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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] give that the group on freedom books [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark pass bill [Music] site what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on water on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time welcome to the show today thank you for tuning in today is Sunday July 14th 2019 this is what on earth is happening episode number 215 and we have a fantastic show lined up for you here today this show will be a continuation of last week's topic which is our entire society is one big satanic ritual this will be part two of the show that we began last week and we'll be taking your calls in the third hour possibly earlier if I finish early possibly a little later if I go off on a little bit of a tirade again as I started to last week but what I want to say before I even start and get into the topic of discussion for today is anyone who may be a new listener to this show should realize that this show has prerequisites to it okay what on earth is happening isn't your average podcast where I interview guests I mean sometimes we have guests that I interview but what you should always be aware of is that this show is a tapestry of information that started with episode number one and a lot of people may not understand that or may not know about it and they try to jump in at episode 215 well episode 215 has 214 prerequisite shows so if you really want to deeply understand what I'm talking about you have to go back and you have to listen to the podcast in order from show number one at your own pace and when you do that the big picture will emerge the tapestry will emerge in your mind the aha moments will happen if you try to listen out of order you're going to be putting a huge task upon yourself to be able to really put the picture together whereas I have done that for people in a stepwise progression by organizing the information in a very specific way if you follow it in the progression that I have laid out since show number one that being said any show that you happen to look at if you look at episode number 100 that has 99 prerequisite episodes okay so you have to understand this show really isn't meant to be listened to out of order okay now this show in particular builds upon last week's show and I'm going to continue about two-thirds of the way through my slide presentation that I did not actually finish last week so I just want to make people aware of that so we can jump right into the slides for today and I'll give the event announcements in the slides okay I think that's the best way to go about it saving some time so let's go over the computer thank you and I'm going to be speaking this year at the inaugural and arkadelphia conference and arkadelphia 2019 I'm actually the keynote speaker at this year's event I'll be giving a presentation called the sacred gift of anger which is being worked up right now it looks like it's gonna be coming together really nicely I have my outline laid out for it I'll probably start building my slides fairly soon and I think people are going to be very happy and impressed with what I have to say at an arkadelphia because this is a topic that is too little talked about in our society and many people do not understand the dynamics of why the social engineering ruling class really is trying to squelch human anger they don't want that displayed they wanted always thought of as only a negative emotion that should somehow be purged and what we can actually do when we put our anger to work we have it in the right place we are having feeling that emotion for the right reasons and then we do the right thing with it through a place of righteous indignation and then channeling that anger and using it properly it is actually a sacred gift and that's what I'll be talking about at this year's and arkadelphia conference if you buy your tickets with the promo code passio there's a banner on the homepage of what on earth is happening calm that'll take you to the ticket page a check out if you use the promo code passio you'll get five percent off of your ticket and five percent of the ticket sale will be donated to me personally by the organizers of the event the guys from the state of anarchy I encourage you to check out their website and YouTube channel they're doing some great stuff so the whole conference is a who's who of speakers it's gonna just be a fantastic event September 13th through 15th here in Philadelphia for more information go to an arc adelphia dot-com or click the banner on the homepage of what on earth is happening calm also at this conference the day after the the I'm sorry also at we need to make a premier banner or maybe we might do a little promo video for the debut of my new documentary film my first ever documentary film entitled Mark passio and the science of natural law it will be screened for the first time debuted and screened for the first time at the an arc adelphia conference on the Saturday of the conference that's September 14th I will be speaking that day and after my presentation is complete we will be screening the documentary film mark passio and the science of natural law the day after the conference the Monday after it on September 16th I will be hosting an all-day workshop entitled teaching natural law with Mark passio it will be taking place September 16th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with a one-hour lunch break in the middle of the program it will be happening at Poppy's Italian restaurant at 30 120 South 20th Street tickets for the workshop an all-day event are $120 to attend you can get those tickets at an arc adelphia calm in the workshop section also we are still running our summer t-shirt sale it's a clearance sale we are almost out of t-shirt merchandise I placed the replacement order this week this past week new t-shirts will be coming in the only t-shirts that are left folks are at $10 each we did an over 50% clearance sale our the what on earth is happening design this is actually the third what on earth is happening design Believe It or Not of t-shirts that I have pressed and they are $10 there are only five left they're all women's so we have only 10 I'm sorry only 5 women's t-shirts remaining in the entire store in the entire gifts area and will be repressing a new what on earth is happening design that will be a sort of a vectorized 3 color design so this is the end of this design of the shirt it will not be repressed anymore so limited edition and limited time to get your hands on this third out of the 4 what on earth is happening designs the fourth design is going to be coming off the the press in the next week or so so that being said we also are now accepting in addition to paypal six crypto currencies we were also taking Bitcoin for a while but we are instituting now five different crypto currencies my programmer has helped me to get this up off the ground he's done a fantastic job with it thank you and we now are offering six total crypto currencies at gifts so last week we had the URL incorrect in this infographic I've corrected that for this week so that's the website the correct website to go to for donation gifts so let's jump into the material I'm sorry one more quick thing anarchy and the occult part two which is the presentation that I gave it this year's an arc apoco conference in Acapulco Mexico the edited video is almost ready it will probably be complete sometime this week I will be getting that formatted for DVD and flash drive and it will be available on gifts later this week probably around the same time that the new t-shirts hit so definitely keep an eye out for that I will then release my Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift video for free on YouTube that's generally the formula that we do when a new presentation video goes into the gifts area we released the former one for free so the Tesla video will be released for free probably sometime coming up this week and anarchy in the occult part two will go into donation gifts and again that will be then stay there for a while until probably the next presentation video drops and then we'll release that one for free that's basically the formula we've been employing so that's all the housekeeping announcements I have for this week let's jump right back into the material so just a fantastic title card again for this week thanks to Brett for doing these this is part two of our entire society is one big satanic ritual and folks the response from last week's show has been overwhelming overwhelmingly positive people want to hear about this aspect of this information I can tell they are hungry and ready to hear the occult dynamic that is at work in our lives they know that this is going on they know it under the surface even at a subconscious level and may even many new listeners to the show you know started listening here which I don't think is the right way to go about it I really recommend going back to number one and working your way forward in order I can't say that enough but even the new listeners were blown away and had a lot of very positive comments to make I've heard a lot of positive feedback on last week's show and we're going to continue this topic for this week so I do want to reiterate this quote and again dedicate this presentation along with last week's to the memory of Thomas Jefferson who said he who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors and I can't agree more strongly this is what I have called in my work negative knowledge and we have far too much of it in human society we have a society in the human sphere whereby people not only don't know the truth about any given dynamic that is very important to know about what's taking place in our world and in human psychology and in the human you know psychological realm okay but they believe things that have been told to them and repeated to them endlessly that quite frankly and simply aren't true so in order to get back to a place where they don't know anything accurate about a given topic they have to dig their way out of that hole of negative knowledge of reinforced beliefs that are not correct and that's where we're at in our world that's why the world is so enslaved we have a society that not only doesn't know anything about how things are a really run or how they're really taking place in the human psyche or in the world of actual nature but they believe all these inaccuracies and inconsistencies about what they book think our gut is going on that's quite frankly is not true and this is the the hole that people have to dig themselves out of and I'm telling you most of them have such a huge ego a crystallized ego that is just built up from the minute they've been put out of the womb into this world and the social engineering that comprises it that that ego has just crystallized into just a hardened diamond and cannot be broken down and these people just believe they're right and that they're the ones who understand what's going on and any contradictory information not only needs to be thrown out and dismissed but it should be silenced I mean could you imagine being in that place of ego you know but this is where the majority of our world is at folks so we have to be willing to hear things that make us uncomfortable as I've said before if you get offended by what I say here get as offended as you like because I'm speaking an accurate dynamic of what is in the world from a first-hand perspective account I've been involved with dark occultism and Satanism directly in my life this is what I have to almost chuckle and laugh at it makes me angry but I have to try to take the approach that I just have to look at people like a naive child that's a that's an absolute fool who tries to say they know more about Satanism that I do when I was a priest in this religion or they dismiss it and say it doesn't matter it does it's meaningless I don't believe that shit so wise why should I worry about it because the rulers of the world believe it they're acting upon it and their power in the world affects your life whether you wanted to or not that's the reality of the situation that's how it works it doesn't work by this new-age nonsense this New Age bullshit that if you don't pay attention to something you don't give power to it sorry folks that's called being ignorant of something and ignorance is not bliss ignorance is death okay ignorance is slavery and death so we have to become knowledgeable about how the psychopaths who are running this world about how their religious belief system work works because they believe in it and they are acting upon it and when somebody believes in something fervently the cult like fur religious fervor and then they propagate that to their followers and their followers also believe in that whether that dynamic is complete nonsense and wrong it does not matter because they are acting upon it in the world on a unified front which is what I explained last week that the political systems are just the two sexes of the cult we have to stop looking at them as religion as political parties and start looking at them as sects of the one undivided religious cult that they just they are just masks that are presented to us in the political domain so that we ourselves believe in a lesser down watered down version of their occult religious ideology and then in playing into that game we are instituting our own slavery because that is their long-term unified goal for the world for the people of this world so let's jump into the section of this presentation I'm going to just jump ahead in the slides I will post all of the slides for both parts of this two-part presentation with the podcast but I'm gonna jump to the section that really begins talking about how the society is satanic li structured as a huge ritual a huge non-stop never-ending satanic ritual that goes on every single moment of every single day in our world and as I'm gonna talk about in this section which is titled the death cult Society because that's what the cult of the Black Sun is that's what the order of death is that's what the cult without a name which people very wrongly referred to as the Illuminati which is a term I personally hate applied to this worldwide satanic cult that is really are really the de-facto masters of our world unfortunately okay I don't like calling them the Illuminati the people who are truly illuminated spiritually and who truly understand what's going on in our world and are aligning their behaviors with natural law and are doing the right things in our world not acting in concert with these psychopathic ruling clowns they're not the Illuminati the people who know the truth about what's going on and act rightly to make the world better are the Illuminati that's what we have to understand we need to take that term back we need to take it back I'm one of the Illuminati okay I'll say it openly and honestly right to people that doesn't mean I belong to their big satanic Club because I do not but they are not the illuminated ones we have to stop allowing them to use that term and get away with it because they're nothing of the kind you have to understand what the term really means in Latin you know and understand that they do not represent that term the the truly enlightened beings of the world who are trying to change the world for the positive toward truth love and freedom are the illuminated ones okay it's a misnomer that has been too long used for these psychopathic rulers so they don't really have a true name as I said last week they don't really refer to themselves they talk about themselves as the old religion the ancient religion that's all what they refer to their sick satanic belief system and ideology as the old religion that's the only thing I've really ever heard them referred to themselves as people have called them the order of death which is very accurate because they are a death cult worshipping society a death worshiping society okay a death worship cult people have referred to them as the order of the Black Sun which is very accurate because they are using light or knowledge against people they have knowledge which others don't they wield that knowledge in a dark capacity to mind-control mentally and spiritually enslave people and eventually physically enslave them so that is not the cult of the true positive Sun of true light and knowledge but that's the cult of the black Sun the dark Sun that's an accurate name to apply to them okay I have simply referred to them as the dark occult which i think is probably the most accurate name that can be given to them the dark occult mind controllers of our world that is the most accurate way that I can personally describe them although most people don't usually use that terminology I'm the one who really has popularized that term so that's what I see them as the dark occult mind controllers of our world but we can look at them most certainly as a death worship Society or what I call them as a death cult and they have structured our society around their death cult and what the death cult wants to do is set it's a several several point agenda they want to poison everything that human beings have to take in as forms of energy now what's the first thing you can't live without you can live it without this the shortest amount of time and that's breathable air ladies and gentlemen you know then you go to food you could live with live without that a little longer they're trying to poison that too then you go to water you could live without that you know for I'm sorry water would be second I'm sorry air then water you could live without that a little less then food you can live without that for a longer period of time they're poisoning that you know and then they want to poison the energetic system they want to poison the the soil that our food grows in you know they want to they want to put poison into us through alleged medication which is actually poison okay they want to put all kinds of death into our society by the continued murder and rape of the animal kingdom the continued murder and rape of small children okay that this death cult works through many different aspects of a unified agenda to endlessly create more death in our society and before we go back to the progression of slides I want to just reiterate that what inspired this presentation