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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] Devon freedom [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery welcome to the show we have a great show lined up for you here today today is Sunday July 7 2000 and 19 and today's topic is that our entire society is one big satanic ritual and indeed it is and that's what we do here on what on earth is happening we expose the dark side of what is going on in our world we talk about what Satanism really is as to as to opposed to what people believe that it is what they are projecting that it is through through Hollywood and through pop culture and we talk about what the occult really is and how it operates in our world because most people have no idea about that and cannot see it so before we get to that topic today you know we're back from a small two-week hiatus my producer Mike was on vacation for a couple of weeks so we took a couple of weeks off we're back now and coming back strong with a great show for you we'll be taking calls in the third hour of the show today through discord you can get the link at water on earth is happening dot-com slash show I have a couple of quick housekeeping announcements and we can switch over to my laptop all right so I will be speaking at the an arc adelphia 2019 conference this is going to be coming up this September the the dates are September 13th through 15th and if you click on the banner on the homepage of what on earth is happening it looks like I am having a issue with my laptop so let me try to quit out of the let me try to quit out here I apologize folks I want to show you the a dark adelphia webs so let me just bring this back up okay we could switch back alright so if you click on the banner on the homepage of what on earth is happening calm for an arkadelphia that'll take you to the tickets page for the conference and if you use promo code passio pas si o then you will get five percent off the ticket and five percent will be donated to me from the guys at state of anarchy from the hosts of the Anarch adelphia 2019 conference check out this great list of speakers you know we have it's a who's who let me make this if we go fullscreen yeah because the the page is adaptive so Jeff Berwick has been added max Egan Derek Bros I mean you know you have a host of people carry welder whether is gonna be speaking Larkin Rose and Amanda ratchets luke rudkowski Gina car Bennie wills who I interviewed a couple weeks back so you know tons and tons of phenomenal speakers for this year's conference get your tickets now I'm gonna be hosting a well my main presentation at an arkadelphia 2019 is called the sacred gift of anger and I'm going to be talking about how forces that want us enslaved do not want righteous anger to be manifested in our society they want us come they want to sedate they don't want us displaying righteous indignation over the very clear rape of our inherent human rights you know so my presentation is going to be talking about how anger is a gift and a warning sign that something is completely wrong and that something needs to be set right in our society and we need to get in touch with that seeming the negative emotion and channel it and use it as a source of energy to do the right thing and to change things for the better so that's my presentation this right here if you go to the workshop page of the an arc Adelphia website i will be hosting a workshop the day after the conference on September 16th now my presentation we do have the date on that finally it's going to be taking place Saturday September 14th so I'll be speaking Saturday evening of the conference and I believe that I have a couple hours to deliver the presentation of the sacred gift of anger it's either an hour and a half hour two hour presentation I have to check with the exact for the exact time but I think I was told that I have two hours to deliver that and following the presentation the same night we will be screening the debut of my documentary which is called Mark passio and the science of natural law it's the first documentary film that I've gotten involved in making we started this about a year and a half ago act actually here in Philadelphia at the Art Institute and we came up with the script and shot some video and then the guys from state of anarchy helped me to shoot some even higher quality footage and we're putting that all together in the editing process right now and we'll be releasing that we'll be debuting it on the Saturday night which is September 14th of the Anarch Adelphia 2019 conference following my main presentation the sacred gift of anger now Monday after the conference that's when my workshop will be taking place which is called teaching natural law with Mark passio this is going to be an all-day event 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on September 16th Monday September 16th tickets for that are also available at the Anarch Adelphia website under the workshops section so do check that out a couple of other quick announcements before we jump into the main body of material for today if you go to the gifts section of what on earth is happening and you click in let me go back to the home page here I'm running a summer special on the remaining t-shirts that we have in stock now I started this a few weeks back and let me tell you the the shirts are almost out so there's not many left it's all women's shirts that are left we sold 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a show but I want to qualify this and explain what I mean by this and most people don't know what Satanism is folks you know still to this day it's been one of the cruxes of my work because this is my background it's where I came from okay I made no bones about it when I was first starting what on earth is happening and you know this is the this was the issue that I looked at and debated and kind of bounced around in my own mind when I was first getting ready to go on the airwaves with just an audio version of the show that you're watching today you know when back when you know I got you know the start in just basic internet radio broadcasting I was just considering you know when I'm gonna tell people about my background in the dark occult am I gonna tell people that I was involved in Satanism through the Church of Satan and other ancillary satanic organizations am I gonna tell them what I saw behind the scenes the kind of people that were involved the kind of levels of power that they were entrenched in or am I just gonna you know try to teach the form of spirituality that I've been teaching here on what on earth is happening since the beginning and not mentioned that dark background because who knows we'll kind of you know ideas that that would put into people's heads about the kind of individual that I am and I made the decision that no I'm not gonna hide it I'm not going to try to shy away from my past that I was going to openly tell people what I had been involved with because I wanted to explain to them the transformative process in the mind and in spirituality that I went through personally as an individual as a human being and I think it was probably the best decision that I ever made not to delay in telling people that to explain to them that I had experience in the dark occult admittedly low-level experience you know I hear all these people saying that somehow I have stated that I was some sort of a high up ranking member or I I hear the term thrown around High Priest you know the words never left my mouth you cannot find any video or audio that have ever that I have ever spoken the term one time that I was a high ranking official or a high ranking member of any of the organization's I belong to nor was I ever a high priest I was appointed the title or rank of priests by itself know nothing before or after it that is the rank within the organization called the Church of Satan which was formerly Ronon headed by Anton LaVey who started it back in 1966 who was the high priest until the year of his death in 1997 okay he appointed me himself to the rank of priest in the year 1996 in that organization okay that's the only claim that I've ever made about any rank and any organization that I've ever held okay I've never said I was high up I never said I was a high priest of any organization but I wasn't I was involved in the dark occult I was involved in Satanism I was involved as the rank of priests in the satanic organization called the Church of Satan I held that rank okay and I have direct experience with this religion as a priest within it okay so all the people who want to say I'm making up things you know and again the other thing they say is they look up mark passio in the charter of the Church of Satan and it's not there I've also told people that story in an innumerable number of times you know a countless times that I did not join the Church of Satan under my legal name which is mark passio I joined the Church of Satan under an assumed name of mark rokahr which is spelled are h o CH AR row car row car is the name of a cat demon from the gnostic book called the pista Sophia or the faith wisdom from the gnostic tradition and i took the name because i'm born under the sign Leo and have always sort of identified and found as a familiar the large cat namely the lion the tiger etc ro car is a demon name from the pista Sophia that was a cat beam who was one of the rulers of the know what was known as the twelve dungeons of darkness okay yeah which was a variation or a description of hell that Jesus accounts to Mary Magdalene in one of the books within the pista Sophia or the faith wisdom of the Gnostics okay so that's where that name came from that's what I joined the Church of Satan under if they did look up that name I was appointed to the title of priest and given the title reverend mark rokar in the church of satan if anybody doesn't want to believe that or accept that I really could care less that's the actual truth of the matter okay and my legal name is Mark passio so what I always tell people before I even begin explaining real Satanism to them is if you are to look at any other world religion like Christianity Judaism Islam etc and you were to want to know about the practices and belief systems within that world religion more likely than not if you didn't know much about it you would go to one of the priests within that religion you would want to go to get information from one of the officials that sort of oversees the way that that religion is expressed to the masses of people which is the priests class of that religion so if you want to know what real Satanism is truly about you would go to a person that was appointed to act as a liaison with the rest of the public as a member of the priest class of that dark occult religion known as Satanism which I was that was my rank and the whole job that I was doing was explaining the tenets and principles of the ideology called Satanism modern Satanism it's an ancient religion it's been around for tens of thousands of years but in the modern day it has basic over arching tenants and general goals that operate in our society and what I acted as was a sort of a mouthpiece sort of a communications liaison for the ideology okay and I tried to spread it as far and wide as I possibly could because that's how asleep I was that's how just under the the spell and under the thrall of this religion that I was when I was a member of the Church of Satan so what I want to do here today is I wanted to explain I want to I'm going to recount a little bit and review a little bit about the general tenets and ideologies of true Satanism as a worldwide religion and then in the next part of it what I want to do is show people how our society is satanic ly structured and the pulp the practices and worldview and beliefs and just general ways of being in the world in our modern way of life in our modern society are structured after satanic ideologies and satanic principles and anybody can disagree as much as they want but it will never make that statement untrue our society is structured to follow after the tenets and worldview of the religion called Satanism without a doubt in some ways it follows it pretty distinctly and unwaveringly and then in other ways it follows it in what I call in in the methods of what I call mini-me Satanism which I'll explain as we go forward it's basically giving people a lower-level version of the ideology to latch on to and in doing so your indoctrinating them or initiating them at a very low level into the religion that's controlled at the very highest levels by dark occultists high level Satanists and high level Luciferians so let's jump into this topic because there's a lot to cover and what I want to do is start with a quote that explained that I think I feel perfectly expresses where our society is at especially when it comes to Satanism this could apply in countless ways to all kinds of areas of our society but I think although obviously Thomas Jefferson was just talking about this in us in a form of general knowledge on the part of the population I think it could highly apply to people who think that they understand something about Satanism and know not only do they know nothing about Satanism but they have erroneous beliefs about it that they think are true okay and they're attached to that belief system you know and that puts them at a severe disadvantage because not only don't they know what it is they have false beliefs about what it is that is holding back their understanding holding back an accurate understanding so I'm gonna I'll dedicate this presentation today to Thomas Jefferson and I'll start it with a quote from him Thomas Jefferson said he who knows nothing is closer to the truth then he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors and ladies and gentlemen this is what I call I've called in the past on this program negative knowledge I refer to this as the dynamic of negative knowledge and it doesn't mean having knowledge about something that is dark or negative it means that you are so in the negative zone regarding knowledge that you would have to climb out of a hole just to get back to knowing nothing because not only don't you know anything you believe things that are completely false about a topic and then accept that as true and think that you know something about it and this is where most of our society is at ladies and gentlemen in just about everything they think they know and they're not only are they completely wrong they know absolutely nothing regarding the truth so here's the zero point where you know absolutely nothing here's where you'd have a lot of knowledge okay but where people are at are way down here they have to dig out of a hole just to get back to knowing nothing too to unlearn what they think they know that are completely false beliefs and complete complete errors regarding what they think they know and that's where we're at in all of society but most of all that's where we're at in understanding the dark occult elements that are actually ruling our society so let's jump in I'm going to go through a brief review here and you can find a much more in-depth discussion on this in my presentation called demystifying the occult part 2 Satanism and the dark occult I gave this back in February of 2016 at the ethical Society of Philadelphia and in it I really broke down what the ideology of Satanism really is and its main tenets and we're gonna start with a review of some of that material but if you want the extended version of that where I go deep into my background and a lot of the symbolism of Satanism you can check out that presentation that's available in the videos section of water on Earth is happening or you can get a hard copy at the donation gifts area so Satanism is absolutely not what most people believe it is they have a belief about it but they do not have any direct experience all knowledge of it nor do most people have any correct even book knowledge or secondhand knowledge of it they just believe what they've been told and they believe what they've seen in Hollywood depictions and variations of Satanism but they don't know what Satanism really is in the real world as a worldwide religion of the elite ruling class that is really ruling over all of society this is the religion of the master class of the ruling class that's what it really is okay and it's it's the methodology and psychology which allows them to keep rulership of the planet to keep ruling over other people who are dwelling in abject ignorance so Satanism is actually an ancient occult religion it is a religion based on occult ideologies and occult knowledge Satanism is an ancient occult religion comprised of diverse interconnected networks of worldwide adherents now let me just break down that sentence for a moment okay it's an occult religion meaning it comprises what comprises it is hidden knowledge