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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] so this is the third and final part part three solving the problem this is about how to apply the solution that we learned about human consciousness to the problem that our species is currently experiencing and going through that again the solution was consciousness being raised on a global level by raising it at the individual level that is what we all really need to be focused on and working toward expanding our own awareness Albert Einstein described the problem that we're experiencing in consciousness he explained it this way said that no problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it and that's exactly the case you cannot continue to do the same thing and expect a different result we want to apply the same level of consciousness that created the problem and attempt to solve it that way and it simply doesn't work that way we have done elevate our consciousness and from a higher perspective we can then solve the problems that were created from a lower level of consciousness go to set that none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free we buy into this illusion that freedom is what we have today that this completely controlled society based on the differential value and manufactured lacking fiat currency and all other forms of control and manipulation are is true freedom that we are living in a prison without the bars with the bars that we really cannot see yet we are still enslaved by so we have to understand that what we have is not true freedom currently if we're really going to work toward the manifestation of true freedom in the world kenmin burke said that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing then Thomas Paine said that there are that these are the times that try men's souls the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis trip from the service on this country but he that stands it now deserves the love and things of man and women tyranny like hell is not easily conquered yet we have this consolation with us that the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph we are currently living in the time of the apocalypse people have a completely incorrect notion of what apocalypse means this word comes from the Greek language and if we break it down into its etymology aho means to take away or to remove in Greek and collectin means to cover or to concealed so it's a veil of sorts so the apocalypse is the taking away the removal of that which has been concealed the lifting of the veil it's a great revealing process that's what apocalypse means it means the process of revealing and what is being revealed is the truth the truth is what is being unveiled it is the revealing of that which has been hidden that which has been halted and is difficult to see is now being seen by many people so this isn't about an Armageddon or a great catastrophe or a cataclysm this is about the revealing of the truth and then living in harmony with that which is that is what the apocalypse actually is it's a choice it's a choice that we individually must make that it's beautifully put in the allegory the major we have a choice between the red pill and the blue pill the red pill will weight one up from the illusion and get them to see what is and they will find out how far this rabbit hole really goes the blue pill will keep them in illusion keep them an ego down in consciousness and they will stay asleep so the choice is ours it is a choice between love and fear the force that awakens consciousness and the force that shocks consciousness down this is a time that many ancient cultures called the falling away of the masks the masks are falling that which is hidden underneath is being revealed the true nature of things is being revealed and we've been our souls are being revealed to each other for who and what we really are in the forces that we really serve I have a concept that I call able it's a very over simplified model of how this consciousness divine is actually at work in the world and it's an anagram for the modalities of consciousness that we see at work so if you look at the whole earth and you look at the divisions that exist in consciousness on the earth we see that people really kind of break down into one of four categories there are two very small groups people who really are consciously aware of what is happening one is what I call the enemy the one is what I meant and a waiter would be aware so abel stands for the aware the blind the lost and the enemy the enemy are these sorcerers of consciousness that have the understanding of how consciousness works and use it for manipulation use it for evil purposes the lost are those who cannot see and really aren't capable of seeing they are they are so identified with illusion and so trapped in ego that they really kind of lost the ability to become aware through an act of their own will and it would take an immense amount of reversal and innumerable forces to even begin to show a small bit of light to people in this shutdown emotive consciousness so unfortunately there are many who are in such a state of shutdown of consciousness that they can essentially be considered lost and there is a very little chance of that awakening in a human lifetime there's another group that are simply blind they're simply not quite seeing what is going on but there is an inborn desire and there is willpower still there in those individuals and they have the potential to really see what is going on providing that they simply remove some of the blinders and some of the the last remnants of things that they are attached to to really see what is actually going on and then there's the aware of people who are coming into the light and are awakening to the knowledge of truth of what is actually occurring on this planet and they're trying to help raise awareness in others to awaken to help others to awake now you can't actually create that process yourself you can't really wake someone else up someone can only wake them cell phone they're looking into this knowledge on their own it's a process of self initiation you can be an assistant in that process that's what an alchemist is he's an assistant to the process of awakening he doesn't actually do it for anyone else each person is actually their own magician in that process and they actually awaken their own consciousness an alchemists can only hope to be an assistant to that process so the concept of there is only one will there is only one law ultimately and there is really only one sin the one will is the Ascension of consciousness the evolution of consciousness the latter that leads from lower levels of consciousness to higher levels of awareness to suffer we live in harmony with that which is we prosper and we can attain order and peace and harmony if we live in opposition to that which is the truth then we're going to be oppressed and enslaved that's simply how the dynamic works there is only one sin and that one sin is tyranny whether it comes under the administration of an emperor or a queen or a Fuhrer or a president tyranny always comes as a liberator it always claims to be the Liberator and that which is going to bring freedom and prosperity in order but it ultimately ends up in one way and these images are disturbing but this is what tyranny really brings tyranny brings enslavement and ultimately it brings death it brings things like concentration camps death camps and such as these disturbing images from the third-ranked it brings a boneyard ultimately and cooperating with tyranny is also part of tyranny so it's not just those who are really doing this those who are cooperating with in any way and I would turn those who are cooperating with the process of tyranny as the selfless and this doesn't mean selfless moral perspective of I'm not selfish this is the the capital s selfless those who have been robbed of the true and with self this is self less nests these are those who have become Gollum eyes those who have been cut off from the spirit so I'm going to look at the concept of self less mess from two perspectives from two allegorical perspectives the first is the movie Lord of the Rings look at the beings that are portrayed as the the figures that are completely call from self in Lord of the Rings yet of God the ring brings him premature Bri brings him unnatural long life it brings him suffering an attachment to to the concepts that the ring embodies worshiping materialism worship in power he's unwilling to let go of these things he's I'm going to let go of ego so he becomes a shriveled husk of his former self Smeagol the orcs used to be an elf elvish creatures they used to be L felt like beings and then they became these monstrous beings the orcs the the ring wraiths have no face they're depicted as completely selfish selfless they have no identity underneath their master a common total husk and of course you have the the all-seeing eye the the dark consciousness of Sauron who is disembodied he totally doesn't have his former self for him he is completely a disembodied consciousness a hosta his former self that is completely done in and is completely changed into something of that is completely not what he formerly used to be so that I just represents total ego total illusion and he is not anything of what used to be this is brilliantly portrayed in Star Wars the the master and slave relationship that shown in Star Wars the stormtroopers are the oppressors of the people of the former Galactic Republic now the Galactic Empire and they are all clones of each other we find out later Star Wars episodes they're clones of the same being Jango Fett because they have no unique identity they're all the same underneath there they're copies of each other or clones the uniformed individuals who have given up their sense of