particularly how our entire society is a death cult is I was just walking down in my streets in my vicinity in my neighborhood here in South Philadelphia around the fourth of July not right on that date but like right around it and just taking in how many people have been doing cookouts on that previous weekend and just the amount of animal death and the amount of just cooking of animal carcasses that were being done in this just in this small neighborhood alone and just I'm just imagining how much that's going on every single day not just citywide not just statewide not just nationwide not just country what you know not just um continent-wide but all throughout the entire planet you know how many animals are just murdered continuously and it's it's a death ritual this is a satanic bloodletting death ritual which I'm going to talk about in a later slide and that's what inspired this whole presentation so let's start to look at some of the ways that this death cult operates the first is they poison our air that we breathe first of all it's poisoned with industrial pollutants chemical waste products all kinds of airborne pollutants mostly through carbon exhaust that comes from our forms of pur energy that we use in vehicles that we drive so this is hydrocarbon burn fuel that is from the type of gasoline-powered hydrocarbon vehicles that we employ and that this is being pumped into our air that we breathe I mean you you look at you go to a very rural area dust doesn't accumulate to the levels that it does in a major city you you have to dust from the fallout from the air at a much lower rate at a must much less frequent rate in a highly rural environment where you don't have cars with their you know combustion engine fuel being burnt everywhere that you then you do in a major populated region I mean I can just see it in the difference between my mother's home at the Jersey Shore when I go there to visit her and the amount of dust that ever accumulates in that place compared to something like even a small street that I live on in South Philadelphia where cars are just blowing exhaust down the street all day long the environment is just way more polluted and you have to keep up with dust way more and that's we're breathing that into our lungs every single day then on top of that their spring whatever the chemicals are in the chemtrails and this is a aerosol project that planes deliberately spray from aerosol nozzles equipped to the Jets and tankers that they are spraying it from and this is declassified this has been declassified for a number of years that it's called stratospheric aerosol injection si G is one of the terms that is used which is gas spelled backwards okay and you know this is something that is going on continually you know doesn't matter who's president they're not doing anything about this because this is a joint military project it's a joint military black ops covert intelligence project some people have referred to it as Operation cloverleaf but they used to call it a stratospheric aerosol geoengineering stratospheric aerosol geoengineering which also has the acronym of sag sa G which is gas spelled backwards they don't do that for any written you know frivolous reason they are gassing the population that's what and what this is doing I explained last week let me explain a couple of things about this first of all you want to just type that in chemtrails you're gonna get conspiracy theory related pages that are trying to debunk it because all the major search engines are trying to tow the ruler's line about what this is they're trying to tow their worldview and you know their whole agenda and their whole narrative about it you have to do deep research about this let me tell you a couple of the people who I respected in the research about this okay first of all you have to look into clifford cornichons work okay absolutely essential all right you want to look into I'm trying to think of his name I think it his last name is Henry I can't quite remember his first name but he was brought on to coast to coast am years ago I should have it in my notes but I neglected to put it in there if maybe someone can just look it up but his last name is Henry and he did a lot of work on what chemtrails and geoengineering was about and I highly recommend his work on it Jeff France has covered this for since he's basically had his website up folks I knew about chemtrails since 1996 when I really just started peeking my eyes open a little bit from under the covers okay and that's a long time that's all for you know I mean we're going on over 20 years about this that I've known about this you know 23 years I've really known about chemtrails it's amazing when you think about it I was out there with a big VHS camcorder outside my home in South Philly you know those kinds like you put the whole VHS tape in the door on the side and it was like this this freaking big you know the the whole camcorder was like this big you know and the door was as big as a VHS cassette I had one of those things back then okay I was a techie back then and that was like state-of-the-art you know I'm out there recording them these pilots spraying this shit in our atmosphere at a very low altitude you know my family members like what are you doing I'm like they're spraying us you know can't you see it that's not a contrail you know the chemtrail jet would fly by at like nine thousand ten thousand feet altitude at which contrails do not form ice crystals especially any kind of what they say are lingering or persistent contrails does not happen the atmospheric conditions do not do not make that possible at eight to ten thousand feet you need to hit the minimum floor of about 2223 I'm gonna give you a twenty to twenty three thousand feet but generally it's accepted in meteor odd meteorological science that a contrail does not form ice crystals does not form condensed ice crystals at any less than twenty five thousand feet that's the floor of where contrails form and visually you can determine but just a little bit of knowledge about how altitudes work you could determine that these planes that are spraying these endless lingering trails in like you know huge grid patterns first of all are not commercial airline patterns secondly are often flying 2x2 3x3 which no commercial pilots are even allowed to do they have to stay in very restricted airspace lanes I know a little bit about that as well because I have close personal friends who work at airports and you know speak with the air traffic controllers and understand how that works and you know these are not commercial airlines number one number two they are often a dc-10 tanker air Jets which are military aircraft unmarked as well when people look at them through high you know definition binoculars or through cameras with very advanced optical zooms they're their markings have been stripped away which is proof that they're part of covert ops and they are spraying it off in low altitudes which condensation trails do not form at these are particulate trails and again they're going to have people that are going to spit out that and tow the line of government-funded nonsense and insist they know the science better when they've taken no material science classes they've taken no thermodynamics classes they've taken no classes on physics of gases at all okay and they don't understand how this level of meteor of meteorological science works and they just want to say because I don't believe that our government would be spraying us with unknown metals from the alkaline earth metal family of the periodic table that that can't be happening because I don't want to believe that they're doing that without the public's consent and that's called being a naive child and saying that your view of reality will be determined by your belief system about what you are comfortable considering versus looking at it from a true scientific methodological perspective of making accurate observations based on real data on real data sets because you don't have those tools in hand you don't have the true scientific methodology in hand you reason from emotions instead of through true observation and true understanding of laws of nature you don't have the Trivium in hand in the scientific methodology in hand that's the problem and people want to believe that they somehow have true scientific measuring methodologies in hand when they do not that's called negative knowledge I'm gonna start with a wrong belief not only not look at what's true not only not look at the right way to come to the accurate understanding of what's true through real science but I'm gonna believe what I want based on completely inaccurate observations and measuring methods and then call that somehow science or truth when people who think like that have their head up their ass and they're in a place of negative knowledge and they're much farther away from the truth who people than people who go I don't know how that works I know nothing about it those people are much closer to the truth then an egg headed jackass who says I want to look at it this way from this worldview perspective and because I don't want to believe my government's spraying fucking poison on me that I'll believe that it is this way your there's nothing scientific about you jackass you don't know the meaning of the word science okay straight to your face I'll tell you so first of all start understanding a little bit about meteorological science start understanding a little bit about fluid mechanics okay you don't want you don't know anything about it and make you don't know anything about it there's college level university level courses you could take them right on iTunes you go on iTunes go to iTunes U you could take courses in all of this for free high-level university courses you don't want to trust that start really combining that level with other eclectic knowledge from authors writers Declassified projects Declassified white papers on the on these topics there's an endless amount of research you could do about it get the arc dr for number one there's plenty on there about it and there's enough to send you into hundreds of thousands of hours and let it let alone literally probably hundreds of years worth of research that you'll never be able to exhaust and yet there are people just say no you're off about this you don't know it's over the science is in on it you know I gave the the puking doll from Team America you know last week I got to put him in an isolated presentation so I could just bring him up at any time you know no you don't know their sign about this though they've Wikipedia told me that and Snopes told me these are just persistent contrails yeah persistent contrails right at eight to ten thousand feet where contrails don't even form you're talking about something that's an impossibility of even forming at that altitude and yet it's gonna linger up there for hours and spread out into a haze yeah smacked ass science is what that's called smacked ass pseudoscience of people who never broke open a fluid mechanics textbook in their lives okay no absolutely nothing about the laws of thermodynamics zero and yet want to say they know how it fucking works so folks the real reason they're doing this there's many reasons okay and a lot of researchers have speculated and some are more yeah more accurate than others over the real reasons for this part of the death cult this spraying one is first of all it adds more pollutants to the atmosphere we breathe every damn day and it's already sickly polluted enough enough to give a lot of people lung cancer in our society through all these artificial hydrocarbons and artificial heavy metals that shouldn't be in our air that we breathe people go oh these are natural elements yeah well you know what by no Boron's a natural element that doesn't mean you should be breathing and in a vaporous form in the concentrations that it's sprayed in the air or aluminum so what if they're on the periodic table of elements that doesn't mean you should so is plutonium doesn't mean you should be eating bowls of it okay just because something natural doesn't necessarily mean it should be taken into the human body it's in certain concentrations and forms so one there directly polluting the air two they're polluting the soil do we depend upon for nutrient-dense foods that nourish our body in all of our trillions of cells and what that does is it alkali I'm sorry yes it alkalizes the soil that we're we're growing food in on all of the farms that we grow food in food upon food cannot be grown properly in alkaline soil if the soil is on the alkaline pH just look up a little bit you don't have to be have the totality of the knowledge of science to understand these basic generalities and principles that are true about generally about human farming about farming practices not human farming of human beings that social engineering about the farming of actual you know plant-based foods that we plant in the ground in soil that should be highly nutrient dense and should be acidic for high nutrient density food to grow in farming soil it not only has to be tilled and and you know rotated but it has to be has to have an acidic pH the pH has to be toward the acidity on the acid pH scale on the acid to base pH scale that means it has to be in the six region around probably around six point eight soil has to be around six point eight acidity if I'm I think I'm approximately correct somewhere around there and what the spraying of these soft metals these alkaline earth metals art is doing when it comes down to the ground and goes into the soil it is sending the pH upward toward the alkaline scale usually it takes it to at least around a seven point two sometimes up as high as a seven point four pH what that does is that prevents the plants from properly taking nutrients up through the root system in the quantities that they need to be pulled up through it and into the plant material that we then take in through fruits and vegetables so therefore it's forcing the soil to grow a less nutrient-dense food source and that's contributing to disease obesity that general lack of well-being lack of mental energy lack of physical energy etc and they know this they know how this science and if you ask me that's the real underlying agenda it's part of poisoning the food supply and making it less dense and bringing soft metals into it it also acts as a plasma fication of the atmosphere because they are trying to put certain signals and piggyback signals into the atmosphere when they make it particulate plasma our atmosphere is not what it used to be you could harken back to the they live film by John Carpenter where the scientist who was trying to signal of the alien beings is trying to alert people about it and one of the things that he says is they are turning our atmosphere into their atmosphere and this is something that is absolutely being done they are plasma fiying the atmosphere for their purposes and that is to put out different mind-warping mind-controlling signals on into the atmosphere - that they can control what happens to mind States you are general worldview in and moods and they can control DNA they can actually have an effect upon genetic structures at a distance through the plasma fication and combining that with putting certain high frequency signals output into the environment if you want to research more about this I highly recommend the work of dr. Nick Begich he's done tremendous work on action at a distance mind control and I really recommend his work on the topic I've known many others you could look at Thomasville loans work on it as well so I'm sorry not Thomasville own Thomas Bearden I'm sorry I misspoke there I meant Thomas Bearden's work on that on action at a distance weaponry and scalar interferometry and this could this type of plasma fication of the atmosphere through this type of particulate spraying especially in the sky fear can really amplify these types of scalar waves and signals and again it's a it's a science most people know zero about nothing never heard of it never looked into it a moment in their lives don't know what sources to go to to look into it and we'll generally just form a totally uneducated opinion on it and then say that they know something when once again they know not only nothing they know less than nothing because they latch on to erroneous and fallacious belief systems about it that they're totally ensconced in moral in logical fallacies so they have a totally fallacious belief system regarding it and that puts them into the place that I call negative knowledge so you know I'm not it wasn't I'm not I don't think it wasn't William Henry but it was you know something like that Henry who has a great sight on it if my producer could look it up he could just tell me I don't really care if your voice comes over the air and Clifford karna come okay look up the work of dr. Nick Begich dr. Tom Bearden and the rabbit holes you can go down for years to study this these forms of covert science these are occulted sciences that they don't want people to know about so that being said let's move on to the next part of the death cult cuz we got a lot of these to go through again the next step is poison the water supply everyone needs water everyone needs to drink water everyone basically cleans their home and food with water everyone showers with water okay so if you can poison the pool you poison all of the beings in the pool if you poison the whole ocean you poison all the life in the ocean water has to go in every pot every person's body because it is an essential part of life and without it you die plain and simple so that's why they are putting again a waste product in the water you have the name Oh Dane Wigington is another guy my producer told me that that's not who I was referring to his last name is definitely but um wit Wigington just phenomenal work at geoengineering watch.org i believe is his site i'm telling you you know dan Wigington a Dane Wigington has done absolutely incredible work on geoengineering and people should absolutely check out his website he's a fantastic speaker as well okay so there's just a few resources on that topic alone which you could literally spend I'm telling you from now to the rest of your life researching and yet people will still insist it's a conspiracy theory it doesn't actually exist when there