about how the human psyche and the laws of the universe function that they don't want people to know because that that power that knowledge differential maintains their power differential it is comprised of diverse a diverse network of people everybody thinks it's all just rich white men wrong incorrect it's not just all rich white men it is every single a sensible background of people all every single Austin's a sensible religious background every race every you know male and female sexes even every social strata and income it's not just the rich it's not just men you know it's young and old alike it's men and women alike it's white people black people brown people Asian people Native American you know you name the culture race ostensible religion background gender does not matter there are people involved from every single walk of life okay that's a big misconception of the people in the ruling class is that they're all just rich where they're all just white untrue absolutely untrue and it's not just ruled from one place every their members from every single country on the earth involved in this network because every country has to be controlled they have their tentacles throughout all of society and it's interconnected networks it's not one group everybody wants to go oh it's just the Freemasons it's just the Rosicrucians it's just the Jesuits it's just the zionists no wrong incorrect you don't know what you're talking about if that's how you think about this and you know people don't want to hear that they want to think their worldview is correct they want to think that they have it figured out they want to think that they figured it out one group controls it all well let me tell you something if any one group controls it all it's the high level religious organizations that are ultimately controlling the spirituality of the masses of people of billions of people so it's the religious organizations that are sensibly run organized religions the Vatican high-level rabbis in the Jewish religion high-level Imams in the Islamic religion you want to know who that real high level barque occult Satanists and Luciferians are they operate enthroned behind the scenes of ostensibly world religion that's who they are they're not just behind the banking institution they they're behind that as well and behind politics which we're going to talk a lot about but folks let me tell you something they operate through religion most and most of all and foremost because it's all religion everything that holds humanity back is religion the very word religion means to hold back to through it from forward progress and this is a religion and it is comprised of a diverse interconnected network of worldwide adherents it's not just run out of one place it's worldwide at its ideological core now listen to what I'm saying here really focus on the words I'm using I structured this and choose the words very carefully and specifically at its ideological core the heart of this religion this is the main principle or tenant by which it operates this religion Satanism postulates that knowledge of the human psyche and knowledge of the laws of the universe should be occult 'add meaning hidden from the general population and held only by a few human beings that's them that's the master class or the master race that they consider themselves it is much more accurate to perceive Satanists and dark Oh cultists in general as ancient psychologists who hold and wield hidden information in ways which exploit those who remain ignorant of it so I always give the analogy imagine if a master psychologist found out that a young man around 19 years old was having an affair with his wife with his trophy wife who wasn't interested in him anymore but one that a young buck and started having an affair with an attractive 19 year old male if the saint if the very very advanced powerful psychologist who knows everything there is to know about the mind and how it can be manipulated wanted to exact revenge on this person and try to befriend him even not even letting on that he knew about the relationship he could try to find out where he lived go you know pretend to befriend him and then what kind of a number could that psychologist do psychologically on that individual that he hates because of his involvement with his wife when that individual knows nothing about the master methods of psychology that that psychologist would wield upon him so therefore he has no protection against those mental and psychological techniques I would suggest that he could devastate that individual if he were to get into his confidence and that is what Satanism is folks it's ancient psychology wielded for the purpose of controlling the masses who know nothing about how their own psyche actually works through the power differential they gain by way of manipulating those who remain in ignorance of this critical hidden so again the knowledge differential that they have with the general population is easily convertible to a power differential in the real world see knowledge isn't power itself knowledge applied becomes power in the world and these ancient psychologists have applied that knowledge and converted it to a power differential with others they've become the powerful and other people have been at their mercy and remained largely powerless in the world because they don't know what the ruling class master psychologists know that's what Satanism is so through the power differential they've gained through this knowledge differential this small minority who are quote unquote in the no wish to remain which to rule the masses of humanity permanently and effectively become God on earth that is their ultimate goal their ultimate goal is to put the general human population into abject bondage into slavery and become God on earth their version of ruling hell because they would rather rule in Hell than serve in heaven the quote from John Milton's Paradise Lost which is in an analogy or an allegory about this ruling class dynamic so they see earth as a prison because natural law is in place and they don't want it to be they don't want to be bound by the rules of morality they want to be able to do whatever they want no matter who it hurts they wanted to find what right and wrong is instead of having right and wrong existing as inherent qualities of nature objectively no they don't want that they want relative is relativism relative right and wrong that they define that they arbitrarily decide for themselves at their whim and that their preference so that's their goal they want to be God on earth that's what this is all about that's what this whole slavery society is about a small group of people that wants to be God but see they give us that ideology which we're going to talk about it is important to understand that contrary to popular belief and this is one that I continually fight people on they don't want to hear it they want to believe they're right it doesn't matter what somebody from the inside has said they've heard it they believe it it doesn't matter how in error they are they're in negative knowledge about this and I keep trying to explain it to people and people want to call me a show for explaining how this ideology really works okay but I'm gonna give you the straight shit and tell you how it really is contrary to popular belief which is much easier for people to accept the overwhelmingly vast majority of Satanists do not quote-unquote worship an externalized deity known as Satan in the Christian tradition Satanism is not about the veneration and worship of the Christian devil ladies and gentlemen you know I don't know how many people I've said that to and that somehow disqualifies me as being a source of accurate information because they've talked to their pastor or their priest or congregation in their church and Satanism is about worshipping the devil you know and nothing will dissuade them from that and it's a kindergarten world view of how things really work in the real world it's a nursery school worldview forget kindergarten its nursery school shit okay these people if they they don't if they worship anything they worship themselves because they see themselves as God God the devil Satan everything nature they see themselves as the Creator that they'll make everything in their likeness and image that's how run away their ego is okay so forget the even concept of worship in this religion it's about putting the ego on the pedestal and the ego will become God if we're being accurate see people to always talk nonsense because they haven't been involved from a first-hand experience and so they just want to talk about what they believe it is instead of what it really is from a first-hand experience or point of view so they don't really worship Satan now I'm not saying some of them don't look at it as an actual entity or a force in nature that they sort of try to align themselves to some do but let me tell you something folks overwhelmingly that is not really part of the world view of most Satanists most Satanists see Satan as the ego the self etc that's it so the instead they see Satanism as an ideological way of being in the world and they view the ego driven self as the quote-unquote God of their religion that is absolutely the case and is absolutely Agron accurate to the extent that I understand how Satanism is structured from being a priest within its ranks so then people will always ask well if they don't worship Satan and if it's all about the ego and if it's all about the self becoming God on earth then why do they use the the trappings and symbolism of the Christian devil in the religion and why do they call it Satanism why call it Satanism why name it after the the Christian devil so I'm going to explain that in this slide the symbolism and trappings of the Christian devil or Satan in the Christian religion are used in modern Satanism and let me tell you something folks Satanism is just the name for it in the modern day since Christianity used the Christian devil in their iconography okay and in their allegories it was not called Satanism from time immemorial it was referred to as many other names most people did it was never really called the name that's why in this religion they don't really at the highest levels even refer to it as Satanism they call it the old religion because it's so old no one knows really when it originated it was really been here since humanity has been on this planet so they call it the old religion or the ancient religion that's all the high-ranking Satanists don't even call it Satanism themselves the most popular name referred to the ideology of Satanism by which the tenets are operating which we're going to talk about next the tenets of this religion or the main ideological points worldviews and and ways of thinking okay now that's called a Tennant te n ET Tennant okay we're going to go over those next but those who adhere to the tenets of this religion at the highest levels don't call it Satanism they call it the old religion the old religion is the most popular name or variant of what it is called within their own ranks they don't have a name for their cult okay they don't call it the Illuminati they don't call it you know for high-ranking Freemasonry they don't call it high-ranking Satanism or even luciferianism okay there's no name for their cults for their worldwide network of satanic ideology so this is the worldwide cult that operates with actually no name to refer to it as and truly no one's really admitted to it if you really want to want to be honest okay you're either born into it or you're not all the people who are operate who are not really actual bloodline members of this worldwide ancient cult are just tools to be used for the agenda and thrown away when they're not necessary anymore they'll throw the non truly interconnected bloodline the non bloodline members who are just uh you know rank-and-file members they'll throw them under the bus at the earliest sign of any kind of trouble okay so all the people who think oh I've made it to the big club you know flashing the Illuminati I out there at people that they think represents the Illuminati okay that's not what they call themselves it's not even accurate an accurate representation of what they are because it means illuminated and these people are nothing close to illuminated they're not spiritually illuminated at all oh they're illuminated into dark knowledge but that doesn't mean that one is truly spiritually awakened or illuminated so I hate using the term Illuminati to refer to them they don't use that term and they don't call themselves anything they don't even call themselves Satanists at higher levels lower levels they use the term Satanism but when you get up into the higher ranks and higher ranking members of these organizations it is a cult without a name okay and the ideology is just referred to as the old ways or the old religion that's it so they use these trappings and symbols of the Christian devil for two reasons two main reasons the first main reason that they used this symbology of the Christian devil is to try to make Outsiders see the real ideology of Satanism as just another quaint religious belief that is based upon traditional Christian belief systems and it's brilliant that's a brilliant thing this way you don't think of it as something separate from Christianity which is why whenever I bring up the term Satanism to people and they have absolutely no fucking idea of what it really means the first thing they say to me is oh that's just another variant of Christianity they're just taking the Christianity inverting it and worshipping the devil and calling that Satanism and I don't believe in any of that bullshit so it doesn't affect me so who cares it's meaningless I don't care that's the number one thing that I get when I say the word Satan Satanism publicly and when I try to explain to them it is not that they don't want to hear it because they've made up their mind it is what they believe it is and they're attached to that negative knowledge attached to an erroneous belief that they think is true and they have absolutely no fucking idea what they're talking about at all not even a little bit boys and girls and there's no dissuading them there's no turning them aside they know they're certain that they know and they're a bunch of jackasses who have their head up their ass and don't know what they're fucking talking about even a little bit you know and then when I try to explain that and I get nuts because they're telling me then my personal experience isn't real and isn't accurate you don't know where I've been you don't know what I've seen trust me you don't okay it's like going up to somebody who's been in a war and saying you weren't fucking there you have no idea what it was like in that battle they'd crack your jaw loose if you went up to their face and said something like that and rightfully so if they've been through an experience like that and then you're trying to tell them that they're full of shit and they haven't been through it you don't know what I know you don't know what I've seen you don't know where I've been you don't know the people I've been in rooms with you don't know the depth of evil I've witnessed and realized it it's not it doesn't even scratch the fucking surface and then people want to tell me they know more about it than I do you don't know shit but it's brilliant their strategy is actually brilliant it's genius because they have a lot of geniuses in their ranks you know who can see patterns you know I mean I don't I don't usually even like to use the word you know and people want to say oh yeah I'm a genius my IQ well the last time I asked you was tested I tested it at 147 IQ which is genius level but so what who cares you know what does that mean that means that you're good at identifying patterns and solving puzzles and you know doing intellectual things with your mind so what that's that's not a measure of holistic intelligence that's a measure of intellect it shouldn't be called an intelligence quotient it should be called an intellect quotient but let me tell you something folks these people have genius intellect genius-level intellect no doubt about it I've seen it I've witnessed it firsthand and and their strategy is actually very brilliant because they've convinced people that they're just a lower-level version they're worshipping the Christian devil they so they take the symbolism of that and they they apply it to their ancient religion and then they get people thinking oh see they're just it's just an inversion of Christianity that's all it is and they just worship the Christian devil and then people just put it down never look into it again and go oh that's just a bunch of nonsense bullshit the crazy people believe in that are that are just as crazy as people who believe in in organized Christianity and they have no idea what it really is so that's