sovereignty and self and they have become clones of each other they may be the Masters over given rulership over those in the Galactic Republic the former Galactic Republic and they don't press them but they have a master and their master is Darth Vader the Lord of the Sith he is a shriveled hospice former self who was Anakin Skywalker who turned to the dark element on the floor soon became half machine half man and he is not the ultimate ruler because he himself has a master as one of the set he is the apprentice and then he has his master Darth Cities Darth Sidious is a shriveled husk of his former self Senator Palpatine and he would seemingly be in physical incarnation the highest level of the the hierarchy of power so one would think well he doesn't have a master but indeed he does have a master because he is owned and controlled by the dark side of the force itself he is owned in control by his desire for power is his ego at will controls and dominates him so he in turn is additionally a slave in addition to all the rest of this slaves who are also masters this is how control works everyone is a puppet on a string and has a puppet on strings under them so it said it's an endless hierarchy of slave that is also master and master that is also slave and we see this with the modern-day stormtroopers their ma the modern day loans that have given up their identity and their sovereignty over to an entity that is really not a sovereign being the state the government the military body the organization just like the stormtroopers gave up their sovereignty and their identity to become individual clones and gave up their former selves the selfless those who are not connected with true self what are the barriers to self-realization they buy into and they live their life in discordance with truth and discordance with what is real they live their lives in illusion and ego identification and they don't really see that they're really simply being used as pawns in a game and they are the chess pieces on the chessboard on the floor of the house as it is said in Masonic parlance and they are simply moved by their chess masters who do see things from a higher level of consciousness they scan see the whole game board floor but the individuals that they manipulate these individuals do not see the entire game for what it is they see only the square or two and to the side of them as a chest as a pawn in a chess game what the chess master can see the whole board but they cannot and again the floor of the house based consciousness the checkered life of man the wanderer between light and darkness the pawn that can be positioned in the game and ultimately there are the bricks the bricks and the pyramid of manipulation those who are being used to unknowingly use without their direct knowledge by those in knowledge in the light above them in their ignorance they're being used as one of these bricks who build the Pyramid of male dominated manipulation the New World Order system to build the blade the male-dominated world what we have to understand the concept that we really need to understand going forward to enact these solutions is what personal sovereignty is we have to understand that the conceptual idea of sovereignty at a deep level understand what it really is what it means and how we can exercise sovereignty in our own lives sovereignty means that we are a unique being and we are free by the nature of our birth into the cosmos our rights do not come from any man or any group of men or any organization our rights are in born by the very nature of us being born into the world we are all sons and daughters of God no matter what you want to look at that concept of God that creative generative principle as we are all individual unique expressions of that consciousness we are all born free into the universe no one can ever take that freedom away they can believe that they have to do so but ultimately they do not possess that right because ultimately there is no authority in this realm any claims of authority or simply that beings that are claiming the authority over others and others who actually accept them believe their claim that they have authority over them but it doesn't exist in actual manifest reality it is only a claim and a belief by those who accept the claim of authority there is only one Authority and no man is it this is enshrined this principle of sovereignty is enshrined in the Declaration of Independence a very high consciousness document the language is extremely specific in the Declaration of Independence and it reflects a high level of understanding and a high level of consciousness and an understanding of sovereignty it says that we hold these truths to be self-evident so it's not a belief it's a truth it's not questioned as a belief it's self-evident it's a truth that is self-evident the language is very specific it is a belief that we happen to kind of resonate with it's a truth that is so obvious we recognize it as being self-evident that all men are created equal created equal that implies a creator they they are endowed by their creator and endowment is a birthright it is something that you come into the universe already owning already possessed it's a birthright by their Creator the Creator is that which has endowed this right to us has given it to us as a birthright with certain unalienable rights unalienable means these rights never be separated from the individual they cannot be made alien to the individual among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness a very high consciousness document and I think in our modern day and age in this country that we've really lost sight of these truths we really lost sight of what sovereignty really is we need to go back and look to the consciousness of the individuals that comprise documents such as this and understand really what they were saying and what these these these statements that were made meant and again it's a declaration it's a true statement of that which is of Independence of no dependence upon anyone else because we recognize our own personal sovereignty the enemy of our personal sovereignty is what I call satanic illusion this is the force the word subhana shite ton in Hebrew means the adversary he who opposes the oppositional force that tries to create strife and chaos in our life that's what Satan really is it's that force and it's it does that job by illusion through illusion and manipulation it tries to get us to identify with things that aren't true and aren't real that's what illusion is something that isn't true we latch on to it and because we latch onto it and refuse to detach from it and we live according to something that isn't really true you know we don't live in harmony with that which is with the truth we live we try to live in disharmony with the truth because we're attached to an illusion that we've bought then you can get out of that is suffering you can't get any order out of that you can only get chaos out of it so satanic illusion is that which claims authority and claims the right to even draw laws into being to write laws is a satanic illusion that's born in man because we're trying to claim that we're an authority that we in some form represent natural law represent God I understand the idea how its intended but really all law is satanic illusion if you really come right down to it because if law is in harmony with natural law with higher law with cosmic law it need not even be codified or written down if one recognizes natural law as such and lives in harmony with it there is no need to write that down it's a redundancy conversely if any law is in opposition with natural law then it need not conversely if law is not in harmony with natural or cosmic law it really need not be obeyed it can be thrown out because one cannot be coerced into living in disharmony with natural law that's what all these new punitive laws that are coming in by this rogue administration and others that are to follow it our are really really are they aren't disharmony with the natural law of creation and in effect they cannot really limit our rights our freedoms they can write down those laws all they want no one is bound to obey or agree to be controlled by them because they don't quite understand about things like the Bill of Rights the Bill of Rights do not grant any rights to anyone nor does the Constitution grant rights these are documents that were written to place limitations upon the enumerated powers of government that are clearly articulated in the early sections of the Constitution article 1 section 8 spells out enumerates the powers of government and these are documents that are supposed to limit the the the the power of these non sovereign creations of the sovereign beings but see we have it the exact other way mentally in our minds we think that the government is the all-seeing power all-knowing power and it grants rights that people men and people actually think that and actually believe these documents that were written grant us our rights is nothing could be further from the truth these documents are supposed to be written limitations on governmental powers and written enumerations of the specific powers of the sovereign beings of the of the world of the country are granting to a governmental body to be allowed to carry out so the way I look at Satanic illusion is that ultimately all law is satanic illusion all government is satanic illusion because it is externally imposed it is based in control which is fear consciousness and it is based in creating opposition this is what law the law of man this is how the law of man differs from the law of attraction and the law of nature the law of man is based in opposition it is an oppositional force it needs to create two sides or a conflict that it can play off against each other so the third party can come out on top so it is the