are so many declassified government white papers and international white papers on this whole stratospheric aerosol injection si I si G that you know you that you could just look that up and really go off on an entire study of that similarly you can go off on a study of fluoride the fluoridation of our drinking water you know and look at how this is a total agenda but no that's okay well well I'll put it in the in the notes when I when I find it but anyway this is a slide from the truth about cancer I ended the show on this last week but I'll read it again before fluoride was added to the water supply it was marketed as rat poison that's right Stannis fluoride and sodium fluoride are rat poison ingredients okay no amount of them should be in no amount of that type of poison should be in taken into the human physiology it's poison at the lowest possible levels let alone at the amount of parts per million that they're putting it into our drinking water in claiming that it's good for our teeth and gums when in fact it will cause dental fluorosis it will cause bone weakening it will cause all kinds of harmful health effects as opposed to health benefits this is the toxin mass medicated to the majority of the United States population with no verifiable benefits and without our consent and I will add with no ability to control the dosage that is administered of this poisonous toxin because no one monitors how much drinking water anybody is drinking we're encouraged to drink six to eight glasses of drinking water a day and most people will do that through the tap water instead of through purified water like reverse osmosis purified and/or distilled water distilled water is the best water to drink this is another big nonsense crock of shit mind control op that is put out there by people who want to say we're drinking distilled water or leach chemicals from your body I mean I need my vomit puppet you know I just need them now for that distilled water will you know leach chemicals from the body because I mean the people who parrot this shit just they're just dumb people they'd have not looked into the mechanics of water and why it is necessary for the body which is one of the biggest studies to do if you're gonna understand how a human being works you haven't made a study of water and understand that you need the most purified least you need the purest form of water and then of its structured it's even better if it's molecular ly structured then you're really making progress but if you by default you need pure h2o and that's distil distilled water distal ated water okay I don't care how it's distilled it could be solar distilled it could be you know distilled through heat you know a simple chemical process of distillation through heat okay distilled water is the best water to drink okay and really to do anything with because it's purified now you know you purify water enough through nature you get something very close to distilled you know it running over rocks down streams etc nature has its purification methods okay that's why we have rock filtration methods that are built like rock and sand filtration methods that are built like nature builds its its filtration methodologies okay so you know filtering water is great most filters don't get it down to a distilled level reverse osmosis pushes it through a microscopic membrane and it will it will filter it down probably as close as you're gonna get it to distilled without actually distilling it which is what I use I use reverse osmosis right in my kitchen I have a reverse osmosis system connected to the water that comes in at my sink and it goes into a felt through a RO filter membrane and then into a collection tank and then I have a separate similar very similar to this a faucet that you see here that is set up at my sink and I highly recommend everyone to do that there's no excuse why everyone should not have that if I asked my even my listening audience how many people have a reverse osmosis filtration system set up at their sink where they pull any of their drinking water and or water that they cook with and I will wash their fruits and vegetables with and I guarantee what will be less than 1% of even my listening audience and that is a horrifying statistic because if you are using tap water for any of that you're getting all of this horrible toxin in the form of fluoride sodium fluoride and other fluoride derivatives like hydro fluo silicic acid which is a cocktail of different types of fluoride and chemical toxins that no one should be putting into their body hydrofluoric acid look that one up as well okay it's a nerve toxin that's what this is that's why people are so don't have the ability to concentrate okay that's why they can't think clearly they're drinking this shit water okay they're drinking poisonous water and then people will say this isn't such a big deal though will go gulp down a whole glass of just take the rat poison right out of the rat poison container that says number-one ingredients sodium fluoride or stannis fluoride take the rat poison ingredient stir those crystals up real well baby put them in a nice glass of drinking water and gulp the fucking thing down all day long go right ahead that's what you deserve you don't want to look into this and you want to just say this is a conspiracy theory go ahead jackass put your poison in your water and a higher concentration and drink it because guess what we're given poison toxin water poisonous toxified water to children to drink small developing bodies and brains that are way way less weight and we're given this chemical toxin you know what a high part part per million ratio to children and we want to just say it's a conspiracy theory the people doing this are fucking garbage people fucking garbage they don't give a rat fuck about anybody but themselves and they don't care about their children you don't have a reverse osmosis system I don't care where you get it go get a decent one I'm not not in bed with any of these companies I make nothing I'm really recommending all the product you need for daily life because of how fucked up shit is in our daily life that rat poisons added to our drinking water and people aren't filtering in they're gulping it down glasses at a time and then they wonder why they can't think clearly and come to accurate conclusions and why they can't wield true scientific methodologies through their brain because their brains are fucked up from soft metals being fucking bombarded into them all day long and then instead of looking at why their brains are fucked up they want to cry conspiracy theory when they don't know the first thing about the science because they're not scientifically minded people they're believers you know and then people want to say I'm trying to run a call I'm trying to teach people scientific methodology and destroy all religions and all cults on the face of the whole earth but I'm a cult I'm one wielding cult methods and trying to bring people on board a cult yeah that makes perfect fucking sense doesn't it I'm telling people how they're indoctrinated by cults telling them all the methodologies the cults used to bring people into their fold telling people I want all worldwide cults destroyed and I want all the religions of the world destroyed because that's what holds back the spiritual progress and the progress in consciousness of all humanity but I'm trying to wield Colt med methods and become a cult that's the last thing I want is for anybody to believe me there's no belief required you need to look up to science yourself and understand it because your brains too fucking burnt to understand it right now that's the problem with people they have completely destroyed unscientific Minds that aren't even oriented toward a true level of understanding of our world they don't have those tools in hand or in mind at all and they want a reason from emotion and belief and think that they could somehow magically accurately come to an accurate conclusion let me tell you something folks your intuition ain't that good you know you need to sometimes apply intuition when you're first listening to someone to say well what's my feeling about where this comes from does it come from a true heart based perspective that you can feel that this person's really has an interest at a soul level at a true a level of true care trying to bring people the truth because it's the right thing to do you can apply your intuition to that but you're not going to try to apply your intuition to how high a plane is flying or what they're spraying out the back end of that plane that you need scientific tools in hand you don't just say I want to feel what I think about this from this Airy fairy perspective you know you don't want to say well I trust what's in the drinking water I just have a feel I'm gonna feel my way around that and I'll just say a prayer over the water and it'll just be fine no that's called New Age bullshit that's called airy-fairy New Age whoo-whoo is what that's called all right there's a difference between a developed intuitive aspect of the mind which is part of the sacred feminine aspect of the mind and then trying to feel your way around everything and rationalize through your emotions around everything you can't come to an accurate understanding of actual truth and measurement through that you need to wield the tools of the Trivium and quadrivium accurately in order to do that which is the true scientific methodology so moving on the next level down which we can live with for a little bit longer of a period of time rather than not having air or not having water is food so they're putting all manner of toxins in the food from artificial sweeteners which are probably the most poisonous neurotoxin and acidifying thing to put into the body again the soil of our food needs to be alkali acidic okay if you alkalis it you destroy the ability to grow nutrient-dense food because nutrient dense food can only be grown in acidic soil you look that up you will see that I'm giving you accurate information regarding that when food is toxic and or not nutrient dense and doesn't have the right nutrient makeup it will acidify internally it will become what is known as an acid forming food and that doesn't mean that you put a pH strip into the food and you determine whether it's at an alkaline pH or an acidic pH whether it's a base or an asset you don't do that a food can be an acid and yet be alkaline forming in the body when it's processed by the body this is what many people don't know about foods we put in you drink pasteurized homogenized milk it's a high level alkaline a high level base it tests high on the basic scale okay much higher than a neutral of what where water is at around a seven okay all right so you test it it's gonna be in the acidic and the base scale on the alkaline scale but what happens when you put that into your body it's acid forming it's acid forming in the body although it's a base outside the body if you juice fresh orange juice with with the pith you remove the the rind just you know scrape the rind off lightly right below the rind and you keep all the white pith and you do that with like ten oranges and you put them through a juicer like a centrifugal blade juicer it will make a creamy almost off whitish orange creamy juice that is real orange juice with the pith integrated into the juice and you tested that with a pH strip it's gonna test highly toward the acidic level of the spectrum but when you drink that glass of orange juice down that is alkaline forming in the body it's the exact opposite of a glass of homogenized you know pasteurized dairy factory farm milk okay which that level of you know a processing and high level of processed dairy content is going to acidify the body when it's put into it continuously whereas fresh fruit juicing with even an acidic form of a fruit like oranges fresh oranges organic oranges is going to alkalize the body when you put that in there and disease will not form in an alkaline environment you know people have cured cancers just by doing continuous orange juicing or eating fresh oranges all day especially when you eat the pith with it or integrate the pith into the juice that being said the death cult the satanic death cult that is really the rulers of the world are constantly finding new methods of injecting poison into the food and there's a do you could just go on and on and on you know genetically modified food genetically modified wheat that has gliadin in it you know this hybridized form of wheat gliadin is a perfect gut poison and immune system poison that destroys the positive gut flora in the intestinal tract and it also attacks the immune system and the digestive system which is one of the first parts of the immune system this form of modified wheat is in almost everything modified corn you know genetically modified corn artificial sugar you know there's this is the other thing folks there's a big war on all forms of sugar oh you're gonna juice all of that and drink it and that's gonna be you know that's gonna be a high level of sugar well not all forms of sugar are the same natural simple carbohydrates found in fruits are necessary for human health and brain operation and development and people will insist no that's not the case no wrong all forms of sugar are not equal and people will go eliminate all sugar in all carbs eating these this fad low-carb diet and keto diet highly dangerous diets you know you do that for a health reason that you've worked yourself into that's one thing and you do it for a short amount of time until you've started recovery you would not want to make that your main way of eating or you're gonna be in poor health long term and this is what a lot of people don't understand they want to praise it and say I'm gonna make this a lifestyle it's it's it's really an ignorant way of looking at all food in general all of nutrition in general which I've done whole shows on in the recent past all forms of sugar aren't equal folks natural sugars in vegetables and fruits especially and in vegetables are not detrimental to human health refined white sugar which is what they use in all of these products all these baking products you know all these you know toxic sugary foods you want to eliminate that from your diet that they put in cereals and children cereal this is poison that white refined sugar is is a toxic poison look up the work of doc dr. Russell Blaylock I mean this this guy put up some of the most fantastic stuff regarding nerve toxins that are in the foods and again I always highly recommend the work of Kevin Trudeau who is still sitting rotting in a jail cell right now unfortunately you know because regardless of what business practices he may or may not have engaged in let me tell you something folks this guy did damage to the big Agra and big you know poison toxic food industry he did damage to it because this guy put the whole overarching world view of what's going on with food and nutrition out there in a big way and I learned more about what's really going on with our food supply from Kevin Trudeau than anybody else and natural cures they don't want you to know about is the Bible of that okay so if you haven't read it cover-to-cover don't think that you know what you're talking about when it comes to food because you don't I tell anybody that has not read natural cures from cover to cover that they are sadly and sorely deficient in their knowledge of what's taking place with our food supply and specifically who and how they're getting the toxins at the levels they are putting them into our food supply in our food chain you don't know you think you do but you don't unless you've read that book cover to cover because it is the definitive source on the topic and I'll give my heartfelt recommendation and commendation on that tome of wisdom from Trudeau so you can like him or not like him that doesn't matter just like you can like or not like me I don't give a shit okay you don't like my personality tough titty I don't really care not my problem that's yours I'm doing nothing but what I am charged to do by creation itself and that is to speak the uncomfortable truth that most people don't want to hear about themselves and about the world they are living in and I'll do that till the day I leave this domain okay so we're garlis of whether my personal way of delivering it gels with you or my personality blends nicely with how you think a personality should be I could not care any less that's not what the great work is about I have my personality I like it I have my delivery system I like it I don't intend to change and I'm not gonna if anything I'm gonna get harsher and harsher because that's how I said as I grow older folks I have way and way more less tolerance for bullshit my bullshit meter is it pegs out very quickly with people anymore I don't want to be around bullshitters I don't want to be around lightweight people who have thin skin not interested in them I don't want them in my circle of acquaintances if anything I'll say a word or two to them in public and then I don't want to know you after that it's your work after that I'll hit you with the truth you're either ready for it or not and oh well I've done my charge and then it's up to you and then it's your karma with what you do after it you didn't receive it from me that's not my problem that's your fucking problem okay and all the people who say you'd have a bigger audience if you gave it to them with people a nice little sugarcoating fuck that that'll never be me not interested the what the wideness of my audience has never been my goal ever since day one and if you listen to my podcast I've never intimated that that's been my goal ever I've always talked about horizontal integration versus vertical integration in the terms of knowledge and learning which again most people don't know what that term those terms even mean from a social influencing perspective social engineers know what those terms mean vertical a horizontal integration means you're one person trying to act as the central server and eating the information to as many people as you could possibly reach I have never been trying to do that since day one what on earth is happening has never been attempted to be a centralized platform never and if you don't understand that go back to the podcast that I did I didn't think it was around 200 when I talked