the first reason that they use these symbols and trappings the second reason is to associate the actual ideology that they apply in everyday life to the adversarial dynamic within nature they want to associate their worldview their way of being in the world their overarching ideology to the adversarial dynamic within nature which is referred to in the occult world as the force of involution we're going to talk about the two major occult forces that are at work in the universe on the show today the force of evolution and the force of involution involution is the force which counteracts evolution and wants to stagnate life and consciousness and we'll get into that in the next few slides so they want to associate their worldview and their ideology with involution the occult force that works against life because this is a big death cult as we're gonna talk about that one of the other things that they refer to it as sometimes is the order of death I have heard high-ranking Satanism referred to as the order of death okay it has been called that and of course I have referred to it and other researchers have called it the cult of the Black Sun okay so you can call it these other things but they're just labels the ideology is what's ultimately important defined by the tenants so involution is the force which opposes true evolution in consciousness the word Satan itself comes from the hebrew word shaitan meaning adversary or opposer Satanism is ultimately about being opposed or an adversary to the true order of natural law natural law is the creator's laws governing moral consequence that this adversarial force always wants to work against and counteract the laws of moral consequence in the universe so therefore they align themselves with the perfect representative force Shaitaan from the Hebrew tradition the opposer the adversary the one that counteracts true evolution and natural law or in other words the involution arey or satanic force the one who opposes God's law okay it's a perfect allegorical and symbolic representation all right so moving forward this is the core ideological position of the Satanic religion or the old religion so I call these the four main tenets of modern Satanism the first is egotism it is stated in Satanism as self-preservation is the highest law meaning whatever you must do to get ahead to put yourself in a better position than your fellow men and women do it it doesn't matter whether it's immoral it doesn't matter whether a counteracts other people's rights or that it brings them down you put yourself in a higher position in regard to your fellow men and women no matter how you have to do it because your God your king and queen above all else not on st. not on equality or equal footing under natural law and rights no you're special you're better you have to be number one you have to be cutthroat in the dog-eat-dog world that you live in so what I boil it down to is it means that service to self is life's highest goal forget service to others and especially forget service to truth that's meaningless in Satanism Satanism is all about service to self as being life's highest aspiration and anybody who thinks that is a Satanist de-facto you know these people we could call the dujour Satanists they're the ones who are actually acting it out in the world becoming members of the network hierarchy the religious institutions that will carry out these goals but guess what you can be de facto Satanist meaning a Satanist indeed in action in thought and that's what most of the world is folks this is what we have to understand about this whole thing where I'm going with this is that all of our society is a big satanic ritual because the vast overwhelmingly vast proportion of our society has been ideologically converted at a low level to the ideology of Satanism that's where we're at in the world most people operate at a satanic ideology in their mind and don't even know it they're de-facto Satanists without even knowing that they're subscribing to the Satanic religion I call them mini-me Satanists after the whole character of dr. evil making a small clone of himself in the Austin Powers the The Comedy trilogy of Austin Powers that he called mini-me which looks like him you know but it's a small variant of him well they're making people into mini-me Satanists worldwide they're giving them a lower level ideology of the old religion and getting them to subscribe to it on a societal scale so the number one thing and then all you have to do is just think about the world's world view the world view of most of the people of the world is it service to others in service to truth above all else or is it service to self above above all else just think about it from that level are most people egotist who are only concerned with living their own lives and doing whatever they can to put themselves in a better position in life all day long 24 hours a day from the minute they wake up to the minute they go to bed at night is that the majority of the the worldview of the people of this world you better damn well believe it is if you're being honest with yourself you better damn well believe that except that because that's true that's what's going on you know so out so all we have to do is look at society and be honest about what we see is most of society egotistical are they in this the satanic ideology of Eagan I'm only worrying about themselves and caring about themselves stop lying to yourself if you're saying that's not the case because it 100% absolutely is and we're talking about a good 95 to 98% of this species and I'm being generous so that's the number one tenant that Satanism as a religion teaches service to self is life's highest goal and aspiration take care of you and your own don't worry about what's happening with other people that's what's gotten us into this mess that's why we remain enslaved is because people don't care about what's going on with the rights of all people got in a conversation with somebody this week and told them that the real money of the ruling elite the Satanists and dark occultists that run the world is the trafficking of children you think people go oh they're real money is gold they don't use the fiat currency system you know they're they're real money is precious metal and their ultimate real money is gold bull shit bull shit their real money is children is small children that they enact horrific acts of torture and pedophilia upon that's the real core aspect of their religion and that's their real monetary system and people think they know what's going on in this world thing they know what how the elite operate they know how the masters of the world operate and other money is gold their money is children that's their monetary system the second tenet of modern Satanism as a ideology and again this is the conquest version of their ideology this is what has been come it has come down through the centuries and these have become the main four crystallized tenets at work in this world view in this ideology the second is moral relativism this is the concept that right and wrong are whatever human beings say they are if we're really boiling what moil moral relativism is down to its core aspect right and wrong humans get to make that up those are human constructs they're not they don't exist in nature that's not part of the laws of the universe those are constructs that man gets to make up and you know how many jackasses out there still believe that shit tons and tons of fucking jackasses right in the freedom movement believe that shit they're moral relativists they believe right and wrong come from man and they're damn certain of it and they're all too proud to tell you right and wrong or human constructs humans make that shit up we just apply that doesn't exist in nature there's no such thing as natural law and they think they're gonna be free Wow you're a sorry sack of shit if that's what you think I have to just say and honestly and openly in street language to people and guess what I'll say it right to your face you're a dumb sorry sack of shit if that's what you think if that's what you believe you know what you really are you're a Satanist you're a Satanist you're a Satanist if that's how you think in deed in thought in action a de facto Satanist who doesn't even know that they are espousing satanic ideology from the Satanic religion and guess what that's the majority of the anarchist movement who believed erroneously that they can be a moral relativist and ever be free if you think that rights come from human beings then you by definition must also believe by definition that human beings can change the definition of right and wrong whenever they see fit to at their preference or at their whim by definition that was one of my slides in one of my past presentations when I talked about moral relativism and I put a big Baphomet symbol behind it because that is the core ideology of Satanism human beings make up what right and wrong are therefore if we decide we want to change what rights are we can change them in any given time we want to turn a right into a wrong that's perfectly our right to do that we want to turn a wrong into a right we can do it whenever we feel like it because guess what we made them up right or wrong or things we made up and guess what folks is not just them it's their mini-me minions out there in the truth movement in the freedom movement in the anarchist movement and you're sorry sacks a dumbass shit and come and see me and I'll tell you that right to your face based on you thinking that man makes up rights because you're such an atheist smacked ass that you're so opposed to the idea that there is a force more powerful than you that puts law into effect in creation that you want to associate true spirituality and the true laws of the universe with bullshit religion in your little tiny pea brain mind where you can't see a higher power and a higher force as having nothing to do with world religion because that's also a bunch of sack of shit ideology just as much as moral relativism is well your mind isn't advanced enough your psychology isn't advanced enough to think outside of that two-dimensional thinking out of that dialectical thinking because you don't have the Trivium in hand you don't have true truth discovering methodology in hand and in mind your mind isn't sophisticated enough for that and maybe your intellect quotient is just in the shitter too in addition to that maybe it's just you just don't have the intellectual acumen to process that and come to an accurate understanding it doesn't matter how much you know about anything else if you don't understand that rights don't come from man and we can't change what right and wrong are because it's based on whether behavior causes harm or not you have no actual intelligence and I'm not the person who's gonna sugarcoat it and go well you know maybe you should Reva no I'm gonna tell you you're a dumb sack of shit to your face I'm tired and done with it I'm done with it like in case people can't see this from the past few episodes folks I'm at my wit's end I'm at my absolute snapping point when it comes to any Tolerance or any kind of giving leeway and making any kind of excuses for people who think like this because there are no excuses for them they're a sorry excuse but that's what moral relativism that's the second main tenet of the Satanic ideology that right and wrong or just meant man-made constructs and we could change them whenever we feel like this of course an out-of-control ego believing that they get to make up what right and wrong are inevitably leads to tenets two and three and four tenets one and two or the basis tenets three and four are the social expressions of the ideological foundations of egotism and moral relativism you put those in place and they harden and crystallize in the individual ego and you invariably lead to the societal outcomes in tenet three and tenet for which is social Darwinism and eugenics tenant number three in Satanism is social Darwinism and this this basically postulates the most dominant and cruel human beings should become the masters of humanity and rule over the masses of humanity that's what social Darwinism essentially postulates your mindset and your genetics got you there therefore you should become the master race and rule over the rest of the unwashed hordes that's called social Darwinism it's applying vicious animal behavior and taking it and extruding it through the human domain it's a smack - ideology even in the animal kingdom because Darwin was incorrect and his theory of macro biological evolution is wrong not borne out in the science not borne out in the fossil record and people still religiously cling to that as a religion when in fact it has never been proven to be the case and never will and those same people won't look at human intervention theory or as I call it human interference theory because that's too horrifying to contemplate that's what it really comes down to you want to know what it really comes down to it's not that there's no evidence to support there's tons of evidence to support it what it comes down to when it comes to that folks as a brief aside is the mindset of the people is just too weak to take it in that's all it really comes down to they're not hardened enough as true men and true women to acknowledge the horror of the real human situation because this is a fucking zoo run by a type two civilization you want to know what earth really is it's a hell a prison a zoo run by a type two civilization that is unseen that's the real horror that we're in if the truth be told if we're being honest with ourselves but you know how many men and women can tolerate that in in this actual psyche and bear to look at the plain vicious naked truth of that a piss-poor pittance a piss-poor pittance that's how many so going back to these tenets social Darwinism is that the most cruel can just rule the roost because hey they scratched and called their way to get there and animals do that and so we should emulate animals because we're just another animal that's what that theory postulates that's what what's that tenant postulates and then once you have those three in place it's a hop skip and a jump where I should say it's just a very steep descent down the chute to eugenics and I have it listed here as eugenics and epic eugenics and note people please note folks this is not epigenetics this is epic eugenics okay it's classical eugenics which means the masters should determine who is allowed to live and breed and who must die population control and reduction gene pool control eugenics is the direct means through violence through chemical means etc and epi eugenics is population control genetic control through mind control it is mind controlling the existing population to get them to call themselves and cull characteristics out of their own gene pool through mind control and mind controlled selective breeding I've done an entire presentation on it called the unholy feminine because it works through the female members of our society who largely control which male members of society will be allowed to propagate their genes and which will not so the Satanists target the females of our society because they know that's how gene propagation works in any given society through the females so that presentation is subtitled it's called the unholy feminine and the subtitle is neo feminism and the Satanic epi' eugenics agenda one of the presentations I'm actually most proud of and also it's one that let me tell you something folks you know who comments on and complements me more on that presentation than any other class of people women I have received more positive comments on that presentation from women than men who've ever mentioned it to me from women who really want to understand how the social engineers have specifically targeted them and I have been thanked and given a positive feedback in comments on that presentation by many many many more women than men have ever even ever mentioned it to me because again it's who wants to confront the horror to sit very similar to people not wanting to understand cosmic abandonment because they don't want to understand the horror contained within that truth the same thing when it comes to the mind control over women in our society if you really understand how tight it is it's a horror I mean I go to freedom oriented meetings of concerned citizen groups in this city and men will say to me why aren't there ever any women here that the two or three women that ever ever ever show up at any of these meetings are personal friends of mine that's it that's it because I promote that promote it and try to bring them out and alert them to when the meetings come up but hardly any women ever come out to any freedom oriented groups why is that women don't want to be free and the answer is largely no they don't that's the sad part of the society that with a sad