service to the Creator if you will all right service to natural law whatever you want to call it all right but you are serving a higher power in nature than just human beings whether it be you or anyone else okay and the question that is asked by the person who goes into the mentality that the way of being in the world of service to truth is what is the best way that I can possibly help the world see it's not just saying well there's an immediate situation here how can I alleviate this immediate suffering but if it's the idea of if you want to feed the old adage if you want to feed a person you give them a meal if you want to feed them for a lifetime though you teach them how to procure food for themselves okay and you know that's the whole that's the whole problem is that people aren't being taught self-reliance self discipline self responsibility okay so this is the dynamic of you don't just try to give people an ideology or a mentality you try to show them how to learn how to exercise discernment how not to fall into traps you know of being wrongly influenced and controlled okay and then how to go out into the world and ask the question what is the best way I can teach the maximum number of people so that they will start to disengage wrong ways of thinking and thus disengage wrong ways of being see this is the question I had to ask myself when I said when I realized I knew a lot about the dynamics of the world back when I was younger especially because of the experiences I had gone through okay I had to ask myself what am I gonna do with this knowledge and experience right am I just gonna tell my friends and family and hope some of them listen maybe spread it down to the next generation will that really be long-term effective will I reach the maximum amount of people and do the maximum amount of good that way you know do I write a book that maybe I'll get in a couple of bookstores if they take it if I get decent enough distribution and then maybe enough people will buy and read even though print media is like you know kind of almost like a dinosaur compared to how people absorb media today okay and learn so you know I had to sit and consider the question how am I going to approach this dynamic and the answer to me was I had to ask the question what is the absolute best way that I can it that I can help the world and the answer came back I need to put this work out publicly online and I was going to do it unapologetically and I was going to do it in my own aesthetic and my own delivery style not trying to be someone else okay delivering it with the personality that someone might see talking to me on a daily basis some people can handle it and some can some are never going to be able to handle it they're gonna die in their state of weakened I'm offended by everything mentality many of the people okay who can't handle one second of a mark passio video that's not who I'm doing this for though see I decided a long time ago my target audience was the strong people who would be able to hear what I was saying because they had come partially so far and I would try to influence them to become the next generation teachers of the world to put this work out there in many different ways so that other people can get it I can only do it I'm only going to do it this way I could do it a million different ways if I you know put on a bunch of masks and pretended to be somebody else this is Who I am okay as a matter of fact I hold back a whole lot on the air ask people who know me in person I hold back on the air okay so you know that works with some people it's not going to work for everybody okay so the idea is service the truth mentality says how can I in my own special way in my own way right put the work out there so that other people's people can get it and that what is which what way can I do that then I'm gonna make the maximum impact in the world and do the most good as a result and if you're really in a higher level consciousness mindset this is the question you're asking what is the best way to help not just one way to help but what is the best way you can have and that's your will that's your true will if you follow that path that is the way that you if you keep doing it the universe will open doors to you I know I've done it okay and I've seen those doors open to me you know just the fact that we're I'm doing this show it is proof of that that it came together it manifested it took a couple of years but it manifested okay and all of the dynamics the resources and the people came together to make that happen because I was in this mentality that's the reason that it happened I had to push for it I had to fight for it but as long as I stayed in that mentality of service to truth and focusing on what is the best way to help that's why that manifested and see this is what I'm trying to explain to people the people I'm talking about they imagine themselves to be awake many of the people that I'm talking to be talking about in this presentation but they're not really in this state of mind okay they haven't really gotten that and don't really understand this is a spiritual war where you have to ask that question what is the best way to help okay most people don't ever get there you know if they're doing well they get to the mentality of well how can I help somebody else maybe I'll try to enlighten my mother or my sister and my brother okay but they never really go to that service to truth mentality and that's where we all have to get to so moving to the next slide I'm talking about people who have entitlement attitudes attitudes of entitlement what does that mean okay we hear the word entitlement but let's actually define it okay entitlement is a belief that someone is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges certain privileges with which they did not necessarily themselves earn or should have the right to it is also entitlement is also a set of social expectations which are considered unreasonable or unduly prescriptive upon others in other words making demands upon other people's resources making demands upon other people's time wanting you to give them leeway in instructions that you that you've set because they work for your time and schedule and resources right make exception for them because they are considered special they're considered entitled right and there's a million reasons why they want it well I don't have as much money as the next person or I don't have you know the same resources or you know I live in this country or that country or that country you know and it's like okay I get all of those things I understand but at the same time then you don't need to accept an offer that is made it's like someone who wants to go out to a restaurant with a bunch of friends and doesn't have any money to pay for his meal well the person might want to go to the place to enjoy the social interaction and the good food with his friends his or her friends but if the person doesn't have the money to pay for that meal they probably should not go to the restaurant empty-handed and then expect someone else at the table to pay for them this is what this is like okay it's it's it's like saying well I didn't work for what I'm getting right but I want to change all the dynamics and all the rules involved and get it on my terms anyway okay and that is again the words here it's a perfect perfect definition unreasonable or unduly prescriptive means that you have made unreasonable demands upon the others resources time efforts etc okay they're unreasonable unduly prescriptive and this image perfectly describes it that this image is what I see spiritually playing out inside the mindset the mentality the psyche of the people with this type of an attitude and I want to I want to tell you like it sits in the anarchist movement it's in the so-called freedom movement see because we're many of the people are still of this notion that this is all just an external conspiracy ok the conspiratorial aspects of this are worth studying they're worth noting and studying and they're real ok but see if you get just lost in all of that and you you don't go back to the beginning of my work ok which is why started with the solution what was the solution in the beginning of what on earth is happening the presentation and the podcast right was it no every aspect of the conspiracy you know no that wasn't the solution was it right was the solution blame one group you know that you think you think is the be-all and end-all of who's controlling the world and point the finger at them and say that's the problem that they just have to be eliminated and everything will be fine was that the solution presented at the beginning of what on earth is happening no that wasn't the solution either was the solution come up with redic ridiculous models for the shape of the earth all right we're not gonna go there ok but that wasn't the solution either folks ok the idea was change your consciousness understand what higher consciousness is and means and then do your internal work to change your consciousness and thereby change your behavior and then start influencing other people to change their mindset and behavior and here's the here's the problem folks you wanna know the reason why there are a hundred thousand teachers teaching at my level because they haven't gone through the personal transformation in consciousness yet they're still studying all only the external factors about the world control system and they have not learned all of the dynamics of human consciousness that is the required causal level factor for creating the change in the manifested reality to change one's own consciousness and this is why the world isn't changing because we're not doing that internal work and most of us look like this baby with their arms crossed the making demands on other people and see this isn't again people will turn the table and say you're doing that no I'm explaining what other how other people are falling short in doing the great work I'm not making the ban I'm saying you and other people out there saying you want this change to take effect okay therefore there are prerequisites there are requirements in work that must be done for that change to take effect you you're in slavery you want freedom well there's prerequisites that have to take effect that means you have to change certain things in your mindset and behavior I want those things that change so I change those things in my mindset and behavior that's why I am acting like a responsible adult when I deal with someone else not like an angry child with their arms crossed okay you know making unreasonable demands I've come out and said I won't continue to do work unless people step up and do contribute resources and time and effort and I don't see it as the same thing because of what I've already freely given okay having freely given of my time my energy my resources my respects periences from my own caring from my own desire to want to enlighten other people which is what the true great work is about okay I don't think that that's the same as going up to another person who is said okay I can I can do this for you and then me saying well you know I want you to do this this this on my terms okay I can say no that's okay if you can't be here every every Tuesday when I work then we we I I don't accept your offer of help just like somebody can say well I don't have money to ship an art drive to you so I can't take you up on your offer maybe when I have the money I'll take you up on it you know but there are people who want you to jump through their hoops to do everything to do it for them and this is I'm gonna explain it comes out of a socialist mindset the attitude of entitlement actually comes out of a mindset of government taking care of everybody and it comes out of this staying a child again this is the perfect image go back to the image okay you see the child not getting their way right this is wanting immediate gratification not wanting to work for something right it's a lot different you know wanting immediate gratification not wanting to work for something people will compare this to me saying I want some help for doing the great work with what on earth is happening how dare I you know how dare he asked for for volunteer help because I've been doing this for like 12 years so I don't desert freely I might add and out of my own pocket only recently if people come forward to really contribute resources financially for me to make things go to the next level with this and you could still say that they're at somewhat of a semi-pro level you know this isn't anything like some of the production values of really bigger podcast but it's it's not bad for doing it on the budget that I have available to do it on okay but my point is you know entitlement is something different than asking for justified help and resources that you know after someone puts a whole lot of work in you could say hey they deserve that this is undue mindset of deserving something when they the person hasn't earned it that's what makes it entitlement okay something can be deserved but not given okay but this means it's not deserved and demanded for that's what entitlement is all right so you can't get the two things confused with each other all right because there are legitimate things that people should receive especially if they put a certain amount of work into something to benevolently enlighten and guess what it's not just me there are many other people that deserve resources that people should go out and fund you know because that's what they do you know they give up their full time to do this to research and then to present in whatever form they present it and those people should be making more money and have more resources at their disposal than imbécile basketball pliers and imbecile baseball players and imbecile football players who don't give a damn about anybody themselves and lead totally hedonistic selfish satanic lifestyles okay to play children's games they get there those kind of resources because that's what this the the whole society values this is how screwed up our value system is okay the people who are trying to teach people what real values and real principles are I have to scrape by by the skin of their teeth and people who play an idiotic children's game so that people who don't want to think about reality can crowd into crowded stadiums and watch grown men play children's games you know they're making millions you know while the people who are actually trying to enlighten humanity are scraping by not