about how to get around censorship through different technological means in an age of censorship so how to get hidden or occulted information in the age of censorship and that's using distributed network models through BitTorrent which cannot be shut down they'd have to shut down the entire internet to shut down that protocol okay learning how to use that to do n runs around modern-day technological sensors to get information that that you want that they don't want you to have the models the two models that I explained were the centralized client-server model and the decentralized distributed network model that's used in BitTorrent the central model means me as the server of the information is going to try to serve that truth out serve that knowledge out to everybody as I'm the definitive central source and then I try to get it out to everybody a gala terian Lee I have never been trying to do that I'm gonna say it again I have never been trying to do that and let me say it a third time for the fucking hard headed out there I have never been trying to do that model of truth distribution I have never been a naive fuck enough to think every person in the world can possibly receive this information from me I am NOT that egotistical and I am NOT that naive do you understand yet do I have to say in a thousand more fucking times my model for what on earth is happening for my work my aspect of the great work has been is now and will always be reaching the people who are already prepared to go all the way to the truth because they've already done a certain level of self work and progression in consciousness who will then go on to become teachers who have different characteristics personality traits and delivery methodologies that are not like mine that will reach more people I am NOT trying to build a worldwide collection of followers I am trying to build a hard-core small inner circle group of teachers with thick skin and high-level knowledge and that is all I have ever been attempting to do I want this said and understood for all time on this show and the reason I get so pumped up and angry about it is because I've said it about 50 times already and yet I still have asshole jackasses that want to insist they know what I'm doing more than what I've said I'm doing when I've never implicated that I'm trying to do what they think I'm trying to do ever that's why I didn't raged about it because you're trying to tell me what I've been trying to do here since day one and you don't know a fucking goddamn thing about it not even a little tiny bit about it zero is what you know you know less than zero about what I've been trying to do less than zero so let me come myself down from that outburst and go back into my slides and folks let me tell you something if you were the one receiving the nonsense bullshit comments and speech did I get about some of this stuff you'd be way more angry than I am you'd be ready to kill somebody I hold my anger in deep check actually compared to what I feel inside sometimes when you're reading people who don't know you from Adam they don't know the first fucking thing about Who I am or what I do on a daily basis and they want to go in some public forum and say you know me you know what I do you know what I'm trying to you don't know a fucking thing about me boy not a thing I'm sick of that shit okay and this is my catharsis for it I'm not going to spend the the bulk of my time that I do research and build slides and deliver information but I'm gonna I'll speak on it once and for all time and get it out cuz I'm not gonna keep it in and get cancer cuz I don't let it out you know I held that shit too long folks let me tell you something the early days of what on earth is happening are over there are over forever because I tried to be myth play mr. nice guy and it was largely a persona and I were just openly admit it I tried to do that thing where I'm not gonna let my full personality out because I don't want people to get scared you know guess what we and in the time where's even enough time to even be at that level of politeness and niceness for people I'm not interested I'm not here to even talk to the people who don't know anything anymore to get them on board you want a good get on board you send them back to podcast one where I was mr. nice guy okay that ain't never coming back in water on earth is happening I'm done with that I'm done with that character I'm done with that persona or mask that I put on to just get people to listen up to a point well we're at we're at podcast 215 it's 10 it's 12 years laters you know it's at least 10 years later from the formal podcast it's 12 years later from when I started doing this I'm done with that guy I'm done with that persona that's not really who mark passio ever was to be quite frank and honest with you I've always been who I am right now talking on the airwaves right now I tuned that all the way back all the way back so that I can get the message out and people would hear it and give it a chance even though I put a little bit of that in you know now I'm just letting loose you know I'm not on any network anymore okay I do this straight out of my own you know means through through my website and my social media on my dime you know that's it so I have no restrictions on me now all I'm going to say whatever I want whenever I want but that mr. nice guy from what on earth is happening podcast number one is never coming back to the to the airwaves that was a different time in place boys and girls and that's long gone we don't have that kind of time anymore we're at the final hour we're at the final minutes and seconds of the final hour so this is part of the death cult Society folks they want to make people as sick as possible because sick people don't think right sick people can't act in the world they don't have the will to act sick people are in and out of hospitals all day they're spending their money on their drug system their toxic drug system they're toxic so-called medical system which is that part of the death cult a big integral part of the death cult at that and sick people will listen to nonsense sick people will listen to people who they think or have their interests in mind are going to tell them what they need to do to be better to get better to get well when in fact they're psychopaths feeding them more poison they're part of the satanic network doctors Big Pharma you know how many of these people are actual practicing Satanists you know how many more of them are de-facto mini-me Satanists who don't give a rat's ass about anybody but themselves and the profit they make on the poison they but let me tell you something folks there's a good percentage of doctors and people in big Agra and Big Pharma that are heavyweight dark Oh cultists from a perspective of being actually in the know in the cult at a much higher level than I ever was and you don't think those psychopaths are out there pushing drugs and medicine in the healthcare system knowing that all they're gonna lead to is sicker people dependent on them making them richer and richer and more and more powerful they know it like they know the back of their hand like they know their own name and you're naive enough to think they care about you and they want to help you only a naive child thinks this way in the modern world huge part of the death cult poisoning people through food now let's get into the pharmacological aspect of it poisoning people through so-called medicine through so-called vaccines you know all of these things that we want to say are somehow diseases that have come into the human domain over the last couple hundred years these aren't just genetic disorders these aren't just some kind of neurological cases that just came on in human society these are all different forms of vaccination damage all the neurological disorders organ disease disorders autism is just a word for a spectrum of vaccine damage that's all it is it's an invented word it's not a disease you look up autism it is a spectrum of illnesses brought on by vaccination damage they just used the term autism to euphemized it and not say this is what somebody came down with once they got hit with the vaccines that the the medical industry is the death cult of the medical industry is poisoning people with asthma leukemia seizures epilepsy oh that's big one the people don't understand how many seizure conditions come on from vaccine damage I believe personally I have two forms of I have three forms of vaccine damage straight up being honest with you about health issues that affect me still that I don't really know whether there's reversing it because it has altered one at a deep genetic level and turned on codes that perhaps with enough work and healing you might be able to reverse and turn back off but it would be very very very difficult and I don't know if it can be done with just nutritional techniques alone and that is allergies and that's probably the least damaging of the ones that I that I feel I have been affected by and that's on this chart but also migraine headaches and I don't suffer with painful migraine headaches I mean knock would folks I mean thank God because I'd be in a debilitated condition I see family members who suffer with the painful ones and they are often incapacitated for days at a time migraines are another form of vaccine damage I suffer from painless migraines and most people don't even know that there is such a thing but if you look up painless migraines with aura a you are a like an aura field around the body it's the same it's where it was spelled the same it say aura that actually is generated by the brain which is happens often before a migraine hits there's actually three kinds of migraines people don't know this I know I didn't when I started getting the aura migraines I thought I was having a stroke or something or starting to go blind I would panicked you know I kept my wits about me long enough when it first happened to me because I didn't know about what an aura migraine was I looked it up and you know finally calm down like I'm like okay that's what's going on here I'm having an aura migraine you know I just have to sit tight for like 20 minutes to a half an hour and it'll be gone and that's what I did and uh you know often it's the scintillating vision that you see and you can't shake it you can't get it out of your your field of view and it will often cover a part of your field of view and expand out sometimes all the way up to the peripheral aspect of your field of view it would be a scintillating almost computer-like pattern in your field of view it's very disturbing actually when I forget when I first had it for the very first time years ago I was went into practical panic mode I'm like what the hell is happening what is this but I you know learned about it and it's a painless migraine and what happens is sometimes these precipitate the painful migraines so there's really three kinds of migraine there's there's an or a migraine with no pain at all so it's aura and no pain then there's one with no aura and just pain those are like the worst because you don't know when they're coming right you don't get an aura to warn you because the aura always comes first then the pain will hit like you know 15 minutes later so people can take some type of a you know like a you know Tylenol or Advil or something like that that might help with the the pain response of the headache and then it doesn't hit them as the pain doesn't hit them as hard okay or you could do other natural methods where you know it'll mitigate the pain of the of the painful part of the migraine that's the second kind that's the worst kind to have then there's one where you have both you have the aura and then the pain hits 15 minutes or so later 20 minutes later and at least that gives you a you know a warning most of my family members who suffer from migraines get the worst kind which is pain without an aura warning I have the opposite where I have an aura but then no pain strikes later which is the most fortunate one to have because it doesn't involve the pain in either ones that involve it so you know when I get them and I get them like maybe once or twice a year thankfully they're not often I just have to kind of stop what I'm doing back let the hora pass because especially if you're doing anything that involves having to have accurate visual eyesight or acuity like driving or working at a computer you just can't do it and that's basically you know what I do on a daily basis I'm either you know work and sitting at the computer and going and driving getting supplies or you know driving down to the to the gym you know if if if it hits when I'm doing one of those things I just have to either pull the car over wait it out or just you know come off the computer stop what I'm doing and just wait it out until the hora is gone the last one I had I was actually sitting having lunch with my producer one day on a day when we weren't doing the show and it struck and I had to just sit there and like just wait while we're luckily I wasn't doing anything else that was uh you know demanding of you know very close attention and I was just you know eating a lunch but you know through most of the lunch I'm seeing this scintillating aura spread out through my visual field so I think that's brought on by vaccination damage the types of migraines that people get I don't think that's I think that's something that has effect the the vaccine has affected the brain physiology and I think that the one that's also on here is diabetes and diabetes is you know something that is brought on that would be under autoimmune diseases okay diabetes is an autoimmune disease that affects the immune system of the body and particularly the pancreas and this autoimmune disease I feel is brought on by vaccine damage I think that's what a lot of why a lot of diabetes strikes people later in life because these are often time activated genetic codes that's why they want people with all of these vaccines stuck in them at an early age they realize they don't get these in at an early age people are gonna be living longer be healthier not have all of these different immune system destroying you know diseases through these vaccines all of these things are brought on by vaccine damage I mean learning disabilities a big one you know ADHD all of that attention deficit disorder you know this isn't something that that has just always been like this these are a spectrum of disorders that have happened over the last hundred years in our society and continue to grow at an alarming outrageous accelerated pace and then people want to say no they're perfectly safe non-toxic and affected when you look at any one of the ingredients you would not pour a glass of it or even put take a teaspoon of the ingredients and drop it into some water and you know slam it down you wouldn't do it but then you want to say what being injected subcutaneously is somehow healthy or good for you I mean this is what I don't get it's like saying no hold on a second let me get this industrial grinder grind up some glass down into a fine powder it's poured into some water so it looks like a suspension or a solution and just gulp it down Wow great why not why not have some microscopic shards of glass and your intestinal tract right you wouldn't do any amount of that you wouldn't take any amount of a bit of a ground-up powdered glass and put it in a glass of water any more than you take a fine aluminum powder put it into some melt it down put it into solution and then drink it down in water you wouldn't do it any amount of it but you'll get eight you'll inject it into a baby you know you wouldn't take you wouldn't break open a thermometer okay draw up some mercury into a syringe okay have the have the needle syringe right there and go let me hit your let me hit your distilled water with a little bit of this mercury and then I want you to drink it down I'm only gonna put a little in there it's only gonna be you know a couple of 10,000 or so parts per million somebody would look at you like you are an outrageous lunatic out of your goddamn mind out of your rabid-ass mind okay that's what they would look at you like yet let me stick this baby with ten needles that has this stuff in it at these concentrations I mean people don't think at all because guess what the priest in the white lab coat costume told you it's fine to do and he's the priest he's in the priest class the priest class wouldn't lie to us they want us well they want us healthy yeah they don't care that health would mean that they'd lose their McMansion out in Bumblefuck Ville they and they would lose their three Lexus's and their four-car family garage my god they'd only have one Lexus in the garage you know how would they live how in God's name would they live I don't I just don't know they wouldn't be able to take the Bentley out for a sunday spin you know when they're not at the hospital they're just on call and people we don't think that these are psychopathic lunatics that if it meant them losing their profits and people becoming well and just not needing their services ISM as much they go poison those motherfuckers we need them in and out of our hospitals like a revolving door that's how they think in their mind that's how they talk in their own circles you'll think they do you're out of yours you're out of your goddamn mind you're a naive child if that's how you think about what's going on in the world and let me tell you something folks people who just brainlessly mindlessly believe that vaccines are somehow safe and affected you have so much learning and so much picking a part of real science to do when it comes to this you have to look at the ingredients of modern vaccines and the types of adjuvants that they add to these things and soft metals that are put into these admixtures these chemical cocktails of poison and you think that that's vex Nation Science I'm telling you man people were just they're so ignorant it's painful and then they'll say the people who are really concerned about this and have seen the pattern repeatedly than when around a vaccination is given to their children that somehow all these disorders and diseases came on like a freight train that they don't know what they're talking about they've gone through the direct experience of it I've said it before I'll say it again and I'm gonna be