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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] give that the groove on freedom [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time welcome today is Sunday September 29 2009 this issue this is what on earth is happening episode number 222 and we're coming at you live streaming on water on earth is happening dot-com slash show we are also simulcasting on Facebook live and YouTube live as well as Vimeo live so today's show is going to be the last water on earth is happening show before a extended hiatus that I'm taking to complete the water the mark passio and the science of natural law documentary so I felt like I wanted to come back on air and tell people about projects that I have planned for the future why I'm taking this hiatus and also to like kind of take inventory and do a show about where human consciousness is at toward the end of the year 2019 so you know this is how we started the video format of the show the first show in the new video format that we did back in January was where is humanity at and consciousness well I'm calling this show and we could switch over to the to the laptop I'm calling this show human consciousness checkpoint late 2019 and the future of what on earth is happening so that's what the topics gonna be on today and I'm going to really start with you know what I've been doing and what I will be doing things that we have planned for the future and then I'm gonna go into some social experiment results that we did as part of the gathering of data for the documentary for the natural law documentary that we're working on you know first of all I was very busy with other commitments namely for the anarchic via conference which I want to basically state that I am going to deliberately withhold my review of the an arc adelphia 2019 conference for specific reasons and I'm not going to say anything else about that right now at some point I will do a full review of the conference but not right now aside from that you know that took up a lot of my time where I was not able to personally work on the editing and production of the documentary now I want to really dedicate almost all of my time to that because it's so important because first of all seeing how the documentary is coming out for those who did see the sneak preview the little rough cut that we showed a preliminary cut I was so highly impressed with it thus far like I know that this is gonna really help humanity it's gonna help people that don't already understand natural law to get it and I want to really get in there and you know add my some of my aesthetics and really fine-tune things and get it up to the point where we can feel 100% that this is ready for primetime ready for mainstream and get it out there to the public okay it's gonna hit the gifts area of what on earth is happening hopefully by the beginning of the year I mean if I'm being very very optimistic I'd like to get it out by Christmas I don't know whether that will happen but that's you know that's our projected goal you know optimistically I feel a little bit better that maybe by early next year we can get it out and this will you know end my commitment of time to that project but I want to talk about what's going to be required because we're we're not where we need to be as far as in-house here at what on earth is happening and I'm kind of gonna do things in the reverse order you know the topic of the show today is human consciousness checkpoint late 2019 and the future of what on earth is happening I'm gonna talk about the future of what on earth is happening first then the duration of the show is gonna be about where humanity is at and why I think it's still where it's at and then I'm gonna take calls if time permits if not you know it'll just be all information and data for the for this particular show if there's some time left we'll go to your calls toward the third hour of the show in discord so first thing I want to say is we are working with a new camera here today at what on earth is happening I want to thank a wonderful donor - what on earth is happening who dedicated a beautiful 4k camcorder that is just top-notch top-of-the-line has some of the latest technology and features in it and uh you know that donor is so appreciated I'm gonna try to put together a care package for them because they went above and beyond some and did some made a donation that was absolutely from the heart and you know I just want to say also to everybody who has donated - what on earth is happening in any way heartfelt thanks goes out to you whether you donated you know in the form of PayPal or cryptocurrency or patreon if you're a patreon donor or if you donate it in the form of making equipment donations which as I've always said I love the equipment donations because it takes any middleman out of the equation you know exactly what your donation is going toward and we just had a wonderful donor just step forward and make a donation for a brand new camera we're probably going to even add a third view with one of the other older cameras that we started it started the the project with the video project with when we come back so you know we'll set that up in our in our streaming document and have an even third view maybe we'll show you a little bit of what the studio looks like or what our setup looks like like a wider angle view or something to that effect we'll figure it out but if we go back to the to the slides I want to just show people well first of all I want to just tell people yes there what you know this is going to be basically the title card that we're gonna have up in the streaming section of the show we will return soon I'm not going to give an exact date but I'm going to just make a general projection that it will be early next year hopefully early January you know maybe maybe right around the one-year mark that we went to the video format which was January 20th hopefully you know by the beginning of the year if the if things work out with how we're producing the documentary and it comes out exactly as planned or it goes even smoother than planned hopefully earlier than that but we'll see how it goes so that's the first announcement that I want to make is that there will be an extended hiatus of the show until we really hammer down this documentary into its completed form into something that we know we want to get out there to the public and we're super proud of it's coming along wonderfully so far I want to thank all of the editors that work on the project and Leah my assistant Leah for that there are tireless efforts in producing it thus far in getting it up to where it is now and they're in there editing and production so I'm going to now step in as you know producer and executive producer and director of the project and really really move it into its final phase and try to get it into its completed form with assistant from was with assistance from Leah other people and of course whatever editors now here's the problem we really do not have an editor for the project at this point those who are helping to edit it we're at the point where they are either stepping away from that on the volunteer basis that they were on and or the the money that is going to be required for paying an editor is not present it is not in the budget of this project of what on earth is happening so the first thing I want to announce today is we desperately need two things we need an editor to complete the documentary I mean I may have to step forward and do the editing of the project and if that's the case you know it's a new platform I'm gonna have to learn I'm more familiar with Final Cut Pro and premier we're editing this on DaVinci Resolve which is a nice video editing platform but I'm not very familiar with it so I would take a earning curve or least a you know a transitional curve to move from one editing system to another an editing system that I'm familiar with the one that I am NOT if I have to move to that role other work would essentially stop here at what on earth is happening if I have to do that a lot of people don't understand how much work does stop when I have to troubleshoot we're gonna talk about that for a moment so you know a lot of what I'm realizing talking to people who say that they want to do the great work is they do not understand the actual real technical skill set and involvement and an entire skill sets and workflows that have to go into production for any aspect of doing this work they really believe that they're going to just encounter a stranger on the street talk them to them for a little while and their mindset is magically going to be somehow transformed or they're gonna be somehow inspired to look into the truth and I'm sorry to say that it the world doesn't work that way ladies and gentlemen you're extraordinarily naive if you think that it does what you really need to do is put your work out publicly in some form of a decent aesthetic form for people to consider and most people don't even know how to do that they have no part of the technical skill sets on how to do that we're going to talk about this in this episode of the show this was actually the premise of my workshop recently called teaching natural law and I'm going to just talk briefly about you know what the the overarching theme was for that because this fits into what I'm talking about here today as why people more people are not doing the great work but you know people don't really understand what's involved you know they think oh all this just happens magically or you press a button and it happens and folks this is hours upon hours upon hours upon hours of meticulous work it is a regular job I hear a lot of people saying bullshit like well you don't work a regular job I longer hours than a regular job most days okay you have no idea what the work is to do this zero okay most people the few people that do do work like this do know what kind of work this involves but the vast from overwhelming majority of people you've done no part of it and you have no idea what amount of work is involved then you have no idea of the skill sets that are involved just you know whether you take offense to that then get as offended as you like but that's the truth most people have zero clue okay so what I want to explain to people today is how we're short-handed and we need to bring some new members on board the team to help us work on these projects and hopefully there will become competent involved it may very well have to be on a volunteer basis possibly at first we may have some funds at first funds may dry up we don't know what the monetary situation is going to be quite frankly because quite frankly not that many people really truly value this work less than anyone thinks and that's what it really comes down to is people putting their resources where their mouth is at they say they want freedom they don't want to get involved in doing it themselves they want to pay lip service to it but they don't want to really back anything okay and I'm putting the monies that I receive into this project okay so we have some limited amounts of resources and I've been putting those toward paying an editor that we had to bring on in an emergency capacity because of the ways that we were short-handed leading up to the preliminary screening of the natural law documentary and what we want to do is bring in some more donation money to pay for the editing process so let me move forward and explain this is what we're really talking about here that the documentary is called mark passio in the science of natural law and again up where it's at up to this point is wonderful we are making great progress in building the line for this documentary there are still issues that have to be worked out there are some visuals that have to go in some have to come out and be replaced there are audio things that have to be streamlined and worked out okay there is additional content that needs to be put in the timeline there's a lot that still needs to be done I'd say worth about about the 75% mark you know and as a lot of people say when it comes to the video editing process the last 10% is 90% of the work okay so it's getting there but by no means is it near completion it's close okay it's it's almost getting to the point where we could say it's near completion but I'd say we're at like the 75% you know to the home stretch mark so what we need going forward is we need somebody that wants to come here now see first of all when you when you say I need a video editor tens of thousands of people from all over the world will say oh I know these skills I might not even know that program and they want to get involved if you cannot come to Philadelphia you cannot be considered for this project can you clean your ears right now and listen because most people hear what they want to hear and they don't listen to what's being asked for so at the risk of totally insulting people and treating them like they have down syndrome can you clean out your ears and listen to what's being asked in the way of help so that you don't add noise to the signal of who we need to speak to when looking for people with these skill sets and with the criteria that we are asking for and the first and prime prime criteria is before you even have the skill sets we are looking for you have to be here in person do you understand what that means that means you cannot do this from your own home you cannot do this from where you are at you come to our offices in Philadelphia and work here in person you need to sit with us in the same room and sit down at the editing machine while we are sitting behind you looking at the same screen or screens and working in the same room with the nonlinear editing program do you understand okay I'm sorry that I need to say it like that because here's what happens when we say we need someone in person immediately we get a hundred people from all over the world and then we have to weed through the people and say who's actually in Philadelphia if you are not from the Philadelphia area and or cannot travel multiple days a week to the Philadelphia area we this project is going to be a multiple day a week project until we get it finished okay we haven't set up the exact timeframe it will be Monday Wednesday and Thursday will it be Monday through Friday I don't know will it be weekends we'll figure that out with whoever can work with us that has the skill set and is local but one thing that has to be first and foremost understood you must come here in person in Philadelphia ok if you cannot do that do not respond for our call for help when I put the next email address on the screen ok I'm going do not respond to that email address unless you can be here in person so here's what we need okay let's move what so I'm sorry let's move back to the presentation slides thank you here is what we need folks first of all we don't have a budget for this project right now so I am asking we do need donations to come in specifically for the purpose of finishing the science of natural law documentary I do not have a budget to pay a video editor at this point ok the monies that come in for what on earth is happening right now are helping me to survive pay my rent pay my bills my utility bills eat and procure equipment that I require and other services that are required to do this I do not have enough of a budget if I start paying an editor right now out of just the very limited funds that I have for what on earth is happening I will not have money to live at the place where I live right now and produce anything so we have to somehow procure a budget to possibly potentially pay a video editor to finish this project okay so we are asking first and foremost if you can and I don't ask anybody to put themselves out ladies and gentlemen let me first and foremost state that a lot of people think like I'm asking people who are somehow poor to like go and make donations to this cause I am NOT asking that would never ask any such thing if you need your resources for what you need to secure a way of life for yourself and you have no more than that then do not donate to me I would never ask anyone to do that if you have resources in some abundance that you can you are in a position to donate and contribute to this cause to finish this documentary then please do and the website address to do that is what on earth is happening dot-com slash donate we accept donations to this cause in 11 different ways you could donate via PayPal patreon crip many different forms of cryptocurrency check or money order and now in this case equipment donations don't really account for this we have the equipment that we require to finish this editing project okay I have a pretty decent core i7 mini tower that I built it's got solid state drives in it you know we have a great eight gigabyte video card in there you know it's got all the you know it's got like 16 gigabytes of RAM in there we have like all the I don't know whether 16 or 32 might be 32 gigs in that machine I think it's 32 anyway we have all the specs that we need in a modern video editing workstation to like this project done so that's not an equipment's not an issue we need an editor to come and sit with us and say okay we need this footage in here we need to duck down this audio here you know we need to you know put this image in here you know we need somebody in the room that we can work with we can't go back and forth you know rendering things and then you know making comments or sending emails it doesn't work like that folks an editor has to sit in the room with the production team period the end so once again the first criteria is you have to be local to the philadelphia area you need you have to be very experienced I would say at least high level intermediate