fact of the matter of the society that we live in now and when men ask me I'm very very harsh and I say right to them because I say right to their face the reason there aren't most women here isn't because oh it's just they don't like the type of men that show up at these things or because they don't you know understand what what we're talking about it's because most women have been brainwashed and mind-control into not wanting freedom most not not a blanket statement when it's a blanket statement I'll say it but the majority 100% absolutely the majority have been conditioned into that state of mind control and when I say that guys they're don't want to hear it they're like that's a sexist statement no it isn't that's the truth of what's going on in social engineering in our world that you don't want to confront you don't want to understand that the think tanks who are mind control masters have set society up like that and that's why there's no women at your dam meetings that's epic eugenics you know that's controlling the gene pool by mind controlling the population into controlling the gene pool because you can't you don't have enough people to do it directly doesn't matter how much poison you put in the air the water the food the medicine etc so it's some are gonna slip through your fingers and you're not gonna get the exact results that you want because that's a crapshoot when you do it chemically - you want to do that you have to do it through mind controlled selective breeding and that's where epi eugenics comes in and you also have the option of classical eugenics which is directly wiping out populations through war and other means folks these are the four main tenets of Satanism regardless of what anyone will tell you that's the crystallized coalesced and very much compacted tenets of modern the modern satanic religion and again I want to make very clear here we are talking about this as matzo min the modern day because it wasn't called Satanism really never was really called Satanism until the modern day okay this ideology was coalesced and konk rest into the satanic ideology and called that when Anton LaVey wrote The Satanic Bible he was charged to do this he was a friend of the Bush family or many people feel that they were the serfs of Germany connected with the the Gulf's connected with the saxe-coburg-gotha 'he's the Windsors of england etc but levae was asked to put out to the public to the masses the coalesced version of the satanic ideology in the Satanic Bible and I am crystallizing these tenets and compacting them for people's understanding not only from the modern writings of Satanism from both Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan and also from Michael Aquino in the temple of set the writings he has put forward and other satanic organizations but I am compacting this and crystallizing it from my personal experience in the dark occult myself from an experiential point of view so let's move on to the next slide I'm gonna build out a chart here to show you how well actually what I want to do here is show you the two forces of nature the only two real forces of nature that are at work in the universe now of course some people have called these love and fear because that's ultimately the dynamics in consciousness that they are based upon consciousness is everything pure energy pure consciousness it's the root of everything pure vibration okay it is it is that which is being having an experience that you can't put any kind of a label on and then it takes its innumerable myriad forms when vibration is added to it and it comes into the illusion of matter through vibration through vibratory energy and many people have called these forces love and fear but in the occult circles they are referred to as evolution and involution in the scientific world old and all occultism is is hidden science folks it's not a belief system at its core level occultism is not really a religion when it's perverted and turned toward the satanic yes it's a religion because then it holds us back but what true occultism is from the positive point of view is its hidden knowledge about the laws of the universe and the human psyche and how they operate so they are Sciences the occult knowledge is comprises a science that's why when I'm doing that when I'm putting forward this new documentary I am calling it mark passio and the science of natural law so it is the very beginning is somewhat about me I have to explain a little bit about my background to people who know nothing about me and what I do so that's why the first part of it is called mark passio because it's a very very brief bio of myself at the beginning of the documentary and then we go into the science of natural law and how adherence to it or opposition to it determines our experience as an entire human society and this is what part of the satanic ritual of our entire society is getting people to not understand natural law so that they're wandering blind never really knowing what's right and what's wrong truly from a true knowledge point of view and when you don't know that you can't align your behavior to it effectively correctly and then you have a society that's just an abject chaos and going down the path of tyranny as a result of that ignorance that's called the law of freedom and it's all contained in these occult forces that are at work in our lives in the whole universe and in the whole manifest universe no matter where you go these are the two main forces these are the two ultimate forces of nature at work in all of creation evolution and involution in the scientific realm they have been referred to as Sentra P and entropy now most people have known or heard the word entropy but most people have never heard the word sintra P which is proposed as the scientific word for the opposite force of entropy now some people will say in the scientific realm that there is only entropy or there is only the the dissolution of energy and matter going into more undifferentiated forms with as time progresses forward and sintra p in the scientific realm is looked at as the exportation of entropy meaning if your room gets dirty to clean it up you have to take the debris and move it somewhere else water cleans things it moves things away it's a sin tropic force and motion and dynamic because it is a carrying agent and it takes things that are debris agents and it moves them from one place to another so it exports entropy and different forms of energy do that you could burn it and it converts it to a different form of energy you can clean it with water get it get the debris moving etc so entropy is like a default decaying condition that if you don't apply will to something it degrades and decays over time and this is why evolution is the ordering force centra p is the ordering force entropy is the dissolving force the chaotic force okay so let's look at each one of these occult forces in turn entropy or centra P represents creation or advancement it is that which is always making new things and pushing the envelope forward moving things to new and higher forms it generates more complexity and more diversity that's what the force of evolution does or centra P the ordering force more complexity more diversity it advances truth and wisdom in any given society anywhere in the universe if we are aligning ourselves to the sin tropic force or the force of evolution we are aligning ourselves to truth to natural law to wisdom it is the force which moves consciousness in the universe forward more consciousness more understanding more awareness it is the force which acts as for the advancement of good advancing goodness and morality in any given society so to align yourselves with evolution with the sin tropic force is to create and align yourself with goodness with natural law with morality evolution is the force which moves freedom forward to greater ever greater expressions higher levels of freedom to be able to do more and experience more it is the force which advances survival and life itself it is ultimately the force of order the ordering force within creation that counteracts and fights against the force that is breaking everything down into its constituent elements and degenerating things and forcing them into chaos and forcing them backwards into less evolved forms that's involution or entropy scientifically it is called entropy but occultic lee it is called involution this is the force that propagates degeneration decay stagnation not moving forward staying where you're at or moving backwards it is less complexity more simplicity less diversity more uniformity more undifferentiated whereas evolution differentiates and creates diversity in new forms involution or entropy breaks things down into further and further levels of simplicity uniformity and undifferentiated involution stagnates understanding in addition to just matter and energy it stagnates the mind the psychology it creates ignorance it forces us toward ignorance and allows us to take into our minds deception and untruth it's the force which won't allow us to look at truth it's the egoic force which won't allow us to admit that we are wrong and learn from our mistakes that's what pushes everything in consciousness backwards and creates unconsciousness so it counteracts the movement of consciousness and creates unconsciousness it puts consciousness into a ball pushes it down doesn't allow it to unfurl and expand and flower it crushes consciousness it advances evil immorality it stagnates our ability to understand natural law at work in the world it wants that the force of involution once moral decay it wants moral stagnation it wants moral relativism because that's what brings more immoral actions into the world and ultimately creates the state that we call evil and ultimately involution and entropy is the force the force driven by fear which ultimately results in human slavery which is where we're at this is the force we have succumbed to as a species by not exerting our will by not exerting true care for truth and for rights and not exerting right behavior right thought leading to right understanding and then put forward into the world as right action we're not exercising the willpower and courage to do that that's why the force of involution and entropy has taken over because it is the force which has put us into slavery through our fear our ignorance in our lack of that of right action and ultimately involution entropy results in death and ultimately extinction which is where humanity's going to head if we don't turn things around this is ultimately the force of chaos the thing which chaotically breaks down consciousness the movement forward of all forms of life and holds it back from progressing which is what the actual plan of creation really is is to move forward in consciousness forward in higher levels of expression of complexity diversity move forward in truth and understanding and wisdom and consciousness higher levels of freedom and advancement of life itself and this chaotic involution Airy force that we have succumbed to all to practically succumb to it wants death it wants chaos it one's slavery so you could look at it instead of you could look at this as on the left hand side here we have love on the right hand side we have fear evolution involution but what you can really look at it as how I like to look at it as the force of entropy or centra P is the force of evolution or centra P I should say is natural law and the force of involution or entropy is Satanism see if we're really getting down to the core of this all the force which ultimately evolves us and moves everything forward in the human domain and and really every other domain of life and consciousness is natural law is our alignment with natural law so I put the natural law card here of the Tower of the Major Arcana of the Tarot to represent this force in actuality the card that would represent evolution would be the hangman card because that is the servant of natural law so I'm saying natural law here is really the ultimate expression of evolution okay if we align ourselves to it alignment to it is the hangman card of the major arcana okay so that's actually card number ten on the deck is the hangman card number eleven of course is justice natural law the servant of natural law who willingly accepts his role as the one who is the Herald to teach it and bring it fully forward into the domain of human consciousness is the hangman on the tarot deck okay so I'm sorry it's not card ten I'm my my mistake I apologize it is card twelve okay and I always remember that it's card twelve because it is one of my birth cards my two cards in the Major Arcana of the day of the tarot deck personally you use your your birth month and your birthday it's a little aside here to this relating to Tarot which I think people will find interesting who want to look at the Tarot from a an esoteric occult point of view to know which two cards of the Major Arcana are you take your birth month and your birthday now if they are let's say if it's a day like thirty then you reduce three plus zero would be three so your birth day card would be three okay you take the month which would be either one through twelve and then you would take your your day card which would be one through 31 okay and if it's anywhere from since there are only 20 cards twenty-two cards I'm sorry in the tarot deck one is a zero which would not apply because that's the soul card or the full card you would go up through 21 so dates of the month 22 through 31 would have to be reduced so for example 22 would be reduced to four twenty three would be reduced to five and so on so if I take my birth month which is August that's eight that's the strength card or the courage card of the deck the woman holding the Lions jaws open okay that's my month my birth month card that is one of my tarot cards and then the second one which you associate with your birth is the day card my day is 12 i'm august 12 i'm born august 12th so 8 and 12 12 is the hangman card and that represents the servant of natural law how appropriate and how appropriate that my month card is the strength or courage card the force which has to be directly aligned with with your will centre to be able to do that work so the Tarot can teach you so much about yourself that it's it's it's not even funny it's almost scary how accurate it is when you really understand how to esoterically interpret it so the hangman card is the force of evolution is the servant of evolution or it could be seen as the evolution card itself but I am talking about here in the very big overarching terms here okay evolution is natural law itself the force of evolution is natural law itself and then Satanism is the involution Airy force the adversary the opposer to natural law shaitaan/satan okay so that's the force of chaos and entropy at work in the world that gets us to go against natural law or remain ignorant of it now the card that would be exactly opposite at the same level of the macrocosmic Tree of Life if we lay out the Major Arcana according to the two trees the microcosmic tree and the macrocosmic tree of the Kabbalah and we lay out the cards from 0 through 22 on those two trees the first eleven on the microcosmic tree starting with of the zero card at the dot position and then progressing forward cards 1 through 10 on the sefie wrote on the Tree of Life that gives us the the first 11 cards of the major arcana on the microcosmic Tree of Life representing the forces at work in the individual consciousness and then we take the second half of the Major Arcana cards 11 through 21 and we lay those out 11 through 20 on the sefirot of the Tree of Life the macrocosmic Tree of Life then putting the world card card number 21 or the 22nd card of the Major Arcana at the dot position representing the universe the forces at work in the universe we end up with justice card number 11 at the highest position on the macrocosmic Tree of Life I've gone through this in my presentation called demystifying the occult part 1 ok it's at the end of that where I do this tarot card breakdown I've also done it in the audio podcast version of what on earth is happening you can get that in the podcast section of water on earth is happening calm so if you lay the cards out like that you will see justice the natural law card is the highest force of creation seated at the qatar position of the macrocosmic Tree of Life the two cards directly underneath the Justice card on the macrocosmic Tree of Life at the the Hulk MA and banoffee wrote respectively would be the hangman and the death card ok so that the death card on the tarot deck the Major Arcana of the Tarot would be representative of the force of involution whereas the hangman card represents the force of evolution which is the servant of natural law the moral laws that govern all of the universe so what I'm putting into perspective here is if we