having the resources that that they have to even help you know their their pay their staff or or or even live themselves you know it's ridiculous and then then we'll get flak from imbeciles saying how dare we ask for donations I mean like shove it up your ass okay people who think like that so I'm talking about almost invariably people who have done absolutely nothing and yet think they're entitled to a whole lot okay for having done nothing just because they want something on their own terms just because they're used to getting what they want on their own terms because daddy government mommy government has given me everything since the day that I was born for free and that's how it the whole world should be nobody should work for anything government should just provide everything for us so I'm gonna sit here with my arms crossed because you just asked for me to follow instructions what why should there be any rules on anything why shouldn't I just you know get what I want at any point in time just because I feel like it cuz that's what's always been given to me by mommy and daddy government is this is this child mentality that's coming out of a lot of people all right and it's embarrassing and I'm trying to try line here folks again I said this at the beginning between being harsh but not too harsh that I make people totally tune out and say I don't even want to improve myself it should make people feel uncomfortable to the point of that they're somewhat embarrassed for previous bad behavior and want to say you know what we have behaved like that it is due to cultural inculcation in our way of life prop you know hammered into us by the media and the government and we can do better and we can change this mentality all right so let's move on the people that I'm talking about that are doing this are Millennials and Europeans in other words what we're going to talk about what the Millennial age group is it's basically people who were born around the early 1980s into the early 1990s mid 1990s maybe okay so but and of course Europeans are people from just about any country in Europe and but they're taking an entitled attitude which we just looked at what that means and they're taking a socialist attitude and again I feel that these attitude of entitlement actually is derived out of in stems from the socialist mentality so what is the dictionary definition of socialism according to the merriam-webster dictionary which whether you consider that a valid source or not it's a basic dictionary definition this is someone else's slide by the way government ownership and administer socialism me government ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods okay now some people will twist and contort that definition is simply public ownership okay which there is no such thing in the lark and roads just did a great video on how public ownership is utter nonsense there is no such thing if there isn't private ownership there isn't ownership because ownership means you decide exclusively what happens to to an item a piece of property how it gets to be used period okay so if that is an exclusive it's not owned by anyone okay it's in the case of socialism it's a tool for the state to control that's all it is okay and it isn't just collectivized ownership or quote public ownership it actually is in the hands of the state so people want to nitpick and fight over that definition that's what socialism is ladies and gentlemen it means the state owns the means of production and distribution of goods period that's what it means that's the classical definition of socialism and guess what it's the correct definition of socialism all right now right off the bat if you can't see how that's going to end in a nightmare situation then you haven't read world history and you haven't understood how this descends into totalitarianism fascism Nazism communism etc and ends up with starvation and we're mass deaths by military or secret police you know or starving people out because that's how it happens and every recorded instance in human history and that's how it will continue to happen as long as total retarded people who are completely slow on the uptake which is what the word retarded means you don't need to have any kind of a syndrome to be retarded in your thought process it just means you're slow on the uptake that's all it means to retard means to slow down look it up in a dictionary go look it up in merriam-webster okay it means to slow the progress of and it means that people are slow on the uptake in their ability to understand what things mean and what direction things are going so yes the people who haven't understood that that's where socialism goes are retarded in their thought process okay socialism is also defined as a system of society or group living in which there is no such thing as private property and I would agree this is what these idiots believe this is what people who think that no one can own anything see all rights are property rights we talked about this when we talked about natural law if you don't understand that go back and listen to the natural law seminar go back and listen to the podcasts on natural law without property there are no rights all rights or property rights everything that is a violation of any human right is a violation of someone's rightful property property is real it exists in nature in nature is not a constructor idea money is a constructor idea that doesn't exist in nature it's an agreed-upon thing rights aren't constructional they exist in nature property is not construction it exists in nature okay you are actively using it into the 3d world its property okay going back to the definition of socialism a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state perfect definition correct definition okay the means of production owned and controlled by the state again what socialists naively believed is we're going to give all this power of the state we're going to then solve all the problems of the world because in their beneficent knowledge there are mittened beneficence the state is going to take care and provide for everyone thus ending all problems of the world by their effective distribution of the means the distribution of the means of production and the distribution of goods and services solving all world hunger all world problems and then in that state of ultimate power of controlling everything how everything is made produced and distributed the state will magically dissolve itself out of its own beneficence thereby producing an anarchic world yeah that's how it'll work yeah where's our vomit guide do we we got to have him on file okay we got to have our vomit guy on file okay so we can play him at any time so I could go back to you know hold on let me see if I could find him real quick just to back off of my slides I'll go to my through my stuff and we just see if I could find that guy give me a second okay all right hold on a minute yes switch back switch back to my laptop real quick I can't do it wait wait give me a second I'll do it full screen go back give me one second here I'll do this full screen for everybody yeah we're gonna improvise here on what on earth is happening that's how important this is okay I should have planned for this but I didn't so I'm gonna make a slide real quick and I'm gonna play it and I'm gonna go fullscreen hold on give me one more second there we go go fullscreen now there we go here we go folks yes the state is going to control all means of production and distribution of all goods and resources and services and then the state after we after arriving at this ultimate source of power is going to dissolve itself oh it's not it's not even our benevolent leader folks this is the per average person who believes in socialism okay this is the believer in socialism spouting this nonsense the the state's going to control everything folks it's going to control all the method of production the means of distribution and then it will dissolve itself leaving an anarchist Society Oh what pure beneficence aw it's so wonderful this is how imbecilic people sound this is how really imbecilic they sound folks you know again I I think people should really record themselves right they should record themselves and then play themselves back so that they can hear how ridiculous and nonsensical they actually sound when they speak or what their ideas are speak your ideas aloud then play them back to yourself so you could hear how ridiculous some of the ideas that people speak actually sound that this is what socialists believe that's what they actually believe will happen this is what marks the Antichrist if there ever was an actual Antichrist in the world what Karl Marx pumped into the mindset and it wasn't Marx it was the social engineer occultus who controlled him and his family members and his associates like angles and and basically commissioned him to put the planks of the Communist Manifesto out there you know Marx was it was a puppet okay he wasn't even somebody with this type of mentality you know it was like Levay in the same sense that Levay conquer ties the Satanic mentality and put it out in the Satanic Bible it came forward years after that that he was charged to do that by higher levels Satanists namely the Bush family okay who were friends and handlers of lavae all right so what we ostensibly believe are put out there by certain writers / philosophers i ideologues are not their real really their own work okay they're they're commissioned to do that so that the real source of these ideologies and mentalities can remain secret it away okay so anyway we have to understand what we're talking about we're talking about a socialist attitude of entitlement this is where it comes from because it comes from the belief that oh the state should provide everything for everyone and therefore hey you know how dare you you know go against that mentality by saying aye you want me to do something and it costs me money and resources and time and effort and energy even if I'm taking you up on your offer you know oh I have to make demands on you even though you offered the thing to do it my way and and as free and little resources I have to put into it you know I mean I just go back to this folks I'll do it when I get to the the Europeans okay let's just move forward invariably unwaveringly socialism um always descends into communism or a form of it okay and it can descend into nationalistic fascism as well it is possible okay or it can descend into a very twisted inbred variant of the to where you have certain aspects of the society acting fascistic or corporatist and then other aspects acting completely communist socialist but in general the social engineers of the world have decided that communism through socialism arriving at communism through socialism is the most effective means because it is largely done culturally and over a long swath of time compared to a nationalistic fascism form of totalitarianism which is often done as quickly as possible often through military coos and conquering other nations militaristically through military invasion this is seen as not preferable to the long marks through the cultural institutions that a socialist / communist regime would choose because it is done almost imperceptibly and then people wake up in a totalitarian society not even understanding how they got there often accomplished over multi generations multiple generations but people like Stalin said you know I only need one generation to you know have the future generations for hundreds of years and you know the generation that has been gotten in our culture is Generation Y other otherwise known as the Millennials okay and when I mean gotten I mean they are hardcore God okay to put it in Street lingo they are God okay and they don't even know how gotten they are all right see that's the problem is you have a a an entire entire generation of individuals an entire demographic of people that are so overly intellectualized and overly quote educated formerly that they largely don't have the common sense to understand how completely duped they've been okay that's why so many younger people in this generation believe in socialism and communism all right and what communism is people have to understand it and they have to go and read and understand really what this ideology is because people don't understand what it is I'm not going to get into all the planks of the communist manifesto today that's a whole nother presentation I will be doing that in I'm gonna do a long-form presentation it's probably gonna be about eight or nine hours called occult the dark occult origins of Nazism and communism because they have a shared dark occult origin okay so I'm gonna be getting into that in a formal long-form presentation not probably not on what on earth is happening more likely than not that will probably be being done either probably at the near next year probably toward the beginning of next year in Philadelphia I'll set up a location and I will deliver probably an all-day seminar here in Philadelphia just myself called the occult the dark occult origins of Nazism and communism probably in the year 2020 if we're all still here okay so what people have to understand about communism is communism is a system of international socialism see so the words national socialism is in the definition of communism here but the the prefix inter is applied at the beginning so national socialism is what Nazism was you know the the word Nazi is a truncation of Nazi oh now so Silesia to Deutsche arbeiterpartei and pricks use my German pronunciation I probably butchered that but if you take the acronym of it it's NSDAP National Socialist German Deutsche Workers arbiter party okay National Socialist German Workers Party NSDAP was the initials for the Nazi Party and then the truncation of it became Nazi in English because they didn't want to say the whole thing in German okay and in that is National Socialist it was a socialist regime but again it was National Socialist again that's what fascism is it's national socialism okay it means that you've accomplished socialism through a more individualistic nationalistic approach you've gotten it there appealing to people's egos and nationalistic pride and then you've largely conquered militarily instead of culturally you through military might that those are the mechanisms of National Socialism folks just read about it historically which most people won't pick up basic history books and read about it okay what we're talking about here in the form of communism