harsher and harsher about it you know what should happen to the people who don't understand that this is what's happening you're a fucking child should get these diseases I'll say it right to your face your fucking child should be disease like this in this form from hitting them with these toxins then you'll see and then you'll care then some had then all of a sudden you'll care about it and you know what some people won't even fucking care then because they'll just say no it wasn't that it was some other random thing then they believe in randomness everything just random it's a crapshoot just because I hit my kid with sixteen you know vaccines with all kinds of soft metals in them and other toxins and adjuvant no it just just around the same time they came down that with these heart horrific afflictions but it's just coincidence it's just randomness could have happened when I didn't didn't give him one thing there was this kind of a neurotoxin or brain toxin that passed the brain the blood-brain barrier I mean you want to listen to somebody who really knows their stuff about it more so than I do look I'm not a neurosurgeon or a neuroscientist but let me tell you something folks neuroscience has been one of the underpinnings and the foundational research areas of my work that I do because you have to understand that you have to understand all those aspects of the brain at a at least a sophisticated enough level to know what these social engineers are doing to the brain which then affects the psychology the mind and of course affects the body and the rest of the central nervous system so I know quite a bit about it but I'm not pretending to know something like the level of knowledge that Oh surgeon like dr. Russell Blaylock understands about all of this and let me tell you something he's not the only one look do research into dr. Shari Tenpenny whose work is outstanding whoo I got a chance to meet personally at a dark apoco 2019 and she was just great to talk with she actually sat next to me at the Ron Paul dinner at my table and it was just a pleasure getting a chance to speak with her personally and you want to talk about a woman who knows her stuff you know you just look into her material and that's another fountain of information okay Russell Blaylock I cannot recommend highly enough and these people know they they go into it at a very deep level medically and scientifically and they know their shit you know I'll personally look at their research because they're looking at it from an objective point of view you know they were doctors they could easily be making money from all this stuff but they want to do what's right and tell the truth above that nothing wrong with making money at what you're doing if you're trying to put it out there and do you know really do right by people and really truly help them you know once it starts getting into this thing to toe the line and to toe the narrative these people are speaking out and that takes balls to do that you know so I celebrate their courage and all those who are like them and in the industry or speaking out one of the biggest aspects of the death cult is war militarism you know imperialism this is human sacrifice that's what it is it's modern human sacrifice rituals that's what modern warfare is you got and then you put it into video games you not only have it happening in the real very real world people killing sacrificing to each other on the altar of sacrifice called a theater of war but then you put it into video games for the young children who are addicted to these 3d video games you know and you have them glorifying the whole war combat death cult ritual scenario because that's all it is instead of marching young men up to you know the top of a you know great pyramid built to their satanic gods like reached Tula poached lay in ancient Mexico the Sun God who what demanded the hearts of you know tens of thousands of sacrificial victims on his altar instead of having hearts cut out with obsidian blades by the priests class in front of everybody you know so they can actually see wow these are our masters we're their sacrificial victims there's just directly sacrificing us to their gods well now they don't do it in they don't do it on big pyramids well with a big altar at the top for everybody to see that's not how it's done anymore folks that's ancient satanic ritual bloodletting sacrifice modern satanic ritual bloodletting sacrifice is warfare hidden theatres of war out in the middle of nowhere and in the developing countries out into third world countries weird you know there's a sparse population and there's not a big infrastructure at least not as big as that the first world nations there are you know some first world infrastructure there but not at the level of other nations you know and you send off the young totally brainwashed total no nothing fucks that these little boys are because that's what you all are your little know nothing punk bitches not a one of you is a real man not a one of you has any real courage want to know why because for real courage you need real knowledge and real care and you haven't developed those things you've said put a gun in my hand tell me who to go shoot as long as I don't have to think I'll take the order from my master and that ain't a man that's a sick little fucking boy is what that is boy that's exactly what that is and people want to glorify these fucking punks and say we thank you for your service fuck you you don't protect me you don't create my freedom the God of all creation gave me my freedom boy I've been endowed with my freedom by creation itself and that ain't you Punk my freedom is inherent to my consciousness and the only thing that protects it is my adherence to and loyalty to natural law it has zero to do with you and your brainwashed behavior order follower of your Satanist master trying to tell me you know where my freedom comes from and you're actively working it protect it fuck you how about that how about we just say it out in the open just like that to the people who think that's what they're doing to the military you don't like it turn it off don't listen dig your own grave keep sacrificing yourself on the satanic altar I'm beyond the point trying to convince you that you're wrong go think you're right asshole you don't know what you're talking about and you're a dumb little fucking boy you know I want to blow smoke up somebody's ass I'm gonna come on the air and say this shit to them let me tell you something folks I could totally water everything down talking sweet nothings in people's ears tell them all the nonsense fucking spirituality that new-age bullshitters want to tell them and I can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month instead of a few hundred if that okay but I wouldn't be doing my job telling people the truth you know cuz that's what they want to hear they don't want to hear what what I just said about the military is the exact truth no they want me to blow spiritual smoke up their ass like the new-age bullshitters do you no but they'll have 10 million followers you know making hundreds of thousands a month because people want to support what they want to hear not the hardcore truth that's uncomfortable to listen to and hear but you know what as long as people want to pay attention a little sweet nothing bullshit whisper in their ear the world is not going to change for the better folks until people start listening to the hardcore unadulterated painful truth about the way that the world really is and the way the human mind really is as fucked as it is nothing will change for the better nothing at all you want to believe that that's how it works you go right ahead believe in your nonsense spirituality I'll be here telling you the real deal I'll take a hit on all my followers I don't need followers I don't want followers I want people who understand what is true and real and that which exists in the realm of nature instead of the sick twisted constructs of the human mind that knows nothing about reality and I'll keep telling people those truths even if it dwindles down to no one listening I'd built being a minority of one who knows how what's really taking place and that's just fine that's just fine because that's what I'm here to do I don't serve human beings I never have served human beings I serve creation itself by explaining the real dynamics that are taking place here on earth and that is what the great work is all about so these people right here in this image members of the Deaf cult at a totally low level of being they're slaves of being their house slaves the police are right in there with them being militarized brainwashed turned against the people following whatever immoral orders they're given on a daily basis they are members of this religiously diseased cult called statism which is ultimately to Hegelian dialectic 'el sect's of the real one world cult of the ancient religion of Satanism the old religion and these people want to say they serve the force of freedom you couldn't fucking spell it boy you couldn't spell the word freedom let alone know what it means let alone truly serve it don't try to tell me about what real freedom is you don't know the first fucking thing about it punk part of the death cult one of the biggest parts of the death cult that keeps their masters in place because what these people do is they go from country to country anybody that doesn't want to play ball with the globalist agenda they invade take over all their resources kill as many people as possible to get their people to comply with the big overarching death cult that runs the world and that's all they ever have been that's all they're doing now that's all they ever have done you are the servants of your satanic masters you are house slaves whether you understand that or not whether you agree or not that's what you are and no amount of disagreeing with it will ever make it untrue that's the eternal truth the actual objective way that it is in nature and reality and no getting offended or crying about it is never going to make it not the way that it really is that's the way it really is objectively I'm not going to sugarcoat and say well you can have your opinion and I'll have mine you have a dumb fuck brainwashed socially engineered satanic worldview opinion about what you are and what you're doing and I have the truth about it and I am speaking the truth about it because I have the balls to speak the truth about it without sugarcoating it for jerk-offs and that's how this show is gonna go because we're out of time folks out of time then you have people in the black ops in the intelligence societies in the military in the police forces in the political you know arena who orchestrate and conduct and then cover up what is known as false flag operations I was in one of the probably what is the most definitive documentary on what false flags are and what how they have been used historically to precipitate political agendas that the population would not ordinarily go along with if not given a traumatic set of circumstances that they feel necessitates that political agenda which is the Hegelian dialectic inaction problem reaction solution as David Icke refers to it creating a very traumatic problem so that you get an outcry from the public do something about this and then you come forward with your predetermined and pre-planned solution and try to implement it which you know the public wouldn't have gone with unless they were severely traumatized in a mass ritual event a mass death ritual event which is the false flag event again false flag doesn't mean it was a hoax or no one died you could call that a hoax flag okay which is called no problem reaction solution it means the thing you said happened didn't actually happen that's how I like to delineate other researchers have their stance and they like to delineate in a different way I like to distinguish by calling a false flag an event that actually happened okay and yet and people died okay then they use that for their political agenda and I call it a no problem reaction solution event I call a hoax flag which means the whole thing was a hoax it didn't really happen and/or they portrayed it as it happened but no people really died and they used crisis actors and then they try to push forward their political agenda so that's the second form of the overarching thing called a false flag ritual event a mass killing ritual and you could put killing in quotes because sometimes it's a real killing sometimes it's not it's a staged killing and the documentary that I was in is called shadow ring it was made by the people at free mind films I believe Chris Emery was the executive producer and they did a fantastic job on it I just found out this week that I actually am in I'm in the IMDB database I didn't even know this I looked up my name on on DuckDuckGo and one of the links that came back was an IMDB listing for Mark Pasi I'm like where'd all that come from so I looked at it and it was for shadow ring so I thought that was pretty interesting that I made IMDB for the documentary shadow ring in which I appeared so people should check that out because there's a lot of great researchers in it that you could go into research in their work and in doing so it will open up an entire other deep rabbit hole of research that you can go down regarding false historically conducted false flag operations so this meme says there is only one reason to believe the government's official 9/11 story because you blindly trust our government and you have done absolutely no research for yourself and that's the only reason negative knowledge accepting that which isn't true that was just told to you because that's easier that's an intellectually lazy path to go down I just believe it because the government told me so and they wouldn't lie because they have my interests at heart and they wouldn't wouldn't want to tell me an untruth about what happened or they're not covering anything up total naive child believes that point of view and that puts you in the negative knowledge not only don't you know I don't not climb not claiming to know everything about it folks there's lots of things we don't know about what took place that day but I'll tell you what there's things that we know that didn't happen and those are the things that the government is saying of how it happened that I can definitively prove physically with physical laws the physical laws of nature that are just born out by scientific methodology through the scientific method that I can prove according to scientific methodology could not have happened according to the the explanation of the official 9/11 narrative given to us by Big Daddy government I can prove it definitively and have right here on past episodes of this show you know that's why I praised some of the physicists and engineers who have come forward that have the balls to come forward and say no they could have happened like this you know and then a lot of the other people they know they know that it couldn't have happened the way look I pulled out to prove it to myself like the year after it happened like not even a year like six months after it happened I went into my old college level I'm sorry not college level high school level I went into my high school level physics textbooks junior level physics 101 textbook I pulled out the physics textbook with the initial Newtonian equations that they give high school level students to learn the equations of basic Newtonian mechanics okay the the formula to solve a simple quadratic equation like a first level quadratic equation okay plugged in the numbers of the official weights and measures of the buildings of 9/11 and earned on the side of the official story in every capacity you know I didn't like take into account all these things that a real engineer would take into a can I did it in a very sloppily done way but all in the favor of the official story never taking into account the the sophistication and the particular z' of how a real engineer would work these equations and put all the secondary aspects and figures into the equation to try to do it from a real-world mechanical perspective instead of a modeling perspective I use just a simple modeling perspective with the physics equations and the simple weights and measures publicly available of the World Trade Center towers and did not account for all the other factors and variables that a real engineer a professional engineer would account for giving every one of those factors to the official story it was still a total scientific impossibility for the building to come down in the way that it came down and happen at the speed at which it did all three buildings Tower 1 tower 2 and tower 7 which still to this day most people don't know that a third building allegedly collapsed on 9/11 it no it came down but it wasn't a collapse building 7 World Trade Center tower 7 most people still not looked at that video where it collapses directly into its own footprint and had not been struck allegedly struck by an airplane you know you have people still to this day they're showing that footage in there like their jaws on the ground because they are like why didn't the media ever tell us that three buildings came down instead of two some of my listeners still don't know about building 7 it's crazy you know I saw it on the first day where they put it on the the first initial reports and then never again after the very first day because a mandate came down to every news network and said don't ever show that footage ever again and if you do your family's gonna end up dead under suspicious circumstances and you want to see it happen err that footage ever again that's how it was that's came down inside the news networks folks to the highest level officials in all the major news networks intelligence operatives visited them said you ever show the collapse of building 7 ever again on your network we're coming for your family then that was it that's the end that was the end of it forever but you bet your ass that is exactly what happened behind closed doors highest level Intel operatives came in visited today paid him a visit at the networks and said try showing it one more ever one more time ever and see what happens watch what happens you don't think that goes down just like that it goes down just like that that's how it works because this