understand that these are the only two occult forces that are really operating in all of nature love and fear evolution which pushes us forward or centra P versus involution which pushes us backwards or entropy we are really talking about whether we are in alignment with natural law or whether we are in opposition with natural law the true moral laws of creation so to be in alignment with natural law is to align ourselves with the force of evolution and to be in opposition with natural law is to align ourselves with Satanism the force which actually acts as the adversary or the opposer of natural law and evolution the involution arey or entropic force in nature so moving forward in this presentation on societal Satanism and how it works in our culture and I think this is going to be very powerfully important to break this down because people think that Satanism is just this crazy religion with men and black robes and teenagers going out and sacrificing animals in the woods and a big bonfire and wearing these crazy medallions and inverted crosses and listening the black metal and wearing leather and you know it this is this is a false variation of Satanism you know and people don't understand how Satanism works in the world and what it's trying to do that these people want to become God become a master race rule everybody else as God on earth make everybody else their slaves through mind control through getting people to believe that which is false like moral relativism and then act upon it so that they create chaos in their lives and in the world that's what Satanism is folks it's not worshiping anything it's fucking this world up irreparably because of wrong thinking not caring about the right things and wrong behavior and what Satan is ultimately want is to align people's minds hearts and behaviors with all the wrong things to invert everything I want to explain to people how there are sects of Satanism that work in different ways but ultimately achieve the same goal or the same end result and you have to liken this to sects of other religions to understand it and again I'm telling you 99.99% of human beings on earth do not understand this they think they do and they have no fucking idea what they're talking about and they talk out their ass because they have no experience all knowledge of it nor do they have an even secondhand knowledge told to them from somebody who's been involved nor do they even have accurate book knowledge of it they're deficient in all three methods of knowledge first-hand experience all secondhand from someone who had direct experience and book knowledge from someone who wrote about it through any of the other forms of knowledge so there's no gnosis nor is there any actual learning through book knowledge regarding these dynamics I'm trying to write that and encourage people to do more investigation and research on their own regarding these dynamics don't just take my word for it so to understand the sects or branches of modern Satanism okay this is how modern Satanism works in the world its goals and how it operates in the world it helps to compare the sex of modern Satanism to the types of denominations that are found in other religious institutions such as modern Christianity the many Christian denominations differ widely in their various beliefs and practices their culture their you know type churches their symbols their rituals etc their prayers their hymns you know all of that can differ very widely even the ways that they their belief systems some could believe in good works some can believe in salvation is a met cetera but ultimately all forms of Christianity are ultimately unified in their belief in Jesus as the savior of humanity that's the one overarching belief that makes Christianity Christian they generally follow the biblical allegory of Jesus and him as a historical figure they believed in his historicity and they attempt to align their you know ideology and worldview and and behavior to the teachings of Jesus found in the New Testament that's the general overarching ideological principles of Christianity in any in any given form in any denomination and they believe in in general Jesus as the savior of humanity and believed in his divinity okay so the early church was sort of unified it was a unified religion okay and then it split into the Western Church of Rome and the Eastern Church of Constantinople okay so in the modern world the Eastern Church became the Eastern Orthodox Church and then it's many different denominations and then the Western Church of Rome split into Roman Catholicism and Protestantism and into their different denominations Roman Catholicism really doesn't have many denominations it has remained largely the same since the initial west east-west split of the early church but Protestantism has probably split into the most denominations so they all have different ways of getting there but ultimately the goal was the same salvation through Jesus okay that's their one overarching goal of all the forms of Christianity in all the denominations in which it is practiced in the modern world similarly the quote/unquote sects of modern Satanism witches are not what they think it's so not what you think it's gonna be folks most people okay I'm not gonna get into talking about the Church of Satan verse of the temple of set versus the Satanic temple versus the order of the evil eye versus the Church of Lucifer etc so on into all the different you know variations of modern satanic ideology and groups we can get into because we can go on for months that's not what I'm going to talk about as being the main overarching sects of Satanism we are talking about what its real goals are in society and how it most efficiently and effectively goes about the achievement of those goals of that one goal really we're talking about not really really truly multiple goals but one overarching goal okay so the many different the the different sects of modern Satanism will differ as to their specific ideologies and the methods by which they will achieve their ends and their rituals etc their books okay but they all share one overarching goal to institute global human slavery and in so doing permanently destroy human freedom and true human spirituality and I'm not talking about groups that are self-styled Satanists that are saying they want human freedom okay so I'm not even talking about groups like The Satanic temple now again the Satanic temple is a Baphomet statue was in the the title card for this presentation please do not think I'm talking about any one particular group like that okay I'm not referring to that that was just used as a symbol to represent the adversarial force in nature which is the involution airy force which comes through the Satanic ideology and in all the many forms that is practiced as as the christian devil Baphomet etc it's just the symbol folks I'm not referring to any given specific group so please understand that okay because then the first thing I'll hear is oh you're just you know trying to talk shit on the Church of Satan or the temple of set or the Satanic temple I personally could care less about those groups those are like like when I talk about tiny little ways down here on the hierarchy barely involved in the hierarchy where they they're just you know especially groups like the Satanic temple which are highly self-styled and don't really align with the higher level ideologies of the tenants that I talked about you know they have their own you know little agendas that they want to put forward politically etc but we're talking about extraordinarily low level on the totem pole of worldwide societal old religion okay I'm talking about something that goes way beyond what any of these groups are even talking about okay The Satanic ideology in itself and the worldwide network that I am talking about of its adherents of hoarding knowledge taking it into their inner circle hiding it from the rest of people they don't care about these little groups and and the little people that are their rank-and-file minions that are that are propagating whatever ideology they're propagating to whoever will listen that that's the that's not they're nothing to them nothing to them okay and in many cases they just let these groups operate autonomously and there's not really much involvement I'm talking about when you really get into real world old religion Satanism okay that ultimately goes up to the highest levels of political power banking power religious power child trafficking pedophilia running the corporations of the world running the pharmaceutical cartels running the drug cartels totally controlling and running organized crime everywhere throughout the world whether it be drug cartels running out of South America and Mexico whether it be drug cartels running out of the Eastern European nations you know whether it be you know African gold and diamonds you know procuring and smuggling you can go on and on and on into all the things they have their hands in through organized crime they control every organized crime syndicate on the face of the earth and all organized-crime heads report to the dark occult you can be assured of that it all connects into the intelligence societies they're all organizing the whole surveillance state they connect in with all political and financial institutions and think tanks you know the high ranking members are really running the think tanks the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations the Royal Institute for International Affairs Chatham House Wellington House out of England the council for national policy the Council on Foreign Relations the Trilateral Commission operating out of the United States the Bilderberg Group all worldwide group that ultimately connects in with Satanism and takes their their God's name bail or bill you know in Bilderberg you know cuz the Satan was always depicted as a bull God you know depicted as a bull in the Sumerian Akkadian Canaanite traditions as Bale the Sun God so you know I went into that the whole kind of phonetic variation of BL you know Babylon Bible you know it goes on and on and on bail making bail in jail bailiffs you know Bill's the type of dollar that we use are called bills we pay bills with bills you know the dollar bill you know you could just go on and on and on with how many variants the Liberty Bell you know all named after this God does this solar deity bail you know it's Satan in the ancient world that's all it is it's the state the variant of that name Satan but you know that says this is the God in the ancient world in the Canaanite Akkadian Sumerian tradition that's where it stems out of and it had out yet other names bill was one of them obviously you know different various of phonetic pronunciation of the vowels B of the consonants B and L with interchangeable you know vowels in between I did that in at the end as a little war play pong game you know fun thing at the end of demystifying the occult part 2 but you know that's what you have to understand we're talking about this involution Airy force this adversarial force and they will have sex set up to take the population into the mindset of Satanism to achieve the end goal the end goal is slavery of the actual high level old religion not these little groups that are self stylized Satanism again the big cult they're not they're not really caring about them that much they're they're not that's not there they use them as some of them are used as psychological vetting and filtration organizations to take people with the certain characteristics and skill sets that they want up through the ranks into the higher levels of the dark occult that's all those institutions that's all those smaller level organizations are therefore putting the feelers out and identifying traits and characteristics in the general public that they want to exploit so I'm gonna build in the next slide let's let's start to move forward how the modern satanic cults the modern satanic sects actually operate in our modern society and this is the bit one of the biggest parts of how our modern our entire modern society is one big satanic ritual getting everybody to participate in achieving this cults and goal the end goal of the old religion so we're going to represent the religion itself with the Baphomet symbol which is also the background okay so this is our unified religious cult you have to look at this as this is the unified early church from the last slide the last example on the last slide that is now going to fracture into two main bodies or organizations worldwide that what this is ultimately going to do is help people to usher in the end goal not really realizing that that's what they're doing and do it through dialectical means that achieves a secondary purpose of creating adversarial dialectical adverse energy okay or in other words polarization between two seemingly competing groups but these two pillars these two groups that are seemingly competing and pinning themselves against each other are ultimately all filtering down to the same end goal that is that in in in the future set in the future to be the end goal all along it's the ultimate dialectical polarity the polarization dialectic as I have called it so let's start building out this chart and explaining how they do it the two sexes and I'm gonna get red white and blue on you folks okay that's what we're gonna do here it's it's seven seven only three days after so-called Independence Day here in this country commemorating our alleged split from England okay from the British Empire you know nothing could be further from the truth we may have achieved that very briefly but they did not really ultimately back down ideologically and culturally and we were still ruled the Sun has never really set on the British Empire America still ruled from the shadows from there and from the the royalty of Europe and ultimately the dark occult that operates out of the religious institutions from the church the Vatican Jerusalem Mecca etc all the the ostensible religious traditions so the two ultimate sects of modern Satanism is the political wings of whatever political parties we're talking about in any nation because you always have you have to have two folks that's what sets up the Royal Arch which creates the most polarizing strength and holds up the most weight because you have to have it based upon parental figures again this is the other thing people don't understand why are there only never two political parties why is there that liberal in that conservative that left-wing in that right-wing they're all connected to the same body it's all ultimately one body politic it's alternately one organization that is ultimately vying for ultimate power and control over the human population and to bring us into abject slavery they just put on two different masks that's all it ever is and ever has been and the people are still fooled they're still in political polarization they're still all getting all ratcheted up for the big fucking circus coming in 2020 when it never has mattered and never will matter because Satanists run the whole fucking goddamn show boys and girls they run the whole fucking show there ain't no difference between any of them the master of all government and all political parties is the adversarial force in nature whatever you want to refer to that as it's the thing that's holding us back and keeping us enslaved and it doesn't matter how long it's been going on for it's always been wrong it's always been morally wrong and that's why it needs to end that's why slavery needs to be stopped and ended and the only way to really ultimately do that is to help people to understand how this dynamic works and how it controls the mind to get people to do its bidding and do its dirty work for it and ultimately uh sure in themselves against their own interests the very slavery that it wants to usher in but people are too damn stupid and childish and naive to want to give up their political identification I'm on this team this is my these are my gang colors these are my cult colors I'm in the elephant I'm in the Jackass cult you are you in the smack dance elephant called are you in the smack - donkey cult because whichever one you're in you're a smacked ass dumb is a bag of fucking broken glass so Satanism fractures itself deliberately to create polarization in the ranks of humanity and it does it very effectively it's genius so what are the methodologies of these different branches or sects of Satanism see folks you got to understand you can't just tell people you know what we're Satanists and you know what we're gonna do we're gonna give you our ideologies and then you're gonna help us enslave yourselves can you imagine if this is what the rulers of the world did everybody go fuck you we're not doing that we're not that stupid well I don't know maybe Humanity is that stupid you know sometimes I just think yeah we're just that's