to expert level with the nonlinear video editing program called da Vinci resolved by Blackmagic studios the production company that makes this software is called black magic studio they're the the developers and the program is called DaVinci Resolve it's a very good nonlinear editing a piece of software that is cross-platform we're running it for this project on a Windows 10 workstation ok yes it can be taken to other you know workstations but we have it all set up in a modern Windows 10 workstation ok so that is what you will be editing on that is the tools that's those are the tool sets you will be using as an editor the editor must be local to Philadelphia and be able to travel to the city of Philadelphia to work with us in person multiple days a week minimum ok multiple days a week minimum this isn't a one day a week or a couple day of week job we want we need somebody to come here multiple days a week and Hammer this out with us this is going to be all I am hopefully going to be doing for the next three months until this is in its completed form and let me tell you something folks when you do see the completed form you're going to be impressed it's it's awesome it's well on its way and it's gonna be even more awesome when it's finished ok and I think really rut I don't think I know I definitively know this is so gonna make an impact when it hits it's gonna make an impact out there in humanity because rather than sit through a nine and a half hour lecture on the topic of natural law people are gonna see a beautifully polished video documentary with great audio great video great transitions great just great a great script great narration okay and it's gonna be a highly polished around one hour maybe a little bit longer than one hour documentary that most people will sit through and watch when we pique their interest on you know what is this all about what is this thing that he's calling natural law you know so I really think this can make a huge impact out there in ways that other you know other media has not especially when it comes to natural law so if you meet these criteria if you have experience with Blackmagic designs program called DaVinci Resolve okay and you are local to Philadelphia and you can come here multiple days a week in person to work on this project with us please contact my assistant Lea Boone who will be fielding these requests okay I and her will be filling them but I want you to send them to her email address which is Lea le IH a at what on earth is happening dot-com once again Lea spelled le IH a at what on earth is happening dot-com send requests if you want to work with us on this project your local to Philadelphia you can be here multiple days a week there will be compensation depending on what we can bring in as far as a budget through donations this whole show and project ladies and gentlemen has always been donation funded and it always will be I will never take sponsors that want to control content the the viewers the listeners have always through their donations funded this project I started it right out of my own pocket I started it with no donations ladies and gentlemen I didn't even accept donations at first and now I know that if I want to take the production qualities further and if I want to reach more people we need donations that come in that we put we put that yes okay everyone hates the monetary system we all understand that we need to move to a level of consciousness that we understand where a human family and not not need a monetary system the consciousness of Earth is not at that point that's the reality of our situation so we need to take in resources for the things that we need this is just common sense this is just normal everyday activity my rent is not free my utility bills are not free the food that I require on a daily basis is not free the cameras that we use the computers that we use you know it'll be wonderful if things move in that direction in consciousness and we could you know have the resources that we need as one family obviously that's the goal and that isn't communism that's called reaching a higher level of consciousness and doing away with control systems of which the entire monetary system is most certainly one of them you know I talked about communism constantly here and how that's a total totalitarian control system that we should not be trying to aspire to or moving toward socialism as well these are evils of the world all of them but the monetary system is just another control system at some level the whole point is is unfortunately we are still living in a world that uses it and things are not free that are required to get this message out that's the goal I don't put this first money never comes first here okay I think people should be honorable and do what they say they're going to do when they make commitments or agreements when it comes to money I think that people should use money to advance the work that should not be the goal that should not be the purpose or the motivating factor it should be to advance the great work of the understanding of natural law and the ending of human slavery that is what I use those lower-level resources to fuel the goal of moving us toward a society that stops embracing and condoning slavery and ultimately toward ending it and that's what this documentary is ultimately all about however most people who have these skill sets are not willing to volunteer them for free this is just this is just a fact of the matter reality of our world that's why we are going to announce this fundraiser okay at what on earth is happening calm slash donate for the completion of the mark passio and the science of natural law documentary film and we need additional editor or editors we might take on one or two okay so this is what we require at this point please whatever you do okay two things don't put yourself out number one listen to what I am saying if you don't have resources to contribute that are above what you require for your living do not volunteer do not put yourself out I have never and will never ask anyone to do that that's number one if you can volunteer and you have additional resources that you can contribute to this project then please go to that address what on earth is happening calm slash donate and volunteer and contribute monetary resources if you have editing skills and you are local to Philadelphia please respond to the email address Leah at what on earth is happening calm please number two if you are not local to Philadelphia do not respond to that call for help you will be hurting us if you are not local to Philadelphia and you respond to us you are hurting the cause of completing the documentary I don't know how else I can put that if you are not local to Philadelphia and you respond to this call for help you are hurting us because you are forcing us to go through all of the noise that will be added to the signal that is the reply for help and we will have to weed through all these emails that say oh I want to help but I'm not local please don't make us have to do that I'm begging you Oh respond if your local to Philadelphia and you really have the skills to do this okay be an adult about it alright so thank you to anyone who can contribute in those two forms to the completion of the documentary the forthcoming documentary called mark passio and the science of natural law we are well on our way folks folks this is looking awesome so far I mean it's gonna be this is gonna be killer that's the only way that I can put it when you do finally sing it okay it is gonna come out in the gifts area first we'll put it up there for a few months to make some resources for the water earth is happening project and then always as with every other video it hits the gift store for a little bit of time and then it goes for free it goes out to the world for free on other platforms always okay so this will eventually be out there for free we will continue to put it out there as one of the gift gift items but it will be exclusively on the gift area of what on earth is happening if you click the gifts tab or go to gift stop one another's happening.com exclusively when it first hits early next year when it first is released okay after that after a few months there we will release it for free so that's mark pacion the science of natural law documentary so let's go back to the slides and let's talk about what's coming next okay with what on earth is happening so here we go let's just put the slides back up so it looks like we might be having an issue there there we go sorry about that so the next thing that I want to talk about is technical help when we experience technical problems here at what on earth is happening almost invariably with very very few exceptions the resolution of technical problems falls to me personally and you know I you know I am the most qualified person that I know to deal with those problems because I used to be a technical support technician I worked at a company in Princeton New Jersey that was one of the leading technical support companies in the central New Jersey area that serviced locations all the way out to New York City and all the way down as far south as Atlantic City New Jersey and into the Philadelphia area so I traveled from New York to Philadelphia to Atlantic City to all around the whole state of New Jersey as this company's lead Macintosh Support Specialist so as such I consider them to be one of the leading the company was called gear 3 technologies I believe they still exist and are still out there doing this type of work and thriving if I'm not mistaken but I used to be their lead Macintosh support technician years ago and as such I considered myself one of the best technicians particularly on the Macintosh platform in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania southeastern Pennsylvania New Jersey from the central New Jersey region into all of South Jersey and into Delaware as well I did a few jobs in Delaware as well but I would travel you know put up by you know been given leads on jobs by this company and then travel to many different locations you know where I was an independent contractor being contracted out by this company and as their lead technician considered that I was one of the best technicians on the Mac platform in the whole tri-state area so you know it's very natural that you know and then following that after I left that company I worked at the University of Pennsylvania in their School of Medicine and I worked in what's called tsoumas som is which is the school of medicine information services that is their technical support division for the School of Medicine inside the University of Pennsylvania I personally worked in the biomedical research facility for a while and left that to do what on earth is happening full-time first of all I took a tremendous hit in any monetary compensation to do what on earth is happening full-time I saw that the number may have been enough just to float me for a little while and that like really not even that let's let's be honest like I had to rely on help from others for a little while until I could get this project off the ground to really just be able to provide the basic living requirements and support for myself it was a tremendous hit on my my wallet tremendous hit to do this full-time okay people think oh I'm being paying or I'm making all this money like you don't know what the fuck you're talking about at all you don't know how little I receive you know like you know I I do a I do a conference or you know a workshop or something to that effect and it like it has to float me for practically you know five six seven eight months sometimes literally and it's not that much money to float for that mount amount of time you know and if I told you like the total I told you like for the last couple of years the totality of my quote salary if you want to even call it that to do this work was like right around thirteen thousand thirteen thousand five hundred dollars let imagine that's pauper that's pauper level that's like it almost you could call that the extreme poor that's the very lowest end of what you could call the middle class that is scraping to have what you need on a daily basis to get by that that is like anything bad goes wrong and you have to put out multiple thousands of dollars for something you're fucked that's basically what what that kind of a salary is so I ask anybody like look at what your salary for your job is is it under that amount most people there's heart there's very few jobs that you're making that little amount of money so I'd say I've done a little bit better than that in the last year and a half to one year but not drastically okay you know around you know I'd say the twenty thousand dollar mark if that and it's like half of that you know like if I make ten thousand dollars in resources that has to float me for half a year you know imagine doing that most people would not be able to live and survive on that and do other things like what this work entails no way it's very little money compared to the amount of money I used to make which was above $50,000 a year okay I'm nowhere near even getting back to that level not even close okay so people like I'm just forthcoming about that I'm just forthcoming that's the amount of resources in the way of donations that come in that is what this work is valued at for the people who actually contribute that the totality of people who contribute have valued this work at around that value monetarily that's just what it is I'm not complaining I'm not complaining I'm saying that's just the actual number and if most people looked at that number and said could I survive on that there is no way that they would be able to do it they would say you want me to get involved in doing that fuck you that's what they would say that's why most people don't get involved in that because their primary motivation is monetary compensation that's their primary goal is how much money am I going to make doing this not is it going to help end human slavery that's what our primary motivating goal needs to be at the same time I'm not some naive wild-eyed you know optimist head in the sky guy that thinks I could survive on absolutely no resources and continue to do this at this at this aesthetic level you know in production value level and still survive and feed myself or or pay for shelter over my head obviously we're living on a world where resources for those things are required you know it isn't about some wild you know a head in the clouds vision of oh I could just do this and not have to worry about any money coming in I don't do another job this is my job right now I want this to be my job you know what I really want to be my job I really want my job to be my hand in a pile of books doing the research for my future presentations with my computer in front of me making slides for those presentations because I would be able to make probably five to ten times the amount of content that I do now if I were actually supported with a team that could offset the workload that I need to do in the way of technical work video work etc okay that's what I would love to have I would love to have you know some type of support in place so that when something goes wrong I don't have to linearly take myself away see it's like linear work it's like I can continue to do this work until wait something just went wrong here well this work now has to stop now I have to go over here in this tangent and I have to fix the problems that that halted that work till they're fixed then I can continue if I have a technician that would be willing to come on board this project I would be able to I'm working okay a technical problem has happened but I can go to a different computer now and I can continue the work while somebody else gets that issue back to where it was and fixes it and then I can go back and work on computer I can't do this at this point basically if anything happens in the whole setup that requires technical know-how and that requires technical attention I am the person who has to go and stop what I am doing to fix that so here's the next part of what we are asking for here at what on earth is happening and once again I'm not asking anybody to totally put themselves out this might be a one day a week thing for a few hours okay one I'm not asking anybody to put themselves out I'm trying to build resources bring in resources through voluntary donations from people that have some extra resources that they can contribute not asking anyone to put themselves out so that we can pay a technical expert to come in and help us troubleshoot when problems occur because let me tell you something folks this is one of the things that has come close to affecting my health okay I'm not of people will say don't ever tell people you know when think things bad happen don't announce bad news don't announce what your potential weakness is I'm being honest with people this is something that I really really desperately desperately need taken off my plate okay because when things like this happen and I have to be the one that fixes it because no one around me knows more than me in these technical areas there are some who help and lend good assistance but in general when something really bad look folks here's what happened I'm gonna just be honest with you and even my producer and assistants do not know this okay I think the only person who knows this is like a couple of my good friends and my assistant Leah my main system went completely down this week and I'm not sure whether it might have been a hack or sabotage okay up from the outside I'm not I'm not sure the computer that you are seeing this stream coming from was completely unbeatable down and out and look folks I am meticulous about