Hegelian dialectic it is satanic illusion doh Clinton made this statement if the personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution inhibit the government's ability to govern the people we should look to limit those guarantees he actually made that statement he thinks that the government has the right to curb people's god-given rights and freedoms a non sovereign entity known as the government has a right in this gentleman's estimation to curb the inborn birthright freedoms of sovereign beings born into the universe as free beings he made that statement and I believe that he believes that I also know that he believes this statement and I'll shock you with when I'll follow it up by he says the purpose of government is to rein in the rights of the people that's what Bill Clinton actually believes the the purpose of government is to rein in the rights of the people so knowing what I now AM s thousand in this presentation of what I stated throughout you would think that I disagree with this statement but the truth is I don't disagree with this statement this statement is exactly the truth the purpose of government is to rein in the rights of the people and I make that statement because I understand what the word government actually means this is what the word government means it comes from two Latin words GU Bernardo is a verb which means to control and meant a means mind that is a noun that means mind government means to control the mind Guber nari where we the word gubernatorial elections the election of a governor meant a mental where mental comes from that room were the minds to control the mind the purpose of government is to control and limit the rights of the people by controlling their minds externally imposed government will always do this because it is based upon control control is based upon the emotional polarity of fear you can only create chaos with fear you can never create order an externally imposed form of government can never ever create order or harmony in our lives it's impossible it's actually completely impossible because their methodology is based in control which is in turn based in fear and fear panel the dynamic energy of fear can only create chaos as we've seen many times over and that you can prove in your own experience control breeds chaos it does not create order government is a modality of consciousness externally imposed government is a modality in consciousness that is based in fear the only kind of government that ever could work to create order is internal government when we make the decision based on our recognition of natural law principles that are in effect and we recognize them as such and we live in harmony with those laws of creation then we are controlling our own mind we are existing in harmony with battle three of the aspects of our consciousness our thoughts our emotions and our actions the body and the spirit unify in in the level of mind that level is controlled by us from within not externally imposed that kind of government could work and if every being were to come to that level of consciousness we could reach the natural state that man is intended to live upon this earth in and it is this state cooperative spiritual Anarchy understand those three terms for exactly what they say cooperative cooperation existing in harmony with every other being spiritual the recognition that mind and spirit that the body and spirit come together in the realm of mind so that spirit is capable of having an experience here in the physical realm so we have to understand ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience rather than left brained imprisoned consciousness identified with physical matter and the five senses anarchy meaning just what it says not the negative connotation of that this word has picked up through propaganda and mind-control anarchy is simply the absence of external rule no rulership is understanding that we are all sovereign free beings no one has the right to control anyone else and understanding that no one attempts to control anyone else either cooperative spiritual anarchy is the natural state that man is it is is supposed to live it in the world we come to this level of consciousness and we live in this state of being and we will have peace and we will have order bakudan the father of modern anarchist philosophy said the liberty of man consists solely in this that he obeys the laws of nature natural law because he himself has recognized them as such and not because they have been imposed upon him externally by any foreign will whatsoever this is the understanding of what true anarchy really means it means no externally imposed control because one is not existing in oppositional fear-based consciousness and we need to arrive at that state of consciousness through our only recognition of what natural law is and that can only happen when you raise consciousness to that level where you can understand how these forces are really at work in our lives when you say the word honor key to most people again they think of this word chaos which we've talked about many times throughout the presentation but anarchy true anarchy does not bring chaos true anarchy would in fact bring order because it is based in freedom what we have now is not order we now have chaos because our consciousness is ruled by the vibration of fear and fear creates illusion the fear is giving into illusion it creates confusion within the individual that creates the desire to control things externally and there you have chaos resultant you cannot create order with that dynamic because chaos is based in fear once again chaos based in fear and based in attempting to control things external to the self the only way you can create order is through the recognition of and then deciding to live in harmony with the natural laws of the universe and that is the vibration that is built on higher consciousness and is built on the emotional polarity of love love creates Dominion within the rulership of the kingdom of self within this is what Jesus meant when he said the kingdom of heaven is within so we need to recognize these forces at work live in harmony with them that is what the expansion of consciousness is that is what living in a vibratory energy of love means that creates internal Dominion that creates freedom in the external world and ultimately it creates order everything that is ordered by divine principles and the divine intelligence that underlies nature that's the only way order can ever be created so those are the concepts to keep in mind when we talk about the way out the actual grassroots solutions that we can employ to heal ourselves to heal our consciousness to unify the the masculine and feminine energies that are in dwelling within us and to get out of this prison that we've let ourselves into and the way out I'm choosing 10 10 methodologies for group that are grassroots solutions for consciousness change 10 again being the symbolic number representative of consciousness we need to hear our individual worldview worldview healing we need to change the quality of our attention on the information that we pay attention to what we take into ourselves we need to develop true present moment awareness we need to change our diet and get on to healthy foods Whole Foods we need to detach from the current monetary system to the extent that it was within our capability to do so because our monetary system again is a Fiat system of currency that equals debt and enslavement we need to practice the non support of dominators and the Dominator culture as a whole the non support of not the support of it but the non support of it we need to develop what I turn mindfulness over many ancient philosophers called mindfulness we need to learn how to use NPO genic compounds in a conscious context the use of entheogenic can play a role in this transformation we need to practice the power of positive thinking and then we need to help others be an assistant to others in the process of their personal awakening so these are the 10 methodologies for grassroots that are grassroots solutions for consciousness change and I will take them one at a time worldview healing is the first grassroots solution for a consciousness change consciousness elevation this is also known as the techniques of shamanism shamanism is essentially indigenous cultures name for worldview healing these are worldview healers they are medicine men true since people who practice indigenous tribal medicine and it's not just medicine for healing the body it's medicine for healing the spirit for healing the soul for healing our worldview this is a great slide I found online the opposite of good is not evil the opposite of good is apathy its apathy combined with ignorance and combined with laziness that creates everything that ails us everything that we that creates our suffering apathy ignorance laziness these are the real evils of the world these are what are born of a negative worldview an unconscious worldview so we need to heal that we need to get over our apathy care is the grand architect of the universe it's what bears everything into manifestation what we care about and we have to examine what we care about what we're focused on and what the real goal of what we're trying to achieve in the world really is is it our own personal comfort or is it really the alleviation of suffering for everyone here because we recognize we're all in this together we're all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively and everyone else's suffering is also our own suffering that is what conscience really means that's what real responsibility is is that understanding and we need to get to that level of consciousness if we're ever going to truly unify and be one world recognized that we're actually all one consciousness that would be accomplished through healing water worldview