has practiced by you know Red China and Soviet Russia we're talking about international socialism that's the only difference between communism and Nazism one does it through nationalism one does it through internationalism okay so this is international socialism it means instead of putting people on a nationalistic path you are putting them on a common world path the common goal common purpose to a world system okay and that's why this is favored by the people who talk about they want a new world order the new world order is international socialism and that's communism all right that's why they want us to go to the the gap in between going straight to communism you've got to get to full socialism they want democratic socialism they wanna they wanted to degrade from a republic okay down to a quote democracy down to democratic socialism then into pure socialism then eventually into international socialism which is communism okay so moving forward to understand the dynamics of why people do not understand what communism is and do not understand why people in high-level positions of Finance and banking and military and government okay want to bring about world communism through socialism and always want to project that socialism is a good thing for the masses of people and they want people subscribing to the idea of socialism it's the same thing is why do they want why do Satanists want people subscribing to the ideas of communism but oh I'm sorry of Satanism but on a lower level many me Satanism well you get a if you're a high level communist and you want to bring the world into totalitarian communism the New World Order the dark New World Order you have to bring people into a mini-me version of your mindset which is socialism that's mini-me communism it's the same thing as what I call mini-me Satanism and let me tell you something folks this book right here that I'm putting on the screen put this fullscreen okay this is probably the most important book any human being will ever read in addition to the end of all evil by Jeremy Locke and the most dangerous superstition by Larkin rose okay I have now asked multiple rooms of people at events that I've been at who has read this book cover-to-cover in its entirety it's a short book it's like 150 pages to 200 pages depending on how big the print is in whatever Edition you're getting it in okay maybe even less than that and hardly anybody's hands ever go up in my personal life I asked people how many people do I know of read people this book cover-to-cover I might know three or four people personally as individuals that have read this book cover-to-cover I'm telling my whole listening audience my whole viewing audience right now this is the most essential book right now that anybody could read at this point in human history this is it none dare call it conspiracy by Gary Allen I will link to a PDF copy of the book in this podcast download it put it on put it on your damn reading device whatever it happens to be whether it's a smartphone a tablet whatever the hell you want to read on okay and read this book cover-to-cover anybody who wants to claim that they're awaken has not read this book you're asleep I don't care what else you know you don't know what's going on in the world if you haven't read this book somebody had high position of government writing about it from the inside from his own knowledge from the inside just like I'm telling you about Satanism because I on the inside and came out of it this person's telling you about what's going on inside high-level positions of government because he was on the inside it's not prophecy folks it's a game plan okay all right people want to say it's conspiracy no it's called a game plan of internal collusion between high-ranking members of politics banking military industry etc that is operating in the very real world that you don't have to apply the moniker of conspiracy to to understand that it's happening and he called it none dare call conspiracy because it most certainly is an organized conspiracy and he was trying to explain to people what why do these people want to bring it in through socialism because this is what people don't understand they think they're trying to help you by bringing socialism in nothing could be further from the truth these people aren't interested in helping you they're interested in controlling you in enslaving you for anybody in the truth movement that is not read none dare call conspiracy by Gary Allen you are asleep and you don't know what's going on if you haven't read this book I don't know how much more how much much more harshly I can say it those who haven't read the book none dare call conspiracy are not awakened to the political machinations of what is are really going on in the world and if you can't take the time to read a hundred some page book cover-to-cover you're not worth anything let alone putting the time in to awaken or helping to awaken other people so read the book no problem my producer was just informing sorry folks are just informing we had a little network screaming hiccup there I apologize for that hopefully everything is working fine again but you know these things happen we are live so you know we'll just continue to go going back to this slide I'll link it in the you know in the podcast when I put it out also just as a brief aside people and ask you know well you know the live stream goes on YouTube when it's live it goes on Facebook when it's live on Vimeo you know we we simulcast on Vimeo Facebook and YouTube in addition to what on earth is happening calm slash show okay but the podcast officially gets put up from the raw video okay yeah and it's largely uncompressed video so I wanted to look as pristine as possible and I usually put that up the night after the show I'll take a break for a couple of hours after I do it because this show leaves me pretty drained and then I'll take a break I'll eat something I'll relax for a little bit then I'll go put the video up okay so you know don't expect the podcast immediately this isn't an automated process folks one day I'm gonna leave that till the next show okay one day I'm gonna leave doing the podcast til the next show and I'm gonna show everybody what I have to do to put the podcast up so you understand the work that I do after the show which nobody does for me I do it okay so you know coming some slack on the time it takes me to recuperate after I do a three-hour live broadcast you know to the time when I got to go back and sit at the computer immediately again and start working on the podcast okay there's no magical podcast button oh wait a minute oh I see it it's so bright above the return button there's the podcast button I thought that was the back slash but apparently that's the podcast button you hit that your podcast goes live right out boom oh it's all tagged everything it's up there in the format you want the XML feed is built boom podcast stop no work required it's one button on the keyboard sorry folks I missed it I didn't know that there was a podcast button on my keyboard see that's why you got attention and when you buy new technology you gotta look at the instruction manual you gotta look at all the buttons I you know if I would have known that I'd be hitting that button boom one second after the show is done play and it would be live so you know understand it's a complicated process okay and it takes a little while all right I'll do it live on the air one day thomas jefferson said and he was really talking about socialism here i predict future happiness for americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them that's what socialism is ladies and gentlemen it's taking all of the labor of the people into the hands and usability of the state as tools and then you're telling them we're doing this so we can take care of you and provide for everybody as nanny and mommy and daddy you know but really what they're doing is enslaving you all the while patting you on the head and patting you on the back saying we're going to take good care of you that's all it is and Thomas Jefferson understood that as did all the founding fathers okay but people don't want to listen to that conventional with that true conventional wisdom no they want to say they know better than you know our ancestors did in what to look for as far as government control goes yeah because we're doing a real good job of being vigilant for it now you know we're halfway into communism we're almost all the way in because this is what the Millennial hears and most of the Europeans free stuff because we love you you know the crown the state the government they just want to give you all this stuff they don't want to give it to you to keep you dependent and keep you acting like a little child just taking and sucking on the tit no they want they want to give it to us they love you keep calm right keep calm there's my there's my take on keep calm okay there's my take on the crown asking us to keep calm okay that's my answer okay to use psychopathic inbred cases of pure filth pedophilic filth okay but this is the attitude of most of the children of the world and by children I mean the adults of our society the eternal children and this is the podcast title this is the title of the show gimme gimme gimme right because we're in service to self mentality and I'm entitled and I deserve that you know how about stop allowing yourself to be robbed and spend your money how you want to spend it by not paying taxes you know stop allowing the Psychopaths to take from you find methods of doing runarounds around their system by whatever means necessary to do it and don't contribute into their taxation system of slavery and then put your money where you want to put it voluntarily you know but this is everybody's attitude gimme gimme gimme cuz I'm entitled I deserve to get it for free even though somebody else labored to create it to produce it to distribute it it's because there's no respect for property no respect for property rights see in their in their whole attitude there should be no such thing as property well if you dump property you dump rights with it because if you understand natural law all rights or property rights there can't can't be rights without property then think about it if the word proper means right its moral its proper its rights we use the words to mean the same thing that's not accidental those words were chosen to mean the same thing for very specific reasons so why do the Millennials have this mentality okay they have this mentality of instant gratification first of all who are the Millennials that I'm talking about who are the millennial generations who is the millennial generation so the millennial generation could be defined as Generation Y in between X and Z I'm a generation Xer I come from Generation X born between the years 1965 and 1980 I was born in 1974 right in the middle of Gen X okay you know in Gen Xers are more like focused on sort of a vocation you know they're not like Drifters from one project or career to another or you know they're generally like identify with like doing a a vocation of some type of task that they are very good at Gen Y is more you know flowed from job to job or work for from company to company mostly because there isn't a lot of job security anymore but it's like you know they don't really have that like sort of vocational idea about what they want to do in life so there are more drifters they're also highly focused on self service to self mentality not all of them again these are generalities not blanket statements in this case again some blanket statements are true and sometimes I'll make them in this case I'm making generalities generalized statements that are largely true but not always okay Generation Y was born between the years 1981 and 1996 some people will place that slightly higher I've heard you know 84 to 97 to 98 it's in that region okay you know early early 80s to mid 90s - even late 90s okay and they're highly focused on the it's like these are the people I was talking about last week - think the personal computer is over with we don't need high-end desktops or laptops we could just use tablets and self and smart phones okay they're always in their phone they're always in social media obsessed with social media this generation is obsessed with social media status on social media is like there life's goal okay and thinking that I can do everything on my cell phone I could do everything on my tablet well actually no you can't and that was a deliberate effort on the part of the social engineers to get you off of a truly creative platform like a powerful personal desktop computer okay or a powerful laptop computer all right that's that's what who we're talking about here okay so this has been also called the me me me generation and there we have it again mini-me Satanism me me me gimme gimme gimme instant gratification you know my generation has some of that but not to the extent that the next generation does now generation Z I'm hearing good things about that are seeing all the bullshit of Gen Y of the Millennials and going good god how do we let it get this bad and they're stepping up and doing something about it already as young as they are you know they're realizing how totally fucked their parents are you know how fucked up in the head that they are and realizing how fucked they're making the world and they're basically saying no we got to do something about this some of them not all of them but you know a portion of them are waking up just by the nature of how mentally screwed up their parents generation is okay and guess what I'll blame it right on my generation my generation made Gen Y Gen X produced Gen Y okay we produced the Millennials my generation produced the Millennial generations because largely my generation was so screwed up from the baby boomer generation that created us that we passed the nonsense right down to the children that my generation produced and created the Millennials it seems like the cycle is being interrupted a little bit I'm not going to use the word completely broken but it's not progressing in a cyclical pattern as it did over the last three generations something is going on with Gen Z that isn't the way that the social engineers are really planning for it now that being said let's see how it plays out I'm not prophesying anything there okay I'm saying that I think they have a little bit better of a chance that the gen Z younger generation does than the Millennials because the Millennials have I'm what I mean the mind