death cult is in charge because we've let them take that power through our ignorance and they'll keep pulling these false flags and hoax flags they'll keep pulling them over and over people still keep buying them and the same method will continue to be effective over and over and over again because the public just doesn't learn the public doesn't learn you know last week was the anniversary of 7-7 and I'm sorry I didn't get to this slide on 7-7 you know it took until the next week but you know this was another false flag event orchestrated by social engineers and intelligence operatives that are all part of the big cultic you are not in the one-world satanic network of mind controllers and social engineers and this is a big part of their bloodletting rituals the bombs that went off in the transportation systems in London England on 77 when drills had all been all conducted to postulate the exact same environment you know they always do that they always run drills that simulate the same thing so that when it goes live people don't know the difference between the droven live up that's what they did on 7-7 that's what they did on 9/11 the occult geometry involved 92 being the failure of will in the occult the failure in consciousness the failure of care let me tell you something for and then you know you see the gematria of seven seven which is the sorcerers number in the dark occult that's why it reduces the 14 you know which is the 14th level of the pyramid which is being God on earth the 14th level of the all-seeing eye and pyramid they wanna usurp the place of God the occult sorcerers or 77 they want to take the place of that 14th level of that all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid above the pyramid which is level fourteen thirteen courses of the pyramid and then the fourteenth level is the eye of God the eye of creation the eye of truth they want to be that they want to become that which is what we talked about that's what all of Satanism is wanting to become God so you look at that gematria 92 destruction of will destruction of consciousness destruction of true care that's their agenda that's what puts people into slavery and 7777 the number of the sorcerer himself ok so a thing I want to tell people about you know I didn't know if I was gonna have time to get into it and I know we're running late again but you know it'll take as long as it takes because this is important I want to recommend the television series strange angel to people it's a very well done period piece on the life of Jack Parsons and how he got involved in the occult philosophy known as the leymah which they unfortunately incorrectly pronounced often on the show they say it as a fait Lima and it's the leymah if you're pronouncing it correctly from the original Greek and um how he headed a family mclarge called the agape org agape Lodge in Pasadena California where he began JPL or Jet Propulsion Laboratory had the acronym Jack Parsons laboratory became deeply involved in this form of occultism met Aleister Crowley was assigned to head the agape Lodge in California and this show tells the story of it but what I find very well done about it is they are really injecting the thalamic philosophy deeply into the show from a level of understanding that it truly is they're not portraying it simply as dark occultism or although they hint that it has elements of that which it very well could depending on what Lodge people have gotten involved with so you know it has all of those elements within it and people should be discerning and you know look at the actual philosophy from a deep level and make a delineation or a distinguishment between the real underlying philosophy and human level of how people have turned and twisted it because they're not the same thing as I've always emphasized but I would highly recommend this show because it really interjects the real philosophy of Thelema to my knowledge it's the only show that is ever on television that has ever put Crowley Aleister Crowley into a character on the show at whether you want to agree that it's accurate or not as a different story historically and talks about his intelligence ties to the British intelligence during his uh foray into the United States during World War Two but it's so well done as a period piece you know how it is portrays the 1940s I think you know how it portrays the way society was back then from a social point of view from the point of view of the buildings and the streets and you know the objects it's quite well done from that perspective from my point of view and on this last week's episode they actually brought the philosophy the occult philosophy of the book known as Lieber which is a small document into the storyline which I thought was really great as I have taught I've talked about it on an interview that I did with Bob from Cincinnati on his podcast called a cult Empire where we did a show on thelema and Crowley's life and I talked about Lee barrows in that show and it's highly powerful and it shows you how much people are not ready for the truth of that you know type of occult information and that's all I'll say about it for now but you know I think that if it's separated from specific human practices that have unfortunately become associated with it the philosophy itself can align with natural law at a deep level if it is properly understood from that occult esoteric level and that's the only level I ever encourage people to look at the Leymah from and it's the only level I ever have encouraged people to look at Philemon so that being said I think people should check out strange angel not that many people even know about the show very well done television series they're in the second season now let's move on so you step out of you know the regular human domain and you see that our whole society is also a death cult when it comes to animals and in many ways this is the biggest way that we are a death cult Society we kill more consciousnesses we exterminate more consciousnesses than we do in any other aspect of life by the slaughter the endless perpetual daily slaughter of animals taking the amount of lives that we do so called for our sustenance for our food that is not required and necessary in any way so I see a million times over and over there's gonna be people who will vehement ly disagree then we somehow need animal flesh in our diet it never has been the case it isn't the case now it never will be the case for anyone once again a normal healthy functioning human being physiologically does not need any animal products in their diet when you have developed an addiction to eating a certain way two things happen you cannot you the sicknesses that will get brought on might require you to stay with a certain form of a diet because changing it will change the physiological aspects too abruptly you would have to transition off slowly and to if you have eaten that way your entire life regardless of whether you have health problems you can actually precipitate them by radically and suddenly changing your diet too quickly but that does not mean that you need animal products it means that because of the level of brainwashing in our society regarding this and the level of habit-forming behavior that people have engaged in regarding the eating of animals and animal products that people cannot just go and transition to veganism quickly again I look look at my transition to veganism it took 12 years 12 years I transitioned slowly to a vegan diet and that's why I did it correctly and healthfully folks do I look weak to you because let me tell you something folks I have so much energy I don't know what to do with it most days I need I need things that take the edge down on a daily basis not ramp it up okay I'm the most ideal weight that I've ever been I'm the most energetic that I've ever been I could kick my 20 year old self ass down the blow up and down the block if I wanted to okay I weighed myself yesterday I weighed 190 point 0 pounds my ideal weight for my height and body type I am at the weight that I weighed when I was a sophomore in high school how many people could say the same thing when they start getting a little bit older okay and say that they're that healthy eating that right feeling that level of energy all the time you know he don't get me wrong I get to press them down and don't want to do things and like want to just you know sulk for a while because of how bad things are in the world that's not what I mean when I'm talking about film talking about physical energy to do things okay you know I get on that truck that stair climber for a half an hour solid before I start my workout every time how many people my age are doing that you know or doing martial arts you know most people will say I don't have the energy I had when I was young I'm wait I'm way heavier than when I was young I don't feel this I don't feel the same way I feel way worse well guess what that's because you're doing the wrong things with your diet and that's part of the death cult they want people moving toward more unhealthy ways of being as they get older so that they're in and out of hospitals that's the effect it has on human beings let alone what it's doing to the animal kingdom all your we're eating all that energy that's a theory energy everything here is energy folks at a basic fundamental level everything that we see experience take into ourselves put out into the world as a form of energy and they want it poisoned and black-hearted and death these are the Death Eaters of the the Harry Potter Wizarding World that's the dark occult that's all this is is a big that was all that whole those allegorical movies were that's the death cult you know serving the The Satanic Overlord Master Voldemort who wants more and more death and more and more slavery that's the government the dictator the totalitarian who wants everybody else serving him as God on earth and that's what they're doing through this animal slaughter endlessly again this is what inspired the show this is what inspired that not the whole world on earth is happening series but the last two shows podcast to 14 and to 15 were inspired by me just making the mental recognition walking down the street on a daily basis how many animals are just endless slaughtered by the human society on a daily basis it's one never-ending death ritual and eating of death ritual we're not eating life we're not taking in life into our energy we're taking in death into our energetic system our Thira kenner G and this is the problem folks most people aren't spiritually advanced enough to understand this level of consciousness and morality now I don't want to beat up on them you know I mean I want to take them into the fold of knowledge many are too much in ego and and their ego would have to be broken down more by internal work that they do upon themselves you know but many are also misguided by inaccurate information when it comes to health and nutrition which is why revisited this topic a few podcasts ago they don't have a balanced perspective or an accurate perspective about what truly nourishes the human body mind and soul and those are positive life-affirming forms of energy not energy that is dictated and given to us by the death cult whether it be mental food or physical food the way that we got to this level of eating animals was because of the death cult causing the Cataclysm that it caused I'd look I feel through all my research folks you know what can you say I can 100% prove it from a total you know scientific methodology no but we have fragmentary pieces of the puzzle that we can put together in a logically organized way the earth was not always the way it was now it is now folks we were in a practical Garden of Eden when the earth was at a zero degree rotational axis with rapport with respect to our plane of orbit around the Sun in the ancient distant ancient past that means it would have been eternal spring and food could have been grown everywhere all around the earth at any time in any season there were no seasons to speak of it was perpetual spring / perpetual fall with perpetual perfect amount of rain faul where things weren't too cold to grow or too hot to grow and that's how planets that sustain our form of life are intended to be by nature itself but that doesn't mean through acts of free will that we can't offset that balance in nature and create a different situation that nature did not intend for the 23.5 axial tilt at which our planet rotates with respect to our plane of orbit around our star which creates the precession of the equinoxes is not something that is natural in my understanding and worldview through the taking in of the amount of data I have taken in regarding what has happened here in our ancient past people are free to believe that not believe it accept it not believe it not accept it entertain it don't entertain it it's again that's your work to do I'm gonna tell you what I've discovered through my endless amounts of research and work that is obsessive you know one day I'm going to walk in the other room I'm going to go pull all the bags of data that I've ever hoarded from my years of research that makes me almost pass out when I look at it realizing I've gone through almost every bit of it it's obsessive I'm almost like a robot in some respect it's crazy it almost frightens me how much data I've downloaded and gone through because I became obsessed about it because of who I was involved with in these cult in this cult in this worldwide hierarchical satanic cult because I became personally involved I became obsessed an obsessive researcher regarding it let me tell you something folks their interference with our species this other species that I feel is a type 2 but I'll say a 1.5 on the Kardashev scale minimum a level 2 civilization on the Kardashev scale of civilizations maximum somewhere between that 1.5 the two level transitioning to the level but I'm telling you once you get to that that the the feats that can be performed technologically by an entire civilization like that are beyond magic to our level of understanding when it comes to physics and science beyond magic beyond almost godly which is why they often referred to them as gods and again to clarify a little further when I say I don't believe in I believe in the interference theory of human origins that means I don't accept the Darwinian notion of macro biological evolutionary theory nor do I accept creationism from a religious perspective so people should realize I see both of those as Hegelian dialectics to try to push people off the path of truth which lies somewhere completely different than just the pure scientific notion or the pure religious notion I don't consider it either one of those as being true and I've gone through many podcasts on this topic which is why I say again you have to go back and you have to listen to the podcasts in order in their entirety without skipping any information without skipping around and while looking at all the ancillary data that I give you with each podcast if you're gonna develop an accurate worldview and an accurate understanding if you yourself have not done that do not claim that you know my work because you absolutely fucking do not know it you don't know what I'm saying you think you know but you have not taken in the totality of the data that I've output or the research material that I've encouraged people to look into to understand my work don't claim that you understand it if you have not done that work yourself in your own time certainly don't claim it to me that you understand that all what I'm saying which is why I'm telling you if you haven't done that this is not the podcast to start listening to zero zero one is the podcast to start listening to and when you're done that one and all the material that goes along with it progressed to podcast 0:02 don't skip around exhaust the material in the podcast then progress to the next one when you are ready that is how to maximize the learning for what on earth is happening if you are not doing that you are not only not maximizing the learning process you are believing things that you know nothing about regarding what I'm actually saying so unless you've actually done that you don't know my work don't claim to know it to other people and certainly don't claim to know it to me alright so that being said I think from the myriad of data that I have taken in regarding the events of the ancient past on our world that this type to civilization created the Cataclysm that set the planet at a different axial tilt and put us into a period where into a situation where there are now seasons of life and death on the earth in the northern hemisphere which is where the bulk of the population migrated because that's where the bulk of the landmass is we could no longer grow food year-round and any place on the earth we now have to grow it in temperate zones in the northern hemisphere which is where the bulk of food production has now must be centralized in addition to that we can't live anywhere on the planet people try to live in extreme zones but really they migrate to temperate zones and because they can't grow food everywhere they began killing animals to supplement the diet during the season of death which is the time when the Sun is below the equator in the southern hemisphere half of the year but that was given to us this way of being in the world this way of life was given to us just like they gave us our government structures just like they gave us our religious structures and institutions just like they gave us the monetary structures and institutions and folks when I talked about the origins of these institutions and structures it was the only time that I was ever censored in the entire time I've ever been doing the work that I've been doing here at what on earth is happening it was the only time that I was ever hit with a personal computer distributed denial-of-service attack from other compromised computer systems directed against my own IP address as I'm trying to broadcast my voice for my show on the past podcast when I talked about the origins of money religion and government that's it that's the only time what on earth is happening was ever attempted to be censored or slowed down because they care about people knowing where those real origins were and how our society got to where it is today by taking these institutional