and understanding that human nature is in fact good that we need to live in harmony with natural law and that change is in fact possible to think positively and know that it is possible for the cat in order to become the butterfly we can make a transformation and a metamorphosis if we use the power of our will and the power to ascend the higher levels of consciousness to accomplish that the next method for consciousness change is we need to change the quality of our attention this is directly in relationship to the information that we take in human beings are very definitively the product of the information that they have taken into themselves so the quality of what we put in is going to determine the quality of what we get out of what we experience and what we how we experience the world Thomas Jefferson said that if a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization it expects what never was and what never will be truer words were never spoken there is no such thing as the simultaneous coexistence of ignorance and freedom it is one or the other an ignorant population is an enslaved population and if a well-informed population is a free population so this is why reading is so important reading really is a key to understanding we need to read information that was considered important enough that the people that came before us placed it down in writing and this is how we become infor we take in good information and we become inwardly formed that's what information is the process of becoming inwardly formed and by becoming informed we can be reformed we can make ourselves anew with the new information that we have taken in to ourselves see this is what we generally have right now in the mass media and the popular culture people hypnotize paying attention to propaganda and mind control and that's never going to get us off to a higher level of consciousness to solve the problems that were experiencing we have to change the quality of our attention if we continue along this route we're going to become hypnotized in the sense of the word if you break it down into its into its constituent elements pip in Greek is a word that relates to the depression of the Spirit and gnosis is knowledge or information so hypnosis is knowledge or information that creates the depression of the spirit or a state of unconsciousness and it puts someone into a trance state of mind that's essentially I'm not talking about clinical hypnosis or no therapy here I'm talking about hypnosis from a fundamental point of view of being a trance state of consciousness one that is controlled by someone else and one another person is placed into this trance often through their own will through accepting that information accepting the the practitioners invitation to go into the trance we're going into a state of hypnosis willingly by paying to the information the the often horribly poisonous information that we accept from the mainstream media and from mainstream sources but now see if we follow along in that in that ideology we're going to go into a state not only of hypnosis but a fascination the word fascination breaks down to a fascination or a fastest nation the word fascist coming from poss-eye it's encoded in fascination we break words down we see hidden meanings actually encoded into words that we speak but we don't really look at the the underlying significance of the word or how the word breaks down you go into fascination and that's the step toward becoming a fast fascist nation we can go into a trance formation okay a state of mind that resembles trance mind control we don't want that kind of transformation we want a true transformation we want to inform ourselves through the new alternative media that is truly a blessing and a gift that we have available to us possibly you know at this level for the first time at this light of a scale the Internet is that new form of information in the new media that is arising on the Internet is profound and it is really helping to awaken the consciousness of the planet and we need to use it and protect it and use it to its full benefit in our lives so we can undergo a true transformation to go beyond form transformation go beyond form the next grassroot solution for consciousness change is develop true present moment awareness I talked about this a bit in part one this is getting over the notion of psychological time of being crucified at the place of the skull Gotha between the two thieves the past and anxiety regret over the past and the future anxiety for what is to come as we saw encoded in this image of the Gnostic crucifixion Jesus the light of the world crucified that God witha the place of the skull between the two thieves the past and the future and this doesn't mean focus on minutiae present moment awareness isn't the focus on minutiae all around us it's not developing tunnel vision many people will think that that's what it means it means really broadening our horizons and opening up our consciousness in our perspective to see the big picture not to focus on my new shape doesn't mean pay attention to every little single detail that is all around you and all the little my new shop of everyday living it means be in the moment but see the bigger picture around you understand what is taking place within and understand what is taking place in your environment see the big picture from a global perspective from a perspective that encompasses all consciousness we need to get over our psychological notion of time as a quantity and as based in in physical matter principles and endlessly repeating cycles of time and great new time those techniques and ideologies have been formulated and have been derived from indigenous culture such as the Mayan calendar systems that are out there and it's the focus on time as an expression of consciousness and a movement of consciousness through the ever expanding present moment and in not focusing on it as an endlessly repeating cycle or based in a physical processes based on astronomical movements it's the the market of time as the evolution of consciousness through time that's what that that is what some of these systems of time losses that are really gaining a lot of popularity in certain circles are really about and the my encounter is one that have been able to use to some great benefit in my life but another method for consciousness change is one that I believe that currently we really do have the ability to take and put into full practice because we have a lot of control over what we put into our bodies as far as diet goes the to change our diet is something that is within our control and is something that we can all work toward if we simply use our willpower to do so because we talked about all the poisons in the modern Western diet and all the unnecessary drugs that were people attempt in the medical profession and the pharmaceutical profession to to get us dependent upon the idea is to detach from these poison foods and really get focused on organic foods organic farming local food production for local populations because there's less stress on the on the resources and on less dependency on oil and trucking resources in from other areas so organic food diet whole foods really nutritious foods get off of you know high amounts of sugar high glycemic index foods high carbohydrate levels high sugar levels just really poisonous compounds and food get off of GMO foods genetically modified foods and on to just good whole organic foods and that you'll really see a change in the consciousness you'll see not only a change in the body but you'll see a change in the clarity of of your ability to focus your mind and to really put your thoughts into manifestation you really are what you eat it actually is true and the body reacts to what is put into it so it's not just informing ourselves through inwardly forming ourselves to the information we take in it's also what we physically put into our body to use as fuel and this this drives the brain the diet has to do with the health of the brain most certainly so this is one that we all can do and it's within our control if we use our willpower to to change our diet for the better monetary attachment is one of the hardest methods to actually put into practice because we have little control over everyone using the monetary system the we are largely at the mercy of other people using these currency systems that that are in use around us so it's difficult to detach from the monetary system but to do it as much as possible we should look at alternative forms of currency some people are trading in credits online bartering online there's different forms of cities that are that are being used as hedges against the dollar and ways to detach as much as possible from the fiat currency system that's really tanking from the inflation that's going on right now but in local systems of barter that are also a good way to to deal with monetary detachment and taxation we have to consciously make up our minds whether we actually want to take part in the tax system it is a system what that is known as a system of voluntary compliance we there really is not evolved it makes it actually actually you an average American citizen liable to pay income taxes we are voluntarily complied with this by assigning these statements and these papers and many researchers have written about this and have waged this battle to to show people that the income tax is in fact unconstitutional and it is a system of voluntary compliance that knowing what our tax dollars are being used for to create more forms of control and wage more wars of aggression we need to really make up our minds as individuals whether we are going to continue to go along with these practices the next method of a grassroot the next grassroot solution for consciousness change that we can employ is to begin to detach from power support