control worked perfectly upon them when I mean it worked perfectly I mean it went flawlessly the Machine had not one kink in it during the formation of Gen Y at all the social engineers I have to give them a round of applause I mean you guys brilliant work okay you yeah it's there no joke these people are not a joke the social engineers who program Generation Y with their belief systems did a flawless job I have to say okay a flawless job because I have never seen in my life a more brainwashed generation ever ever okay and thank God your children aren't listening to your bullshit thank God okay that's all I have to say you know thank God your children are infinitely smarter than the dunces that you are most of them most of them I'm not talking every single person in that generation because there are some that are legitimately awake okay but I'm talking to the vast majority as a whole as a group okay you're you're not gonna get done to your children the mindfuck job that that the previous generation unfortunately allowed to happen to you it's not gonna happen with your children okay there's too much information too much data and they're just a little bit more streetwise than you are okay and they're not buying the lies that you bought from the mainstream media because let me tell you something folks this generation that they'll portray them in the media as oh they're always on their cell phone they are addicted to mainstream media addicted addicted okay and you want to say oh no they don't watch as much television they watch just as much television and they watch TV and other four just because they're not watching TV on a television doesn't mean that they're not paying attention to the mainstream media on other devices okay just because they absorb the same bullshit on a different device doesn't mean they're not taking the same bullshit into their minds okay so this is who Generation Y is the Millennial Generation okay and this is what I'm talking about that has this attitude of I needed on my terms I'm not interested in in your daily work of or what you have to go through or your routine your schedule your hardships it's me me me is this gonna be better for me well then do it even if it's harder for you okay that's their whole mentality their mentality is I care about only me it's a satanic mindset okay Satanism was very much propagated propagandized to this generation of individuals and they bought into it hardcore hardcore what else was very much propagandized to these individuals was socialism okay socialism was that the long march through the cultural institutions the Graham sheep land coming out of the Frankfurt School of Germany okay was brought into the mindset of the millennial generation in a hardcore form more so than any other generation on earth and that was done through the university systems of North America specifically the United States and of all the European countries the university system is where the Communists and socialists decided to spread their tentacles through okay and that's where they decided that they were going to actually conquer ties and conduct the the long march through the institution's that the plan of antonio gramsci the italian communist okay read about him read about the Frankfurt School which was you know said the conquering a nation militaristically with communism and then bringing to the rest of the world is not the way to do it that you would have to extend your tentacles to the far corners of the earth and then conquer the world culturally conquer each nation culturally weaken its people weaken the sexes divide the sexes divide people along all kinds of boundaries which we talked about on former shows about division and then conquer them through cultural means and that was called the long march through the cultural institutions and it has worked flawlessly and it has worked most flawlessly on Generation Y the millennial generation they bought into that whole plan of divide and rule divide and conquer bringing in socialism and eventually communism through a cultural mechanisms okay that is the mindset that largely their parents pushed them into that came out of the socialist schools of thought of the 1960s and 70s okay that invaded this country through Soviet Russia and other places in Europe this is why we've seen Millennials propagating socialism so much in the modern world and saying we don't want a capitalistic Society not that we have one they don't even understand that what they think capitalism is is actually cronyism or what is known as crony capitalism which is a collusion between government and corporate power it's not real capitalism okay and they want now to bring in what they call and many politicians in the world today like Sanders and Cortes are calling democratic socialism so here are basically communist flag wavers that are waving you know flags akin to the hammer and sickle although you know they're not putting the hammer and sickle on it or you know the Chinese star just straight red flags and calling it democratic socialism and you know look at look at the age group folks the age group is exactly the people that I'm talking about we're talking about people in their mid to mid 20s to early 30s who are getting you know politically quote active in the political circles and attempting to change the United States into a communist country which would then of course eventually fall into outright totalitarianism through communism as it always does throughout human history when ever attempted and they'll just give you these lines like oh it hasn't been done right yes Stalin just didn't starve enough people you know you know mal just didn't have enough people murdered you know that's all so you know they think that we're gonna get out of the crony capitalism by going into the opposite polarity which is called socialism and they want to do it through demo a blending between what they consider democracy and socialism and all this is folks is this is like you know well we're going to use the mechanisms of government to have voting and we're going to basically even if people are wrong and you know fifty-one percent of people vote to cannibalise the other 49 well then it was passed through law and it was democratic and so you know dive in with your forks and knives and chop up your fellow beings you know because it was put to a vote and it was democratically done you know that's what the real mechanisms of government are all about you know that's all they've ever been about they've never been about anything else except violence through coercive control that's it and you do that through voting and if the vast majority wants to commit whatever heinous acts of violence they want to commit well hey you voted on it you know forget individual rights this is about the majority rules you know it's about collectivism and majority rules well guess what most of the time the majority is wrong most of the time the majority is immoral you know you have to go down to the individual principles individual rights if you're going to get to truth if you're going to get to real prints if you're gonna get to real values okay and if you're ever gonna get to real freedom you certainly need to get down to individual principles and rights but yeah here's uh here's the Democratic socialists of American I want you to take a look at all the faces I want you to take a look at the age group it's a very nice neatly packed age range isn't it there's no very very young people and there's no certainly no people with any gray hairs in the head there's certainly no much older people you know from like our grandparents generation you know none of them are in there okay this is all you know people in their late 20s to maybe mid 30s max and that's the Millennials right now that's it okay and they think they know what's going on they think they have it figured out they think they know whether the woes of the world you know now they know what the mainstream media and their socialist professors told them that's what they know because they've been put through the gauntlet through the wringer of outcome based education which is Soviet style education based upon former Nazi style education based upon former Prussian military style education and if you don't understand that again you haven't been paying attention you're not awake you don't know where the modern education system comes from or the former systems of education that it was influenced by okay so what I'm trying to explain to people is real methods of Education to get people out of this type of a mindset and the real method of Education is the classical liberal arts education methodology known as the Trivium and quadrivium which we talk about here a lot on what on earth is happening these people none of them the the classical liberal arts education methodologies were all pulled from the schools of these people long before their birth okay they are not involved in true critical thinking methodologies they're not involved in real scientific methodology really never have been in the schools that they went to and that's why they came out outcome based education they came of that gauntlet that they were put through thinking exactly what the engineers who built that system of indoctrination want them to think that's how social engineering works folks and people are just too overly educated to acknowledge that they were duped and put through that wringer you know they don't want to admit that to themselves largely also because they're still drowning in like probably hundreds of thousands of dollars of school debt you know so-called education debt okay so you know this lifestyle leads to them basically not even making enough and being in debt so much that they can't even eat out a modest living and then they want to blame capitalism for that look I'm not I'm not you're you know huge proponent of capitalism and monetary systems and everything like that I'm a proponent of higher consciousness and true spirituality and a lot of the selfish assholes that you find in on the other side of the spectrum when it comes to being radical capitalists you know they don't understand a thing about real spirituality there are people in the anarchist movement they are say they're anarcho-capitalist and they say the word spirituality has no meaning to them consciousness is a meaningless term well left right asshole is a meaningful term to me which is what those kind of people are you know and you know these people are just as in basilic you know because they think that the state should take care and provide for everybody you know like a benevolent parent you know that's gonna take care of them from cradle to grave and provide further every need so in a recent poll conducted in America they just basically asked a bunch of people from many different states and many different walks of life and age groups provide the definition of socialism and of course the socialism is the means of production and distributions of of goods are in the hands of this state basically that's if people basically just answered that said you know publicly collectively whatever the means of production and distribution of goods as in the hands of the state is in the hands of the public or the state they would have been gauged the correct answer okay and in doing that only 16 percent of Millennials actually gave the correct answer of what socialism was when I'm gonna read you an article now coming up that talks about over 58 percent of Millennials want there to be socialism or don't want capitalism and yet only 16 percent could pretty when polled could provide a correct answer of what socialism even is Americans in general only did twice as well Americans above 30 years old only 30 percent of them correctly gave the answer less than a third approximately one third it's disgraceful that people can't give a simple definition of what socialism is you know and yet you know over half of them we're gonna be advocating for it I'm gonna pause the presentation right here and I want to go to an article okay so I'm gonna switch over to my web browser you can you can cut back to the browser and we'll go back to the presentation but I want to read this article now okay it's from The Washington Times not the most reputable source but I'll tell you what I believe the article that they're writing right now that they're publishing right now okay so they are they are they did a poll where they polled Millennials and asked them would you rather live in a socialist or communist nation than under capitalism and guess what folks in this article they actually also said if if fascism was a choice would you accept that over capitalism okay so it says this troubling turn highlights widespread historical illiteracy in American society now for the Washington Times that folks okay this is how radically off-base this poll got that even the Washington Times published that this is troubling and it indicates widespread historical illiteracy from a paper that I would say you know isn't that the most trustworthy source in the world okay however it at least tells the truth in this article which I'm gonna read okay so here's some former you know Soviet you know leaders including Lenin and Stalin busts they're shown it says the majority of Millennials would prefer to live in a socialist communist or fascist nation rather than a capitalistic one according to a new poll I just want to read that first statement again listen to this folks if this doesn't trouble and worry you you need your head screwed on straight because it's not okay the majority of Millennials would prefer to live in a socialist communist or fascist nation rather than a capitalistic one according to a new poll in the victims of communism Memorial Foundation's annual report on US attitudes toward socialism fifty-eight percent of the up and coming generation opted for one of the three systems either socialism communism or fascism compared to 42 percent who said they were in favor of capitalism the most popular socio-economic order was socialism with forty four percent support communism and fascism received seven percent support each so again they are for the stepping stone to communism which is socialism Marion Smith executive director of the victims of communism Memorial Foundation said the report shows Millennials are increasingly turning away from capitalism and toward socialism and even communism as a viable alternative this troubling turn highlights widespread historical illiteracy in American society regarding socialism and the systemic failure of our education