maintaining backup I have on-site backups and I have off-site backups you ain't taking shit down okay if this was a deliberate effort you ain't taking shit down okay because I have off-site backups that I can restore from where I'm at like nothing happened okay so first of all I'm not saying it was definitely delivered it could have just been an operating system issue but I had to restore from a backup this week and it's the first time that has happened on this equipment I restore it from a backup and got the machine back up in perfect working condition like nothing ever happened but let me tell you something most people first of all would not know how to do that or not have been prepared for that eventuality I'm prepared for these eventualities because I know that they can happen and when they do happen then I have to put my know-how and expertise into action and I had to do that this week so I there was almost no show this week because my main machine was down but I got it back up within a day so that being said and Bennett it drove me crazy you know it was very stressful what I'm saying is I really need issues like this taken off my plate because I had to sit and basically do that work when I could have been out there making my slides for this that I stayed up until about three o'clock o'clock in the morning doing you know so the whole point is I need a technical person okay I need somebody who is a technical ask expert again listen to what's being asked for local to this area you must come here obviously you can't work on technical problems remotely especially when it comes to plugging in cables unplugging cables plugging power sources in etc routing cables it's someone who needs to be here working with the physical equipment I don't care if you have technical skills and you're from Anchorage Alaska okay you need to be from Philadelphia or the Philadelphia area and be able to come here at least a day a week or when I ask what like on call on an on call basis like if I have a problem okay if you're available that night if you're available the next morning you need to be able to come at your earliest convenience that's what I'm asking for okay and this is so important this is as important as the editing position if not more so you don't understand how much it actually affects my stress and health when I have to when all the technical problems fall to me my staff can tell you I really really really know what I'm talking about and really know my shit when it comes to technical stuff but I would prefer someone else with at least my level of technical knowledge come onboard and really take some of the technical work off of my plate okay I mean you look at some other people do you think who are doing the work and putting information out there do you think they're doing their own technical work okay and again we may be able to pay something right now we're not a big operation we're not a big operation hiring a lot of people we want to bring more resources in and be able to do that but right now this may have to be again with the donations that come in as part of the video editing project for the the natural law documentary and maybe some of those we can turn toward the effort of helping to pay on and on a job maybe a per job basis a technical expert to come in and help and offset these duties from my plate okay so if you are a technical expert with who is very experienced I'm talking about a high level expert now if you're even a novice or an intermediate person just don't bother you you have to know like as much as I do about operating systems and equipment all right so we're talking about a technical expert here in with high level expertise in Mac OS we use the latest Mac OS operating system which right now is Mac OS Mojave 10.14 we're right out up at the most recent version which i think is ten point fourteen point six what we are up-to-date on all of our systems you know this is what we use for our Mac's here and for Windows we're running the latest build of Windows 10 you know with all the security is applied okay so we're on modern os's we're on modern equipment we don't keep ten-year-old computers in here we don't keep you know ancient machines running ancient operating systems these are relatively state-of-the-art equipment here okay so my mic the laptop okay my producer is telling me we're having a issue with the laptop I'm going to replug here momentarily I apologize for that okay let's see if we're back okay let's try this again for some reason it is bugging out periodically I'll look into why that's happening it may be that there's too much tension on that cable right there so we'll we'll have to you know work that out but anyway if you have experience with Mac OS and Windows the latest versions okay we will be when upgrades come out like moving to Catalina which is the next Mac OS operating system coming out very soon and you know future versions of Windows we you know basically stay pretty much up to date and when our Hardware becomes long in the tooth or obsolete we upgrade our hardware we don't keep ancient things going here and float on a wing and a prayer with you know decades old equipment that's not how we do things here we try to maintain relatively state-of-the-art not always the ultimate highest end stuff but at least good to top and mid end equipment to the top of the mid end range at minimum okay and I think that's how you maintain good quality and aesthetics with your stuff okay that you're putting forward so if you have these experienced this experienced troubleshooting these systems and you are local to Philadelphia it cannot be done remotely please contact my assistant Leah buna Leah at what on earth is happening comm once again that is spelled L e IH a at what on earth is happening comm so let's move on to the next order of business about the future of what on earth is happening I have been planning the one great work Network for well over a year maybe even a little bit longer than that I am at the beginning stages of working with a developer to make a modern web-based system for this network where we are going to bring multiple hosts onto the network and it's going to be a network where we put out both free content and some premium content for subscribers to bring in some resources this is probably going to be one of the best networks on the entire Internet once we get it up and running we also need resources for this because again you know the the developers that we are working with are doing so right now on a volunteer basis but at some point I want to get them paid for their efforts and when we do launch it there will be a subscription model but there will be a large amount of content that will be available on this network for free as well so it will be free content and it will be a portion of it will be premium content for subscribers to the network that is how we plan on bringing in some more resources to the water on earth is happening effort and to get the content providers paid for their efforts so that they can expand their reach you know I don't want people who come onto this network just doing it for free I want them to have some compensation for their efforts this is what this is what projects like this are supposed to be about conferences are supposed to be about that you know any events that people host and bring researchers and speakers on board with one of the goals the first and primary goal should be about ending slavery on earth getting the word out about true anarchy getting the word out about natural law and ending human slavery ok that's first and foremost that should be our primary goal second to that should be getting some resources to the content providers to be able to continue their work this was our ultimate goal in the early days of the fur your mind conferences the first two for your mind conferences after that I only assisted with promotion for the fear mine events I think a lot of people still don't know that I totally hosted and was the main organizer of free your mind one and for your mind to those are the only events that I was the actual organizer for as if for your mind three four and five the duties for the organizational tasks of those conferences where he completely handed off to other people and I you know allowed them to continue the use of the name in good faith now the first two are the only ones I can speak to about what the intent and ultimate goals were because I was the one who was the main organizer for that and I ran the organizational team and our goals were first and foremost get the information out to people secondly to get some resources out to the researchers every single researcher and speaker that was a part of the first two for your mind conferences was received some compensation for what they what they took the the role that they took part in the conference some agreed to do it pro bono not to not receive anything and some we had agreements with to pay them what we could route based on what we brought in and we honored those agreements and in my involvement with all of the other for your mind conferences the agreements that I personally made with the organizers were also honored as far as any monetary compensation that being said I think that should be the second goal the first goal being put the information out there and ending the human condition of slavery that should be your primary goal when you're organizing anything and again I'm referring to the one great network here as well that's why I'm talking about this but I'm extending it to extend to any other project that we do in this community I feel the primary goal should be the information and helping others to understand it and ultimately ending the human condition of slavery on earth the secondary goal is putting some resources into the wallets into the pockets of the content providers the speaker's the people who are hosts on the network etc these are the people who people are coming to see or paying for premium content etc okay you have to take care of them you have to honor your agreements with them that's secondary that's the secondary goal the third goal and the one that should be the last one is making resources for yourself as the organizer to be able to not only help to take care of yourself and the things you need on a daily basis to survive but then to also role surplus back into the project okay so that's what I do here at what on earth is happening we take in resources I take what's required for me and then I roll whatever the surplus is back into the project I want to make enough of that surplus to get people paid I want to pay my producer my assistant my you know tech person my you know developers etc right right now most of them do this on a volunteer basis or for very very modest sums that then it's not really acceptable they should receive more so you know but again I can all what I can do is the I can only provide the extent that people value this operation act because it is a viewer funded operation this is a listener and viewer funded operation funded by donations only this is not a business this is not a 501c3 tax-exempt foundation you know we are not any kind of an organization we are not an LLC nothing like that nothing there is nothing like that we do not operate under any business operational rules of any organization corporation LLC nothing okay this is a private educational outreach that's it that's it and it is helped by sovereign beings on a volunteer basis and it is entirely funded by voluntary sovereign donations that come in and that is what people value this project at most people will not operate anything that they do like that because they will not go on the faith of what human beings are willing to contribute okay they will set it up as whatever entity or foundation or corporation under government rules etc and go into the whole tax thing you know this is 100% a sovereign project that is ultimately run by me and people who volunteer to assist in the educational outreach effort completely made possible by supporters individual private sovereign donations and nothing else it never has been anything else okay what on earth is happening is just the name of the website and the show that's it it's just me doing this folks with help from good people and help from people who have a little bit of resources to spare and they are willing to voluntarily contribute that on a one-to-one private personal basis that's it I think more of the freedom and alternative media community should run by that model I absolutely think people should run their whole operation by that model most people don't have the faith in the universe to run their operation on that model okay I'll not even call it faith in humanity but faith in the universe itself to provide what is going to be required to do that that is the model I run what on earth is happening on and always have and always will so we want to get this network launched this is some of the art that South Coast boson made for the network and I think it's great and we want to you know make this network a shining example of what people could do when they come together in a cooperative effort in the name of human freedom can do that's the goal for the one great work network and I think when you see it you're going to be hopefully impressed and I want to support it and want to be a part of it so we're gonna have like probably at least I'm hoping at least ten hosts maybe slightly less than that when we first start but I hope we can expand that even to a greater number and get some of our hosts compensated through your donations to the network when we launch it next year hopefully and get some of them compensated for the great work that they do that's what this is all about that will be our secondary goal for the network is getting hosts of the network compensated the first goal will be putting the word out getting the information out to people that need to see and hear it so that's the one great work network hopefully that will be coming in 2020 again we have a brilliant developer who's helping us to launch this and we're gonna have some form of a subscription model when we launch it okay finally I'm gonna be taking part in the next seed conference now I wasn't sure whether this was seed four or five the poster says for this is going to be taking place in Rutland Ohio this is organized by the people who do skatopia so that's our Brandon Martin who was the recent recipient of this year's one great work award I really should have put that in this slideshow I'll talk about it the next time I come on air well Brandon Martin was the recipient of the 2019 one great work award and he's the main host of skatopia I'm a host of seed the seed conference and the next one is going to be taking place May 29th 30th and 31st 2020 in Rutland Ohio at skatopia seed stands for studying educating enlightening and discerning and I have made a prior commitment to agreeing to make an appearance at the seed conference to actually do a presentation at the seed conference prior to deciding that I'm not going to take part in others conferences anymore and once again I'm not really going to say too much about that except that after seed I will be honoring what I said that I will not be taking part in third party conferences from this from that point forward because I made a commitment to be a part of the next seed conference prior to deciding that I will honor that agreement as I made an agreement with Brennan to take part in the next seed so I will honor that agreement and I will be at the next seed conference however that will be the last conference that I that I will take part in I will be doing my own moving forward with any in person events they will be organized by me and no one else but me with a small ancillary organizational team with members of my own personal choosing and that will be in this way the entirety of the event is me is up to me how it is run organized set up what it will cost any of those details the technical arrangements all of it will fall to me and whatever staff I agreed to work with as part of the event so seed will be the last time I will be taking part in a public conference organized by someone else all other events that I do will more likely than not be here in Philadelphia that I will organize myself and the the the format will be as such I'll describe what I will be doing either it will be me doing an all-day from beginning of the day early in the morning till you know around late dinnertime early evening an entire all-day event caught you know mini conference workshop extended presentations seminar whatever you want to call it okay and or if I have a shorter form presentation maybe like only a two or three hour one or even a four hour one that will not take the entirety of the day we will probably set up an all-day form of a event and I will have an opening speaker like I did at fake ask Christians when Darrell Rowland's open up for me or like I did at demystifying the occult part to Satanism and the dark occult which Jay Parker was the opening speaker so it will take on a form like that either uh it will probably always be some form of an all-day one-day event that people can you know travel from either Philadelphia or outside of the city to here in Philadelphia and it will be an all-day event either just myself if we have a very long seminar one of the first ones I'm probably going to do will be the occult origins of Nazism and communism I've been talking about this one for a long time I've been doing more research in the form of taking buying some books regarding this topic and delving into more research on it both in book form and taking in information from internet-based resources and this is gonna be a extremely in-depth all-day seminar that will be just me it will be as long as probably