for those acting in the role of Dominator this is a very important one and a very difficult one for many people to really comprehend and to really come to terms with because often these are people we know in our lives that we love in our lives and that we may understand when we come up to a high enough level of consciousness really aren't helping the situation in fact if we understand how the dynamics of creation work they're really imbalance in the situation more and more and more and more on so we have to try to educate ourselves about what is happening in these instances and then try to bring that information to the people involved in these roles to the extent that they are capable of understanding it John Massey egyptologist said they must find it difficult those who have taken authority as truth rather than truth as Authority the truth is the authority Authority is not truth it is not true that there is Authority but the truth itself is the authority that we need to live in compliance with the dominators of the world have it exactly the other way around they believe that there is such a thing as authority and the right to control others externally and I'm not saying everyone should be running around doing whatever they feel like doing to people that isn't what I'm saying either I'm saying that control is really not the answer proper education is the answer properly educating people and getting them to live in harmony with natural law not because they fear punishment not because they feel reprisal but because they have recognized the laws of creation natural law that is in operation around them and they understand that living in harmony with that is the only thing that can bring order to their lives so these are the dominators of our culture like the stormtroopers and Star Wars the clones so to speak those who are exactly the same as bother and who think the same and act the same and follow orders like robotically programmed drones and that's what the mind control of indoctrination that these people are put through to this regimented system of hierarchy and chain of command that's what it is all about is about programming the mind to react the reactive mind the reptile brain they're trapped in the r-complex of the brain base consciousness and as such again I said this in part one these are the most oppressed people they're the most oppressed we may think of them as oppressors that they may act in in their roles they may act as oppressors however there are actually the most oppressed themselves because their consciousness is actually the most devastated out of any bodies and if you really looked at a very deep focus controller's brain if you looked at a PET scan or a SPECT scan of their brain you would see that the neocortex is in utter disarray the the chemical coherence of the electrochemical activity of the neocortex is devastated in in a dominators brain because it is so imbalanced toward the left hemisphere that they are so driven by the the reptile instinct and they're so driven by adrenal rushes that the neocortex is in a very bad state of disrepair it's physical brain damage is what it really is not to be extremely harsh about it but that's what it is that's what we're talking about we're talking about a physical disease if you looked at the neocortex of some of these individuals you would see that this is a physical pattern of brain that is actually done to their neocortex to these levels of mind control and imbalance these are people who are in need of healing not to be hated or to be derided and spat upon or anything like that or look down we need to heal these people they need healing more significantly than most other people that is how damaged their consciousness has become so this is like anakin skywalker who had the best of intentions you know growing up as a young jedi and but he became bent on control he became he went down the ideology that control is the answer and in doing so he gave over to fear the dark side of the force the dark polaron and he became Vader he lost his true self he became you know he went into the consciousness of selflessness lost the connection with the true self and he becomes the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader and this is how this is what really happens in controler jobs they start with the best of intentions and it really descends into brutality and coercion and simply issuing orders and following orders and it's all about control that's what it descends into it's just about I'm acting as God and I will say what is true and I will say what goes and and what you're going to do so it's a form of slavery and that's what all control external control is it's illusion to create opposition and slavery when in fact really these people doing these jobs aren't the real enemy they're oppressed by the enemy as much as we are but they're just getting them to become oppressors like The Sorcerer's at the highest levels are their fuck it's like it's like a cycle or rape if you really want to look at it or a condition where one is beaten when young were raped when young okay when we encounter psychological traumas like this we go into defense mechanisms and we decide one of two things we either decide to identify with the master and become like them or we go into shutdown mode we identify with a being that likes to be treated severely so it becomes either one becomes a sadist or oftentimes a masochist but more often than not the abuser I'm sorry the one who is abused decides to act in the strength role what they perceive to be the strength role and they then become the abuser to enact that brutality down the line onto the next generation so that is the kind of psychological trauma that these people really undergo at a fundamental level and again they need healing that's what they ultimately need see the idea is it's okay if we act like that many people will see it like that it's not fascism if we do it we can go out and bomb countries that didn't attack us and kill innumerable amounts of children we can go and create torture facilities but that isn't passionately because we've done it and we're the good guys well it doesn't work that way it's still is fascism and those who are enabling it are part of it and those who are not enact these things are part of it and they're as involved as the people that came up with these ideas and decided to enact them to begin with they would have no ability to enact these things if they want to have people willing to go along with it and that's the same with any war scenario words cannot be fought if there are no soldiers who are willing to go off and fight wars and that is on both sides that is on both sides of the that is how or will be put to an end when people come to a level of consciousness where they understand that they're not going to be controlled and manipulated anymore and they're not going to be manipulated into fighting wars for rich men that don't give a damn about that men are only there to profit from the endeavor that's where our words are ultimately fought about and here's a person who is all too happy to explain that to you in the most over terms Henry Kissinger a military strategist who actually comes up with the designs for positioning and strategies for engagements and position it helps to create tragedies for position troops makes a statement like this military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns and foreign policy here's one of the chests masters focus telling you himself that he doesn't give a damn about you he doesn't care about you at all at all you're dumb stupid animal to him this is one of the people deciding where you're going to go off to fight you're a dumb stupid animal him to be used as pawns in a game of chess he's the chess master positioning you the dumb stupid animal on the board on the floor of the house a wander between light and darkness never knowing which is which so people have to make up their minds do they want to wage war for people like this because that's really used sending people off to war they're not are fighting people like this never fight their own words they don't fight their own battles they sit back behind the scenes call the shots like they like the gods that they think they are and they send the poor and the the shut down in consciousness off to war to wage battles for them so that they can prosper in profit it's all about who benefits who gains is the question that needs to be asked so in a fact that in fact I understand people like this believe that they're doing something positive they believe they're supporting people they're not really acting in the best interest of the people that they fit they think they are acting in the best interest of you know that they may love the people that they're supporting they think they're supporting in these instances yes they love them but they actually that they're taking to support their family members who are going to go off to war isn't really helping them they need to help them to raise their conscious awareness so that people will decide not to fight these senseless wars of human sacrifice because that is ultimately what war is and always has been it is a ritual of human sacrifice and they're all too happy to wrap the soldiers up and all of the occult emblems all over them before they go off and send them off on the altar of sacrifice that's all war is that's all war ever has been and that's all war ever will be it's a human sacrifice ritual and the object is don't support this explain to people what is that it's a scam to make the rich richer and to do away with people that they look at as dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy we need to not support the dominator culture the domino ideology need to help people to understand that war is wrong in whatever context it is fought in the researcher David Icke explained this so