bodies from the beings that really created humanity but people don't want to talk about that now Sitchin didn't know what he was talking about von Daniken didn't know what he was talking about they were agents they you know that all the the voluminous research they put together in addition tons and tons of other researchers there just a tip of the iceberg then when you start looking at other people's work like la Marzulli or Brien Foerster you know or any of myriad of people that I put forth in cosmic abandonment that you can go on from endless lifetimes researching just their work alone Lloyd Pye you know but no people won't look into that they just form an opinion and what have you looked into regarding that I ask people that always say no that couldn't be that way they've looked into balls squat exactly calculated that's the exact amount they've looked into I calculated that whether the slide rule in an abacus that's how much they've looked into that exact amount okay then they want to say their opinion is as good as endless countless hours of research meticulously one research they gave us our way of performing endless sacrifice rituals with animals folks all you got to do all you got to do is open up the Bible and look about the rituals performed with the sacrifice of animals that were given to us not by the god of creation but by the gods of the ancient world they put into effect after the Cataclysm the death cult society regarding animals and people you don't want to can entertainment you don't want to entertain that notion don't look into it remain ignorant shut the show off tell it say on the show I don't know what I'm talking about although I've researched a hundred thousand more time more amount regarding that material then you'll ever in multiple lifetimes you know fuck this notion of saying I know how little I know I know how much I know I can still be honest and say I don't know it all but guess what folks I know the bulk of what is important to know about what's going on on this planet that's keeping humanity and slavery and I'm not gonna be humble and and and you know so soft-spoken about knowing it because that knowledge was hard-won by sacrificing endless amounts of my personal time of my life to accrue and then I see other people that don't lift the finger and not spent one second of time on it who wanted then proliferate they're okay they're ill informed opinion you're ill informed and unread opinion and then you're gonna tell me you know as much as me and I should be humble and say ah how little I know fuck you know and that's not ego talking folks I'm speaking truth about what is has nothing to do with me put an ego out as an individual what takes ego what takes balls and endless amounts of ego to do what takes hubris it's not ball as a sense of courage it's gigantic levels of hubris of unwarranted pride and complete disrespect and ignorance to come forward and say that in your LLL read and ill-informed state that you know as much as research you who have done so so much that it's it's more than you've ever looked into any all the dynamics of what's going on put together and more than you would in multiple lifetimes in this one lifetime that's how much I've studied this one aspect when it comes to the interference theory of human origins it has become almost an obsession and let me tell you something folks they gave us our animal slaughtering practices whether you want to accept it or not that's what happened and just like you know other stories where people go oh I just do this because this is how people did it before in the past David Icke talking about the old story his old anecdote where his uh you know his sister cuts the corners off of the the roasts before putting them in the oven when she has a very large baking pan what do you cut the corners off for you're wasting you know so-called food okay we're talking about a meat roast but it's the principle we're talking about hey it could be a Tofurky roast whatever okay cut in the corners off and throwing him oh and then the garbage can why'd you do that I don't know that's how my mother did it they go to her mother you know their mom why'd you cut the corners off the roast I have no idea that's how my mother showed me to do it I never wanted to do it that way I just thought she knew better and that's how she told me to do it and I just kept following that way to do it then they go to the grandmother why you cut the corners off the roast every time you made a pot roast well I had a very very small pan and never fit I would I would roll out the roast you know that set it up put it in the pan was too big for the pan I had to cut the corners off so for doing it for a real world practical reason didn't communicate that down to the next generation just said we lopped these off doesn't matter how big the baking pan is it could fit two roasts in it and you're gonna cut the corners off they were gonna cut the corners off see that's how most people do things they don't look at is this necessary tell most meat-eaters look at it they're not gonna look at it is it necessary all they're looking at it as is this the way we've always done it just like I said in an in a venue to someone were in a state of slavery and they retort with yes but it always has been that way how does that how does that constitute an argument how does that constitute even a retort to the statement slavery is the human condition and then you go but it's always been the human condition well what the fuck is anybody supposed to do with that statement what does that even mean because what it means to me as you're okay with slavery that's all it means it means you're so immoral that you find nothing wrong with the continuance of slavery if it's just always been like that so therefore who give this shit if it continues and it's always like that you know that just makes it fine because it's always been like that that doesn't make it fine just because it's always been like that for you and just because it's always been like that for the culture that you live in still means that you're taking something that doesn't belong to you to take which is what all forms of transgression against natural law are foundationally built upon is this your rightful property so if you want to make the claim as another beings life your rightful property you can believe it is all you want but it'll never make it true that's not your property to take or to participate in taking so there's no you know I can only go so far in repetition with that but most people are gonna roll with what they know with what they've been taught I told you who gave the practice to humanity that is not something that just you know organically appeared in our society over long long periods of time it is not okay that is something that was given to us as a practice and an institution as part of the whole death cult satanic society that we now have in the ancient past by the bings that built this satanic death cult society and that we as human beings perpetuate in the modern world which I call Satanism folks this is a very disturbing image I usually don't put things that are too disturbing and folks this is one of the least disturbing images I could find regarding abortion well you want to talk about one of the sickest twisted most vile death cult aspects of our society it is the issue of abortion highly polarizing because government is brought into it I think government should be annihilated but I also think the practice of abortion is immoral so I don't want government involved in it cuz I want government destroyed the issue of government and the issue of abortion are two different things there are two forms of immorality that I want wiped off the face of the earth from a place of consciousness not from a place of having to control it or even do it physically because the best place to do it from where it won't come back as the disease that it is is doing it in consciousness this is why while I recognize physical revolutions may have to occur to give people and extend a chance at getting it right and have been has been done I love the American Revolution the best way of doing it is through understanding the truth and putting that into practice in our lives that's why I like the movie the modern film Mary Magdalene the message of the allegorical figure of Jesus is put forward as we have to do this in consciousness doing it just through war ain't going to get it done you know I'll take the notion that if it has to be done through that any means necessary you know if we have to go through the revolution to give people one more turn at the big wheel Kharma revolution is a valid option physical rebel rebellion righteous physical rebellion is a valid option and can never be taken off the table with this psychopath satanic society I don't prefer it be done that way I prefer it be done through higher levels of awareness and consciousness and accurate spiritual understanding and that would involve the understanding that we shouldn't be engaging in the practice of cutting formed babies out of mothers wombs folks you want to get sick to your stomach and go into a murderous rage type in the term abortion in google images and go through them i sat there like I'm telling you it was very very hard it was very very very hard to do to even find this image as something that I will put in my presentation that isn't too gory because you want to see what they do to these unborn infants it's it's it's it will make it will make you sick to your stomach and this is what where people are embracing in our society and celebrating this is how far into the death cult satanic aspect of our society we have come I look I was gonna show the video I I can't even watch it I got video just surfaced from I can't remember what group exposed it but they showed abortion doctors making aborted fetuses dance on the fucking pan table that they throw them in after they're taken out of the mother's womb [Music] like somebody should post partum abort them if you take my meeting and make their carcasses dance that's what should be done to those so-called fuckin doctors I don't even want to start it I don't want to start I don't even want to start talking about what I would do to people like that let me tell you something you better pray this slavery society never collapses that's all I'm saying this is a death ritual this is the the rituals given to us that we keep running with from a total death cult and a death worshiping and a death eating Society they devour this energy at an etheric level and let me tell you something folks this altar of sacrifice is never ending just like war just like the altar of sacrifice of animals the altar of sacrifice of babies is endless every single day every single day hundreds of thousands worldwide and that's what it looks like and guess what folks I'm telling you folks it looks much worse that's a tame picture but it's of a late-stage one and you're gonna tell me that's not a life you know I don't really care what women get offended by that and don't want to listen to me I just told you I don't want government involved in any aspect of any of our lives but you think that that's moral and okay there's something really fucking wrong with you and they don't want to show you what it really looks like go on Google Images go on DuckDuckGo image as you type in the word abortion you look scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and it gets worse and worse as you scroll you can't really fathom and really deeply feel what you're looking at when you go through images like that folks I'll put a link I'm gonna put a link in the podcast to the word abortion searched on the images page of Google Images and on DuckDuckGo both I challenge people to scroll through them and not feel sick not feel emotionally undone because if you can you're a fucking psychopath I'm sitting there the the thoughts I'm thinking you just you don't even want to be thinking realizing how far we are in this death cult and the people celebrate and embrace this it's sickness it's spiritual sickness and then if the murder of the unborn and that being celebrated isn't enough we have rampant pedophilia everywhere you know then we traumatize and torture and we're initiate into the death cult Society our actual born young from the time that they're babies all the way up through early adulthood and beyond and this is the unspoken elephant in the room in our society it's another reason I have to do a presentation on pizza gate and call it that that's the name it was given through social networks through you know social media networks that popularized it and then they sent a mind-controlled ass to go and shoot up a pizza restaurant to try to make it look like you know extremist lunatics we're only the ones looking into it the whole fake news narrative came out of pizza gate the whole Russian collusion narrative came out of pizza gay people don't know this they don't understand what came out of the Podesta email scandal and the pizza gate scandal they don't understand the timeline they don't understand why the media seized upon it as quote-unquote fake news because it blew up during the Trump presidential campaign they don't understand the level of involvement of both the Democratic and Republican parties regarding this they don't know what was in the contents of the emails that came forth and they believed the bullshit real fake news narrative that comes out of the mainstream media about it being fake news and a conspiracy theory instead of actual email communication that was hacked and and taken from government's own email servers in our government you know and came forward through WikiLeaks which has never put out false information regarding their hacks and leaks and I have borne out every time to be accurate the amount of data is gonna take years the data dump from WikiLeaks to even process to even understand what we're seeing coming out of that and let me tell you something the Podesta emails are one of the biggest things in that which are all downloadable they're all out there you don't need to take anybody's word for it you need to go research it for yourself I've been talking about this for over ten years read the Franklin cover up by John de Kamp to understand this aspect of the death cult society the trafficking of children how it's done through drug cartels monetary cartels even religion does it organize religion organized crime mafia syndicates Middle Eastern Islamic syndicates trafficking like this it goes through religion it goes through organized crime it goes through intelligence agencies hugely it goes through boys and girls boarding schools that are involved to supply pedophilia it goes through org businesses that have chains set up near trucking stations and truck stops throughout the whole country and train stations because they're easy to traffic through it goes through it connects deep in with airlines and airline agencies to traffic these children and get them below radar of people who are looking for traffic people and this is what people don't even want to talk about an actual leftist brainwashed you know cult members on the left want to say the whole thing in pedophilia is not a problem it's a conspiracy theory and we should even accept it as a a sexual orientation instead of a crime its but it's not only a crime it's beyond a crime it's a cult religious practice of the coat that is ruling the world so that's what I wanted to talk about regarding the death cult aspects then our society is structured satanic ly like a prison first of all in the United States we have the highest ratio of people in prison in our society per capita than any other nation in the world we now have incarcerated in our prison system 2.3 million people in the United States alone 2 million 300,000 individuals out of about 325 million and guess what out of those 2.3 million people currently in in prisons all across the United States which is part of this satanic society is the key people traumatized and caged and threaten them with that if they do anything outside the purview of the masters and they're morally relativistic so-called laws out of the 2.3 million guess how many people are nonviolent so-called offenders meaning they have not actually violated the rights of any other individual they have only done things that contradict the moral relativism in the laws of the the ruling class who make those laws and the satanic network who ultimately rules that ruling class 90% out of the 2.3 million incarcerated in the United States alone are incarcerated largely on illegal drug offenses so-called illegal drugs over the selling and or manufacture and/or taking of what other people deem are subs that should not be inserted into the human body should not be consumed by human beings which first the ball was slavery in and of itself saying what someone can and cannot put into their body is a claim of ownership on the body itself and therefore a claim of ownership of the body and therefore slavery all prohibition is slavery stop talking about it as just something the government does that you think they don't have a right to do it the the rhetoric is not strong enough prohibition is slavery taxation is not just theft it's a euphemism saying that it's theft is a euphemism claiming that you own any percentage of the labor of another is a claim upon the body and mind of another which is what they perform that labor with therefore you are saying that you own another in whole or in part which is called slavery stop you foam izing taxation is slavery government is slavery we have to stop using euphemistic language it's slavery it's not just taxation it's not just theft it's not just prohibition it's slavery all of it no matter what government Institute's it where or when it's slavery and let me tell you something folks this is totally reflected in the numbers of people that are caged for putting a substance into their own body or voluntarily transacting with something who's putting a substance voluntarily into their own body these people aren't the drug pushers the 90% of the 2.3 million people incarcerated over so-called illegal drug offenses the drug pushers are the pharmaceutical industries that say come to our pharmacy and get free flu shots and vaccines they're pushing their drugs with all the commercials ask your doctor about this and it just has these side effects including