the natural law seminar okay where I'm gonna go into just about every detail and aspect that both Nazism and communism are still to this very day the religions that own this planet and for anybody to think in any way that I am aligned with or on any side of any of these sick depraved twisted fucked up religious totalitarian control systems of belief of sick religious belief they have to be very seriously mentally ill that's all I'm gonna say on that very serious mental issues if you think a person who has spoken out against both of these depraved religions endlessly and tirelessly trying to get people to understand what these religious beliefs entail they're not political systems they're religious cults that I firmly stand against with every fiber of my spirit and being and I have been trying to get people to understand exactly what these religious cults entail and how they sway people into their fold into their cult belief system for anyone to think I'm aligned with any of them has either not been paying attention and has not really looked into my work and/or they're very seriously mentally askew is all I'll say on that so that being said let's uh so that's going to be the forum that future personal presentations take for me personally instead of taking part in other people's conferences now that being said I think we're pretty much finished with the part of this presentation here today called the future of what on earth is happening so that's what I have planned for the near future ok we will be back soon we will be coming back hopefully by the beginning of 2020 if all goes well with how an editor responds for going forward with the documentary with how donations you know people respond with personal donations for funding the documentary okay so let's uh let's move into the part of this about where is humanity add in consciousness now in late 2019 and folks before we even start jumping into this this hurts my heart to say the things I'm going to say in this section toward the what I'm probably probably not going to do calls if we have some time we will more likely than not I'm going to tap the role with this material till the end of the show because of how much there is okay and it hurts my heart to present this because we should be way beyond this and again folks you know I talked to people and hurt you know listeners viewers personal friends and they say don't give people bad news don't show them your your weakness or how this is affecting you ladies and gentlemen I want to show you that this isn't in my hands it's not I don't got this do you understand what I'm saying this is not entirely up to me I am trying to explain that has it has always been up to all of us and you cannot put all the burden and the weight upon the shoulders of any one individual no one is that strong I do a good job covering up where my wounds are at okay I do a good job persevering and pushing through it because that's part of the great work that's part of what it you need thick skin to do this work but for anyone to think this doesn't affect me stress wise this doesn't affect me in my emotional makeup this doesn't affect me deep in my heart and my spirit you would have to think I'm a robot you would have to think I'm not human and I'm just as human as anyone else I failed just like anyone else I am not perfect I am prone to failure I am prone to getting weak I am prone to feeling like I need a break I'm not good this isn't a break for me I'm going to be working very very very hard and continuously on this documentary that needs to get out to the world so don't think this hiatus from the show is like a complete break of work for me it is not I will be doing other projects but the main thing I will be doing is getting this workshop and it's completed for them and that is practically going to be a full-time job okay so what I want to talk about here is has any appreciable change happened in the 12 years in human consciousness since I've started this effort person and I have to report that not only since I turned this into a video show from an audio podcast nine months ago going on to ten months really next month but in the 12 years since I have been publicly doing the work of what on earth is happening in over 20 since I've really known this material but in the 12 years since people eventually helped the light of fire under my ass and get me into actual action doing this that not only not has anything changed publicly in the aggregate of humanity but things have gotten infinitely infinitely worse infinitely worse and I don't want to have to say that I want to know what I want to come on the air and tell you as viewers of the show as longtime viewers and listeners I want to come and say you guys have done an awesome fucking job thank you you've done so great that the world is changing for the better and I cannot come on the air and say that I can't do it because you know why the overwhelming vast majority of you have failed that you're at your task and do you have a task yes you do this isn't something that it's like oh great I know I understand what marks saying great and you think that's it if you think that's it you don't understand a fucking thing not a one thing from the very Sun Jump Street from the get-go you don't understand one thing about what this is about how many of my viewers have moved effectively into the role of teaching people on a wide scale not stopping someone you know on the street that has a little button with the hammer and sickle and trying to persuade them in a five-minute fucking conversation not that that they're they're misled yeah that's not doing the great work you're you're a fucking joke if you think that's what doing the great work is you don't know the first thing about this work entails or involves and you certainly haven't started doing it if you think personal conversations look I'm not saying don't do that I'm not saying you know forget about engaging anyone personally that's not what I'm saying I'm saying that if you believe that is what the work is that you don't understand what the great work is so my first few slides I decided I don't want any graphics with them I want to just put a statement down and really let you see my statement about where humanity is at but specifically I am referring to you you as the listener not the average Joe Schmo on the street of any major given city I am referring to you the viewers the listeners of my work because that who that is who has failed you have failed a debt is offended about it as you like once again see folks I'm not here to let you feel warm fuzzy and happy in case you haven't gotten that by this point this many years in this isn't about you feeling good this is about you accurately gauging the truth about what the human condition is and then getting involved in a way that is effective in changing the human condition toward the positive outcome meaning ending slavery that's what this is has always been about and I have always been about targeting the potential teachers the potential change agents the potential influencers of others and that's what I'm going to refer to here today so the first thing I want to do is tell you why we have failed this whole first section is going to be about why we have failed the second section is going to be about where the average person is still at which is the proof that we have failed so I'm going to give you the why first about why you yourself and other people who claim that they understand what is happening on earth have failed in changing the human condition you yourself have failed in changing the human condition I'm going to explain the why first and folks let me just tell you this once again it's not a blanket statement if you have contributed in an inactive way to the great work wonderful then I thank you as my brother my sister and most of all my peer my mutual peer in the great work I thank you from the bottom of my heart for assisting in the work do you know how few that is it's a piss in a pot as the old saying goes it's nothing I would say it is point zero one percent and I am probably being extraordinary generous I'm gonna say that again my estimated number and let me tell you something folks I'm very good at estimating figures I'm very good at extrapolation of demographics percentages of how many people are doing something or not doing something it's almost it's so scientifically accurate it's almost scary how well I'm able to gauge things I'm telling you if the percentage of people who claim who make the claim of understanding any part of what I've put forward at what on earth is happening are effectively and efficiently helping in the great work of changing the human condition if it is point zero one percent right now I'm practically shitting my pants enjoy if it's that number do you hear me do you hear what I'm saying we are in abject failure of the mission abject failure of the mission and there's a reason for that and I'm going to tell you the reason today after I display some basic statistics so let's go back to the slides and these are my text statements about part of the reason why and then I'm gonna get into the nitty-gritty of why we failed in this duty in this effort in this mission in this charge to end slavery on earth why we are continuously failing the first is 12 years on since I began what on earth is happening and have done this work tirelessly twelve years later most so-called anarchists most people in what we called the freedom movement there's no such thing it's the my freedom movement at best most people in the so-called freedom movement and most people in the so-called quote truth movement and in whatever area of endeavor they're seeking truth this could be the truth in about vaccines this could be the truth about what's in our food this could be the truth about what's in our water this could be the truth about the geoengineering operations this could be the truth in extraterrestrial intelligence and it's interaction with our planet if you could pick the topic this could be the truth of ancient human origins it doesn't make a difference what area of endeavor that you are seeking truth and seeking to expose truth I'm talking about any area of the quote-unquote truth movement the first thing is all of those people not all I'm sorry no blanket statement most and I'm when I say most the word most here I'm talking about the vast overwhelming majority I'm talking about I would put the number at 98% or greater I'll be generous with you if the number is 95% again and and 5% really do get it I'm shitting my pants in utter joy okay I'm gonna say the numbers closer to about 98% when I talk about the word most the overwhelming vast majority of these groups of individuals who claim that they are doing any part of this work still do not understand what true anarchy or true freedom is they don't get it they don't understand it they don't understand the requirements for it because if they did understand the requirements for it they would become effective in distributing this knowledge by whatever means they had to do that they would do it they wouldn't be talking about doing it 12 years later they'd be actively doing it and most people look in the workshop I recently gave called teaching natural law overwhelmingly the vast majority of people who attended were shocked by what the content was first of all secondly they were the overwhelming majority even of the people who so want to be teachers of natural law the overwhelming majority have little to none of the skill sets required which is what I'm going to talk about okay to even start the effort of teaching it and this is why we haven't done it this is why we are failing at it and that is what part of the understanding of true freedom entails because it entails what are the what is the requirement or the role of knowledge and if you understand that what is the modern way of communicating knowledge and if you understand that what do you need to do to become a purveyor of that knowledge in the modern world you you yourself take that very knowledge into yourself and then you start learning it and doing it anything short of that you it goes back to the old ancient Asian aasif he's saying those who know but do not do do not know it's only a claim of knowledge to know and not to do is not to know saying I know what true anarchy is and I know what true freedom is and yet you do nothing to actually really propagate that message widely in modern technological society then you don't know you don't carry that knowledge because the biggest part of carrying that knowledge means you are communicating in to others in a wide-scale format once again other people believe what the great work is is I'm gonna go out on the street corner or I'm gonna go out in a grocery line or I'm gonna go out in you know some other place in society a tavern a bar whatever right and I'm gonna wait until I hear someone say something of any interest to me or maybe they say something that disagrees completely with what I know you know or again I see them wearing a little Socialist Party of America badge okay and then I'm gonna try to educate them with the 10 15 20 minutes that I might have with them and in a public space in a public forum I'm gonna blurt out some verbal diarrhea to them in public and call that the great work you've formalized zero of your work through even an outline let it let alone a formalized presentation or video project because you don't even understand how much work that involves you don't even understand the skill sets involved in producing media such as that no clue zero clue you think that the great work is I'm gonna meet somebody I've never met before that's totally ensconced and fucking mind control and I'm gonna blurt out some shit to them that is completely the antithesis to every that they've ever believed in their mind controlled fucking lives and then magically that's gonna change their mind and heart overnight or it's gonna plant a seed that's somehow gonna blossom and and combat the mind control that they've received for however long they've been on this planet and then some one day they're gonna wake up fucking enlightened and you're a joke you yourself are a joke you got that get as offended as you fucking won you're a joke you don't understand what is required you're a naive child you're not part of the great work you're a naive child you're not part of doing the great work you're a naive child okay look right in my eyes get fucking as offended as you want to get you're not helping the effort look I'm not saying don't I'm not telling anybody don't speak to anybody in whatever way they want I'm saying just don't think you're actually putting a dent in things you're not you're not putting a dent in shit okay and what this whole thing is supposed to be about ladies and gentlemen is creating more content creators powerful teachers with the tool set required to go out and do what things like I have done you don't have to do the exact same thing some people will go out and write books wonderful go out and write books some people will go out and produce documentary films wonderful go out and produce documentary films some people will go out and they'll do they'll put themselves in a public platform night after night after night where they're reciting poetry about this where they're doing spoken word where they're doing you know music that with a very good lyrical message wonderful if those are your forms of media go out and do that what I'm saying is you have to put your work forward publicly with your name on it not with some pseudonym or fucking mask be proud of your work if it's supporting the end of human slavery don't show fear put your real name on it and yes my real birth given name legal name whatever the hell you want to call it I really could care less about a label but I'm saying my name that and people have known me since I was born is mark passio it is not anything other than that people who are saying that it is something else other than that don't know what the fuck they're talking about or they're liars deliberately I don't hide anything about what I do to anyone I don't really care who agrees or disagrees and I'm not in fear of anybody that wants to try to stop me do your worst you won't stop me in this lifetime or any other again the worst that can happen is you put a bullet in my flesh in this lifetime and I'm coming right back in the moment in the moment and people want to say oh there's no speculation about reincarnation folks I've made the commitment to be here until the mission is accomplished call that whatever you want if I'm given the choice I don't choose escape I'm coming right back here I'll pick another body in the second imma ejected from this one and I will be back here to learn the lessons again if required and do it all over again that's how that's the preternatural willpower you're up against with this one so good luck good luck in whatever you choose to do to try to thwart that that kind of will you will lose okay so that's number one that being said I get to a point where I'm like the effort is futile because that we are up against a species that is almost beyond being able to be taught anything that's how hard and their ego is and I've talked about this on former shows that doesn't mean I'm going to stop but I'm deaf damn well going to express my aggravation over that okay and doing that is my katharsis to keep going and I have to be honest about where people are they are total hard-headed motherfuckers they don't want to learn they don't want to know or see the truth but worse than that are the people who claim to know the truth and have not made any appreciable effort in becoming a teacher of it because I believe at some point of people hear it enough over and over see that's why it's called