brilliantly I had to put this whole quote in the presentation cause it encapsulates perfectly what I think about people who make these decisions to go and fight these wars David Icke said accept responsibility for yourself and your actions thoughts and words you alone make choices you alone are answerable answerable to the consequences of your behavior the feeble excuse that the establishment expected it holds no truth or justification what is the point of having principles if you allow others to dictate your behavior at the end of the day you will judge your performance and the contribution you have made to creation it will not be based on what another expected of you or what you did because you felt trapped and how often do we hear that I had no choice it's something I had to do I didn't have anywhere else to go or anything else to do or any other way to live you hear this as an excuse all the time for why people go off and fight the wars that they fight this is a cop-out this is doing something because you felt trapped that you feel that it's expected of you and that justification holds no truth we are answerable to our own actions and what we do in any given circumstances no matter what was threatened of us no matter who said that they would do something harmful to also return we take that action of our own will our own accord and we are answerable to the consequences of our own actions that's what needs to be understood and in this role in this helping this process of healing women can play an immensely powerful role and have and will continue to have an incredibly powerful effect in this understanding of what the dominator culture is all about and help to explain and talk with and really delve into the psychological makeup of the men that they love because let's face it most of the people in acting this domination of men they they're the physically stronger of the sexes as far as a physical build and physical makeup and physical strength so they're the ones who are really employed as this strong arm for the force that the sorcerers need to enact their will and women will play a role because every you know brother in this in this dominator culture every son and husband and every father they have women around them in their lives and these women can really get into their psychology get into their psyche get into their emotional makeup and have discussions with them and talk with them about what they're being used for if you understand what this is about you understand how these men are being used and manipulated you need to discuss not suppress it it needs to be brought out in the open and discussed so that you can begin to help these individuals go through the process of worldview healing and understand how they're being used as a pawn that's simply how it isn't that's that's the role that we need to actively take the non support of dominators and one of the biggest roles to be played in this endeavor is the the role that women will in helping to heal that imbalance in consciousness so the next grassroots solution for consciousness change is mindfulness and this is interesting because it is kind of exactly the opposite of what the word is we can understand mind fullness by quieting the mind and ending it of thoughts for a time so that we can experience pure conscious awareness and pure conscious awareness exists in the gap between thoughts it's that where the creative generative principle of our thoughts derives from it derives from the space between the thoughts the gap so to speak so meditation is one of the practices that can bring mindfulness it's a technique a set of techniques that quiets the mind there's many different ways to meditate there's not just one meditation there are sitting meditation there are walking meditations there are meditations that involve deep breathing there are meditation that involves stretching there meditations that are that can be used in conjunction with music there are innumerable forms of how to meditate pal the the right method of meditation is that which works right for you that which you resonate with and that which you feel comfortable with meditation is simply about turning down the volume of the active mind so that one can for a time bathe in the quality of pure consciousness divorced from the chatter of the mind we need to turn our volume down so we hear a true voice that is speaking to us at all times and it is speaking one message and that message is relinquished control that is the message that is being spoken to us and we only hear it if we turn our mental chatter down because this voice never speaks of above a whisper it's a gentle voice that does not impose will or control it is saying attachment to control the illusion of control is what is bringing your suffering upon you relinquish control understand that which is live in harmony with that which is with the truth and then you will know order and peace and prosperity but to do that we need to get over the idea that we're in control of anything or anyone you're only in control of what you think how you feel and how you act in the world that's it so relinquish control and do this through this process of developing mindfulness watch our actions watch be an observer of the self of how we behave in the world and turn down the volume of the mental noise of the mind and you this can be done through various techniques of meditation the use of entheogens and a conscious context is one of the next methodologies for consciousness change and that is critically important the last part of that in a conscious context this means understanding what an entheogen is what it does how to administer it or take it yourself and to use it for the correct reason the correct in the correct set and set the correct psychological set the correct physical setting and for the right in purpose because these are not toys these are not games to play these are consciousnesses to commune with this is what true communion is not a dead sacrament but an active sacrament so the word entheogenic if some are not familiar with it is a psychoactive compound that alters consciousness and helps us to experience a higher level often a very strange level of awareness that is quite divorced from our ordinary state of consciousness it is in a state of alternative consciousness an altered state the word entheogen means to create the divine within it comes from the greek words n which means within theosis which means the divine or god and genera which means to create that's Latin actually so to create the divine within is what we can begin to do begin to recognize the divine within us and to help cultivate it by communing with an entheogen ik compound and futures have also been called psychedelics psyche in Latin in Greek means the mind diamond in Greek is a verb which means to make clear so we can see things clearly in the mind when we commune with a psychedelic they are capable of making the mind clear if they are used in a conscious context some of the most popular at the agenda compounds THC tetrahydrocannabinol or cannabis psilocybin or selasa vay mexicana magic mushrooms ayahuasca or banisteriopsis caapi this is the DMT being the active ingredient a combination that is added to the ayahuasca blend from the Czech Kuna plant sometimes even pure dimethyltryptamine DMT these are powerful psychoactive compounds some more powerful than others that can really help us to go deep within our consciousness and explore the realm of the psyche within the the rich tapestry the rich realm that exists within each of us and these substances are demonized and these substances are made illegal imagine that naturally occurring compounds found in nature that are off-limits to adult human consumption because you don't own your own consciousness that's what this laws like this draconian laws like this are saying to us you as an adult do not have the choice as to whether you feel it proper to modify your consciousness as you see fit we own your consciousness and we are saying that this experience is off limits you are not permitted to modify your own consciousness which you think you own in a way that you see fit as a mature responsible adult I will tell you whether or not you are permitted to modify your consciousness because I own your consciousness imagine that that's our laws that we have in effect in this country and in most others and we think we're free we believe that we are free beings when an experience has been made illegal an experience in the mind is illegal imagine the hubris of individuals who actually believe that they have a right to an even attempt to say that they're allowed to control consciousness in such a way hubris it's an honor hubris is that that's all I can say about it that's all I can say about it without getting extremely angry the word sacrament it comes from the the word sacrum which means holy or sacred and meditate which means the mind so again the sacrament is that which had helped to make the mind holy or sacred or whole so it angiogenesis were we reduce an altered state they're giving you a small piece of bread or something similar it's an inert sacrament it's it's indented in sacrament it's not really a sacrament it tastes substitute for the real thing that isn't what a sacrament is a sacrament is an active communion with another intelligence and that's what men do Jin's are not to be trifled with you try and try and fall with these compounds and you'll find out exactly how much they do not appreciate it being trifled with if they are consciousnesses their consciousness that are that are there as teachers that we can commune with if we know how to use them in a respectful and conscious context Terence Mckenna one of my greatest mentors who sadly is no longer with us he said if the words life liberty and the pursuit of happiness don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth that camp it was written on we own our own consciousness it is ours to modify as we see fit no one can make that decision for us and I will go so far as to say no one is bound to obey a law that forbids an experience within one's own consciousness period and when we commune with these compounds if we do choose to do so they can open up vistas of creativity because they're really putting us in touch with the intuitive right brain and then our can flourish from from a community with these sacraments and music can flourish and flow from a community with these entheogens so it's one of the ways that we can use them to get really into deeper touch with the creative aspect of ourselves the next grassroots solution for consciousness change is the power of positive thinking it's one I often struggle with as do many people who do research in this field we have to keep a sense of humor it's often difficult to do so knowing the weight and the gravity of the situation and how deeply along we are in this but it's extremely important to be able to look at it lightheartedly it is also truly important to see the glass as half-full trying to recognize that we are making small steps and small progress is in the right direction try to see the glass as half-full as opposed to being half-empty and focus on the positive rather than the negative difficult I struggle with this one myself understand that change is possible keep that focus in mind keep the eye on the prize so to speak change as possible and we need to not look at the asleep as the enemy we need to look at the asleep as one's to be helped and healed there in a state of worldview illness one of you poisoning so we wouldn't go into a hospital and start spewing hatred out against a cancer patient they're ill they have a disease they have an illness they're sick just like people who are really shut down in consciousness they really have an illness they are at disease they have a world view poisoning and what they need is healing not hatred or resentment and again it's one many of us struggle with who are in a higher level of awareness and we want to beat somebody up because they don't understand what we currently understand it's our role to help them to come up in understanding and oftentimes you encounter people that are completely resistant to it and they they're attached to their state of consciousness and attached to their egoic you know some self-centered worldview and they want to stay in that state of disconnection and it can be difficult and we need to you know work with them to the extent that we can and if they are determined modality of consciousness perhaps is better to allow them to do so and experience the the the negative outcome that will inevitably result from refusal to change and to ascend and consciousness they will find out eventually we all will in one form or another what our our novel of consciousness is really going to create for us no one really escapes the lesson they can only delay it so we need to help them to the extent that is we there our capability and then outside of the capability that you can affect you need to know where the limitation lies and and let certain individuals be where they are that's a hard lesson to learn extremely hard so the final grassroots solution for consciousness change is to begin to reach out and teach others and we can do this when we ourselves have reached a certain level of higher awareness when we feel that we've breasts these concepts enough that we can begin to explain them in a way that others are capable of understanding and then and in a way that they can use to improve their own life and we should do this only when we reach what I call the 3 R's the first of which is respect we need to understand that the word respect is from Latin that means really means again and Specht are a means to look at someone is to take another look that's what respect really means to look at again and in this context what I mean by respect is we have taken another look at ourselves first before we really go out and bring this in from attempt to bring this information to others we have come to a place of self-respect self-examination we've looked at ourselves we've given ourselves a second look we need to come to a place of remembrance we have been dismembered in our past we've all fallen in consciousness and had times when we have fallen from our higher selves and acted in ways that we're not proud of but a true teacher is one who has remembered what the true self is they have come there re membered themselves brought all the pieces back together and when they have become remembered they had minded themselves they have re-enabled the proper world view they have renamed the proper operation of the mind ruben reminded and the third artists responsibility to come to a true understanding of what responsibility is and this does not mean the left brain Western monetary worldview of what responsibility is having some this much money are having this kind of a job and taking on all kinds of extracurricular activities and that means we're a responsible person that isn't what true responsibility is true responsibility is responsibility it is the ability to respond to the circumstances and the situations that we find ourselves in in consciousness because we are aware of what is going on within ourselves and in our surroundings and therefore we have the ability to respond that anything that in a proper way in a balanced way 2015 the scenarios that might never come up or miked it up that is what true responsibility is and it is the understanding that again everything is connected there is no separation between self and others and every beings suffering is our own and there will be suffering here for us as long as one being is suffering that is how you know that you're in any kind of a condition of suffering you ask the question is there even one other who suffers and if the answer is yes then you know that you're suffering there's no separation between that other and yourself that recognition is what real responsibility is founded upon and when we have the three hours we can give birth to the three C's through teaching and this is helping conscience to be born into the world care it's all about that four-letter word care what we care about is the creator of our experience and if we care to do the right thing conscience is ourn within us this is the second birth this is to truly be born again is to be born in conscience and this comes from the Latin con which means together and ski-e-o steering which means to know or to understand so conscience is common sense it is that which we all know together to know together is to have undergo conversion in this process of teaching ourselves and we help others to undergo the process of conversion so this word is similar to the word converse to have a conversation or a conversion - this comes from the Latin words con which means together and verse sorry which means to change so to undergo in conversion or to converse to have a conversation is to change together to undergo a process of change together is to undergo conversion and ultimately it's about developing conviction conviction or to become convinced of something not because you simply believe it because someone else has told it to you but because you yourself have recognized it as such as truth the truth is told so as to be understood it will be recognized as such that is what the truth is ultimately about not belief it is about gnosis it is about the understanding of something from the direct experience of that thing because we ourselves have gone off onto the path and we have come to a place of conviction we become convinced of it because we ourselves have directly experienced that thing and that means we have come to a place together of victory conviction comes from the Latin Cohn which needs together once again and within carry which means to win would be victorious so conviction or to become convinced is ultimately it mean it ultimately means that we have won together we are victorious together and that is what atonement is really about it is to come to back to oneness to go home or so to speak you go back to the place where we really came from the place where there is no noise of thought where there is no conflict where there is no K where there is horror and harmony and peace and that is a place that exists within that is the kingdom of heaven or the experience of divine consciousness and it exists within us and we can reach that place if we turn our volume of mind down and we've reached the state of atonement and that though that comes that word comes from Latin as well a means to depart from tonari means to make noise or to create noise and meant a means the mind as we've seen so atonement really means if you break the word down to depart from the making of noise with the mind to depart from mental noise it's how we unify the left and right brain hemispheres in this process of the chemical wedding that we've talked about bringing the the masculine and feminine energies together to a place of balance to create atonement to put ourselves at one mind understanding that we are all at one and there is only one consciousness here that's what the ultimate goal of all of this is about to experience true oneness and that is what it is all about that that those are the grassroots solutions to help to elevate consciousness within ourselves and others and that's what can get us out of this divide and this real mess that we've we've backed ourselves into the corner that we've backed ourselves into so those are the methods for change if we put them into practice a new world can be born into existence and with that in mind I'm going to go into the outro which I call the New World Order so it doesn't have to be the dominators New World Order the sorcerer's New World Order the the one that is that it on