system to teach students about the genocide destruction and misery caused by communism since the Bolshevik Revolution 100 years ago mr. Smith said in a statement Millennials are more likely to prefer socialism and communism rather than the rest of the country 59 percent of all correspondents chose capitalism as their preferred arrangement compared to 34 percent who said socialism 4 percent fascism and 3 % communism some of communism z' luminaries are admired by Millennials 31 percent said they have a favorable view of Shigure era 32 percent had a favorable view of Karl Marx 23 percent had a favorable view of Vladimir Lenin and 19 percent had a favorable view of Mao Zedong okay think about that folks that's one in five thought the Chairman Mao was an admirable human being who indirectly as a dictator led to the deaths of an estimated 90 million people okay that's an admirable soul Joseph Stalin was viewed favorably by just six percent in the poll only 33 percent of millennial of Millennials were able to identify the correct definition of socialism in this poll were they largely favored it still only 33 percent that that nationwide poll I just showed you only 16 percent could tell you what socialism was only 33 percent in the very poll in which 58 percent said that they would live in a system either socialism communism or Chisholm all out of them only 33 were able to identify correctly the definition of socialism they fared about as well as the rest of the country which only successfully identified socialism at a 34% clip generation Z the millennia the generation after the Mongols was the most informed group with 43 percent correctly identifying socialism you see the younger generation isn't taking the bullshit they're not taking the indoctrination as well as this Generation Y class of individuals just swallowed it down like I said they stayed they funnel it down the gullet okay with a funnel and a fine a firehose okay forget spooning it in you know can't get it in there fast enough throw a funnel down down the throat get the hose in there and just turn the valve on as fast as it can pump it in you know that's how fast we got to get that propaganda down the gullet okay so we're Millennials struggled compared to other generations was in the identification of capitalism just fifty one percent correctly said capitalism is the economic system based on free markets and the rule of law with legal protections for private ownership that was by far the lowest of any age cohort Americans as a whole correctly identified capitalism 67 percent of the time Millennials are also less likely to have a negative view of communism just 36 percent said they had a very unfavorable impression of communism and only 44 percent said they would be insulted if they were described as a communist think about that that means that 56 percent of the millennial generation said they would not even be offended if they were described by someone else as a communist could you imagine that this is this is who many of the people who listen to my show that these are your children okay that's all I have to say all right this is that this is the job you did raising children all right and then people want to say go pump out as many kids as you can is one of the reasons I haven't had children okay because this is the kind of job people do raising them or I should say not raising them all right as a whole 56% of Americans view communism very unfavorably that's tragically low that should be a hundred percent so only 56 view it very unfavorably and sixty-three percent would be insulted to be associated with the ideology one possible explanation for the millennial infatuation with socialism is that 53 percent of the cohort reports feeling burdened burdened by the economy so because they feel economically burdened they think we should trash any form of capitalism and have a socialist system by which this state controls everything and just meets it out the people as they deem fit for their needs yeah yeah it's worked so well it's it's just it's you know just look at it historically you know if forms of socialism have been responsible for the deaths of over 250 million people in the 20th century alone that's a quarter of a billion souls it's worked so well as a matter of fact it's worked exactly as intended folks it's worked exactly as intended Millennials were the only age group more likely to say America's economic system works against me rather than for me generation Z had the most positive impression of the economy with 66 percent saying it works for me although many of them yet have to have yet to enter the workforce the victims of communism Memorial Foundation survey was conducted online from September 28th to October 5th it pulled 2,300 members of the general public aged 16 and above all right so we can cut away from that for a moment I'll switch back to my slide presentation I think that was a very pertinent article to view and to you know explain to people that that is a what is going on in our culture so to go back to the slides this was that national poll only 16% of Millennials and in the whole country were able to identify correctly what socialism was by definition so you could see why so Millennials have this attitude okay and why they're identifying with it they're poorly schooled they're poorly educated and you know whether you I'm not talking about like you know compulsory schooling I'm talking about they're not educated at all they're not truly educated they're indoctrinated and again that's the do to the gram Qi plan look it up okay understand that stems out of Europe and it's another reason that Europeans have a lot of the same mentality as well okay but look up the gram Qi plan of the long march through the institution's front that came out of the Frankfurt School inspired by Antonio Gramsci okay that's GRA MSCI gram Chi the long march through the cultural institutions understand that was their plan they did it through education through cultural infiltration of the educational system in America and through you throughout all of Europe okay and they put communist professors in these areas that or we're Soviet and or outright try come in their mindset okay and they put them into these positions of Education high-level positions university tenured at university and they just absolutely let the floodgates loose brainwashing the American and European public of young people okay they knew that that's how they were going to hit the population going to educated cultured centers where people would you know propagate the ideas out to the next generation down below them and that's exactly what happened so Europeans why do they take this attitude and therefore why do they act entitled okay cuz I'm gonna explain some of the things that they've done and what they'll ask okay see let me before I even read this let me explain talk about some of that dynamic okay what people will ask me you know when I have already said in instructions this is a set way that I do it this is all the time that I have I don't have time to do it any other way that's the main thing that I want people to understand right if you were me dealing with many many many many people on a daily basis which you don't do you're not see there this is why they're in service to self mentality and they don't look at it from anybody else's point of view they never put themselves in somebody else's shoes that's the whole part of the problem they can never turn or turn it around and look at look at it from a different perspective something from somebody else's point of view they don't do that they're only ever thinking me me me me me me me what can I get out of this right so I'm like I can't do this any differently would you be willing to go and use this carrier over here oh it's only you got to go to the other side of the city no I drop packages off in one location because I do multiple packages a day I don't have time for anything else I can't make an exception for you it has to work in a regimented way I can't be specialized toward any individual in this case because I'm one person trying to do the best I can to get the word out there with the time that I have to do it see that's why there's a set way of doing it I'm not telling you I don't respect individualism that's ultimately what this is all about okay but I can't tailor the experience just for a each individual person or I'd be running myself ragged more than I am okay and the point is is if someone has generously made you an offer that you want to take him up on you don't want to do the work that I did to assemble all of that data right you can do it don't find it yourself right you don't have to get it from me no one has to get the ark from me I'm not forcing it on anybody you have to receive this this dataset from me you don't have to no one has to look into it right you want to it's something you want right so then everybody is like well this costs too much can I send it this way no I don't want it destroyed or lost I want it insured a certain way I want to carry it and handle a certain way I want it packed a certain way want to know why I'm the one who's going to fulfill the offer for you I'm providing the service so the service is on my terms not your terms right so it's like if a cable company doesn't have the channel as you want you don't subscribe to it you go to somebody who does oh you're free to go and get the data from someone else I never told anybody they couldn't copy it for someone else I couldn't once it's in your possession you can do whatever the hell you want with it you could set it on fire for all I care I think it would be highly disrespectful to all the work that's on there but it's your property that's what property means you're allowed to do what you want with it that's one of the reasons I'm stringent with the instructions for the arc Drive because I don't want damage to happen to someone's property that isn't mine I wouldn't I would I would treat my property the same way with that level of care and respect why wouldn't I do it for someone else's property okay so the point I'm making here is that I I see in my experience and you could say okay this is subjective right but in my experiences with American citizens who have done taken me up on this offer they seem to really understand and respect personal property they seem to get it and that's because I think in America we have more of a culture of don't mess with anybody else's stuff they work for most of us do now again that's not a blanket statement cuz there are some people that have no respect for other people's possessions things a property etc and or will steal lie cheat to get whatever they want and harm anybody else or their property that's also a mentality here in America don't get me wrong there are low-lives who act like that okay however the people who take who are into my information and take me up on the offer that I have given about the arc Drive okay seem to really respect my time and effort and don't get uppity in asking me to do it a different way they see that my time is limited that I am trying to put the resources that I can into doing what I can for people and they seem to take it in a humble way and just say if this is what I gotta do mark then that's fine then I'll just I'll follow your instructions and they generally don't even ask they don't ask for anything different now multiple times I asked people nicely nicely I can't do this personally I can't tailor it personally for you I'm sorry but I can't I don't have the time the energy the resources I have to just have it a set way and just knock these out okay because I have so much other stuff I got a do during week again I'm sorry but the slideshow fairies just don't come to me anymore and build all my slides for me during the week right the package packing fairies they don't arrive and pack up all my stuff that I have to ship right okay the research gnomes don't hop into the house and do all my research for me and it's all waiting there I do all that stuff okay so I wish we had all of these beings we need the package Pixies the research gnomes and you know the the the the slide making the the presentation fairies okay but I'm sorry but these are mythical creatures that don't exist in real life okay so what I've noticed with Europeans and Canadians are they don't like it when someone says I have personal rules regarding this offer they don't want that to exist they think everything should be completely on their terms and I've it's not so it's not something I'm saying because I've somehow don't innately like Europeans or Canadians I hang out with anybody treat them on equal terms I judge people by the content of their character nothing about where they're from you know their culture their skin color anything their sex nothing like that okay I treat people even-keeled based on how they behave that's it and all I want to see is do they behave morally and do they behave respectfully toward other people so when I have interacted in many cases and again I just I want to say emphatically not all okay there are many people from Europe and Canada they're highly respectful individuals and there they're just they're like look I cut above okay that's that's all I have to say however they're in the minority until I really had to get in their face about it now it's improved okay so this is I'm largely talking about in the past but I think this is a holdover from how inculcated into socialist attitudes they are in the European Union okay so what I would say is I don't want to do this on your terms you can do this for me you know why can't you do this differently for me right this is gonna cost me more money doing it your way if I do it my way I won't have to pay as much money to the carrier well who said any word about how much it would cost I never told anybody a thing about what a package would cost to send to a private carrier which is what the Ark requires you can't send it through the post office I've had so many arks lost or damaged through the post office I don't use them as a carrier anymore okay I send out things that are you know less important items like just t-shirts or you know DVDs that can be easily replaced okay rather than someone's hard drive with a ton of data on it which I want to have a little bit of reverence for because this is not their own property it's not my property okay it's theirs okay and it has the data of what can potentially transform the world on it so I want to show that a little bit of respect right yet they'll continuously ask I want to do it