the great work folks the great work isn't oh I said that to the person wearing the Communist badge at the rally last weekend in Center City my town USA and they told me to go fuck myself so I planted the seed and I'm done with that and I did the great work and yet you know how many people think that's what it is you know how many people give up that easily and that quickly and you think you've done something and you haven't done shit you've done exactly balls squat shit and I calculated that I used a slide rule I used an abacus the whole thing I set it all up I calculated that to the exact figure its squat balls shit is what you've done that's what you've done all the people who think that this is just going to be communicated by word of mouth to people who don't want to hear it you believe that we need to produce so much media that it cannot ever be censored we need to produce it on regular old-fashioned networks regular file-sharing regular video sharing we need to produce it and distribute it sharing sites like BitTorrent we need to produce it on any new media possible they're into it people need to be drowning in this knowledge drowning in it because of how much content has been created about it and we haven't done squat balls shit is the exact figure okay go take your scientific calculator and calculate the number yourself to the exact decimal place because that's it that's where this movement is and then people want to say oh that's offensive to me fuck you if you're offended by that it's because you need to be offended by it how about that those who have done the work need feel no offense knows those who have done it effectively those who have put it out there publicly those who have put your name on it and you could be proud of your work because you're getting it out there in a wide-scale way you're my brothers and sisters in this battle thank you and I'm not speaking to you obviously in in this communique I'm talking to the people who have done practically nothing or nothing you should be ashamed of yourselves one you need to turn that into motivation don't dwell in the shame start now and move forward in your learning of what's required to get it out there and folks the new media requires knowledge of new technology well it's unacceptable that this many years into having this technology at our fingertips that people still don't know how to fucking use it it's unacceptable unacceptable and now it's easier than ever and the tools are more powerful than ever we should be reaching people a thousand times the scale of the traditional media and we're not we're not and the people who think we are you're delusional you are delusional you say it's the dinosaur media it's not reaching it's not reaching people anymore people are going far from it and droves you're delusional people you are delusional you think that people don't bow down to politics and and and they don't are fully ensconced in the cult of politics of left versus right politic you're out of your fucking gourd you're out of your fucking gourd you're delusional you don't see reality for what it is the cult of government is stronger than ever they put people into total political identification more than they ever have in the past people are brainwashed into this cult more than they ever have been so 12 years on people still don't understand what real freedom is and that is because you haven't been doing the job of communicating it through the new form of media which is publicly putting your work online everywhere you can not just on YouTube everywhere that's the other thing counting on just all these big tech platforms to do it so moving forward see if that corrected it yep okay moving forward okay the same people 12 years on later don't understand the occult they don't understand and really in the anarchist movement I mean they are so hard-headed left-brain it's sickening it really is it's really disturbing and they don't they think they're not brainwashed and they're out of the brainwashing just because they don't believe in rulers you don't understand the mindset of your rulers you don't understand the religion of your rulers you don't understand the ancient knowledge of the family lineages of your rulers that led them to be able to rule you because they rule so many other people's minds and get them to condone your rulership and in not knowing that knowledge of the occult you certainly don't know the way to get those people out of that mind control you don't know what to show them you don't know what to explain to them and you think you could do it just by telling them oh you're an occult belief system about authority that's only the very tip of the iceberg in the beginning it exposes nothing about the ancient psychological knowledge that goes hand in hand with the illegitimate of authority and almost everybody in the anarchist movement wants no part of teaching the occult to others because they don't want to be seen as oh that's some hokum religious bullshit when I've explained ad nauseam no it's just ancient psychological knowledge that has the moniker the occult because the word occult simply means hidden it has been hidden from the general population because you don't brainwash the population and then teach them how they were brainwashed because if they have the knowledge about how they were brainwashed they will use it to unbury watch themselves that's the knowledge of the occult yet other people want to insist though there's nothing to that well it's unnecessary to explain or to teach or I don't want to do it because of how it will make me look to my peers who are equally left brain in the anarchist scene I could care less okay about how this is perceived in any particular movement you go into the UFO field and start talking Anarchy and they look at like you like you're crazy because they think disclosure is gonna come through the government next year you know you go in the anarchist scene and you start telling them animals should not be aggressive on just like humans shouldn't and they look at you like you have seven snakes growing out your neck because they don't want to extend the same non-aggression principle to non-human beings that they want to extend to human beings you know you go into the vaccine the anti-vaccine movement you know and you talk about we need the truth about how harmful vaccinations have been to humanity but we also need to get the truth about human origins out and get the truth about the interactions human beings have had in in our past and present with extraterrestrial entities and then the anti-vaxxer crazy because there's no holistic truth and freedom movement there's the my truth and my freedom movement that's all there is and ever has been and their piss in a pot efforts that are going nowhere and will continued to go nowhere because people do not understand what true anarchy is they do not understand what true freedom is they do not understand the true principles of anarchy and freedom they do not understand what the occult is they do not understand the psychological individual shadow material work that must be done as someone who studies the psychological knowledge of the occult most people want no part of that personal work people don't understand the holistic aspects of any of this it's all fragmented and that's why it continues to fail because people don't have the totality of the knowledge they need but most of all they don't have the knowledge on how to propagate the totality of that knowledge to others so let's move forward to the next slide most people in all of these movements 12 years later since I've started the work of teaching this still don't understand natural law and ladies and gentlemen this is the crux of all of it even the people in the so-called freedom movement the so-called anarchist movement that's so called a cult movement even the reason they're not truly effective in changing anything is because they didn't get the memo on the most important occult knowledge there are a cultists out there that claim to be deep level occultus with deep level knowledge of the occult and how it works that talk zero about natural law talk zero about true rights talk zero about what is a right what does actually cause harm what actually doesn't cause harm because it is outside of the few actions that does cause harm initiate harm the true non-aggression principle the true transgressions against other beings against natural law and other beings rights the true Devitt seven deadly sins you have so many people who say that they want to teach the occult and no absolutely part of any of this sorry have we made any progress in really teaching natural law to people I would say again it's a piss in a pot effort people think people think I can just tell people this by word of mouth with no formalized way of explaining it I've even given people my slides so go out and use my own slides if you don't want to make your own I formalized it do can you even make an outline and a goddamn word processor you know can you can you even formalize your thoughts into an outline of I want to explain this this is why this is important here's what I'm gonna talk about here and then put it out a formalized way by a teleprompter put it in front of a video camera and read it if you have to if you don't want to do it off-the-cuff most of my stuff is done off-the-cuff sometimes I put some notes down on a screen next to me if I want to remember a big list of things I want to talk about but I know it so well I could discuss it off-the-cuff first of all you got to get that good at explaining something you know and most people can't explain natural law well most people can't give the definition of a right even the people who watch this show or listen to what I've been saying since the beginning you have to get your rhetoric under you that's why I say start recording your voice start listening back to it start doing this where you eliminate the well hmm you know I try to try to do your best to get to a point where you you make your point in a succinct way most people still are not doing any part of this they're not teaching it most don't understand it deeply enough yet this is the problem go back and listen to the natural law seminar ten times if you have to to get it all incorporated read the books that I've recommended that are in the section on the podcast the podcast section on the website on the water an earth is happening website go to the podcasts on natural law do a find on page in the podcast section find the parts of the podcast where I discussed natural law there lots of books to talk about these dynamics and then you can use them as launching pads that find tons of other material on natural law it's out there get the ark drive ton a lot of stuff on natural laws on the ark drive listen to other researchers who have talked about it Manley P hall has talked about it Richard Wetherill has talked about it more people need to be talking about it okay so this is one of the other main reasons now there's two more okay and some people will you know take offense from one of them but you know I'm gonna put it out there as this thing because first of all people still aren't taking this seriously enough about how much this contributes etheric energy wise to what we are experiencing as human beings in the form of our slavery most people in all of these movements the anarchist movement the freedom movement the truth movement the so called these so-called movements still condone Hornung harming animals for food and when you say that this is something that is still a practice that we should be moving beyond and we shouldn't be engaged in because we should extend the non-aggression principle to all beings not just human animals but to non-human ones as well and that we are condoning and contributing to suffering that is going out into the world in an energetic etheric scale and again I'm not a militant vegan I'm not saying that you need to get this all at once where you need to convert to this all at once I'm saying you need to understand the principle first then you can align your behavior to the principle okay move away from supporting and condoning it just like you move away from supporting and condoning statism no one needs to become an anarchist in one second or one hour one day or one week it's a process the same is true for understanding not harming animals to the extent that we are capable of it's called doing the least harm possible look I want to personally thank Gina car for her fantastic work in this effort the heart to heart thank you you do this beautifully okay and you had me on the verge of tears with your recent presentation it's it's the way it should be done it's it's done very well okay once again because I think she doesn't very effectively I think you should look into the people that she talked about in her presentation Melanie joy and others etc okay that's what I call contributing to an aspect of the great work effectively this is an anarchist who talks about doing our best to cause the least amount of harm possible to our non-human brothers and sisters and putting it out there in a way that shows people the ways we are now contributing to that harm and the ways that we can over a process of time pull back our our involvement with that and our condoning of it and that's all you don't have to be militant about it there was nothing militant in her words explaining it which is why I so appreciated it you know so thank you and I thank you for your contribution to the great work in that regard and there are many others doing great work like that that's why I gave the great work award to Brandon Martin I think he's doing it very effectively and putting out the word very efficiently and effectively he formalizes his thoughts and his words and puts it out there with nice aesthetics publicly with his name on it great job okay so that's that's the next part all right I won't spend too much time on that I just wanted to incorporate it and then next most of these same groups they are still moral relativists they still do not understand that right and wrong are not something that human beings get to decide for themselves get to choose and decide and cherry-pick and then that right and wrong are up to human beings perception okay that has nothing to do with what true right and true wrong are right is an action a right is an action that does not cause harm to other sentient beings that does not initiate harm to other sentient beings wrong doings are behaviors which do initiate harm to other sentient beings they are murder assault rape theft trespass coercion willfully lying this true seven deadly sins the transgressions the seven transgressions against natural law which are violations of the rights of other beings most people in all of these movements are still moral relativists and if you ask them where do rights come from they will say human beings create rights there are human constructs and they are not inherent to nature and that is where they would be wrong they would be incorrect and that is why one of the reasons we are not making progress okay so these are the reasons why what we still don't understand that are contributing to the continuation of human slavery if you really understand the actual causal factors and if you do with the next thing I'm going to tell you is why you have failed in getting the word out why haven't the people who claim that they understand these things actually helped to contribute to change the human condition why has the effort to do that bin so paltry been such a piss-poor effort why has it failed thus far at this point in human history when it should have gone far beyond the point that it's at again I was expecting by this point I would have expected to either have the current human condition solved meaning there would be a solution brought forward and enacted and slavery would already be the end human slavery would be ended that's how naive I was in how good and effective human beings would be once they heard the truth boy what did I get him in beings all wrong I was a naive person who gave way too much credit to other people in what was in their minds in what was in their hearts and ultimately what their willpower would be I completely misjudged way too far toward the positive scale because that's where my hope was when I was younger and I'm not too proud to say I was wrong I was wrong about all those things I was told that I was wrong about all of those things by the Satanists that I work with and when I was told that by them I literally wanted to kill them with my bare hands I made the decision not to do that so I wouldn't end up dead and I could at some point put this information in this knowledge out but I have to come back on the air twelve years well really like 15 to 15 to 17 years or so after those experiences and saying I was wrong and and the Satanists who are the who were the part of the masters of the world the group that could constitutes the masters of our reality were correct in what they told me about where the heart minds and souls of human beings are at they were correct and I was wrong there it is not too proud to admit it see I have that ability when information that is contrary and contradicts my previously held belief is put forward I can say words that most others cannot I was wrong I put way too much faith that upon hearing the truth people would change people would contribute to the work of educating others they did not the vast overwhelming majority of them did not again not a blanket statement most meaning the vast majority meaning ninety-eight percent or greater maybe more than that what they did is continue to live their own lifestyles that they had always lived trying to garner as much personal freedom as possible trying to you know have as much personal