the reverse seal of the dollar bill on the dollar bill is use there it doesn't have to be the the Pyramid of manipulation of some being erected and the image of the blade controlled by a male nominator sorcerer who believes he is God and has the light and wants to dominate and control everything on the surface of the earth it can be the positive New World Order where we take that pyramid of manipulation down brick by brick one changed consciousness at a time to create the true great work the bringing down of this light to earth and instilling it in the heart and minds of each individual here that's what the true great work is Henry David Thoreau said things don't change people do the change comes from within we decide to make the change internally not because it is imposed upon us externally because we ourselves have recognized the necessity for consciousness change in our own awareness and it's all the house of cards this pyramid of manipulation just as we saw in The Wizard of Oz where a literally small dog rolls back the curtain on the great Grand Wizard of Oz and exposes him for a man a simple man a small powerless relatively powerless man that he is that is just pressing buttons and pulling levers to create a giant illusion of control and power but it's really all the house of cards and once we recognize the house of cards for what it is we stop holding it up and it will collapse under its own weight because we're ultimately again our own enslavers we are the sheep in the pen with the gate free to go out at any time yet we stay in the pen because we're so used to being in there that we don't know what true independence and freedom looks like much anymore so we'd rather stay where it's comfortable in the hassle-free zone but ultimately the decision to go out of that pen and into the true world of freedom that awaits us is ours to me it's a choice between love and fear it's a choice between the red pill and the blue pill as in the allegory or movie The Matrix and we need to choose that based on our level of awareness and what we feel is right for us do we wish to awaken to that which is doing which with wish to live in harmony with the truth and live in harmony with the the laws of nature because we ourselves have recognized them as such that's the choice that lies before us and when we make that choice we will see that change happen in the world we will see that state of non-dualism come forward and flourish and flower in the world we will see the bonds that hold this world in bondage that chains the links of the chain that hold this world in bondage crumble and fall away and there will be one in the world there will be not one world government there will be one world with no externally imposed government there will be one world born into the new consciousness of freedom and the new consciousness of higher awareness and love energy that potent the polarity of love that's what we can give birth to if we use our power of will if we use our intelligence our motions and our actions in a proper context to bring this new world into manifest and that is the true great work and that is the true New World Order that it is possible for us to create here what we're seeing happen is an epigenetic evolution epic from Latin means epic means to go beyond and genetic to go beyond our genetic programming this is not a physical evolution this is an evolution in the mind it's an evolution in consciousness that is happening on this planet and on the individuals above this planet right now we are undergoing consciousness evolution epigenetic consciousness epigenetic change it's taking us beyond the limitations of our genetic programming and into the great cosmic consciousness that lies ahead for us the great evolutionary process of unfoldment of consciousness to higher and higher levels of awareness that's where the human future lies then we can see that world we can see that process coming into fruition and if we go along with these changes and we don't reject these changes that are coming upon us we can really our lives can begin to flow effortlessly and we can bring order and peace and harmony into manifestation in in the real physical world and this process is the process of awakening the process of having an epiphany this word comes also from Latin epi means to go beyond and thaimee's is a Greek god that was that God a solar God the guardian of the gate of stars the the zodiacal band of stars so just like we saw in the Astro theology section he's a Sun God he's a God of gnosis and knowledge and information and he stands as the guardian of the Stargate so to have an epiphany is to go beyond the god thingies it's to go through the stargate of cosmic consciousness to the true undifferentiated void of consciousness that lies on the other side of that Great Divide that we experience as separation and to come to a unified state of consciousness a a modality of consciousness known as non duality the understanding that we are one consciousness experiencing itself in the physical world subjectively and that is the vehicle for us to have experiences the the physical reality is not who we are we are pure consciousness we are in infinite consciousness experiencing itself here to come to know itself better that's what the true epiphany is about to go beyond the limitations of $0.05 worldly reality to break down this negative harmful poisoned worldview that many of us are right now and to really go into a state of whole brain consciousness consciousness that is born of conscience that comes from the heart the the the the polar energy of love and to go through thing is to go beyond thingies and go through the starting of higher consciousness and cosmic illumination that is what this process is ultimately all about Martin Luther King said that cowardice asks the question is it safe expediency asks the question is it politic the vanity asks the question is it popular but conscience asks the question is it right and there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular but one must take it because it is right powerful words from an enlightened man Nelson Mandela made a statement that our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate not that we are not our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure it is our light not our darkness that most frightens us we asked ourselves good mind to be brilliant gorgeous talented fabulous actually who are you not to be you are a child of God your playing small does not serve the world there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you we are all meant to shine as children do we were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us it's not just in some of us it's in everyone and as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same as we are liberated from our own fear our presence automatically liberates others and finally the last quote Mahatma Gandhi the great teacher said simply be the change that you want to see in the world because the external reality that we perceive around us is actually a reflection of what is going on with it as above so below you change what's in here and what's out here will follow that's what it is all altom utley about so I'd like to wrap up the entire presentation with three simple wishes blessings if you will one from the eastern world one from the western world and one from the place in the middle the heart so this is a Buddhist blessing it's a prayer often prayed by Buddhists known as the meta Prayer this is the blessing from the east may all beings everywhere be at peace may the hearts of all beings everywhere remain open may all beings everywhere awaken to the light of their true nature may all beings everywhere be healed may all beings everywhere be a source of healing for all others may all beings everywhere be happy and may all beings everywhere be free from the West I'm going to read a message from the Hopi elders this is from the Hopi Tribe of Arizona Native American you have been telling the people that this is the 11th hour now you must go back and tell them that this is the hour and there are things to be considered where are you living what are you doing what are your relationships are you in right relation where is your water no your garden it is time to speak your truth create your community be good to each other and do not look outside yourself for the leader this could be a great time there is a river flowing now very fast it is so great and Swift that there are those who will be afraid they were trying to hold on to the shore they will feel they are being torn apart and they will suffer greatly no this river has its destination the others say we must let go of the shore push off into the middle of the river keep our eyes open and our heads above the water see who is in there with you and celebrate at this time in history we ought to take nothing personally least of all ourselves for the moment that we do our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt the time of a lone wolf is over gather yourselves banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary all that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration we are the ones we have been waiting for extremely powerful message the elders and finally I'd like to wrap up the entire presentation with a blessing on the medal in my words very simply put as you prepare to go on this journey for yourself and go through the Starkie of cosmic awareness of higher levels of awareness and enlightenment my wish for you is simply this have no fear be not confused lose control see through the lies and deception find Dominion within yourself fall in love know the truth and the truth will set us all free go for it and thank you true good [Music] afraid [Music] right [Music] sure [Music] keep it together [Music] Kersey mr. Bober watch why [Music] [Applause] if somebody [Applause] [Music] you