two people are just that stupid the the bulk of humanity you know I'm not that stupid I was I was only that stupid till I learned how it really worked which is why the universe let me see behind the curtain for a while that's all it said hey you have all these aspirations and you have a lot of these wrong ideas because you haven't delved enough into true spirituality guess what let's let's jumpstart your understanding let's put you in with the real true demons behind the scenes for a little bit until you get shaken out of your dum-dum slumber you smacked ass that's what the universe said to me and boy did it hit me did it smacked me across the face with a hammer okay I've told the story many times to a point where I mean I was so what what I saw at the low level that I was involved in out evil and how bad it was at the level it went to and I know it goes a thousand time beyond that I was so depressed by what I became involved with that I was just sitting in my bedroom literally doing nothing for the better part of the year except going to Bath to the bathroom to piss and shit and to eat food that to the minimal extent that I did and not even basically leaving my bedroom and doing nothing but but sulking and and writhing in my depression and playing doom metal all day long for the better part of the year that's what they that's what they experienced the universe had to give to me to slap me out of my stupor so I could imagine what it must do to people who don't have 147 IQ you know I could only imagine how ensconced and ensnared in their own ego they are and what a hard case they work they are compared to my soft case of the ego so let's look at their methods their main methods are appeal to Authority of course because they want to set themselves up as the gods of society but they do it through different appeals to Authority see they can't just tell people we're gonna rule everybody you're gonna help us get it done because people wouldn't comply or cooperate with that they have some semblance of you know wanting something good for themselves and for society so they know people are basically split into two camps they have people who have motherly abandonment issues that's the left who want the authority in the form that they see it to be mami and to provide so what they're appealing to there is their sense of misplaced compassion for others and they want everybody taken care of that's what they're appealing to they're appealing to this right brained imbalanced notion if we have to care for everyone no matter what it means see we have to secure the common good needs right its appeal to Authority through misplaced compassion and misplaced appeal to security for the common need okay so you're focusing here on this method in getting into the minds of people what they're doing there they're exploiting the people who are in this form of brain imbalance and in this form of parental abandonment they're those people themselves are focusing too much on the common good at the expense of individual rights and you'll always hear them talk about that that the common good has to supersede individual rights because they're all concerned about government and authority being mommy or daddy I'm sorry being mommy that's gonna nurture and care for everybody and provide all the resources for everybody like Mother's Milk and that's in their mind there too right brain and balanced they don't have brain balance between the left and right brain hemisphere they're imbalanced toward the belief that the individual doesn't matter and that the common good has to supersede everything and this is what's exploited and preyed upon by the Satanist the appeal to Authority through that misplaced compassion for all of society and again these are the hallmarks of right brain dominance the right brain is due to imbalance negatively it's to to imbalance dominantly I should say and they don't have enough left brain understanding so I'm seeing that it is five o'clock we're nowhere near the end of the presentation folks so more likely than not instead of rushing for calls I'm gonna unpack this and it'll take as long as it takes and we'll do a whole call-in show next week probably because I feel this is extraordinarily important material for people to deeply comprehend and share with other people so I want to make the presentation as strong as possible so if we saw if I somehow do wrap it up and we take some calls great but more likely than not let's do a whole call-in show next week on this and I like doing those okay the method of the right-wing sect of Satanism or right-wing politics is appeal to Authority through selfishness and security of individual desires see so your preying on people's compassion their selflessness on the left-wing faction but the right-wing faction or sect realizes there are other people in society that are more selfish and care more about themselves than providing for the common good and so you're gonna pray on that dynamic you're gonna say well these people have selfish individual desires let's pray on that dynamic so these are people who focus too much on selfish concerns at the expense of the true common good which there is such a thing as that's the law of freedom aggregate freedom comes about through aggregate morality that's the common good doing good in the common sense terms of understanding conscience by understanding the actual objective difference between right and wrong behavior okay so in this case you're seeing that there are certain people who are more selfish than they are concerned for the well-being of others so you want to pray on that with the right-wing politics because you're preying on their individual desire to generate prosperity for themselves okay and become either rich or prosperous have their own rights protected okay but not worry so much about all of what's going on in all of society the right-wing factions are always more self-absorbed than South Oregon the left-wing factions very rarely ever care about individual rights because they're only ever concerned about society as a whole there's no balance there for both individual rights and the good of society that's the equilibrium point okay this is what the mathematician John Nash talked about as a game theory solution where the maximum amount of people who prosper and come out as winning is the people who focus simultaneously in a state of equilibrium on what is both good and right for themselves and good and morley right for all of society and that's a very difficult balance point to strike because most people are imbalanced toward one brain hemisphere or another and the occultists know this because they know more about the brain the physiology the psychology then almost all of the people put together one of them knows more about that than almost all of humanity put together let alone tens of thousands of them operating in concert on the same page that's why they constitute a mastermind of evil which the universe is going to grant their manifestations because they're all on the same page and we're all divided in the dialectic that they've set up for us and people still can't see it and still won't abandon it because they're too attached to it ego eclis and can't admit they've been duped the right-wing political sect is always hallmarks of left brain dominance or left brain imbalance so these are the methodologies they operate through identify the people you're trying to enslave some are more selfish some are more concerned about just the good of society and don't care about the individual it's brilliant it's genius level methodology strategy of conquering of dividing and conquering genius level and that's why the average imbecile the average person eaten poison drinking poison watching poison cannot cognize or conceive of these the level of these people's genius and the level of their methodologies at work in the world they can't even conceive of it and again I'm not tailoring this as a presentation or my show or my all of my work folks I'm not tailoring this for the average imbecile I am tailoring this for the people who have enough holistic intelligence to take it in understand what I'm saying and then help teach it to other people who are even at a lower level of intellectual acumen than they are so you know I don't take the I want to say I don't her medicine elitist idea that this information just isn't for everybody it has to ultimately be for everybody what I'm saying is my teaching method isn't for everybody not everyone will be able to receive it from mark passio I am under no delusion that everyone can that's why I'm not looking for everyone to follow me in my work I am looking for a handful of tremendously good and intelligent holistically intelligent people to become teachers and propagate this knowledge out much farther than I ever could as an individual because I realize people are not going to take this every person is not going to take this information from me it will have to be put in a myriad of different ways and methods and means to reach a much greater number of people than I will ever be able to reach as an individual that doesn't mean that I think ultimately this information is only for a few it is for all in an egalitarian sense I think it is simplistic enough at some level that everyone can really understand how it works it's just not everybody's going to be able to learn that from Mark passio admittedly so let's look at then where this goes it then derives social manifestations in different forms when the left-wing sect of Satanism puts all of its methodologies of mind-control into effect to get people on board with the left-wing agenda the manifestations become false notions of equality which is an equality under natural law at all it becomes sameness homogeneity you know lack of differentiation in society everybody having to think like they think and be on board with their agendas and be on board with their narratives it becomes this notion of democracy the rule of the people the rule of whatever we say is the law it's not the rule of natural law it's the rule of man's law that's what democracy is and a small group or a majority I should say can make it up that's all democracy is it's the opposite of an oligarchy in a sense an oligarch you're a few people make it up in a democracy the majority get to make it up even if they're wrong it's not based on any true objective standard of morality it's based on whatever the majority thinks right and wrong is and then make just Institute it and impose it on the masses oppose impose it on the minority just because they held the vote well if you held the vote we can strip everybody's rights just because we erroneously think that that's a right for us to do well we can do it in a democracy that's one of the things that leads to it's one of the places we're at right now and then eventually you have creeping socialism or what's known as Fabian social and socialism my producer is pointing out a spelling error I'm gonna fix it right now so corporatism there we go I was missing you know okay I'm gonna save on that thank you for that let me go back to my slide there I'll build this out again real quick okay so the social manifestations of the left-wing sect of Satanism we have the false notions of equality democracy and we have what's called creeping socialism or Fabian socialism this is getting to the place where the entires the entire societies needs and resources the resources of the society services are entirely controlled by government okay so it's the means of production and distribution are controlled by the state that's what all socialism really is but you get to it out of democracy this idea that the people can decide it passes through the stage called Fabian socialism or creeping socialism in the modern leftist society in the United States they are now calling that democratic socialism because it's it's the in-between phase between democracy and pure socialism which is the control of resources by the state ultimately so then we finally have real socialism real left-wing socialism and then that eventually becomes either an oligarchical party controlling the entire government or a dictator controlling it all and then you have communism which is totalitarianism it is the left-wing form of total control over a society in the handful of either a very few group of people or in the hands of one individual it's a symbolic individual of course it's really controlled by the Satanists who are the true members of the unified religious cult in the middle that's who's really controlling it and ultimately as we're going to see they're really controlled by the Ellucian arey force itself or satan as a force okay so then if we look at the social manifestations of the right-wing sect okay we have this false notions of rights where people think some people have rights that others don't based on their power and wealth and society or this idea that we can delegate rights to certain groups of people both groups left and right sects believe that then this degenerates into menarche or limited governments you know even like republican form of government the republic it's all menarche and limited government it's still the notion that slavery is legitimate it's still the notion that some people have rights that others don't have that were not truly equals under natural law that certain rights can be delegated or granted to people to do that other people don't have the right to do that's what all government is and then this will descend as a in-between step between another form of socialism called national socialism we have crony capitalism or corporatism and this was the in-between step that led to Nazi Germany we have that here we have a mixture of Fabian socialism and crony capitalism or corporatism it's not real capitalism that's what we have going on we have these two sects that are combining their their efforts their methods their social manifestations and ultimately bridging to will the one overarching goal in u.s. society in particular so in this in between stays on the right wing side you have crony quote/unquote capitalism it's not real capitalism at all or corporatism and that will eventually lead to a form of socialism called national socialism out of control nationalism combined with corporatism and eventually that is the totalitarian form of government called fascism that's what it will become long term but folks it doesn't matter whether you call it the the blue donkey or the red elephant I don't care what you they're both forms of Satanism that lead to one control I don't care what sect of the cult you want to believe in you could believe in the left-wing donkey cult the right-wing political cult but it's all stemming from the unified religious cult called Satanism and they have one goal folks and that is human slavery that's what the one goal is you know they want to give you the blue faction and the red faction to make you think Oh your team is better your brand Nichola is better your brand of cotton candy is better you can have the blue or the pink brand a cotton candy it's all fucking poison you know have this form of high fructose water or this form of high fructose water it's all poison the cult doesn't care how they get there folks do you realize that you know this is what people who still believe in politics don't get the cult does not care how they get to abject human slavery doesn't matter to them couldn't care less they could do it through the left-wing faction they could do it through the right-wing faction sorry I accidentally click back I'll have to build the slide out again so watch this let's go back to the slide yeah they don't care whether they come at it through the left or right wing faction they would prefer to get there directly by telling you where your rulers and we're taking you into slavery whether you like it or not most people wouldn't go for that direct method that's why they have to do it through an occult it methodology and make people believe we're the ones in control were the government we're the ones who are instituting all of these laws and rules no they're duping you into believing that you're that person when the cult is that group of people that are the masters behind the scenes that's all and people are just that brainwashed and that refusing to admit that they are duped and fooled see folks I built this all out deliberately in red white and blue colors you know to celebrate our independence whose we're so free you know government isn't slavery no it's the rule of the people that's what we have here yeah you know so here's all nice red white and blue collar on our slide here let's keep it there for a moment you know beautiful red white and blue colors to celebrate our independence here in the United States and throughout the rest of the world we're so free you know there's no satanic cult ruling the earth no that's all hearsay that's all conjecture that's conspiracy theory or it