this way instead of your way right when I asked nicely don't ask for special treatment I'm not going to give you special treatment because I can only afford to and have the time to do it this way when I deal with so many people and so many packages on a daily basis right so the Americans seem to get that and say I'll respect your wish I'll respect your time I'll respect your resources because I know you're one person trying to send out all this stuff it's like a server in the server model that we talked about last week the one server okay and then all the clients receiving the data from that one server okay I'm like the server in the middle of that model okay well and the other people will say how many people continue to say put the ark online first of all that's not the point of the ark okay the Ark the whole point of the Ark is that you're researching offline so that you have to make no internet connection at all no matter how fast or slow or non-existent of an internet connection you have the data is already local that's the point of the ark I don't want to distribute it online first of all the other thing is people who haven't dealt with this much data try uploading a terabyte of data see how you do see how well you do on your internet connection then I want you to try to download a terabyte of data off of some web server or something see how well you do okay all right yeah you could probably do that with a torrent file right but you know it depends on also how much it's going to be seeded and and people are gonna keep seeding it all right so in any one of those instances trust me trust me folks I've put out more arcs to people personally through my house than anybody has online trust me it's in the thousands okay you look at just about any tort and see how many times it's seeded you're lucky if it ever hits a thousand okay more people have the ark do to me copying it on a personal computer right here in my house and have it from anybody that's ever attempted to distribute any amount of that information online so I'm not interested in putting it online stop asking me okay I hope that clarifies why I don't want it online the Ark is to research offline so you don't need an internet connection to have access to all this data okay so I want to read this it's a maybe a little bit small may we go fullscreen that's better okay this woman says this is a meme I believe taken from some social media or a website he is she says I'm a school teacher in Denmark making about 61 thousand dollars a year we get free education you don't have to pay for the doctor or the hospital and students even get paid to learn it all sounds so great right however I forgot to mention that nothing is ever free the minimum income tax in Denmark is 40 percent okay and I believe this was back in like 2007 or eight or nine something like that it was it was a while back okay this was this was not now okay I don't know if the date is in here but Waka I'll keep reading also we pay a sales tax of 25% that's on top of their income tax sales taxes 25% there and on top of that the government applies duties and fees a gallon of gasoline is about ten dollars ten dollars for a gallon of gas tax on a car is 180 percent this is called a V 80 in Europe a value-added tax so anything that they deemed non-essential they put a v8 e on like a car meaning that a car that sells for about twenty thousand dollars in the United States like a Honda Accord raises the price to an astounding forty thousand dollars in Denmark for the same car Denmark is the highest taxed nation in the world not just Europe but in the world taxed an average of 80 percent on every dollar earned Dane's have the highest personal debt in the world few will ever own a car or a house anyone who makes over $80,000 annual annually pays a personal tax of 68 percent this means that people with higher earnings have either found ways to evade the tax or have left the country taking their companies with them what's the motivation when you're giving that much money back to the government what's the motivation to succeed or improve nothing you know they won't let people do anything that they want with their own money that's how heavily taxed it is this is what communism is folks here's the new tagline that has to be brought out on every show is that's what communism is this isn't just socialism that's what communism is okay and it's worse it gets even worse than that Denmark suicide rate for the past five decades has averaged twenty point eight per with the highest rate of 32 the American suicide rate has averaged 11 point one during the last five decades and it has never exceeded twelve point seven more than 11% of dein of adult Danes supposedly the happiest people in the world are on antidepressants and I'd say it's higher than that that's a very low estimate everyone wants the American Dream in Denmark's neo communism economy no one will ever own or accomplish anything this is because there is no respect for individuality and personal private property okay individual property okay and this is the attitude that is being taken by more and more this is that the cultural inculcation that is being taken into the mindset of most Europeans this is why they act like they are above someone else's time and effort that you have to tailor to their needs and whims okay I cannot tell you every I won't even go through them but every single solitary data point that I requested in the arc Drive has been fought tooth and nail toward me by Europeans and Canadians Canadians to a little bit lesser degree than Europeans but not drastically and again they've both gotten better because folks let me tell you something I have since going through visually what to do for the Ark Drive and going through the instructions and telling people how I do this myself okay and what I am how I am offering this and why I ask these things because of respect for trying to protect other people's property okay it has gotten a lot better that they have they have not gone as terribly into the obnoxious you know bickering back and forth with me over change this stipulation do this for me the way I want it done okay and you know what I had to get almost mean about it right I told you I asked nicely first and said please don't make requests never saying I'll do anything if you do but I said please respect my wishes respect my time and and my efforts this is how I do it it's a set method it works for me please don't ask me to do it any other way nicely right then repeatedly knowing that I had asked to respect that I would get back more and more and more and more and more requests in the face like flaunting it in the face throwing it right in your face like oh you've asked me not not to ask you to do it this way here let me throw it right in your face I'm gonna ask anyway like just totally disrespectfully you know when when I only asked nicely please respect my time and my wish is to do this a certain way that's all that's how I asked at first well then when would come back over and over and over again Oh like I would say 90% made requests to do it a different way 90% okay so at that point after I said don't ask me it would drop it's still about 3/4 what asked me to do it a different way so I had to I had to say if you ask I'm gonna take away the offer right that's how I had to get that nasty about it I had to almost like show teeth because and I didn't want to be like that I generally you got to understand how non-confrontation I am at first when people push me though then I don't just become con for take confrontation all getting outright aggressive if I'm pushed okay I just don't think people should push people like that don't press other people's buttons because you don't know how much they will snap right I don't press other people's buttons because I don't know what who they are I don't when I go on the street I mind my own business and I'm armed III am armed when I walk on the street okay but I mind my own business I don't say a word bother anybody because I first of all I don't know who they are I don't know how crazy they are I don't know what happened to them I don't know what kind of a mood they're in I want to let them be I don't know anybody anything except non-aggression that's it that's what I owe anybody and that's what everybody else knows everybody leave it other people alone okay I apologize for the noise in the background I'll know if that's coming through but there's a car alarm somebody's not shutting off obviously they've you know left for the day another car alarm has gone off and it's blaring in the neighborhood and you know unfortunately hey I don't have a soundproof studio I do my show out of my home you know I'm sitting in my bedroom right now folks because that's the shoestring budget I can do this on ok it looks pretty damn good for being on that shoestring budget but unfortunately I don't have a soundproof studio you know I wish I could afford something like that but I can't so we got to deal with it anyway this is where Europeans are at culturally ok and that's the problem there culturally in a position where they've been totally brought into a socialist mindset and now because so much has been taken from them they feel entitled to take from other people as if like we're just perpetual we'll just perpetuate this cycle like oh I'm given all this the government they're providing me well you got to do things for me for free too you know I think that's where this comes from and again we're well into the third hour now I don't think we're gonna have time for calls I'm just letting people know if there are time we'll take them but I as I said it'll take as long as it takes I also want to show people a video downloading okay which I didn't get to I'm going to do an addendum of last week's show still if there's if time allows for that but anyway I I thought just providing an explanation for why helps to clarify this I don't think these are just bad people right Europeans aren't bad people I think they should be our brothers and sisters in the fight for freedom right Canadians our brothers and sisters to the north of the United States should be in the truth and freedom movement fighting alongside Americans in the fight for truth and freedom okay we are not we shouldn't be at each other's throats I'm not bringing this up to further divide people and be at each other's throats I like Europeans and Canadians I want them to understand what's really going on I want them to champion for the truth and champion for freedom okay but we also have to understand our shortcomings and they'll say many Americans are ignorant I couldn't agree more you'll go out on the street yet look at what these polls I just showed you today's show I mean look at how ill-educated my own American brothers and sisters are I mean could you imagine this I'm horrified by these numbers that are shown in these polls these are in polls that's like of like that probably underestimate how bad it is and these aren't these aren't even like new sources that would like say won't even tell people the truth about how bad it really is okay and I'm showing you those numbers and they're horrifying you know the numbers are probably much worse okay but the point here is is I'm showing people this for improvement I'm showing people this because if you some people don't even know that they should be embarrassed about their beliefs and behaviors about their attitudes and behaviors they don't even understand that it looks childish it looks like you're telling someone else that their time isn't worth your time you know that you're better than them in that way it's a very entitled attitude to have I'm not gonna use the word privileged it's entitled there's a difference okay you know it's saying that you deserve this when you've done nothing to achieve it or earn it okay and again there are some people who request the Ark that have done a lot of their own work but they're few and far between folks I mean you know if I really had to gauge how many people request the ark drive out of out of that number percentage-wise how many people really have their own thing going and are doing it well it's less than 1% I'd say maybe about 1% okay so and I get it the people who are requesting this are in the in infant stages of this growth and learning experience experience so that's why they want the knowledge and that's great I don't want to discourage people by talking about this to get the ark nari so the whole point here also is it's gotten better since I talked about it publicly I said I was gonna talk about it publicly and it was still getting bad at that point then when I finally brought it up and told people why their behavior was rude and even ignorant you know it got better I gotta say congratulations the people who are sending these from overseas wherever it has to be Europe and other overseas countries you guys have been doing a fantastic job since a podcast number 199 about the Ark drive like fantastic nobody's arks been damaged you've been packing it great so that the it doesn't get damaged and you've been having some basic respect for the offer which I very much commend you for and appreciate and that's what this is about it's about improvement it's about getting better yesterday then you were you know getting better tomorrow than you were the day before that's all not nothing else and that's all I ask that's all I could ask anybody for okay that's what I've been asking from day one with this show do your research look into things deeply come to your own conclusions but do it through logic reason and intuition right people don't understand that that that's to come together you know people will say oh that's a contradiction no it isn't not a bit you have to have good intuition to even go no where to go and what books to read and what videos to watch you got to use both you got then you have to even use it to say is this worth pursuing more and get downloading more regarding this is it gonna help it ask the big question what's gonna help the most what is gonna do the most what is gonna be the best way to help what is gonna help the most in the world okay so that being said I want to just wrap this up with talking about ultimately all this is about is about the difference between collectivism versus individualism okay when we get into talking about political ideologies okay versus real freedom okay we're talking about people who believe in the collective versus who respect the rights of the individual the collective is a group construct it's a constructional idea doesn't