comfort as possible in their own lives and did not take on the burden of the great work which makes your life less comfortable which makes your life much more burdensome which you have to do at the same time as all it's a it's a simultaneous work the work that you have to do in your life and the great work you can't separate them in time because what you're gonna be doing is expecting something that will never come I'll have my life to exactly the point that I'm perfectly comfortable then I'll start the great work there is no such thing I did not do that I continued to work with up to a certain point yes you can do that you can't be completely in a state of disarray you have to have some level of organization in your life yes okay but if you're expecting oh I'm gonna get everything exactly where I want it and then I'll start you will never begin and that's why most people have never begun okay so most people are still moral relativists that do not understand the objective difference between right and wrong behavior and the people who do understand the objective difference between right and wrong and understand most people don't and who know that the putting of that out into the world as the knowledge of natural law is what's going to reverse the human condition of slavery you yourselves have not taken the burden of the great work upon yourself and enough numbers and move forward into actually doing it I'm gonna give you now a part of the workshop I recently gave called teaching natural law of cup two slides which was the question that I had to ask myself in what I wanted to really cover in the natural law workshop in teaching natural law and then I'm gonna give you the answer to that none of the other parts are gonna be talked about right now but I'm gonna give you the premise which was why are we in the position we are in you know and answer the question is why we're in the position that we're in and then I'm gonna answer it okay so the next slide this is from teaching natural law obviously what we need is more of the great work to be done to teach natural law into the world most people don't know what natural law means I'm going to show you that in our social media experiment results for the year 2019 but my question that I wanted to go into too which was the premise of the entirety of my teaching natural law workshop it wasn't about what do you need to talk about to teach natural law you can go watch my natural law seminar for that or listen to the what on earth is happening podcast series for that that's out there that material is out there what my workshop on teaching natural law was about was answering this question you say you want to be a teacher of natural law you say you want to do the great work I ask people how many people feel that they are actively out there and really doing it effectively and efficiently and like three people in the whole fucking room raised their hand and I said well that's why you're here right it's unacceptable that three people and then if you include myself four people in a room of over a hundred are even doing this but why is it because you don't know what to say I don't believe that's the case for an instant I don't believe that's the reason for an instant most people know why we're in the position that we're in is it because you don't know natural law at all well why would you come to a workshop about teaching it if you don't know it people who are advanced enough in a topic that they want to become teachers of it usually know a whole lot about it right so it isn't that you don't know it you know I brought people up on the microphone and ask them questions about natural and they practically spit it right out there so we proved you know this stuff right you know it so why haven't you begun the great work of being a teacher of it now at this point why aren't you already in that position and you know you can go and try to answer this in a billion different ways but it all comes back full circle it all revolves back to one overarching answer which was the main premise of all the rest of the data that I gave and put forward at my workshop teaching natural law and here is the answer most human beings including the people that say they know enough about natural law to teach it are not truly literate in modern communications and publishing technology you'll talk to so many people out there and especially some people that are around my age but even a little bit older than my age ok I turned 45 this past summer I think I still pretty damn active in decent shape and good energy you know feeling good energy too with a lot of willpower to continue and do things at that age and you know there are lots of younger people who say that they understand this and want to do it and even them I would include in this group but I would really include the people that are around my age or older in this answer to the underlying causal factor of even those people who do understand this material why are you not actively putting it out there to others and the answer is they don't know how you actually do not know how to effectively reach a large amount of people in the digital domain which is that's where the battlefield is at ladies and gentlemen the battlefield is not in newspapers the battlefield is not even in books anymore the battlefield is not in the nightly news the battlefield is not out on the street the battlefield is on the Internet the battlefield is in the digital space and guess what folks it's not on social media either this was a main premise of my work in this workshop as well the battle is not in social media the battle is in content creation let me say that again the battle for the hearts and minds of the people of this planet is in who is going to create the most content regarding either mind control tactics to tell people total bullshit lies and get them to believe it or the battle is going to be in speaking the truth as to why humanity's in the condition that it's in and how to get it out of that condition and here's the answer folks I want to go back to this slide the answer is most human beings and the I'm talking the bulk of the people who say that they understand natural law and want to teach it they are not truly literate in modern communications technology and modern publishing technology you don't know how to create your own media you don't know how to publish your media even once it is created you don't know how to reach people through modern communications media the mediums of modern communication you don't know how to reach people using that form of media and this is why we're failing this is the main reason we are failing as a movement in addition to the all the communities I talk about not understanding those main things not understanding true Anarchy true freedom natural law the occult even the mind-control techniques that are used against us which I would consider our part of the occult knowledge still being moral relativists and still converting condoning the harm of non-human animals which contributes to our enslavement all of those things combined that's why we're failing why isn't that those met why aren't those messages reaching the people of the earth and it's because the people who do have even a modicum of knowledge in those fields who are specialists in certain parts of that knowledge you are not effectively reaching people and mass on a wide scale in the digital domain which is the new battleground for the hearts and minds of people you cannot go out and just talk to people on a one-to-one level and expect the world to change because you don't know how to do it on a wide scale with technology I'm sorry but that makes you a Luddite a person who loathes the use of technology or fears it and you don't want to use it well you will never be effective enough in reaching people you you will reach a tiny tiny little speck and more likely than not you will not reach anybody who is a main influencer who is important enough to really reach others you're not going to have people like that in your circles unless a miracle happens and like I said miracles are the exception to the rule don't count on them being the rule so the reason that this work is not being done on a grand scale is because it's not because people don't know what needs to be taught it's because they can't become modern teachers because modern teaching isn't done on a blackboard with fucking chalk and most people are still naive enough to think that it is it's not going to be done standing in front of a small group of people or trying to plant a seed with one resistant person you put your ideas in a formulated formal capacity that it are well organized out to the public in a permanent form that is an archive of your thoughts and an archive of your research and your proposed solutions everything I've ever done is on my website even people in this movement who are doing the great work you can't let your stuff be fly by night and not be archived I see a lot of people you can go to their website and there's no archive of their work where is all of the the interviews you've ever done where are all of the the shows that you've done I see a lot of people that are guilty of this and right in this movement who I feel whose work is great and it needs to be archived it needs to be accessible when people go to their website you need to bring it up almost immediately I've archived everything I've done we don't know how to use these technologies efficiently that's why we're getting our asses kicked so I have one hour left to go through the last part of the show which is going to be a challenge so I really don't want to extend this into another show so I'm gonna move a little bit faster in the last part so what two parts I have left first is I want to give a little an analogy an allegory of pictorially like with a little animation okay with a slide animation here and I think this is very effective okay in communicating how this really works try to follow the analogy here okay picture a water tank a tank of water that's a municipal water supply in a small town that has to be distributed to hundreds or thousands of people so we're gonna represent the distribution of the water in that tank okay by that the tank is the centralized location of that water right and that represents somebody with a lot of knowledge your that water tank okay and here's who we have to get it out to we got to fill everybody's cup that represents all the souls out there with hardly any of this knowledge they don't understand it for a second okay they've never heard of it they don't know what natural law is they don't even know what moral relativism is they're still drinking the kool-aid they're still in the cult you know and they have no essential knowledge of the occult of natural law of anarchy of any of this but if we fill their vessels with this knowledge ok represented by the water tank filling these glasses then we will have a society of informed individuals who can then become the water tanks themselves and move on to fill others ok that's the goal so you are this water tank and these are other potential people who can take in all of the knowledge of natural law and the occult that you have come to understand but let's look at it in a little bit of a different way we're not really talking about water we're talking about natural law we have to fill people with the knowledge of natural law so why do so few works in the modern world exists to teach natural law well if you're the water tank with all that knowledge of natural law and there are thousands of glasses that are unfilled around you and you need to get that water to them and the pathway for creating the flow of information between the water tank and the glasses does not exist you will never be able to accomplish that task what is that pathway the pathway between the huge tank of knowledge representing the knowledge of natural law the knowledge of true anarchy the knowledge of the occult that needs to get to all of those unfilled vessels all of those ignorant unfilled vessels the pathway between them is the understanding of how to use modern communications technology and modern publishing technology you need to understand and implement the use of those technologies and that is what will create the pathways now I'm going to extend this little animation and explain how this works visually okay so imagine there's hundreds of thousands of unfilled vessels billions of them in fact which is the case and we have only a few of these tanks that are filled with the knowledge of natural law glowing with that knowledge right we have to take that and we have to distribute it to all of these ignorant vessels that are unfilled okay well again we have to establish pathways and connections and the connections represent being able to use these technologies efficiently in the digital space you're watching this on the digital space you're not watching it for your health folks the goal here is not to know this the goal here is to spread this knowledge that's why in Freemasonry there's three levels it's taking in the knowledge that you need inst in the initiate stage in the entered apprentice stage the second phase is understanding what it means in your mind and in your heart yep and in the third phase and what we've uh so I'm just being told briefly that we're we've set up a third camera we're gonna try to bring in a third camera to show you an extended view of our studio and there it is great job with our producer doing that on the fly okay we've set up a third you know motion cam you know we're showing you here here's our setup in house this is my bedroom folks this is my bedroom this is what we have set up here in my bedroom I'm doing this where I sleep we set up the studio and break it down every Sunday that's how committed we are to doing this work and getting it out there this is a temporary studio that we resurrect each week okay because I don't have the money or space to rent a permanent studio folks there's my fucking shoes okay and hats okay hey my show in my bed show them my bed this is this is where my bed is that while I'm doing the show ladies and gentlemen it's on the other side of the room standing up against the wall there's my or mic ok this is what we do every week you know it's not magic it isn't magic folks it's willpower and technical know-how this is what you don't know how to do these are the skills you don't have these are the connections that need to be made these are the pathways to these vessels so I'm gonna go back to work we're back to the slide thank you and we're you know let's show the first pathways the first pathways is researchers have to make connections between each other we have to have support networks and communication networks set up between us where we can talk to each other and that's what this looks like this is a distributed network between the researchers you know we can't be constantly putting each other down or calling each other names are saying we're all shells because one doesn't agree with one thing one other person says this doesn't look like this right now this is totally broken and fragmented we have no such support network in place because of ego because of ego issues and we have to work on that even the people who claim to be enlightened and knowledgeable we have to work on all of that spend your time doing the work not attacking other researchers you know like are we eight-year-old fucking children or are we adults who are trying to teach a pathway to freedom for Humanity spend energy on your own work and putting it out there rather than attacking others ok that's the bulk of what I do well sometimes I'll attack the people that go on the attack because they think they're doing the work and they're not it's a waste of your time and energy spend it on trying to communicate what's right and good and true and necessary for people to learn and then encourage them to spread it so once we have pathways like this we can get the word out to other people because as strong as we can be and then we'll get the word out to everybody some will reach others some you know may reach others that others can't but see these green pathways these are the first establishments we're creating a core of our community and getting the real pipelines built that are like the totality of this knowledge and getting other people up to speed other potential teachers truly up to speed then once that's really strong and firm we're gonna get this knowledge out to even the lowliest of vessels the average person and yes it is for all it's not just for some it is for all of them it can be understood by all of them I mean barring people with very severe mental you know psychological you know possibly you know retardation issues actual you know syndromes obviously some people like that are going to be affected there it's gonna affect their ability to actually you know physically mechanically learn we're talking about just people with you know general healthy overall mindsets that can receive information and understand something and that's the majority of people that is the the rule rather than the exception the exception is people who are actually incapable of learning because they have some syndrome or something that prevents actual learning that's that's the very infinitesimally small percentage this is for the vast majority overwhelming majority it's for almost all people okay who can comprehend it who can come who have the capacity for an understanding of the objective difference between right behavior and wrong behavior so this is what the network needs to look like but guess what we are back at square one where there are no connections why or there are very very few of them why those connections represent technical no hell those connections represent being able