isn't happening at all not a bit because I don't want to believe that that's what the world is so here if it makes you feel any better I know a lot of people can't handle it they have a really thin skin when it comes to this they don't want to hear that we're enslaved they don't want to hear that the the ultimate goal of all politics is the slavery of all humanity okay well I just even go back to this full screen if it makes you feel any better okay here here's what I'll do let's put the goal in Nice red white and blue letters just like this okay does that make everybody feel proud proud to be an American and makes us feel so wonderful our slavery is red white and blue the goal that the Satanist took this to we'll wrap it up in nice pretty colors let's wave a flag around let's be proud that we're part of this system and it's just fine and dandy it's hunky-dory nothing needs to change we're free we've always been free we're all we'll always be free I mean the only thing that's really missing in this picture is the big fucking clown with big fucking clown shoes and a big fucking red white and blue wig I got to break him back out that a Satanist from the order of the evil eye sent to me when I asked them about does the high-ranking members of the hierarchy that you're still in touch with do they what do they think of the anarchist movement and the freedom movement at work in the world you know what do they think of the truth movement then trying to expose 9/11 and trying to you know explain to people that government is slavery and that you know we're really a slave Society and without a word to answer my email he sent me back one JPEG image of a clown in a big polka dot or you know I think it was a polka-dots jumpsuit with big red floppy clown shoes and a big multicolored like Ronald McDonald style wig with a party hat honking a horn like one of those boom perm perm you know those horns those clown horns turn to attention you know makes that noise honk and one of those horns yeah that's it no words nothing just an attachment no no you know reply via via text email nothing just an attachment of that jpg that was his answer and again I've said it in the past and I'll say it again folks I wish I could disagree with that Satanists response but I cannot I cannot disagree I have to concur that that is what's happening that that is exactly what should be thought by the higher-level Satanists as to any little modicum of resistance that's ever been offered again my take on it is it's a piss-poor pittance yeah let's make that a another you know mainstay term here on waters water on earth is happening get as offended as you like as to what I said about American society and world society for that matter it's a bunch of naive fucking clown doubt children that have no idea what's going on in the world behind the scenes of ostensible politics know nothing about real world Satanism know nothing about the master psychology that these dark occult this wield over them and the level of mind control that they have the public in know nothing about their methodologies know nothing about their end goals and they think that they're not duped and they think they know what's going on in society and they're a bunch of fucking know nothing naive children and ultimately they're clowns they're the real clowns you could say that the the the the masters of the world are clowns all the political do oops that uh Shirin they're a satanic agenda are clowns all you want it's good it's great make fun of them too because there are clowns too because they're getting thrown under the bus okay but let me tell you who the real clowns are for a circus ticket to be bought there have to be attendees of the circus and those are the real fucking clowns okay all the clowns could go to the circus tent and say we're gonna put on a big show the greatest show on earth and dupe everybody and lie to everybody and enslave them all but if nobody shows up there's no fucking circus well you know what has happened 99.99% of the human population has showed up to the fucking circus and they believe the show is real when it's all in their mind it's all big mind control fucking puppet show to put them into one place and that's what's listed right there at the bottom of that slide ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages that's the goal human slavery and that's where we're at because people are too stupid to see all the things I've laid out here on this slide the sex of Satanism the methods of Satanism the social manifestations of Satanism and the goal of Satanism in our society and it's all one big satanic ritual that they get people to go along with their own enslavement those folks it's all about satanic inversion the inversion principle the satanic inversion principle as I call it Satanists seek to invert everything that is good with everything that is evil they want the upside-down world as I described in last week's show with the completely misplaced trust in societal institutions three weeks ago I should say the last show that I did the quote from the philosopher that talked about everything is backwards everything is upside down all the institutions what they are ostensibly claimed they are doing and are they are there they are put in place to do the exact opposite government's destroy freedom Health Organization's destroy health religious organizations destroy spirituality and on and on it goes The Satanic principle as the adversarial a poser of the good of the natural of the moral of natural law the adversary to all that always wants to invert everything in our society to turn everything upside down and tell you that it's the opposite they want to tell you black is white right to your face and have you naive enough to believe it they invert truth with falsehood that's why people can't tell the difference between them everything is relative you know there's no objective absolute truth no it's all relative that itself is a falsehood they want to invert knowledge and belief and have people believing things and believing that they're true thinking that they know that they're true instead of actually having true objective knowledge of the nature of things through scientific discovering methods that don't require belief none of what I am saying here or what I know is a belief folks it was hard-won knowledge through truth discovering methodologies and extensive testing vetting comparing contrasting which are scientific methodologies of observation and testing which too few people know how to do they want to invert morality and immorality and tell you that which is morally right is morally wrong and that which is morally wrong is morally right and we can make it up but we could change it at any given time we want we could pull the switcheroo and switch them at our whim that's called man's law don't you know we'll decide what's right and what's wrong and we'll make laws according to it and if we say something that is truly good in nature is is morally wrong we'll lock you in a cage for doing it and if we say you must partake in something that is actually an objective point of fact reality objectively morally wrong and you won't participate in it we'll lock you in a cage for doing it cuz we'll call that wrong we'll call not partaking in it morally wrong what it's the morally right thing to do everything's backwards everything's upside down everything satanic lis inverted they want to invert good and evil itself because that's what they want you to believe that Satanism is good that following the adversarial force will lead you into a condition of good in society instead of a condition of evil and enslavement here's the thing that's that's been the main driving force of the bulk of my work and has been a cornerstone of my work that I still think hardly anybody really understands in all honesty from from just feedback that I get and just seeing just trying to put my my thumb on the pulse of what's going on in the alternative community very very few people understand one of the cruxes of my work and that's the delineation and the distinguishing between the natural world and the world of artificial constructs which i think has been one of the most pertinent and important aspects of the entirety of my work and yet I think it is horribly misunderstood by the majority of people who even do look into my work let alone people who don't but they want to invert the natural and the artificial folks they want you adhering to the artificial world of constructs and thinking that the natural world is you know a crock of shit and is unimportant to really understand what's objectively true in nature that's why when you say natural a lot of people they think they know what it means and they are totally applying completely artificial constructs to it that only exists in the human mind and in the human construct real domain to something that has absolutely nothing to do with beliefs or human invented constructs because people do not understand the delineation or the distinguishing between the natural and the artificial construct or world and they'll tell you that they do and insist that they know what it means well again I just had someone tell me try to tell me natural law is how animals operate in nature in public on the street in the in the public space me not knowing who I am not knowing the work that I've done on natural law knowing not even my name or anything to fuck about me try to tell me natural law is this whole notion of Darwin Darwin Darwinian survival of the fittest and the way animals operate in nature which I just did an entire fucking show on not too long ago called what natural law is not of course never saw at one tiny iota of any aspect of any part of my work but yet will insist they know what natural law is and I don't and that's what it is because that's what they believe I mean there is no : long enough to get the head far enough up there you know it's like up there by a billion fucking light-years you know that's where that's how far up the ass somebody who thinks like that's head is there will be no getting that out I'm not under any delusion that it could be gotten out I have no power to do that I have no power whatsoever to change someone's wrong thinking to that extent basically what you got to say to somebody like that is there's nothing you could possibly fucking learn from me don't say a word to me or expect the word back from me they're hardened in their ego and they're controlled by the satanic force and are committed to remain so forever that's called the lost and what their owners call them in the dark occult is the dead that's what they call them that's what they'll continue to call them and that's what they are they're mentally dead they're emotionally dead and they're spiritually dead and they don't care that's why they're the dead they don't really have any knowledge or apply thoughts correctly they don't really have any care or true compassion and they don't really act certainly don't act rightly in the world so their thoughts their emotions and their actions are missing and or dead and so the Satanists of the world actually refer to them to someone like that who they own and control as the dead it's one of the reasons that they believe in their religious system of beliefs in Satanism that no karmic consequence will come to them ultimately long-term because they don't believe that they are performing any actions to conscious living beings they believe that they are performing all of the actions that they are performing to inanimate matter that is ultimately in the spiritual sense non-animated it may be physically animated but it is what they refer to as a golem something that is dead that is not actually imbued with spirit that is just animated physical dead matter like a robot so some will refer to them as golems and the big verbage the big word that they really refer to people who are completely inactive in their true intellectual capacity or carrying capacity or active you know doing the right action in the world they're all completely inactive in all those capacities the main thing that they call those people is the dead and I once again folks I wish I could disagree but I cannot because that is exactly what they are they are not really truly alive physic physically being animated is not really life it's not really truly life because they're not active in any ways that a true conscious being that is spiritually activated is activated and therefore these people who do all of these heinous things to people like that say we're not doing it to living beings no karmic debt or Consequences will come to because we are only doing that to the dead or the golems and you know what folks I wish I could disagree with their assessment but I cannot I don't ascribe to that ideology I don't I don't think that that's right or moral but can i really say that i disagree with their assessment of the condition of people no i cannot disagree they are correct that's what saddens my heart to be honest that's what just it just makes me so profoundly sad that i get weak knowing that they're correct about the human condition and when they told me that this was a human condition and when they told me this is exactly where they had people i resisted and insisted that they were wrong and now almost 20 years later i have to say i was wrong the dark o cultists were correct about where they have humanity they did not lie to me they told me the exact truth on the nature of the human condition the exact truth and you know what in those twenty almost twenty years absolutely fucking nothing has changed absolutely fucking nothing has changed nothing so let's go back to the satanic inversion principle that Satanists employ in our world and look at some of the other methods that they use they want to invert health and sickness and tell you all the things that will be good for your health are things that will make you sick and all the things that will actually make you sick you should do and take into your body inverting health and sickness of course they invert freedom and slavery they want to tell you you get to freedom through politics and government which is slavery we're going to get to freedom through an implementing slavery yeah yeah that don't you know don't you know that's how it works yeah I mean again people are just dumb as bags of dog shit really they are implement implementing government slavery is gonna lead to human freedom in the real physical world yeah that's how it works that's how we're gonna get there we'll get there slowly but surely but we'll get there through government which is slavery to freedom and smacked fucking ass clowns believe these satanic liars yeah inverting order with chaos itself again they're inverting evolution and involution you know they're gonna tell you that that which is gonna hold you back is going to move you forward and that which will truly move you forward is what's gonna hold you back so don't subscribe to that you don't want to look into natural law and understand what it really is that would be suppression of moving forward that would be chaos but subscribe to satanic beliefs ideologies moral relativism eugenics etc and that's going to move human society forward it's folks the bottom line is the ultimate principle of an of inversion is the inversion of the very life and death itself because that's what this order of death this death cult is it's it's a cult that venerates and ultimately worships death and what is that card on the tarot that's the force that is the involution Airy force Satan the devil card is the slavery card which is underneath the death card and when is that austere density I got to do a whole Reeb rake down of this on the Tarot I probably should have actually put it into the presentation especially the macrocosmic tree it's very appropriate to this discussion to integrate and under an esoteric understanding of the Major Arcana of the Tarot Dec occult eclis with the knowledge that I'm laying out here regarding Satanism because if you look at on the macro cosmic tree as the Tarot that the second half of the Major Arcana gets laid out on the sefirot on the tree okay the left-hand path or the path of severity okay which is the dark pillar of Freemasonry it would be the pillar of Boaz in Freemasonry the equivalent in Kabbalah okay in the firm free Masonic tradition in Kabbalah it is called the pillar of severity or it is a Gibara severity on the on this Kabbalistic path the left-hand path you have the moon the devil and death okay and it leads to judgment at the Malkuth position the bottom of the tree which represents the lower chakra the base chakra okay but as you are offered truth which is the sun card in the in this arrangement of cards in this Kabbalistic arrangement of the tarot cards if you reject it you go to the left-hand path that's the rejection of truth of the Sun which is the moon which represents ignorance okay going backwards