really exist in nature individuals exist in nature okay so this whole thing of the collective it has this mindset okay that is all construction again this is the nature of my work the underlying basis of all my work ladies and gentlemen is what is the difference between the natural and the artificial the real versus the illusory and the constructional well this is it this is what it all comes down to the individual is real the individual owns property the individual has rights the collective is a construct that can be used by the state to prey on somebody's you know desire for better just a state of being in the world more equality under Rights etc but it's preying on that it's preying on that you know altruism that is in most people okay and that you can legislate that or you can get that done through coercing through collective means which is what government is so here you have the black sheep that represents the individual saying I just think that all interactions all human interaction should be voluntary that's it very simple that's non-aggression principle all human interaction should be based on voluntary meet you know consent that's it everything should be consensual once you break consent you have something called coercion which is violence I believe that all relationships should be consensual okay voluntary and then you have the herd with their herd think they're collectivist herd think mentality company that's a you that's utopian hippy but who would build the roads freedom isn't free move to Somalia government is a necessary evil and on and on and on and on we need democratic socialism let's throw that in there you know it's the same collectivist nonsense think that leads to all kinds of injustice --is destruction of freedom and ultimately slavery chaos and death okay this is what eventually results from collectivism every single time and if you don't think so all you have to do is pick up a history book and read it which far too few will do you know I've been asking people to read none dare call conspiracy for the better part of 10 years now and like a handful of people have done it you know and they yet people will still call themselves advocates of the truth and freedom movement when they haven't read practically the Bible on the subject you know ultimately this is what it's ultimately all about folks this is where collectivism versus individualism goes we move more down the road of collectivism we're moving down the road of totalitarianism and slavery we respect the rights of individuals and we get out of this socialist and entitled mindset and understand principles and rights and natural law we are moving toward a world that is based on real freedom under natural law the laws of morality that ultimately govern the consequences for the behavioral choices of human beings and beings that are even beyond human beings but natural law isn't about animal animal kingdom see and people talking about objective morality versus subjective morality and can't understand the concept that the laws of morality don't apply to animals the animals in in the field living in the only earth do not have the brain capacity and understanding and development in the brain and central nervous system to understand the difference between right and wrong to be held to account according to the laws of behavioral consequence you have to have a brain that is capable of understanding the laws of behavioral consequence and the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior animals don't have that you cannot put them in the same category as human beings and getting gauge them on the same behavioral standards are you nuts are you completely nuts that is like saying oh we're gonna give an award here for who has a you know built the best model of the solar system and you know we're gonna gauge you know Charlie here in the third grade versus Charlie's dog well Charlie's dog can't do an operation like that so you know you're we're gonna get gage that according to the same standard they're it's not the same capabilities this is why people have to understand natural law which is the laws of consequence have nothing to do with animals it has nothing to do with Darwin Darwinism or Darwin in Darwinian theory at all okay look I think next week's show or maybe in a couple weeks not sure if I might have a guest next week I might do a show on this if I don't have a guest okay I might do a show called what natural law is not okay so I've never done that I've never actually done an entirety of a show on all of the things that people who have a zero understanding of what I'm talking about when I order the phrase natural law think in their own mind their own mental definition that it means and then they babble on and ramble on and they spew out all that nonsense that verbal diarrhea about what they think natural law means that has absolutely zero to do with what natural law really is so I think maybe I'll take this as a segue okay and maybe next week the topic for the show will be what natural law is not okay so we can clarify that once and for all time here formally on the show of what I do not mean when I talk about natural law and what you can never use as an example to represent the laws of morality or even objective morality at all when it comes to human standards for morality animals can't have standards for morality because they're animals they don't have the capacity for understanding morality and yet you still have imbeciles debating this okay so I'll end on this next slide which really sums up the entirety of the thing don't be one of the sheep racing toward the edge of the cliff with your attitude about socialism and your attitude about entitlement okay be the dog who's saying the black sheep I'm sorry who's saying excuse me excuse me excuse me and going the opposite direction against all the herd of groupthink and collectivist mentality that thinks they know what they're doing but is racing over the edge of a cliff to their deaths be the black sheep who is the individual who understands individual property individual rights and natural law as the mechanisms that will all ultimately lead to true freedom and true voluntary human interaction which should be the only form of human interaction okay so you know you could be harsh about it you could be polite about it and say excuse me but I'm going heading this way you could head that way okay but in one form or another be the individual and don't go with the collective mindset because the collective mindset always leads over cliff alright so with that my formal slideshow aspect is finished I'm going to just go back to it briefly because I'm going to ask people if you find donation in the 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to give an addendum to last week's show because a few people wrote to me and basically said that it was a pretty big oversight on my part and I agree with them that it was a large oversight that I didn't cover how to do something that everybody should know how to do and that's download YouTube videos so I'm gonna do that here today in the last half-hour of the show and if there's time for calls we'll take a couple before the end but let's see how this goes okay so let's switch over to my laptop I'm going to go to YouTube okay and I'm going to type in individualism versus collectivism individualism versus collectivism okay and let's see what videos come up collectivism and individualism okay here we go okay I think this is a perfect one so here's gia or Griffin on collectivism versus individualism okay let me just click this it is a lecture it looks like it's an hour and 17 minutes long let's just look through it why we have these problems in the world we're not going to all right all right all right this looks like a perfect example to download okay now I am using Firefox okay now different people will have different takes and preferences for browsers I'm a fan of free and open source software that's why I use Firefox I try to use open source software wherever possible I am using a Mac which is the antithesis of that if Apple is the antithesis of that I should say not really the Mac per se but Apple is certainly thin - this is of that in the modern world I use it because I am sort of tied to the platform by you know a lot of media that I've made in programs that I built with it so I do prefer it as a creative platform I hate the company but that that's neither here nor there I'm using Firefox and it is open-source software I think it's a good choice for a browser number one because I think the rendering engine the quantum rendering engine in the new Firefox is probably better than most other rendering engines I don't really prefer the WebKit engine engine that's in Safari or Chrome rendering engine personally so I like the speed of Firefox I like the layout engine and I like the plug-in architecture the add-on architecture which is what I'm going to show you right now so YouTube doesn't make any other videos downloadable for you no copyright reasons or censorship reasons okay so this will show you a way to preserve things that are potentially going to be censored on YouTube by just downloading them to your computer and then you could distribute them by other means like on a hard drive a thumb drive on other areas of the internet through BitTorrent through other YouTube channels Vimeo whatever okay so it's a way to do an end run around censorship of any kind on the web okay so let's let's look at I'm gonna do it through an add-on to Firefox now there are other means of doing this which I'll get to but this is a universal means through a universal browser what that means is you could do this on any platform okay so I'm trying to keep it as I'm trying to keep the methodology of doing this as platform agnostic as possible okay so you could do this on Linux you could do this on Windows you could do this on a Mac with Firefox and the add-on I'm about to show you okay so I'm going to click the menu button on the Firefox interface that's on the far right underneath the the title bar okay so that's this little see this little a hamburger 3 lying menu icon that's iconic for menu ok I'm clicking that now in there I'm gonna click on add-ons ok so I click add-ons that makes a new tab and it shows me the extensions that I have in my browser so I'm using one password which lets me keep my passwords and encrypted database I'm using Downie which is a program I'm going to show you if you're a Mac user in a few moments I use something called furniture that I could open video windows outside the browser in you know I use a pop-up blocker called pop-up blocker ultimate I use an ad blocker called you block origin and there was an acrobat plugin I have that disabled ok so anyway these are some extensions that don't come with the browser that I've added now I'm going to show you one called video download helper ok so I'm gonna type in 2 here where it says find more extensions in Firefox ok video download helper so download helper is all one word download helper just like that ok and now that's gonna and folks we're doing this in real time ok so you know if there's a technical glitch it's what it is this is this is a live demo ok just that as a caveat there alright so video download helper you'll see it is the most popular with over 3 million users so the people who do YouTube or or any other video downloading this will not just work on YouTube this will work on any page that embeds a video so if there's an embedded video you can grab the embedded video with this plug-in with this add-on for Firefox so about three million people have this plug-in because the people who are doing this know that it works ok so I'm gonna click there on to the add-on and it says video download helper the easy way to download and convert web videos from hundreds of YouTube's like websites add to Firefox I'm gonna click this button here that says add to Firefox ok Firefox is going to ask me do you want to add video downloader it requires these permissions I'm going to say yes I want to add it ok congratulations you've just installed video download helper ok I'm gonna hit OK right here and then now there is one more thing you will have to do before you start downloading video you'll have to go to the settings and you will have to install the companion app the companion app makes it possible for your operating system to actually download the video to your file system so you have the browser plugin but now you need the application which basically takes it from your browser and saves it into your operating system ok so I'm gonna click here again I'm going to go back to add-ons click the menu go back to add-ons now video download helper is in my installed extensions and I'm gonna hit preferences right here this is the Preferences window and you can customize it however you like I'm not going to go into all the ways it can be customized I'm just going to show you it says companion app not installed right here this is what we have to get installed ok so I'm going to click this disclosure cross right there and it says you have to install the companion app ok so I'm gonna click install companion app that's gonna take me to another tab in my web browser and I know this is gonna look complicated but it you don't have to do this once ok so then for the Mac this will show you for linux for windows whatever system you're on it'll show you a way that you could download and install this okay so i'm just going to use the recommended installation method I'm gonna hit it's a package installation I'm gonna hit download all packages is just it's a piece of software it's like an installer you just double-click it and you install it so it says you've chosen to open this is the name of the package net download helper Co app okay I'm gonna hit save file so I hit save file you just saw my folder down there jump that's my downloads folder okay I'm gonna go to my downloads folder and open it okay so this takes me to my Finder interface and I'm gonna just double click on the file I just downloaded which is net download help or Co app this is the package okay for the companion app okay I'm gonna double click that and it gives me an installer I'm gonna hit continue and then install alright I'm gonna just allow it to install and I'm gonna hit close and you can either keep the package or move it to the trash I'll move it to the trash I don't need that anymore okay now I'm going to go back to Firefox and I'm going to close this tab and I'm going to right here hit recheck for the companion app so it says verifying