death turning blue whatever the fuck all the side effects are endless list the side effects that they read at six million miles an hour but then go ask your doctor about it they're the ones pushing it nobody's saying go ask your doctor about the health benefits of cannabis on just about every disease autoimmune disease the cancer on the face of the earth no but that's pushing that's drug pushing you know nobody comes up to me and goes here just have all this cannabis I want to push it out yet yeah right yeah yeah we've all been there right we all see how that works yeah it's like the highest prices that it's ever been especially for anything that's potent that you could actually do an extraction upon and get you know powerful medicine from and then they want to say that's outlawed and they'll throw you in a cage you know for they're morally relativistic bullshit so-called laws saying they're God and they'll determine what's in your body they're your master they own your body they own your consciousness will tell you what you can and can't put into it and you still have house slaves saying that's perfectly fine we should outlaw drugs and keep them outlawed can't see how it's slavery you are making the claim you are God you are the master of others and putting something in your body I'll claim that I can regulate what can be put in your body and therefore I own your body and want to throw people in a cage for it and we have the highest level of a prison society out of any other country on Earth because this satanic society has infiltrated mentally perhaps more deeply than any other country on the earth simultaneously I've said it and I'll say it again and I'll keep saying it because it's still true the American society still has the highest consciousness out of any society on the earth simultaneously in this country we are still the best and only hope for the world and guess what our European brothers and sisters listen get his offended as you like by that statement boys and girls because let me tell you something you're dropping the ball way worse than us with the set bullshit censorship you're letting go in your country look at what just happened to Tommy Robert Robinson I may not I don't need to be a fan to say he has the right to speak and to expose what is going on you can say you're on his political side not but guess what the right to speak and conduct journalism is universal and it is absolute you know he's not threatening anybody he's not using fighting words he's reporting on something that the establishment is uncomfortable in him reporting on and they're putting him in jail because of it and not only is it's a disgrace it's something you guys should be an open fucking rebellion about you should be an open rebellion about it and people are sitting on their ass ass watching the BBC see all the bullshit that comes to your countries out there come here like 5 to 10 years later because you don't get what you don't get little boys and girls is that your the testing grounds for the Satanic society you're where they throw the shit at the wall to see what sticks and unfortunately you guys let it stick because you're disarmed they got a lot harder of a time making the shit stick here they still do a pretty good job of it but guess what they got a lot harder over time getting it to stick here because they know this populations heavily fucking armed boys and girls and you better believe that when the time comes those fangs are coming out and all the military and police you think you're going to win that battle you're the dumbest bags of shit walking the earth you don't know what's here you don't know what's here you have no idea what's here so you're you're just banking on you can get the dumb fucking public to agree with your stance and somehow take your side you in any way lose that and any kind of a large level you have no idea what's here fire power wise I just I told you before you'd have to drop you'd have to saturation hydrogen bomb America that's the only way you're taking the whole planet cuz you'll never disarm this place ever ever ever I you know you people out in Europe listen you better know that like you know your own fuckin name your agenda your bullshit agenda out of Brussels and they never come in here and take in our weapons will coat this planet in bloodshed before we let it happen here you better know fucking know it boys and girls fucking know it Trust trust ok the second part of our prison society is how much we treat our school children in classroom in a classroom environment like they're in a prison move at the sound of the Bell be quiet don't talk to each other eat when you're told to eat sit when you're told to eat stand when you're told to stand it's a big ritual this is a satanic Lea structured mind controlled brainwashing ritual part of the Graham she plan out of the totalitarian Frankfurt School of Bavaria Germany to usher in total communism and total totalitarianism to all the countries on the earth to make it a one world communist dictatorship as is outlined by none dare call it conspiracy by Gary Allen which you have to read this is a long-term plan called the long march through the cultural institutions look up the long march through the institution's understand the Graham Chien plan Antonio Gramsci social engineer member of the think-tank out of the Frankfurt School very deeply in connected in with the Fabian socialist society and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and the Royal Institute for International Affairs at Chatham House and Wellington house in England you think this whole cultural mind control this whole social engineering program hasn't been here for not only decades but hundreds of years with this slow paradigm March slow societal cultural March hundreds of years it's been going on for but people are like the Frog boiling in the pot of water slowly they can't see the long-term change in pattern look I I briefly spoke about it I'm not going to make this an issue cuz I don't really think there's a lot to it there is some something to it as far as certain intellectual acumen aspects but I I told people what I was tested at as far as it on into a day what they call an intelligence quotient an IQ in an IQ test what I call an intellect quotient and my IQ was tested at 147 which is way beyond the average bell curve IQ and considered in the genius category of what they considered the IQ quotient and the intelligence quotient and that was largely because of the pattern recognition that I displayed in the test it wasn't so much the verbal and mathematical skills although those were high it was that what put it off the scale was my ability to extrapolate patterns based on how past patterns you know show show a progression and then extrapolate the pattern that I knocked out of the water on the test most people can't see that that's what they scored the lowest on in these types of tests I pride myself on being able to see interconnections and patterns in what's taking place in our society this is one of them the long march through the cultural institution through the education system and they have patterned the entire school society very very wisely and smartly from their point of you and how they're trying to conduct you know their slow game over long periods of time to bring us into totalitarian slavery from their perspective it's genius David I calls it to totalitarian tiptoe it makes it very difficult when you go from point A to point B to do it through a slow stepwise progression a little at a time so people can't see the larger plan of where you're headed where you're taking them we also have a money worshipping Society and this is part of their God this is part of the worship of their God they know everything is energy and flow that's why they call it currency that's why they named it after their God after the Satanic one-world cult which the God was always the phonetic variation in any ancient culture that you study it or look at it was the consonants B and L B and L so you can put any phonetic variant of vowel sounds in between the B and the L and you will have one of the names of the gods that they worshipped in the ancient world Bell was one of them worshipped in the Akkadian Society Carthaginian society etc bill in the older sumerian you know society and or you had Bell which was another ancient older name that goes into the Levant area you know the Carthaginians etc but one of the basic agreed-upon terms was it was B and L and this is why it's found all over the language that's why they call the center of focus that they want you to worship their false God that is not the God of creation but is the god of the perpetuation of the slavery system they call your focus of worship the bill the one dollar bill the dollar bill of whatever the nomination it happens to be they put the symbol of the God of creation the all-seeing eye symbolically representing the truth representing knowledge representing goodness representing the the pouring of the the conveyance of the knowledge of natural law into our physical domain on the back of the one dollar bill as an energy talisman you pay bills which is the center focus on our emotions and all of our worry with these bills see it's all a little ritual it's all a little word gag and game that they love to play to just get you focused on what they want you focused on but never seeing the big pattern of slavery and they have their psycho fence and they're you know acolytes worshiping at their altars this is the altar of the satanic elite right here this is one of their altar this is one of their ritual chambers the New York Stock Exchange one of the places they get everybody focused on their God the bill and into a frenzy about it it's a huge satanic ritual chamber to focus energy and then send that focus of care into their proxy God out into everybody else in society through their whole centers of money worship in banking institutions in stock markets in just focusing on all of that to pay bills to get the money in whatever immoral form of work and wrong livelihood people do it to get their bills their energy their form of sick satanic energy flow and if they're not doing it covertly like this folks they're all too happy to be very overt about it and just show you who the God is that you're worshiping you know because there it is they'll put it right out in front of you on Wall Street there's the golden bull the golden bull there's that BL again there God bail bill bail the bull how is Satan depicted Satan is always depicted as a cloven-hoofed God with bull horns and hooves in the traditional classical Christian representation of the Christian devil called Satan so it's it's a it's a symbolic gag overlap pun they love putting it out there to you here's what it is but you can't see it it's a ritualistic mocking they love to perform a cult mockery so folks we have ten minutes left in the show well I'm not gonna take calls this week I'm gonna forego it finish the slides next week we're gonna do a whole call-in show on this topic because that's how important it's been it took two weeks to go through the slides and for me to say exactly what I wanted to say regarding all of this that's how I'm gonna progress with the the podcasts from this point forward with these shows I want to say all the elements that I want to talk about with these topics and expand on them and make them like full-length presentations in and of themselves so if we have to do full call-in shows on the topic I will not necessarily truncate a show as far as actual slide material and next week I'm gonna put off what I wanted to talk about next week which was the Tarot that's gonna be the next topic the Tarot as a understanding of the progression of consciousness not only in our own selves in our own lives the microcosm but a progression of consciousness worldwide on a societal scale throughout our whole our whole culture here on earth okay and I'm gonna do that through a breakdown of the the major arcana tarot cards combined with the Kabbalistic world tree the Tree of Life which I'll get into it the last slides here but you know I really want to take my time with this stuff and really hammer it into people and then I think having a whole call-in show clarifies the topic as well we're gonna do a call-in show next week just dedicated to the topic of our entire society is structured after one big satanic ritual that's what the call-in show will be for next week okay because I want to hear your take on what I've talked about over the last two weeks and I want questions to this dynamic that's what I really want in the coins what I want are questions that force me to clarify what I've talked about on the past two weeks that you may not fully grasp or you want a further clarification or expounding upon ideally that's what I want on the call-in show for next week okay so they're using their little occult mockery and symbolic mockery okay our god is bill we're gonna put our God the bull right in front of the place where all of the money worship goes on at the New York Stock Exchange which is a big ritual chamber where we focus all that energy on our God see they believe whether you believe it or not your belief is not required they believe that that's what focus is energy and entrains people into a way of thought by doing it with this symbolic and pun aspect it's a huge part of their ritual it's a huge part of their belief system and guess what you don't need to believe in it that's how energy focus works that's how the master mind works a bunch of people come together who believe the same thing and then act the same way and they get results it works like that whether we accept it or not and our belief is not required for that they're willing to act upon it through their free will and they do and that's why they're kicking RS because we're not engaged collectively and on the same page and acting upon the opposite dynamic with our free will to make the world the way we want they have that knowledge they have that care and they have that will and we don't oh I'm sorry when two slides instead of one the perpetual mimimi society this is where I'm going to basically wrap up and I'll just hint at next week's show okay this is what it really is all about folks they give us a lower-level version of their system of their occult beliefs and ideologies okay that's what this all comes down to ladies and gentlemen they want us in a mini-me Satanism mindset I've explained this over and over the more they can get society to believe in a mimimi worldview where I'm the only one who matters I'm the king of creation everything I do every day is just to serve me and get more be more comfortable have more money be up a higher level of the totem pole in society and guess what other people's suffering none of my business I don't care they don't understand what's going on who cares that they can they're there constantly their rights are violated who cares as long as I'm okay that's all I care about that Satanism that's the definition of Satanism that's what I call mini-me Satanism the big cult leaders are giving you a watered-down scale of their ideology you're latching on to it agreeing with it putting it into practice in life and you're a de facto Satanist as a result you don't even need to know the word Satanism you don't need to know the first thing about what the ideology of Satanism that I spent the whole first half of last week's show explaining what the ideology is and if you haven't seen it you need to go back and watch that because it's a prerequisite for understanding the Society of me me me and mini-me Satanism when you look at those satanic tenets you'll understand yes our society is totally satanic ly structured at an ideological level and until we turn that dynamic around and we get out of that case of the ego that entrenched calcified case of egotism and ego worship nothing will is capable of ever changing in society and the cult that the world knows that they know that that's how that natural law dynamic works so I think that's where I'm gonna end the this week's general slide discussion but I want to keep that up there please because what I want to do is just hint at next week's show and let you know two weeks from now I should say not next weeks next week's gonna be the call-in show on the topic of our entire society is one big satanic ritual in two weeks I'm gonna cover aspects of the Tarot that I really wanted to talk about last week but didn't have time and didn't embed in the slideshow okay so I'm gonna reiterate the the topic that I've covered in past shows podcasts and all an actual workshops on the microcosmic Tree of Life which is the the progression in our world of the incarnation of the soul okay so this is the souls journey and often time in Tarot they call it the fool's journey then we're going to cover some aspects of the macrocosmic Tree of Life or the universe these are the universal forces which are at work in our society particularly I want to cover the macrocosmic Tree of Life because I want people to understand the left and the right hand path at a deeper level from these traditions of taro and Kabbalah so we're going to get into a cult philosophy ok we're going to get into a cult symbolism we're going to break down symbolic elements of the Tarot and Kabbalah and I'm gonna help you to understand what these traditions are really teaching us from a fundamental level particularly the outcomes that are possible in human society that's gonna be the key part ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening you've been watching podcast number 215 I want to thank everybody for tuning in I want to just say if you have found value in what we do here on what it is happening go to gifts on my website what on earth is happening calm go to the gifts section you can find hard copies of all my presentations their t-shirts we're gonna have new t-shirts up real soon okay get the art drive the art drive is critical knowledge critical information that everybody needs to get hit the art tab on water nerf is happening or donate at the donate tab you can make a donation in ten eleven different ways now on what on earth is happening calm slash donate ladies and gentlemen thank you for listening and remember government is slavery we'll see you right here on water earth is happening next week [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]