in knowledge then what that will lead to societally on the left-hand path of that this tarot card arrangement is the devil card which is the slavery card because the ignorance of natural law invariably leads to the law freedom applying meaning you can't align your behaviors to objective morality and therefore your society becomes enslaved what is the ruling power over that dynamic is the death card which is the involution Airy force card the force of involution that which counteracts the force of evolution mainly as an adjunct to this presentation next week I'll show you this card arrangement again okay and and talk about these dynamics as it applies to the involution Airy force or the Satanic force at work in all of our society I may have to just extend the whole presentation in two weeks folks because I still have many slides left okay and we're nowhere near done so this is ultimately the inversion of life and death itself and what Satanism once is the worship and veneration of the death force itself the involution Airy force that's why it's a death cult that's why it is actually called at its highest levels the order of death look that one up look up the order of the Black Sun the Old Religion and the order of death they're the only things that their own adherents actually ever call it they don't don't really ever refer to it any other name and these are only names given to it to just be able to conversationally refer to it as this these are not formal names again ultimately the network of Satanism that is operating and thrown behind the scenes of power in the world is a cult without a name so let's look at how our society really is a total satanic Society we're going to look at that it is a master slave Society it is a death cult Society it is a prison Society it is a money worshipping Society and it is ultimately a me-me-me mini-me Satanism society and all of this constitutes really what's really going on in our lives today is all of our culture is an endless one big satanic ritual taking place politics is the first part of it okay we've already looked at the first part of the satanic ritual that's in contain in this slide itself a master slave Society we're all taking part in the entirety of the enslavement of society that's all part of the ritual to enslave humanity that's what government all is people participating in their own enslavement as a ritual it all has its rituals you know rituals out in front of the White House we're assigning rituals no signing bills into law rituals you know holiday rituals it's all ritualistic dark magic that's all it ever has been but this is how a general master/slave society is structured is orient a very simple dynamic a very simple representative graph of a pyramidal structure where you have a small group of people that sit and thrown during trying at the top of the of the structure the rest of the society is set up hierarchically and often you will see this pyramid compartmentalized into different vertical strata where one aspect of the society such as banking doesn't know what the other aspects such as illegal drugs or or medicine is doing there's there not only stratified in layers of knowledge levels of knowledge but they're also compartmentalized into compartments of knowledge so that one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing and that's another way of more easily controlling people not just through hierarchical strata but through compartmentalize strata so people think that this is the only form of hierarchy that exists in a master/slave society that it's the masters at the top and then underneath them you have them directly ruling over their slaves as the slave class is the bulk of the population and the masters basically run the society until the slaves what they can and cannot do this is a pure oversimplification of the actual way that the structure of a master/slave relationship master slaves society I should say actually functions it's more complicated than this so my expanding of this is this is how a real master slave society actually functions in deed in behavior you have middle managers or middle classes of masters that are also actually slaves to this set of masters over them with obviously more and more of them as you go closer and closer to the slaves at the very bottom which is the general population and most people who study this dynamic of our society will admit yes this is how it works you have the Masters at the very top the slaves at the very bottom you have middle management groups like governments and then banking institutions that incorporations that you know are structured in ways where they are both the masters over people and people underneath them but they are also serving the masters at the very top level but this leaves something out folks it leaves two very very important dynamics out that most people who do research into the way that the occult works the way that conspiratorial aspects of our society work never take into consideration and it's extremely important for both of these factors to be taken into consideration when looking at the stratification of the way our entire social dynamic structure works and here's the first one if you look at this bottom level which represents the masses of people the uneducated unwashed masses of people who have no idea what's going on at the levels above them okay they are not only just slaves but they are masters as well and that's very odd for people to hear someone say very odd thing most people will never bring up this dynamic okay but the overwhelming vast bulk majority of the average human being is not just a slave but they are also masters over other slaves so we act as police and masters over each other in many ways with policing what we ourselves think and what other people can and can't think through political correctness and politically correct speech which is just self-censorship but most people never think of this if you actually leave this structure represents human society if you leave this structure to the bottom what are people ultimately acting as horrific violence torturing masters to the entire animal kingdom that's what we are acting as masters in this massive satanic never-ending satanic ritual over the animals that we barbarically tree and barbarically butcher endlessly all day long every single day ten billion land animals alone a year conservative estimate probably many more than that over a hundred billion maybe 150 billion total animals slaughtered every year for human food needs alone so-called food needs let me tell you something folks wood inspired this entire presentation as a brief aside to toe to this slide and again like I said if we finish today we we finish if not we continue next week but as a brief aside what inspired this entire presentation is in the lead-up to Independence Day I did a little bit of biking and walking around my neighborhood sometimes I do that for exercise you know I hit the gym and sometimes I bike there you know sometimes I'll Drive there sometimes I'll walk there but you know I like to bike to get out in the Sun get some exercise or just walk out in the Sun I'm taking a walk one day and you know I go and deliver packages and sometimes I'll just take a walk through the neighborhood for you know a mile or two just for some good exercise and I'm walking through the neighborhood and I'm just over and over just smelling animal carcasses all over the place outdoor cookouts in people's homes and I'm just thinking it's like this is non-stop this is only one small tiny neighborhood in South Philadelphia imagine this Nate you know city wide then imagine it's statewide then country wide then continent-wide then world wide it's going on non-stop every second of every day it's a 100% complete torture murder and death ritual with the animal kingdom non-stop and that's this level of the pyramid that the main slaves the human slaves that are the the the basic bottom level of the pyramid controlled by all the other masters above them are masters themselves because in Satan's Kingdom in the kingdom that is ruled by Satanism by the involution airy force again I don't look at as it as a deity as an actual entity that's not how the Satanists look at it either either it's a nature force that is operating in the universe itself and is pushing the dynamics of society ass-backwards and and counteracting natural law and the true evolution of consciousness it's counteracting that force that's why it's the adversary or the opposer or the involution arey or entropic force okay it wants every level of human society to be both masters and slaves so that they are always in a master over a level below them but yet slaves to a level above them and that's exactly what our society has become because not only do the slaves at the bottom level also act as torturous barbaric masters over the animal kingdom below them which is the slave level below them but the so-called highest level masters of the dark occult organizations at the very top of this stratified pyramidal structure that we're using as a model here to represent the master slave human society they are not just masters but they themselves are slaves to a level above them and then we can go off into conjecture about what that level is and folks I'll tell you what I've told people what I think that level is and have made no bones about it and I don't give a rat fuck what people think about what I think through my research through my endless amounts of painstaking laborious research into ancient documentation about what is actually ruling humanity at a higher level and who directs gives the directives to the so-called occult rulers or masters that operate as ruler over all of our human society it goes off into a non human domain and that is a physical non human domain of a type two civilization and then from there there even enslaved and they're enslaved by non cop oriole hyper dimensional entities who are then even themselves enslaved by the involution airy force itself it goes on and on and on as above so below but you know what folks it is not the natural order of things if you believe that you have subscribed to Satanism that's the real takeaway of this if you believe that it must be like that you have subscribed to the ideology that your masters have given you at the minimi level of Satanism and that's what so many people will say oh that's just nature that's just how nature works it's always been that way it always be that way wrong you're wrong you have it exactly wrong and you have subscribed to a satanic ideology incorrect boys and girls untrue untrue it is that way in human society through free will choice get the fuck over it no people want to believe it must be that way through the natural world because they're too weak willed to change it and they're too apathetic to change it and they're too ignorant to change it don't tell me that's the way God made it you're full of fucking shit you want to believe in the God these people believe in go right ahead and say that force made it this way but don't tell me the force of creation put that slavery into effect and keeps it there permanently because you are a satanic believing full of shit for brains punk bitch if that's what you think and I'll be the one to tell you that just like that because no one else has the balls to boys and girls it'll leave my lips because it won't leave anybody else's because they don't have the balls to do it and they're not righteously angry about it enough that that's a free will choice and can be changed whenever we will it to change but we don't want to do that work now we want to run away from that work we want to run away from that great work because we want to say it's just that way and it always be that way and I don't give a fuck and I don't care well that's why it stays that way that's why the death cult rules all of us we're a society ruled by death pumping death into the air into the water into the food and the medicine everywhere let's look at the dynamics of the death cult society that's the master/slave society that people want to think it has to be that way what do you think the death cult society has to be that way we need to poison our air we have to spray all the chemicals were spraying into our air and jackasses still won't look up stratosphere injection stratosphere aerosol injection and insist that this isn't a technological plan an agenda that's taking place no these are persistent water vapor trails where's my vomiting guy you know I got to go get him let me go get him hold on let me see if I have him here do I have him let's see if I have them hold on yeah I'll just you know that here here we go now I got him we just let me to make him is full screen as I can yeah you could go back here you go that's as big as I'm gonna make him for now yeah there they are yeah oh yeah it's just whoa there's no such thing as chemtrails yeah it's a it's it's persistent water vapor trails what wikipedia told me it was just a conspiracy theory you know what you can spray yeah just kind of condensation trails yeah that they think that they form at like 8,000 9,000 feet and then another point come to the same altitude you know and there's not there's nothing behind it and then you know I up it like up in like Hornet 25,000 feet you know a Cointreau can form and it's it's it's like just dissipating be hot being right behind it you know that's a car that's a Cointreau but then contrails can form at 8,000 feet when there's no scientific evidence to support the point claim that that ice crystals are going to crystallize in form vapor trails at that altitude but yeah they're just they're just persistent contrails yeah that's all okay that's it I mean this is what jackasses these people sound like when there have been completely declassified documents on geoengineering and stratosphere aerosol injection for years and years they've openly admitted the programs but yet people stay no this isn't part of a satanic agenda this isn't part of polluting the air and inalca and completely alkalizing through the the the chemicals that are actually proven to be in these trails that are sprayed from planes are alkaline earth metals which are soft toxic to human being earth metals in the alkaline earth metal family of the periodic table which when they hit soil will alkalis it so that the the uptake of the nutrients that come through the root system of plants in food will not make the food nutrient dense so that no matter how much you eat even if it's organically grown it will not have the nutrient content it's it's a slow eugenics agenda of not having people be as as vital and healthy as they otherwise could be if we're growing our food and clean acidic soil as we should the ph of soil for good organic food should be on the acidic side of the ph scale the alkaline earth metals completely alkali soil and robbed food of nutrient density and then you have other agendas where they could actually make the air into a plot an electrified plasma so that they can send different types of signals through it which can affect human physiology and brave way patterns we're running low on time I'm just going to continue with the slides for the death cult until time runs out and then we'll pick this up next week I have more slides to go through fluoride in the water so we're poisoning our air our water our food so-called medicine okay and other aspects of our society reflect the debt death cult which I'll get into from truth about cancer calm before fluoride was added to the water supply it was actually marked as a rat poison yes Stannis fluoride and sodium fluoride are rat poisons the main ingredients of rat poison it's actually a byproduct of the aluminum manufacture industry this is the toxin mass medicated to the majority of the United States population with no verifiable verifiable benefits and without our consent and with no ability to control the dose by the way the only chemical that is given to people and children in a completely uncontrolled dose through drinking water but it's perfectly safe and it's for the health of your teeth and gums don't you know I mean this is how naive and dumb bags of shit human beings have become and they're still still fight it to the death that it's good for you still fight you to the death wherever you if you went and got the whole raw byproduct of aluminum manufacture in the form of sodium fluoride or stannis fluoride and you started and it's marked as a total toxic poison that they can't even dump in traditional ways that's all the time we have for this week folks run out of time the show is exactly three hours low for people that still don't get that one bit continued with the satanic death cult society next week I have many more slides and then we'll be taking your calls on this topic next week you've been listening to what on earth is happening and government is slavery we'll see you right here next week [Music] [Applause] [Music]