companion app companion app installed we found the companion app in your Applications folder you're set now to download from any site that you can browse to that has a video embedded on it okay I'm gonna close these other tabs okay and so that wasn't too bad you know some people will consider that technical it was one down it was a download of a browser add-on and a download of a little small companion application that goes into your Applications folder that's it that's all so yeah an extension to a browser and a small program okay now we can download this video okay so I'm gonna refresh the page and it I have to allow access through my firewall which I will okay I'm gonna pause the video here okay now I'm going to go to this button right here you'll see that it put a new little button on the interface next to that menu okay so if I click that it will show me a couple of variations of the video that are available for download so I there is a 720p version and the 1080p version so I'm gonna download the 1080 version which is the full HD version okay so all I have to do is click here and hit download or I could just hit quick download now it's downloading so if I click in here and I hit running it will show me that the video has started to download and again it's a long video you know it's a it's an hour and 17 minutes and it's full HD so it's gonna take a while to download but you'll see it's already gotten one percent okay and it will put it in a folder inside your home folder called DW helper okay nothing's in there yet because it's not done downloading but it'll make a folder in your home folder and it will call it DW helper which is the download helper and when it's finished downloading you will then have the full video in your d DW helper folder inside your home folder you can go in there you can move it wherever you want you could double click it to watch it right there that is how to download just about any video that you find on any webpage that you can navigate to okay so I'm gonna show you one other method for doing this okay now this is my preferred method but this will only work on a Mac okay now there are other apps that are equivalent to this so again last week when I showed you that there are methods for downloading things with BitTorrent okay the idea was don't memorize the steps right the steps are just the method that we used in this particular instance on this platform using this app right if you're on a different platform it might have different steps if you're using a different app it might work a different way right so for example I was talking to a friend about IRC okay and you know a former friend showed me how to use direct client to client search engines they call DCC search engines right so I went on one and you know I was gonna download a file that I wanted to watch a documentary and this server had it on IRC and you know I started downloading it and my client program for IRC was very buggy it hadn't been it was I used to use an IRC program called Lincoln asst okay for the Mac which I liked I thought it was a good one there's a lot of old clunky ones old pure text interfaces this one had a nice window to interface it had like a direct client to client transfer feature worked really well when it was in its heyday I just checked you know I haven't been on IRC a lot and I haven't run Lincoln US in a while the last time this app was developed on the Mac was back in 2012 the developer has like you know it's abandoned where that's what they call when the developer stops making improvements and just lets the software just go so this program was abandoned where right and I think you'll you'll benefit from this anecdote okay because it helps demonstrate the adaptability that you have to have when it comes to doing things when you stay rooted in your ways and just tightly I'm gonna do it just this way this way this way okay and memorize steps and not just go along with the flow of something of how a general idea works right you're gonna find you're gonna be lost in computing okay this is about correlative thinking correlational thinking right this is what we've talked about this endlessly when we talk about the occult okay the occult contains tons of examples of correlative or correlational thinking the same applies with the technological world okay so I found Lincoln us to be super crashy when using it again in the real world on a modern operating system it hadn't been developed I guess since you know Mac OS 10 point 11 or 12 years ago right I'm using 10.14 now right so I said well let me see if there's another better IRC client so I downloaded something called textual right and I've never seen that program before in my life never saw it downloaded it for the first time open it up right there's a few things in different places but in general I recognize where to go to do things immediately because it's a general idea how does one use an IRC client right a general idea how does one use a a BitTorrent client a general idea how does one use an Internet video downloader they're going to have general principles that they're built on right that's the principle that's what you have to understand all right if you try to just memorize cotton memorize you know details of where this is at where this is at word and menus and tasks you are not going to be there in something that's built differently so you have to adapt and say I'm not looking for exact memorization 'el tasks this isn't a trained monkey thing where you know do this then this then this that no it's about the conceptual idea of what does this program do what is the purpose for it where might these items live if the person has a general idea of interface development okay and then you're going to adapt or correlate correlational you're going to correlate in your mind where functions might be in that other app okay so I open up textual and I was almost immediately able to start using a program that I've never seen before in my life because I got the general concept instead of memorizing tasks this is what good practices in computing are okay and in teaching technology which is going to be a big part of what on earth is happening going forward because I'm telling you folks I meet technologically illiterate people and it's it's unacceptable this is the equivalent of not knowing how to read and write in today's world ok it's not acceptable ok because if you're going to actually try to communicate and effectively teach other people you have to know how to do this stuff this isn't optional it's required so get the concept don't memorize tasks ok so I'm gonna show you a video downloader that is custom built for the Mac meaning it's a native Mac OS application you might go and type in to a search engine for example the program I'm gonna show you briefly is Downey ok so Downey is built for the Mac that there's no Windows version there's no Linux version however you might be able to type into a search engine of your choice what is a equivalent of Downey for windows of the Downey video downloader application on the Macintosh for Windows or for Linux so you know I when I'm on Windows or Linux I'll just use video download helper I know it I'm used to it so I use it and it works ok but you might want a native app on Windows or Linux so find something that does the same thing look on software comparison websites you know on all type in alternative to and then type in Downey for Macintosh right and just you'll find an alternative they exist then learn about the software buy it you know if you have to and start using it ok so let me show you Downey and how easy this one is so this is the interface for Downie okay oh it's a blank window that's just uh hovering I'm gonna even make it smaller so I have it kind of stretched out there it's just a tiny little window when it opens right and you can do a couple things here okay you can copy and paste the URL from your web browser that has the video on it to the downing window okay you can drag and drop the URL onto the downy window or you could do what I did and I installed the downy add-on okay so all I did here was I went to add-ons same way I did the video downloader and you'll see it's already in here so I'm not gonna redownload it I'm just showing you I've already done this process and I'm gonna just type down in here and again this is Mac only okay so this is the downy extension there's not nearly as many users you saw what was there let me go back there there was three thousand one hundred ninety eight users compared to three million users for video downloads so this is absolutely not as popular of an option okay yet for me I feel it's the best it works natively and it works very efficiently even easier than what I just showed you okay so it's already installed in my system so it says remove they're not install I'm not going to remove it because I use it okay so I'm going to use it to download the this GL Griffin video on YouTube so I'm actually I could start with it open or I could start with it quit it won't matter okay I'll I'll quit it so I've start with the program completely quit out of okay I'm just going to click this button which is the Downey button the Downey it says open with Downey okay so all I do is click that Downey opens it finds the video and it starts downloading now now Downey you'll notice is incredibly faster because it uses multi-threaded downloading technology which means it's initiating many downloads simultaneously for the same video and combined him that video is done downloading already folks the other one let's see where this one's at the other ones still at 28% okay now you understand why I use downy instead of you know download helper on the Mac okay not knocking the other one it's a good open-source alternative but look here's another thing folks not to belabor this point I talked about it a little bit there's a reason proprietary software people are willing to pay for it did you see the difference I know I did okay I want the free and open source community to succeed man what I mean I want I'm telling you from the bottom of my heart I want to support it I do support it I don't want to support it I do support it I wanted to improve okay the free and open source community cannot just make their selling point that it's free and open source your software must be good it must work well okay so let me tell you something if you give me the choice between that free and open source program that I can modify to my heart's content but it's going to download like that versus a proprietary program that I don't have the code to that I had to pay a developer for but it's gonna work like Downey just did I'm taking Downey 100% of the time every time and that's what most of average people that are using a computer to get things done are going to do so this is what the open free and open source software world has to learn okay you they gotta learn that it's a hard lesson to learn they don't want to hear it but they have to learn I believe me I'm one of your champions you you if people build free open-source software I'll highlight it on this show if it does the job better than anything else okay but I just showed you the program for me that does the job better than anything else for me okay you can choose what you want but you know I'm gonna just click this window and I'm clicked right here this little magnifying glass that'll take me to the finder we're the video is that and I'll just show you it is the full video and I can play it in its entirety in HD if we switch to the sorry and we switch back to the computer hold on there's a yep we're having it okay we're good I thought we were having a tech glitch there no worries here we go so I'll just show you this is the full video in HD and you know we can at ease let me just pause it I'm just gonna show you I could scrub all the way through it from beginning to end just as part of the middle you could it be injured you might even get kick I'll go all the way toward the end you know and it is the full presentation that G or Griffin gave on individualism versus collectivism all one hours one hour and 17 minutes worth so that is how to download a video from YouTube to prevent it from being censored folks okay you know I'm finished I'm quitting the program there close out of my browser so we're running out of time so I think I will let's see do we have time for one call going out let's see let's do one call we have about two minutes left in the show I hope everybody enjoyed that little addendum who do we have waiting here let's go - lets go - let me unmute myself I'm unmuted there alright let's go - lets go - dutch patriot dutch patriot you're live on what on earth is happening welcome i should be being heard in the room you have to unmute yourself this is what we have to put an addendum in here let's go to essence of an arc ani you're live on water hey Mark can you hear me yes I can loud and clear welcome to the show alright very limited time so go oh cool things then it's funny that we're talking here on do such harmony on something's that's you know with the green language and the data caps are probably more about cycling information flows than uh you know trying to make you look around you got digital I mean you look at fire satellite just looks like a low resolution image on the and I remember hearing that you were you're a fan and in the trip and I'd say they'd probably call you mark the shadow because you are diamond cutting people through the shadow cells I appreciate that your audio is cutting in and in and out a little bit so I'm gonna let you go but I got the essence of what you were saying we do have to press on with trying to cut through that darkness and you know part of that is showing people how to get information on their own and also to distribute it on their own you know we have to be not only people who download that information and take it into ourselves but who also propagate it and publish it out to others so let's go to electric boogie you're live on what on earth is happening welcome now let's go to true rebel true rebel you're live on what on earth is happening thirty seconds not there I think that's all the time we're gonna have for this edition I tried to squeeze a couple calls in toward the end that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen I hope you enjoy the show we're live here every Sunday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. East Coast time remember everyone government is slavery we'll see you right here next week [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]