to use communications technology those connections represent being able to put the information out there into the world okay so go back to the slides there it is okay this is where we're at we are practically at this you might be able to put one or two of those connections in there and maybe it's true but largely here's where we are there are many few people with a whole lot of the knowledge many people with none of it and we haven't built this first connection between the people with a lot of the knowledge and we most certainly haven't built the smaller connections and it is because these connections represent the technological know-how in communication and publishing and we as potential teachers have not learned those skill sets and that's what I attempted to explain to people in the teaching natural law workshop and I largely explained to them what skill sets would be required what applications knowledge in actual programs would be required and you know kept it very general because obviously I can't teach those skill sets in a day I couldn't teach them to you probably in five years but I explained what you need to start learning and I explained that the problem is you haven't started learning that and showed it over and over again so I hope you've understood that little allegorical treatment there and I hope it has an impact on on where we need to go so I'm gonna move into the third and final phase of this presentation and that is social experiment results of 2019 that these are the the calculated percentages after we did on another social media with the public here in Philadelphia that was part of the research for the the natural law documentary so this this was part of what we did in doing man on the street interviews for the mark passio and the science of natural law documentary film that we are working on and it is an admittedly our first state that it is an admittedly relatively small data set that we what that we took from and that is not the point folks the point is not how small a total figure of people that the data set was because it was at this time it was under 50 people that's a small data set to work from however I would contend and I feel that my contention would be absolutely backed up by more larger data sets and I will challenge the viewing audience here today with the same challenge that I challenged everyone that I presented these conclusions these results to at the teaching natural law workshop I will give you the same challenge today that I gave the attendees of my teaching natural law workshop and that is repeat this social experiment with as many people as you like in whatever city you like or even to a cross-section of multiple city cities with hundreds or thousands of people it will not matter the results will come back not statistically different not statistically significantly different I should say and I'm talking about when we're talking about this we're not talking about one or two percentage points you will not get a factor of like 10 to 20 percentage points difference it will not sway things beyond what I am going to call in this in this presenting of our results the magic number because the magic number to sway social dynamics such as these is and I've said it many times and will continue to say it because people have been brainwashed by New Age bullshit to believe that you only need to sway numbers like this 1 or 2 percent and it's a crock of shit the magic number is fifth the 1% that is where you will start to see the beginnings of the tide turning you won't see the result you will see the beginnings of the tide turning I will tell you you will see in big ways social upheaval change and betterment toward the positive when we pass 75% of people thinking the correct way that's when I will say you'll see a massive upheaval of social change you will see hardly any until we hit 51% of change no one else will tell you those numbers you know how many people in this whole movement will tell you numbers like that a big fucking goose egg a big nothing burger they'll all stick to this New Age bullshit aphorism that you only need to change one or two percent or three percent of the population that's all you'd need to change it's bullshit folks it's bullshit okay we're a little off-center with that but I get I get the point this may be the rage cam that made we're going to call that the rage cam in the future that's gonna be that's gonna be when I really go off on a rant and get really really angry we'll call that that will zoom in like that and it will be the one on earth is happening rage cam okay I like the idea okay but anyway but back to the social experiment results admittedly small sample set I challenge you to do it with a wider sample set you will not get any statistically significantly different results prove me wrong go out and do it yourself with a wider number a wider dataset and prove me wrong I don't care what City I don't care it wouldn't matter where you do it because people are all brainwashed in the same dark occult way they are brainwashed into the same cult belief systems so from now till the end of the show I'm going to go through these social media social experiment results that were the result of our man on the street interviews as part of the natural law documentary dataset and this is my contention for where is humanity at in consciousness in late 2019 these results all disclose were per this experiment was performed in the spring of 2019 one season was performed in mid to late spring one season full season has passed it will not be statistically different now have we done the same thing here in Philadelphia in late 2019 okay so let's go 95 percent of our interviewees could not correctly define the word occult and here's the pie chart I did a few 3d pie charts for this hopefully they're gonna transition real nicely between them I tried to set that up in my in my keynote document here in my presentation document and I'm showing you the split visually on a pie chart that represents 100 percent of interviewees so the what we're considering the brainwashed answers are in incorrect answers are going to be in red and what we consider answers we would have accepted as correct and you know representing truth are in green on these charts so look at the result and let me tell you something folks this is overwhelmingly beyond what I expected I didn't expect to get 5% it's it's still a terrible result and I would say it's still probably somewhat representative of what we would get globally on any data set but I'm almost even slightly impressed at 5% of the people we asked in Philadelphia here did understand that the word occult means hidden maybe they were occultist themselves but 95% of people thought the occult meant evil who do we G board's spiritual hokum religion or you got a million different answers most were evil were bad or taboo but only 5% out of everyone interviewed knew that the occult the word occult meant hidden so extend this beyond the city of Philadelphia would you say that's probably the percentage you'd get worldwide I'd be I'd almost be shocked if it were that good I'd say we're probably less than 1% or 2% worldwide if people throughout the world knew that the word a call actually meant hidden I'm gonna tell you folks and this is gonna be a shock to some people and some people will vehement Lee vehemently disagree with this I'll get a lot of blowback for saying this okay I'm going to tell you right now that we received in doing this in the city of Philadelphia better results than we would get most other places in the world because I believe and feel and have a pretty good understanding of the consciousness that even with the kind of brainwashing politically that is out there in the world and particularly in America even doing this here in Philadelphia there is at least enough consciousness presence here that we would get better results here in the city where I'm from than most other places in the world so I would say if this if this were these results will be skewed they will be skewed toward the negative if you pull it out further or do it in other places once again prove me wrong do it yourself and then bring the results to me and if your results are very significantly different statistically I'll admit that I was wrong and there are some other places with better consciousness so let's move on to the next question 95% of interviewees could not correctly define the term natural law when we asked them what do you think the term natural law means we only got 5% of people that actually knew that this is the laws of the universe and it's like karma they didn't give a super extended definition they basically said these are God's laws are the laws of the universe they give us the result of what we do and it's similar to Karma what people traditionally think of as karma or karmic law only 5% of people could identify and define that as natural law 95% either had wildly off-base answers or could not define it and said I have no idea what that term means this is where we're at in society folks and once again I think that's a very skewed number toward the positive if we if we extended this worldwide if you got 1% once again I would practically shit my pants with joy in those who could actually define it okay and I'm not saying that to discourage people I'm saying that because I what part of what I'm doing here is showing you what our work is I am showing you where we're at in consciousness and I'm showing you what our work is not my work what our work as people who claim to understand this is to do ok moving forward ok I see that transition looks good 68% of interviewees believe that morality is subjective is a subjective human contract now this is one of the most important results because this tells us why our society is the way that it is and again folks you know people are like I just want to just say before I even get into this you see what I do here to try to make this hit home right I don't just slap whatever together I try to make it somewhat aesthetic I try to make it somewhat visually appealing I try to make you understand what it is that this information represents you know I learned the software enough to do some basic nice things with it right to make it really hit home in the mind so that you understand what it is I'm really saying and what it visually represents in humanity this is part of what the great work is to do you have to learn how to do things like this it isn't that hard it's not as hard as you think it is I don't want to dissuade and discourage people but like this also doesn't happen magically again like I joke about the presentation fairies don't arrive at my house on Saturday morning and go mark we're gonna make your Sunday presentation for you now you know I give up my weekend to do this you know I give up my time to do this work my producers give up my time my you know assistants give up their time we give up of our time freely to do this to get it out there to people that's what it takes it sacrifice it takes a work ethic to do this okay it's not by magic it's not just the pressing of a button you know and and it's done or the presentation fairies arrive and go hey you need that presentation made well we got it for you already prepared it's it's it's a day or often days of work that I have to give up of other things I want to do and by the way that extended shot looks really cool you know I don't even tell my producer to do that today he took the initiative and when he my saw him starting to set it up I gave him the go-ahead to go go go ahead with it I'm just let's see how it looks that was on the fly and that's made possible by the wonderful donation of the new camera that we received by a donor once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts so going back to the data this is probably one of the most important results that we got as part of the entire dataset and folks it's atrocious it's you you should be so appalled you should practically be in tears at how atrocious this result is this means that over two-thirds of people in our society are moral relativists over two-thirds the the last time we did this was part of the natural law extended seminar that I gave in Philadelphia and we were about 66 percent which is 2/3 now we're beyond that it has grown by almost 2 percentage points 68% of our society is moral relativist that's over two out of three people and we want to know why we're enslaved you need only look at this one slide and this is 100% proof of the reason the underlying causal factor for human enslavement right there that's the answer it's atrocious this is horrifying only 32% said actual morality is objective there's an objective difference between right behavior and wrong behavior that exists objectively in nature 68% said morality is subjective it is a human construct that human beings invent the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior and we get to choose the difference between them and we want to know why we're enslaved my god god help us is all I have to say about that result god help us it's sickening the next result there are a full 32% of interviewees do not think human beings have free will and this number is growing were the last time we did that we got I think it was like 80 to 90 percent an 80% a full one in three people now believe there is no such thing as free will folks I mean you know what thankfully luckily you know we're in at least the 68th percentile here with how many people believe that we still do have free will you know that that that's good right but think about the negative result here one in three people now don't think humans have free will this number is growing that the red part of this pie chart is growing more and more people are now believing we don't have free will can you imagine this but we're in so much trouble folks we're in so much trouble this is part of why I do need to take the hiatus from the live show and really belt out this documentary and get it out there to the world the world needs it there's nobody else making a documentary on natural law I will almost certainly be the first I need to focus on that work and get it done because what it is the situation is bad and if you can't see that as people who say you want to put this knowledge out to other people you need to help you need to get involved and help I'm begging you you know I am not so proud that I am beyond begging for help okay I am begging for your assistance in the great work you need to learn the technology to do it so consider that result it's atrocious next 0% of interviewees could correctly define what a right is no one who was asked 100% of people asked could not correctly define the definition of a right no one asked no one who was asked could give back to us a right is a behavior that does not cause harm to others no.10 and if you don't understand that that is the exact reason that we are losing our rights once again I don't know what to tell you you don't understand what's taking place in our midst you don't understand the crux and causal factor of the problem and again if you're not producing media that shows this and that helps to make this better you're not doing the great work you may think you are but you are not again sickening to the pit of my stomach but not unexpected next result 79% of interviewees believe that rights come from human beings this is you know even more than moral relativism then their subjective 21% said rights come from God or nature that's like you know two out of ten two out of ten that so eight really eighty percent believe that they're subjective because if they come from human beings they're based on human perception and opinion they can't come from nature if human beings get to determine what they are so this is actually a better statistical correct statistically correct result of our right subjective set eight out of ten people just think about that number eight out of ten people think that heute that humans are the arbiters of Rights eight out of ten think that we make what rights are and therefore they think we can revoke Rights we can endow them to others you know we can grant them to other people delegate them and if necessary revoke them from others because they come from us imagine this and I would tell you that number is very significant in the anarchist community in the freedom movement as well I would hope it diverges somewhat from that but I wouldn't really put my hopes up on it you know cause every time I put my hopes in people I'm always let down by where we're at you know and I'm not I'm really not afraid to show that it affects me I'm also not afraid that to ask for help I'm not it's it's I'm okay with saying I've done this for a long time now and I'm under stress as a result of not having enough help doing it I need you to step forward and start teaching this stuff the reason we're still here at this place you know the reason that you know we still have this going on here is because not enough people are teaching natural law so let's move on to the next slide 53% of interviewees believe some human beings have rights that others do not so we were closer to a half and half split on this but you'll notice as with all of these slides okay with the exception of only a couple you will notice that we are in the complete read and in the wrong side of thinking with well over 51% the magic number you will notice this please take note of this things will not start to change in any way until we move past 51% in green of being the correct answer okay with all of these experiment questions you won't even start the process let alone get to a point where it's truly tipping and really all of society is embracing it until you hit around 75% three-quarters but that 51 percent the point where it breaks half and half is the magic number that is why it is why them it is the magic number of the occult may 1st 5-1 area 51 made a critical point it's it's their highest occult holiday of the year and it's not by accident that they chose 5-1 they know that's also the tipping point but 53% still believes some human beings have rights that others don't only 47% said yes all human beings have the same rights have the same rights as every other human being and no one has special rights that we can grant to them that others don't have but 53% still said yes some human beings have rights that others don't that are granted to them by other human beings could you believe this so we're still in the significant read on that 74% of interviewees believe governmental authority exists inherently in nature think about that it's like the same breakdown in the wrong way that believe rights come from human beings versus come from nature 74% believe authority is inherent in nature and only 26% or about a quarter one in four believe that authority is a human belief that is a constructional idea of human beings it's the exact opposite of the way it should be think about this for a moment though folks I really want you to consider what this means this means three out of four people believe government is totally natural and exists from the natural world stems from the natural world and is not a human construct or idea that humanity believes exists they believe it's an actual natural thing in nature in the cosmos they believe Authority is something that actually exists in the natural world in the cosmos the level of religious brainwashing is so off the charts how much people are a fucking cult or cult members it's insane only one in four people believe that the bullard there's a belief in authority and that's all it is we want people to abandon the belief in Authority three out of four people fucking believe that it's existing they sure it's not even a belief this is where we're at in consciousness in late 2019 folks do you see how much you have failed in what your work is to do you have failed I have not I have look long-term ok one person if you want to pull all with this on one person can I change the totality of human beings consciousness more likely than not no no one individual is powerful enough so but have I done my portion of the work I haven't failed in my obligation to the work you have once again if I'm talking to a person who has actually done it and really contributed their portion of the work please disregard I'm not speaking to you but I'm probably speaking to 98% of my viewing audience you have failed in your duty and responsibility and that is why this is still the statistic of what people think take a look good long look at these slides ladies and gentlemen take a good long look at them and know what they mean understand deeply in your mind and your heart what they mean next 69% of interviewees believe that governmental authority is morally legitimate so we're at a 7 and 3 breakdown here 7 out of 10 believe government authority is perfectly morally legitimate and only about 3 out of 10 and you would say oh that's that's great it's there over 30% of people who would claim that they're like anarchists that think you know Authority isn't really morally legitimate I can't believe how much this differs psychologically in his cognitive dissonance almost 8 out of 10 said they believe it exists in nature well what is nature immoral you know we have a 10% discrepancy because people are under a lot of cognitive dissonance and one belief contradicts another and they yet they hold them simultaneously so seven out of ten people believe government authority is perfectly morally legitimate and there's no moral issue with it meaning that it is right for government to rule over other people arbitrarily with their arbitrarily defined sets of laws that are based on moral relativism and the belief of human beings and only about three out of ten said no government authority is a claim and it is an immoral claim then it doesn't really have any moral legitimacy to it the next result 64 percent of interviewees believe government is necessary to prevent chaos so we're back at an almost 2/3 to 1/3 ratio two out of every three human beings believe that without government there would be chaos in society and this is growing again this is a figure that is growing since the last time we did these social experiments so more people are brainwashed to believe that without the control system of slavery in place though there would just be human chaos and they don't understand that with a society of slavery in place we have human chaos they don't think slavery is chaos you have imbeciles going on interview saying trying to tell people you know in in the Hong Kong protests that why are you so concerned with freedom safety is more important than freedom no imbecile it is not freedom is and always will be more important than physical safety you're a coward and a know-nothing that's what people who think like that are who think that it's more important to be safe no matter how much control or rights you have to control you need to be under or rights you need to give up rather than be free and potentially be in a very life running dangerous situation you're just fuckin wrong dumbass that's my response to anyone who thinks that way you're factually incorrect and more importantly you're fucking morally wrong because you are one of the imbeciles that would be willing to sacrifice other people's freedoms just so you feel safe even though you'd be enslaving everyone as a result slavery never creates freedom it creates chaos and that's what you have now okay oh so folks - over almost 2/3 about two out of three people think we have to have slavery in order to prevent chaos and only about 1/3 think have enough faith in humanity to say there shouldn't be rulers even if we didn't have rulers we would end up being ok see the people who think the other way think oh people are bad and if you know we didn't have government there'd be chaos well how could you appoint bad people government is comprised of people who you're saying are bad and will create chaos well how will the appointed government create chaos and the answer is not only will they they have you know that's why none are fit to rule you know Humanity is is no group of angels believe me we are not angelic beings folks we are not godlike beings by any stretch of anybody's imagination least of all myself that is why no one is fit to rule anyone else that's why no form of government is legitimate and it's a mistake to implement any of it so we're still in a two-thirds one-third breakdown toward the wrong there 78% of interviewees believe taxation by government is morally legitimate we go even more into the deep red with almost 8 out of 10 saying yes it's perfectly moral for government to institute taxation because I want that stolen money used for things I want it used for as long as it's stolen and put to work in the name of things I want it put toward then it's perfectly moral and the people who think that you're immoral bags of shit that's what you are you're immoral bags of shit and you would say you're we're gonna talk about another statistic you'd claim your moral and your lying sacks of shit on top of being immoral shit and this is where we give people too much of a wide berth man we give them too much of a berth and we want to say oh they're just good they're good people they're just mistaken where they're just misled no they're bad people you know I need to do a whole presentation like streetwise spirituality of what it what is the actual point-by-point characteristics of the definition of being awake I really need to do a whole presentation at some point in the future called what does it mean to actually be a good person because we throw this term around way too flippantly we throw it around willy-nilly like oh he's a good person but he just is mistaken on this no it's not it doesn't mean you're a good person wrong incorrect there are a lot more characteristics that it means to be a good person and that is knowing the difference between right and wrong behavior and willfully choosing the right over the wrong which is the true exercise of conscience conscience is the knowledge that has to come first and then the willful choice of the good over the bad is a freewill decision that comes next that implements it into the physical domain people who think this way aren't morally good people that are just misled they're bad people who have yet to abandon they're wrong and bad thoughts and become good people by abandoning those bad thoughts and choosing correct knowledge and then implementing it that's what makes you a good person you can go from being a bad person to being a good person in a human lifetime but while you think and behave a certain way and condone certain things that is the definition of being a bad person actively and too few understand that but think about what this means folks think about what this actual statistical result means here 8 out of 10 people believe that robbery is perfectly acceptable as long as a perceived authority figure does the robbery and as long as they have quote representatives who use that stolen those stolen resources which amounts to actual slavery take any portion of the result of someone else's labor that they do with their own body so it's really a claim of ownership upon the body of someone else which is slavery as long as they're quote representatives do what they say they are gonna do and and that they condone being done with that money then it's perfectly moral so a wrong can be turned into a right as long as you use the stolen goods or resources what you say you're gonna use it for that they want and you think that those are just good people who are a mislead that's a huge part of the definition of what it means to be a bad person so that's a better statistically significant result of how many people are actually morally good people I'd say it's far less than that but I'd start maybe maybe at a number of around eight eight out of ten or bad people I really wouldn't even give you that I'd say it's closer to nine out of ten next result 78% of interviewees believe taxation is necessary for society to function the same result that said that it was moral said that they believe it is necessary and that and around 22 percent or about two out of ten said our society could function without stolen labor the stolen product of of other people's labor labor only two out of ten think are everything that we do in society could where we could continue and survive and thrive as a society without robbing people eight out of ten basically believe no the robbery of people and the continued theft of the their the the fruits of their labor must continue for society to function at all this is how brainwashed the population is and again these numbers are getting worse and worse folks they're not going into the direction where the green the correct answer is getting larger as time goes on they're going in the opposite direction the green the correct answers are disappearing they're getting smaller and smaller the pie chart the green section is getting smaller as time goes on 63% of interviewees believe drug laws are morally legitimate and necessary both perfectly moral and necessary imagine 63% of slaves believe that the owners of themselves as slaves have the perfect moral right to continue to make the claim of ownership upon the body of themselves as slaves by commanding what may or may not be put into the body of said slaves final report at 11 you know can you believe it - almost two thirds of human beings two out of three human beings say my body belongs to someone else you are someone else may determine what I may put into my own physical vessel my body that my consciousness inhabits two thirds of people physically identify with their slave owners right to turn them into a slave they believe that they have the moral right to do that this is how bad things are and 37% you know but very slightly more than one in three say drug laws are immoral and unnecessary that someone has the right to put in their body that which they choose because they own their body and you know what I'd say out of that sixty-three percent how many people there would you say are feminists who believe in abortion I'd say a good chunk of them you know if you said are you are you a feminist yes if you say or do you believe abortion is or right they say absolutely because women have the right to do with what they want with their own body yet they would say other people have a right to say what I can and can't put into my own body that's the cognitive dissonance and I don't think abortion is a right because it's harming another being it's not the same being it's a different thing you know and I've shown what the result of abortion is you know it's doing something that you have is a life that you are in the the charge of that you are in you are the steward of you know it doesn't mean you can do whatever you want to your own children if it means harming them so you know but that's for another that's for another time we don't the time to get into that we have seven minutes left so I really have to race through these less than that really so let's move on to the next slide 71% of interviewees believe driver's licenses are morally legitimate and necessary so again we have a seven-to-three breakdown seven out of ten say our controllers should have the license our travel and we do not have the actual right to travel in a car a boat or anything else and no their their argument invariably when we ask them was there'd be chaos without this piece of paper people would drive like maniacs well people don't drive like maniacs now you know what like the paper actually proves you won't get out on the road and do something that is both destructive to others and or self-destructive piece of paper proves nothing it proves you knew how to jump through a hoop to some person that says you must have this or will lock you up if you don't that's all the piece of paper proves that's not saying anything about what your subsequent behavior will be you think just because people have a licence that means that they will drive in a in a perfectly on not honorable but trustworthy way on the road or a responsible way that that's that magical documents on how in parts responsible behavior does the ability to drink impart responsible behavior there's a license to go and buy a firearm in part responsible behavior with the firearm does any licensure and part responsible behavior no it does not you're talking about two separate things you're talking about licensure versus responsibility through action which are two separate things so it doesn't make sense on its face and it still shows that seven out of ten people believe that human beings don't actually have the right inherently to travel in nature they think we need to beg permission of a government for that this was only one of the slightly encouraging results which is over the fifty one percent magic number in the right we asked people if people have a moral obligation to obey unjust laws meaning if a law command something that is either wrong or prevents something that you can do that doesn't cause harm are you still morally obligated obligated to follow it unless you could somehow get it changed and 43% which is still a horrifying number said you still have a moral duty to obey it unless you could get a change through a legal process and 57% said no no such Duty o exists to obey water considered unjust or immoral laws so that was a somewhat encouraging result but again it doesn't jibe with all of the results that they gave about government being moral okay so I'm gonna try to finish these and move quickly forward so again just over that magic number 51% okay 52% said following orders is not a virtuous human trait 48% of interviewees believe following orders is a virtuous human trait and you know I would say we're right around that 50 percentile mark so it's not going to swing significantly in either direction but it's horrifying that about 50% of people think following orders isn't virtue and only about 50 and think it's not a virtue 64% believe an order giver is more culpable than an order follower 100% wrong so that's almost two thirds two out of three again you see this number come up over and over about two thirds are in the wrong they think an order giver is more responsible for the resultant harm than someone who actually performed the harmful behavior through their actual actions the order follower 74% of interviewees do not think firearms ownership as a human right I think maybe one of the only places you'll get a statistically different results of that is Texas seven three out of four don't believe it's a natural right to own a firearm and that's getting worse and worse only one in four think that that is a natural right and here's the big one folks all people we asked think that they are a moral individual everyone we asked with all the things that they concluded that they said that weren't completely immoral and backing that the authority of government they actually believe that they are still a good person that's all the time we have folks please go to gifts on the website gifts not what on earth is happening calm please continue to get the ark Drive for yourself and copy it for others you can get that on the ark tab you will not be disappointed please we need donations especially for the documentary to be completed go up to 100 is happening calm slash donate and make a donation if it is within your ability to do so that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening we'll see you in early 2020 ladies and gentlemen government is slavery thank you for watching [Music] [Applause] [Music]